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Chapter 858: 858

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Aside, Chu Feilong couldn't move at all under the forces of the four Monarch level guards . His face was full of despair, while his eyes, deep hatred .

Extreme fear was almost about to corrupt his mind .

He knew that if Ye Wubo trusted Chu Yang's words, he himself would definitely be dead today! But from the looks of Ye Wubo, he had obviously believed what Chu Yang had said .

Ye Wubo's belief stemmed from his very strong self-confidence!

The Triple Layer Soul-Capturing Technique from the Ye clan was a secret interrogation technique which was ranked third in the world . It was on par with the mind-controlling technique that the law-enforcement officers used, but when subtleties were concerned, this Triple Layer Soul-Capturing Technique was actually better!

Ye Wubo was a ninth stage Martial Monarch . By his capability and using this technique to deal with Chu Yang, an 18- or 19-year-old teenager with no cultivation, if he still didn't get the information he wanted or got fake information instead, Ye Wubo would have thought of burying himself into a pit .

"I'm very interested," Ye Wubo knocked on the table and asked with interest, "How did your 'very not easy' second uncle arrange this trap?"

Chu Yang's eyes revealed befuddlement and fear, and seemed as if he was talking from his heart, "Making a trap is very easy…"

"But you don't know about the trap beforehand, is it?" Ye Wubo acutely sensed the befuddlement and fear in Chu Yang's eyes, and instantly came to a very 'smart' conclusion, "You don't know about the trap beforehand, right?"

"No! Who knows, I don't know," Chu Yang unexpectedly rebuked this statement .

"Oh?" Ye Wubo was startled .

"I'm just wondering if the few people who made the trap didn't come from our Chu clan…" Chu Yang said in a confused yet proud manner, "They're the friends of second uncle . "

"The friends of your second uncle?" Ye Wubo instantly became solemn . He had the sense that the entire matter had come to light, but he still failed to see the true face of the matter . He faintly felt that there was something fishy about this .

"Yes," Chu Yang said naively, "Although I've returned back to my clan not for long, I still know that there isn't any Sword Sovereign in our clan . Not to mention Sovereign of swords . "

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"This is a reasonable statement," Ye Wubo had plotted against the Chu clan for so many years . How could he not know the true capabilities of the Chu clan? How would there be genius figures like Sovereigns of swords in the Chu clan?

"Then who is it?" Ye Wubo frowned . He seemed to be asking Chu Yang, yet also seemed to be muttering to himself .

"I only heard someone call him… Seventh master," Chu Yang said, "But I don't know who this seventh master is . "

Ye Wubo revealed shock on his face .

At this moment, his face revealed shock and astonished expression, as well as a look that he had suddenly realized something .

In the room, the other four guards also had jerks on their body . Their eyes revealed a hateful look .

The words 'seventh master' had given quite a great shock to these people . It even interrupted Ye Wubo's Triple Layer Soul-Capturing Technique . The other four guards also relaxed their strength which was imposed on Chu Feilong, having caught these words off-guarded .

Chu Feilong was finally able to open his mouth . He screamed, "Thirteenth master, I'm wronged! You can't believe that little brute! I… I'm loyal to you…"

"Shut his mouth!" Ye Wubo's face turned cold and his chest beat wildly . A spell of fury and rage of being humiliated and fooled upon started to build up in him like a volcano which was about to explode .

One of the guards slapped on Chu Feilong's face with a backhand . Chu Feilong's face abruptly turned to a side, and the teeth at that side went tinkling onto the floor .

"Sovereign of swords . Seventh master… It turns out to be seventh master!" Ye Wubo laughed coldly, and the ghastly fire in his eyes went running wild, "Xiao seventh! You're good! Xiao seventh! You're good!"

He laughed wildly in a low voice, "I'm really a fool! Oh hahaha…"

Seventh master, Sovereign of swords . Seventh master of the Xiao clan was a genius who's not within the direct line of descent of the clan . He came from the same generation as Ye Wubo . Since young, he was obsessed with a sword, and within the nine great clans, he had a resounding nickname: Sword Madman!

Ye Wubo felt all the more uncomfortable as he thought of it: He had worked hard for 18 years to gain control of the Chu clan in the South-East region . His only purpose was to overthrow the Xiao clan .

Once any big events happened in the future, he could make use of the Chu clan to cut off one of the big supply bases of the Xiao clan, and further block other channels of supply . At crucial moments, the Chu clan could also give a great stab at the Xiao clan's back .

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As for how to achieve this goal, the follow-up and what path to take in the long term, Ye Wubo had exhausted many efforts in carefully plotting all of these and implementing his plans step by step .

Over the past few years, as Chu Feilong followed Ye Wubo's plan and gained authority in the Chu clan, Chu Feilong had gradually gained some trust from the Xiao clan, and even some business power of the Xiao clan .

As Ye Wubo was preparing to fully support Chu Feilong to gain a firm foothold and carry on with their schemes to give a fatal blow to the Xiao clan, never did he expect to obtain such news at this time .

Chu Feilong was actually in contact with the Xiao clan all along . He even colluded with the seventh master of the Xiao clan to kill Old Third Ma, one of his best men!

Ye Wubo really wanted to vomit blood at this instant .

At the same time, he remembered that he had been invited by Chu Feiling to send nine Martial Emperors to the Middle Three Heavens to kill Chu Feiling . All the nine Martial Emperors were subjects of the Ye clan, but similarly, they never returned after they had gone there!

Was it also a conspiracy of Chu Feilong?

If that's the case, while the Ye clan thought that it was dominant over the Chu clan and had succeeded in its schemes, in actuality, they were exploited by the Chu clan in sending the Ye clan's men to death, one by one .

The schemes that he thought had actually succeeded and was actually under the watchful eyes of the Xiao clan all along . His every move was under the clear sight of the Xiao clan . Still, he had the nerve to plan so carefully and sneakily for his every move…

In the eyes of the Xiao clan, he would definitely be a one-of-the-kind fool in the whole world! God knew if they had laughed out their bellies if they saw him being so diligent…

With this in mind, Ye Wubo felt so ashamed now that he almost wanted to kill himself .

He looked at Chu Feilong straightly . Ye Wubo's sinister eyes and ferocious face made Chu Feilong's four limbs begin to shudder .

Ye Wubo had become like this even though he had high cultivation . It's obvious how humiliated he was now .

"Chu Feilong, very, very good . What a good Second Master Chu! What a Second Master Chu who was able to endure disgrace and heavy burdens," Ye Wubo nodded his head heavily, "I've really looked down on you… I've really really looked down on you . "

Chu Feilong looked at Ye Wubo desperately with imploring eyes, but the speech was impossible for him now .

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Aside, after 'losing' Ye Wubo's Triple Layer Soul-Capturing Technique, Chu Yang lay softly on the table, as if he had fainted — that was the most common reaction after one had been exercised upon this technique .

"Chu Feilong, I really don't understand," Ye Wubo shook his head heavily, so heavily that his neck started to produce a cracking sound . The strength that he put into shaking his head almost seemed as if he was about to smash his head onto the ground, "I'm not thin on you…"

Chu Feilong looked at Ye Wubo pleadingly .

"Nineteen years ago, when you were hunted after, I saved your life . It was then I knew you're Chu Feilong; Afterwards, I realized that you have ambition . So I gave you full support to fight against your big brother . For this reason, I didn't hesitate to deploy the most crucial subjects of our Ye clan to assassinate Chu Feiling and his wife, and forced them into the Lower Three Heavens . This caused their family to wrench apart and Chu Feiling to lose his power and not rise up again! And instead, to allow you to take control over the Chu clan . "

Ye Wubo sneered coldly at himself, "After which, I wiped out the four big stewards that were the most loyal to your big brother, clearing all the obstacles in your way . "

"Last year, when you completely established your foothold, you started to cooperate with the Xiao clan . We sacrificed three experts to successfully injure your father Chu Xiongcheng, thus taking a step further for you to take greater power . "

"Then, taking the opportunity when your big brother went out to search for medicines, I agreed to your request to send out nine Martial Emperors to kill him . "

"And today, I'm still working hard to eliminate your last obstacle Chu Yang, and get you ready to completely take control of the Chu clan and become a clan master!"

Ye Wubo gritted his teeth . He breathed heavily, and his sinister eyes widened to become as big as bells, "All of these were for you! I'm helping you! Our Ye clan haven't started on our own schemes yet…"

"But you actually colluded with the Xiao clan!"

Ye Wubo laughed, and perspired and shook his head continuously, "You… really have a good wit! Good hands! I didn't realize that you, Chu Feilong, are such a person . "

Chu Feilong looked at Ye Wubo with sorrow and despair . His eyes had already turned gray .

He knew that it was over . He's completely over!

Ye Wubo even didn't give him any chance to argue!

"I'm lucky that I found it early," Ye Wubo shook his head and felt fortunate for himself, "Otherwise… wouldn't my bones be buried by you in the South-East region?"

He breathed heavily and locked his eyes at Chu Feilong . Suddenly, he made a weird cry, "Don't look at me in this manner! If you continue to do so, I'll dig your eyes out!"

Chu Feilong struggled anxiously, but he couldn't…

"You're still looking at me! Still looking at me! Motherf**ker!" Ye Wubo gritted his teeth . His body seemed to be almost broken, and his eyes turned bloody red . He finally exploded . His right hand extended, and his two fingers inserted fiercely into Chu Feilong's eyes .

Blood splashed out .

Red and black matters splashed out .

Even with the force of the four monarch level guards, they couldn't suppress Chu Feilong's miserable howl at this moment!

His two eyeballs were thrown onto the ground and it started to roll . Chu Feilong's howl had now become grief-stricken breathing sounds: He was once again suppressed by the four guards, and couldn't make any sounds further .

He could only bear the torture of having his eyes dug out alive in silence!

The most grieving thing was that at this moment, even passing out had become an extravagant hope for him .

Aside, Chu Yang trembled slightly while he lay on the table .

A turmoil of emotions overwhelmed his heart!

On another side, two screams were let out . Chu Tenghu and Chu Tengjiao were awakened just at this moment . They only had their senses muddled by the scattered waves of the Triple Layer Soul-Capturing Technique, and so they weren't hurt seriously .

But they saw this horrible scene once they opened their eyes, and couldn't help but let out a scream .

Chu Feilong struggled more fiercely when he heard his sons screaming . A strength unknowingly came up to him and he broke-off by the four forces that were suppressing him, and he shouted desperately, "Hu'er! Jiao'er! Run away! Run away quickly…"

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