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Chapter 855: 855

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Sha Xinliang's face was full of desperation when such a sentence was out . Qin Baoshan's face also turned black .

They all knew the law-enforcement master's adamant character and wanted to exploit this to unmask this conspiracy . But they never imagined that they had to pay off the law-enforcement master's life .

If that's the case, the duo would rather die than for this to happen .

Chu Yang's heart shuddered!

To have the conscience in the right place for all one's life, not be afraid of looking up to the heaven, nor looking down to the earth! To dare to say that he can go to heaven with dignity, and even if he goes to hell, he'll also have the courage to meet the King of Hell face to face!

What an upright life the law-enforcement master had led!

Does such a big good guy really have to die in front of me? What a pity would this be!?

But… I can't expose my identity .

Chu Yang's heart sank into a dilemma .

Qin Baoshan took a deep sigh and said, "Law-enforcement master, please give a second thought . "

Chu Yang sighed and said, "Law-enforcement master is really too upright . "

Han Xiaoran smiled, saying, "Who won't feel a sense of attachment towards life when death is about to come? For so many years, all the villains that had died in my hands pleaded for mercy before they died . It's because they too felt for the world too . "

"I'm no exception," he said quietly .

"But, there's a difference of how to live . Should one drag out an ignoble existence, or live with a clear conscience? They are two different things . "

"I've lived with a clear conscience for 1300 or more years . I mustn't allow myself to be at the mercy of others in the last years of my life! That will become a joke!"

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"Tolerate this conspiracy is not a choice either!"

Han Xiaoran held his teacup and said, "Tomorrow, I'll rush back to the South-East region headquarter to report this to the Dharma Supreme, and to purge the entire South-East region completely! Since Tong Wuxin dared to lay hands on me, then he would definitely not let go of others . Perhaps there were already people who were coerced by him and doing things under his command . "

"If I don't care about this, won't the South-East region become the realm of the Shi clan?"

His face turned stiff, and said, "Last time, the Shi clan personally sent for the intervention of the battle among various big clans in the Lake of Despair . After they returned, I suggested to give the Shi clan a heavy punishment, but someone covered them up… Humph! This time, I have the Shi clan in my hands . How can I be nice to them?"

Sha Xinliang said, "Law-enforcement master, this matter shouldn't be rushed . Since Divine Doctor Chu could check out your illness, he might know some methods that could cure you . If you completely recover, we could hide in the dark and pretend we don't know anything . Then, we could use the lowest cost to erase all our enemies! I think this would be a surefire plan . "

He raised his head, saying, "If you have to sacrifice your precious body to carry out this anti-espionage work; then, if in the future, our South-East region… doesn't have you, what will it become? It's really chilly to even think about this . "

Han Xiaoran smiled and said, "Divine Doctor Chu could see my illness, but I didn't ask whether there's a cure . Do you feel strange?"

Sha Xinliang nodded .

Han Xiaoran said, "If Divine Doctor Chu could cure me, then he would definitely not deliberately mystify it . So, I simply didn't ask him to avoid him from being awkward . But the two of you just wanted me to say this out…"

Sha Xinliang suddenly looked gloomy . He looked at Chu Yang pleadingly and said, "Little brother, do the law-enforcement master's injuries… really have no cure?"

Chu Yang started to ponder .

Sha Xinliang's eyes instantly brightened and revealed some color of hope as he saw Chu Yang pondering .

"The poison which the law-enforcement master suffers from is not called invisible poison, but shadowless poison," Chu Yang muttered, "Although this poison isn't as brutal as invisible poison, it's a mixed poison; In the early stages, its seizures have exactly the same symptoms as invisible poison . So, it has the ability to pass fish eyes as pearls . "

"This poison should be directly implanted into the body during treatment . Because of this, this is very difficult to cure . And this poison has been within law-enforcement master's body for a long time, and his brain is also starting to decay… Generally speaking, this is a terminal illness! In this case, even if Tong Wuxin provides treatment to him once a year, this won't drag further than five years . So, if there's any conspiracy, within five years, he'll definitely…"

"Does the law-enforcement master really have no hope?" Sha Xinliang asked desperately .

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Chu Yang muttered, "Actually, there are some ways to deal with law-enforcement master's injuries . But these ways are equivalent to none . "

"What ways?" Sha Xinliang became energetic .

"The first method is… the Nine Tribulations Pill of the Nine Tribulations Sword master," Chu Yang frowned and said, "With the Nine Tribulations Pill, not only the law-enforcement master could recover completely, but his cultivation could also improve . "

Han Xiaoran smiled, saying, "Divine Doctor Chu's words… really makes me feel excited . But you're equivalent to saying nothing . "

Chu Yang smiled wryly .

"The second methods is to use extreme yin, extreme yang, extreme evil, extreme poison, these four heavenly treasures, to completely suppress the shadowless poison, then use the pure power of a Supreme Martial Artist to break through a heaven-earth bridge, thereby forcing out the shadowless poison . "

"Because the poison has already intruded into law-enforcement master's brain and contaminated his meridians, only Supreme Martial Artist could control this poison . Those below the level of a Supreme Martial Artist will be helpless . Moreover, the law-enforcement master is already a ninth stage Martial Saint; so those below the level of a Supreme Martial Artist can't open up his meridians . "

Chu Yang said .

"We have a few Supreme Martial Artists within the law-enforcement officers . If they can't do the job, Dharma Supreme will also not be willing to see the law-enforcement master die just like that… But that four heavenly treasures, extreme yin, extreme yang, extreme evil, and extreme poison… What are they?"

Sha Xinliang asked .

Han Xiaoran sighed sadly and said, "This method is also equivalent to nothing . "

"Why?" Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan asked at the same time .

"Extreme yin is the Mysterious Ice Jade Ointment; Extreme yang is the Mysterious Yang Jade Essence; Extreme evil is the Evilly Magical Mysterious Jade; Extreme poison is the Heaven Poison Jade Crystal . They are all from the Nine Great Herbal Medicines in the Nine Heavens . "

Han Xiaoran laughed, "The Nine Great Herbal Medicines in the Nine Heavens only exist in legends . It is said that many years ago, after the Zhuge clan once received Mysterious Jade Spirit Ginseng from the Diwu clan, but there's no evidence to it… the headquarters of the law-enforcement officers have a piece of Mysterious Heaven Divine Essence . Other than this, no one has seen the other eight from the Nine Great Herbal Medicines before . "

Sha Xinliang hung his head down depressingly .

Finding these four elixirs is even more difficult than finding the Nine Tribulations Sword master . At least there's definitely a Nine Tribulations Sword . But these four elixirs only exist in legends all along, and no one knows whether they really exist .

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Chu Yang took a deep breath and said, "Actually, the law-enforcement master has spoken too seriously . If four of the Nine Great Herbal Medicines are needed to treat this shadowless poison, we would be thinking too highly of it . We only need materials that are made from them . For instance, Mysterious Ice Jade Core that is produced from Mysterious Ice Jade Ointment, or Evilly Magical Jade Core that is produced from Evilly Magical Mysterious Jade . Similar goes to the other two elixirs . "

But everyone still felt heavy in their hearts .

What's the difference between finding the four medicines and finding materials that were produced from them? That's as difficult as climbing up to heaven .

Han Xiaoran was silent for a while and said, "This is my destiny . If that's the case, what I can do is to sacrifice myself!"

Han Xiaoran's face looked calm, but he had said the word 'sacrifice' syllable by syllable .

Chu Yang took a deep breath and said, "Actually… you don't have to be like this . I don't have the ability to cure your illness in the meantime, but… I can suppress it for a period of time . "

At this very moment, Chu Yang had decided to help Han Xiaoran once!

Nothing else, but for one sentence that he said: Have a clear conscience so that you don't repent when you're about to die!

What is there to bother so much in facing such a good man?

Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan were overjoyed .

Sha Xinliang violently rushed over and grabbed onto Chu Yang's hands . His eyes were filled with tears, "Little brother, little brother…"

He was so excited that his tongue had turned frozen and he could only repeatedly say 'little brother' .

Looking at Sha Xinliang's excited look, Han Xiaoran could only sigh softly, but still, his eyes also flickered with tears . A glimpse of warmth slipped through his eyes .

His face also softened .

Chu Yang smiled bitterly and said, "I can use acupuncture to seal the area behind the brain that's decaying, as well as the heart meridians . Then, with the help of… with the help of medicines, make them hibernate . At last, use extreme yin to suppress it . "

Chu Yang smiled bitterly, "This method can guarantee you to be in good conditions for ten years! But, after I use acupuncture on you again ten years later, you will only have another five years left . So in all, I can do acupuncture on you three times . After 20 years, if the Nine Tribulations Sword master or the four herbal medicines can't be found, I'll also be helpless!"

Han Xiaoran smiled with satisfaction . He said, "I'm already satisfied if I can live on for another two years, what's more is that it's 20 years? If a man can do whatever he likes in his life, one day is also enough!"

He stood up and bowed to Chu Yang deeply, and said respectfully, "Please give me another 20 years of life . I'll remember your great kindness!"

Chu Yang nodded and reached out an antique necklace from his chest . From the looks of it, it was old and even a bit rusty . Below the necklace were two small pieces of jades . Once they were separated, one of them had chilly fog risen out of it; while the other had rolling heatwave coming out of it .

This was made by the sword spirit, under the instructions of Chu Yang . It was simply a breeze for the sword spirit to make such a necklace . It really looked like it was excavated from ancient tombs that existed for tens of millions of years .

Sha Xinliang, Qin Baoshan and Han Xiaoran sparkled their eyes at the same time .

Han Xiaoran looked surprised, "Mysterious Ice Jade and Yang Jade!"

"Yes," Chu Yang said softly, and took a precious glimpse on it, "These two pieces of jade were discovered by me when I unintentionally fell into a cave back in the years and gained the inheritance of a medical book . There was a skeleton in the cave which had this necklace on it . I always regard this as a treasure, and has never shown this to anyone else…"

As he said, he passed the necklace forward, "Law-enforcement master, you can wear this necklace to protect your heart meridians . Although it can't chase away poisons, it can suppress the shadowless poison and remove all your cultivations . After I treat you with acupuncture, you'll be well for ten years . "

Han Xiaoran was touched . He said, "This is a priceless treasure, but you gave it to me . How should I repay you?"

He didn't make any corny or superficial rejections but received it generously .

Chu Yang smiled, saying, "If law-enforcement master feels sorry, I also have something that needs your help . "

Han Xiaoran's face straightened and said, "Please say . "

Chu Yang smiled and said, "This evening, someone put up a banquet . If I go, I'm afraid my life would be threatened . But I can't miss it . Should you make a guest appearance together with me, I shall treat it as your consultation charge this time around . Everyone will then be even . "

Han Xiaoran laughed aloud and said, "Since you want to have a drink, I'll be your accompany!"

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