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Chapter 859: 859

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Chu Feilong knew that he was over, but after hearing his sons' screams, only did he realized that his sons were also in the same danger . He yelled with all his strength…

The four Monarch level guards were furious, and suppressed him with greater strength!

But Chu Feilong risked himself regardless . Blood scattered out of his mouth and his meridians broke . With all his strength, he struggled and screamed, "Run away… Run away… Run away…"

"Punish him! Let him shut out! Don't let him die so easily!" Ye Wubo's face was cold, and he commanded sullenly .

The four agreed and lay their hands on Chu Feilong at the same time!

Chu Feilong screamed continuously as he punched and kicked, but he still boosted all his strength to scream, "Hu'er! Jiao'er… Run away… Run away… You must remember… to be…"

He mustered his strength, and blood, flesh and broken teeth spat out at the same time as he spoke, "Remember to be good in the future…"

He had used all conspiracies and tricks he could use in his whole life, and even plotted against his father and big brother . He could be said to have done all the bad things! Although he had walked onto the road of ruin and about to die, he actually educated his sons at his last words: Remember to be good in the future…

"Punish him fiercely!" Ye Wubo's didn't change the looks of his eyes and looked at Chu Feilong fiercely and with savage pleasure .

Chu Tenghu and Chu Tengjiao screamed as they jumped up, preparing to rush out . Ye Wubo extended his arms, as if his arms were suddenly elongated at this moment . Then he grabbed the two back and threw them onto the ground .

Chu Feilong had already lost his human shape, but he still struggled and yelled, "Chu Yang! Chu Yang! They're your brothers… They're your brothers… I beg you, I beg you to save them! Save them!! I… I… I'll repay you… repay you in my next life… Argh…"

Chu Yang felt grieved . He even didn't know how he should react .

From Ye Wubo's speech just now, all that Chu Feilong did in his life — the hardship that his parents suffered, his misery of having to lead a wandering life outside for 18 years, the core force of his own clan being killed, his grandfather's injuries…

Chu Yang got an answer for all of them!

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All of these were crafted by him . He had made use of Han Xiaoran, Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan's intelligence and analysis, to successfully drive a wedge between Ye Wubo and Chu Feilong, leading them to fight against each other .

Till now, it could be said that Chu Yang had already achieved his goal .

So many years of pain, misery and the hatred and mystery that had been in his mind for his two lives, were all compensated at this moment, and the truth had all come to a fore . He had also gotten his revenge .

He should feel satisfied and that a great load was now off his mind; Chu Yang also felt that he should be extremely at ease and comfort . But in his heart, there was not a trace of pleasure of having gotten his revenge .

Instead, his heart felt depressingly heavy! As if his soul was being interrogated and tortured at his moment . A turmoil of emotions filled his heart . He didn't even know what taste it was in his heart .

"Stop!" Ye Wubo shouted coldly .

The four Martial Monarchs stopped at the same time .

"I only realized that your two sons are here! Hahaha…" Ye Wubo smiled, "You're Chu Tenghu and Chu Tengjiao?"

He smiled cruelly, "I won't kill both of you . But only one of you can get out of here alive!"

He slammed two swords onto the floor and smiled coldly, saying, "Hold up the swords! Whoever can kill the brother beside you as well as Chu Feilong can get out of here alive!"

The room became silent when these words were said .

Even Chu Feilong, who was about to die, and the four guards opened their mouth agape .

Ye Wubo was simply far more than abominable .

"Ye Wubo! You're so wicked! You're so wicked…" Chu Feilong screamed with indistinct voice . He looked ferocious .

Looking at the shining sword on the ground, Chu Tengjiao shuddered and his face turned ashen white . Then he retreated step by step .

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Chu Yang couldn't bear this any longer and was about to jump up .

But at this moment, the situation changed .

With a loud roar, Chu Tenghu took a big stride forward and picked up the sword on the floor with almost no hesitation . With a backhand, the sword pierced into Chu Tengjiao's heart!

Not only Chu Yang didn't know how to react to such an unprecedented event, Ye Wubo, the initiator, was also dumbfounded and revealed an unexpected look .

The four guards opened their mouth even wider .

Chu Feilong was lying on the ground restlessly, on the verge of dying . Being blind now, he turned over his head in vain and asked anxiously, "What has happened? What has happened?"

Blood spurted out from Chu Tengjiao's chest, while his face was filled with fear and shock . Looking down to see the sword at his chest, he looked up at his brother in disbelief, "You… you…"

Chu Tenghu felt that his face twitched, and with trembling lips, he said, "Tengjiao, don't blame me… If I didn't kill you, everyone would be dead… This is our chance, our only chance…"

On the ground, Chu Feilong finally understood what had happened . With a scream, blood spurted out from his mouth again . His heart ached, "Chu Tenghu… You…"

Chu Tenghu shuddered, "Don't blame me, father . You always educate us that in life, we must be merciless and able to lay our hands when we're able to! Otherwise, we won't even get the best out of the worst situation… This is my life, decades of life… I… I don't want to die!"

"Then… Then you want to kill me…?" Chu Tengjiao's pupils scattered and asked the last sentence .

"Tengjiao… You're young . You don't know how fun the world is, how charming the authority is…" Chu Tenghu tilted his head and revealed a crabby look, but his body gradually stopped shuddering, "Tengjiao, you don't understand… I do . If you kill me, it's not fun to continue to live on… so I can only kill you… Tengjiao, we share the same mother . You shall go at ease . You've fought for a chance for me to live… you have now nothing to regret in your life…"

Chu Tengjiao looked blankly at his brother . His eyes lost focus, and finally closed up . Before he died, he spat out two words, "Hei hei…"

Chu Tenghu pulled out the blood-stained sword from his brother's chest . Looking at his brother's blood dripping onto the floor, his body shook again, and turned around to look at Ye Wubo, "Thirteenth master, do your words still count?!"

Ye Wubo looked at Chu Tenghu coldly and smirked, saying, "Now, you have no idea even if my words don't count . So, if you want to live on, you can only believe me . Now, kill Chu Feilong!"

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Chu Tenghu raised up his head and roared . Gritting his teeth, he gasped vigorously, "I want to live! I'll believe you!"

"Believe me! Then kill your father!" coldness was all over Ye Wubo's eyes .

Chu Tenghu's body shuddered . He turned around blankly and raised the blood-stained sword slowly to point at Chu Feilong, "Father… please forgive me…"

Chu Feilong only felt stiffness in his chest . He was so angry now that he couldn't speak a word and could only gasp for breath, "You… You… *cough*…"

Under agitation, he began to cough violently .

Chu Tenghu stepped on the pile of blood on the floor . That was the blood of his father and brother . He walked towards his father step by step, "Father… I have no idea… I want to live… Please fulfill me… After all, you're blind…"

Chu Feilong wailed, "Retribution… Retribution! Now, I'm really regretful, really regretful!…"

At this moment, he thought about himself framing his big brother and causing their family to wrench apart . Big brother had been suspicious of him for a very long time . Every time when big brother saw him, big brother would look at him with pain in his eyes .

He thought about himself colluding with outsiders to poison his own father . On the verge of dying, his father looked at him with pain in his eyes…

Now, he felt himself in pain…

Chu Feilong was utterly desperate .

Chu Tenghu stood in front of his father . The expressions on his face changed rapidly . Gradually, it turned more ferocious . Suddenly, he let out a huge roar, "Father! I'll send you off now! Have a good trip!"

The sword was raised up, and it went down!

It was stabbed deeply into Chu Feilong's chest!

Directly at his heart!

Chu Feilong didn't dodge, and only felt a chilly feeling as the sword was pierced into his chest . He even revealed a mournful smile . He sighed deeply, "Humans… can't lose their conscience… there'll really be retributions… Now, I really believe…"

A scene of his father surveying him flashed across his mind, "Feilong, tell me honestly . Is your big brother's encounter created by you?"

"No! Father, how will I do such a thing? That would be a great sin of parricide . Father, why do you say such a thing?"

"It's really not you?"

"It's really not me . Father, I swear that if this thing was done by me, I would die under the sword of my own son!"

Scenes that happened in the past flashed rapidly across Chu Feilong's head; There were so many memories and things that he loathed himself to have done, but at this moment, he only thought of this particular scene and nothing else .

Then he sighed . He wanted to say: Heaven really has eyes . This is my retribution…

But he couldn't say this out .

He swallowed down his final gasp of breath .

His body trembled a little . Dead silence .

Chu Tenghu, trembling, slammed the sword on the floor . He turned around blankly and revealed an obsequious smile, "Thirteen master, am I allowed to go?"

Ye Wubo looked at him . The ghastly fire in Ye Wubo's eyes flickered, and he said heavily, "You can go!"

Chu Tenghu said, "Thank you . " He didn't even look at the corpses of his father and brother, and walked off just as he turned around .

Ye Wubo looked at his back and said deeply, "Chu Tenghu, you're very dangerous . You're also a talent; I can be assured if you cooperate with me… And, I can give you things that your father didn't obtain . "

Ye Wubo actually set a solicitation at such a moment, but his eyes flickered murderously and scrupulously . Obviously, this venomous, sinister and unscrupulous Chu Tenghu made this Thirteenth Master Ye also feel a sense of danger .

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