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Chapter 857

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Chu Yang stood in front of the door, and turned back to look at Chu Tenghu and Chu Tengjiao with cold and acute eyes, speaking, "Do the both of you really not care about the blood relations between us?"

He said in a low voice, "I know that both of you hate my return, as I may rob away your interests . But you must know that the fact that we share similar blood can't be changed . Even if we turn against one another, we still share the same root . "

Chill and death were spread from his heart . But he controlled himself to say this .

Rather than admonishing the duo, Chu Yang was instead forcing out his intention to kill .

Because Chu Yang even knew how these two would answer .

The answer was obvious .

Sure enough, with a smirk, Chu Tenghu said sarcastically, "Kinship? In the face of the interests of the whole clan, you actually say about kinship? Your death is imminent . Do you think that this 'kinship' can save you? Chu Yang, I can't help but admire you . Your 18 years of wandering life has made you stupid . "

Chu Yang smiled silently and muttered, "In the face of the interests of the whole clan, you actually say about kinship? Your death is imminent . Do you think that this 'kinship' can save you?"

Then, he smiled and said sincerely, "Thanks for the reminder . "

Unknowingly, a macho appeared behind Chu Yang . The macho said coldly, "Thirteenth master has been waiting for a long time . What are you still waiting here for?"

Chu Tenghu smiled and said, "We'll take him in . "

As he said, he pushed Chu Yang at his back .

The door opened at this moment .

Chu Yang saw Ye Wubo at his first sight .

This might be the culprit and mastermind, whom he had fantasized for countless of times, that caused him to lead a wandering life for 18 years .

Ye Wubo had a thin face and was in black . As he looked at Chu Yang, Chu Yang felt his eyes burning with ghastly fire . Instantly, he felt like hearing sounds of ghosts, as if he was in a deserted graveyard .

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"You're Chu Yang?" Ye Wubo looked at Chu Yang with bleak eyes, but his voice sounded soft . Whoever heard it might even feel some warmth arising in their hearts .

Chu Yang's heart skipped a beat: This Ye Wubo used spiritual enchantment on me when we just met each other . His voice obviously contained spiritual waves that he had brewed for a considerable amount of time . It was subtle, yet he exercised it with caution . This was clearly just a start .

"I'm Chu Yang," Chu Yang smiled softly, "Second uncle, you're also here . Aren't we here for wine? Who is this?"

Chu Feilong's face was as cold as ice, "Are you still thinking of having wine?"

Ye Wubo waved his hands and a smile appeared in his eyes . He saw very clearly that this teenager indeed had no cultivation at all .

"Chu Yang… Erm, Chu Feiling's son… Haha, not bad," Ye Wubo laughed twice and said, "Sit down . "

Chu Yang agreed and sat opposite him .

"Courageous and also has a good temperament," Ye Wubo praised, "What a comfort for Chu Feiling to have such a son!"

The entire room had an oppressive atmosphere . Perhaps, if an ordinary person came in, he would already be shuddering with fear . Just that invisible pressure in the room would also make people insane .

But in facing several Monarch level experts, Chu Yang remained still . This kind of endurance level had already far exceeded that of ordinary people . No wonder Ye Thirteenth praised Chu Yang .

Ye Thirteenth turned around and said to Chu Feilong, "This guy is much stronger than your three sons!"

Chu Feilong's face twitched .

Chu Tenghu and Chu Tengjiao, who were standing behind Chu Yang, also twitched their faces . Their eyes were full of hate as they looked at Chu Yang's back .

Ye Thirteenth looked at Chu Yang and said, "You may not know me . My surname is Ye, and I come from the Ye clan . "

Chu Yang remained still and said, "Your background is surely extraordinary . "

Ye Wubo said, "My name is Ye Wubo . I'm positioned number thirteenth in the Ye clan . People call me Thirteenth master . Of course, some people also call me Ye Thirteenth . "

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Chu Yang nodded and didn't speak .

He knew that Ye Thirteenth was only having an opening speech . Since this was an opening speech and Ye Thirteenth was gradually adding spiritual enchantment power into his speech, then Ye Thirteenth wouldn't lay hands on Chu Yang immediately but only wanted to have a talk with him . But Chu Yang had already some idea of what exactly Ye Thirteenth wanted to talk to him about .

"Chu Yang, I've let them call you here to ask you something," Ye Wubo gently used his fingers and knocked on the table . The table sounded, and it actually had an airy and unique rhythm to it .

It obviously had some kind of special enchantment effect!

After Chu Tenghu and Chu Tengjiao listened to this sound, they instantly had some disturbances in their minds .

Chu Yang's eyes gradually turned befuddled .

"That day someone went to kill you! On the morning three days ago," Ye Wubo sounded sinister yet gentle, "Am I right?"

Chu Yang shook his head . He softly pinched the area between his eyebrows, seemingly wanted to wave away the dizzy feeling . He forcibly supported himself to say, "Yes, someone wanted to kill me . "

Ye Wubo slowly knocked on the table again with a constant rhythm this time, and he said in an even gentler manner, "Then, how did the person die?"

Chu Yang's eyes continued to look befuddled . Looking at Ye Wubo's fingers which were knocking on the table, he muttered, "How did the person die?"

"Yes, how did the person die?" Ye Wubo fixed his eyes deadly on Chu Yang's eyes .

"That person… that person… was really fierce…" Chu Yang's eyes revealed a trace of fear .

"Fierce… but he died…" Ye Wubo's eyes started to flicker mysteriously, giving off a faint red glow .

"Yes . Died…"

"How did he die?" Ye Wubo asked patiently .

"I… I can't say…" Chu Yang's eyes grew slack . From Ye Wubo's perspective, he could see that Chu Yang's pupils were getting bigger . Obviously, he couldn't control his mind already .

Chu Feilong also started to get nervous .

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After all, Chu Yang's answer would reveal the biggest enigma in Chu Feilong's heart: Who is supporting Chu Yang? How could he make the law-enforcement officers lower their heads towards him?

How could he be able to turn perils into safety every time?

He gazed at Chu Yang nervously, and straightened his ears, not wanting to let pass a word . He even didn't notice that the bodies of his two sons shook and they collapsed onto the ground .

Ye Wubo's guards held Chu Tenghu and Chu Tengjiao, and gently lay them onto the ground, so as to prevent disturbing Ye Wubo from hypnotizing Chu Yang .

"Of course you can't say this to others, but you can say it to me," Ye Wubo's eyes flickered and his voice became gentler and gentler, "After all, he had come to kill you, but he died . You're still alive . Isn't this something to be happy about?"

Chu Yang's face relaxed and he muttered, "Indeed…"

"Did you kill him?" Ye Wubo asked gently .

"No…" Chu Yang shook his head honestly . Every time he answered, there was a faint lingering sound in his voice .

"Yes, you didn't kill him… I believe you," Ye Wubo said encouragingly .

Chu Yang's face revealed a trustful smile .

"Did he die in front of you?" Ye Wubo continued to ask .

"Yes," Chu Yang said, "He died very pathetically . "

"Died very pathetically?" Ye Wubo asked in a very curious manner, "How pathetic was it?"

Chu Yang smiled, looking as if he was flaunting and had derived great pleasure from being able to kill someone who's stronger than him . Beaming with joy, he said, "He walked into a trap, hahaha…"

Ye Wubo's eyes sparkled and said, "Walked into a trap?"

"Yes, many of us defended back against him . That guy thought I didn't know anything and was very contented . But we attacked him back," Chu Yang smiled naively .

Saying till here, Ye Wubo's four guards revealed a fierce and agitated look . Old Third Ma, we're about to know how you were killed!

Your brothers will take revenge for you!

"Cool!" Ye Wubo praised, "This is really a good plan to deal with enemies, but… was the trap set up beforehand?"

Chu Yang gave him an idiotic look, "Nonsense . Since it's a trap, of course, it must be set up beforehand . "

Ye Wubo said miserably, "But how did you know that this person was going to kill you? How would this kind of experts reveal his whereabouts and intentions so easily?"

Chu Yang was joyed instantly and said, "This problem couldn't be resolved by others . But I completely don't have any worries about it . "

"Why?" Ye Wubo's sounds became gentler and more delicate . Even his eyes also became all the more intimate and warm .

The knocking sounds on the table also became softer and hurried, as if it had become a constant sound . The shadows of his fingers also seemed to have joined together on the table .

"We have spies!" Chu Yang said cheerfully .

Chu Feilong instantly changed colors on his face . Feeling that something bad was about to happen, he wanted to stop Chu Yang from talking .

The imposing air of four Monarch experts located on Chu Feilong at the same time, just like four mountains suppressing on him . Chu Feilong started to breathe with difficulty . Not to mention saying a word, even moving his tongue was impossible .

"I see, there are spies," Ye Wubo said coolly .

"Of course," Chu Yang said excitedly, proudly and mysteriously, "You don't know . Others all thought that there are discords within the Chu clan . So, there are people who come to buy some of us over; Especially my second uncle . He seems to be always targeting me and wants to finish me off . Actually… Haha…"

"Actually what?" Ye Wubo's voice remained gentle, but his breath involuntarily got a bit heavier and some doubts also arose in his heart .

"Actually… our Chu clan has lived on for thousands of years . If people in our clan are so easily bought over by others to drive discords among us, how will the Chu clan… still exist today?" Chu Yang smiled proudly, "Is this reasonable?"

Ye Wubo smiled, "Very reasonable . "

Chu Yang said with admiration, "My second uncle endured humiliation for the clan for so many years . What is it for? His life is really not easy . It's really very hard for him…"

Ye Wubo suppressed the emotions in him which were about to explode, and he exclaimed, "Yes, really not easy . Motherf**ker, really not easy…"

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