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Chapter 852

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As he thought, another figure came at the door .

The bright bald head of Sha Xinliang rushed in hurriedly; He was overjoyed when he saw Chu Yang, "Divine Doctor Chu is indeed here . " Outside, Sha Xinliang had always been calling Chu Yang as Divine Doctor Chu in order to provide a cover for Chu Yang's identity .

Chu Yang was shocked and asked, "Why are you here today?"

Sha Xinliang squinted his eyes and said, "I have an important guest who is pulled down by a sudden illness . I would like Divine Doctor Chu to take a look at him . Is it possible?"

Chu Yang instantly understood . Someone who could make Sha Xinliang come to him personally… might most probably be that law-enforcement master!

"I need to be responsible for my patients! I need to save them the same way as one would save a fire!" Chu Yang said without hesitation, "I'll go now . "

After ordering Huang Xialiu to look after the medical center, he left with Sha Xinliang .

"I'll carry you," Sha Xinliang obviously didn't want to drag the time any further .

"Alright . "

"Little brother, the law-enforcement master has come," As he carried Chu Yang and sped forward, he lowered his voice and said excitedly .

"Yeah, I've guessed it correctly," Chu Yang remained composed .

"I'veI talked to the law-enforcement master about our matter, and he expressed doubts about it, and he even scolded me for provoking and being suspicious of the doctor in our Law Enforcement Hall…" Sha Xinliang said .

"Huh?" Chu Yang questioned .

"So, this time around when you go to meet him, the law-enforcement master may very probably criticize you . Little brother, please do pardon him," Sha Xinliang said worriedly .

"I know," Chu Yang gave a deep smile .

"Then… little brother… are you confident… of the law-enforcement master's injuries?" Sha Xinliang continued to ask worriedly .

Chu Yang took a deep breath and said, "If Tong Wuxin is a spy, he will definitely lay hands on the law-enforcement master . As long as Tong Wuxin laid his hands, I can check this out . But… if Tong Wuxin is innocent and we wronged him, I have really no idea . "

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Sha Xinliang suddenly stopped hurtling, asking, "How much probability is that?"

Chu Yang was silent .

"Little brother, if you go to him, isn't it… very dangerous?" Sha Xinliang started to become anxious, "How about I send you to leave now, immediately?"

Chu Yang smiled sincerely at Sha Xinliang's undisguised temperament . He felt very comforted in his heart, "It's alright . Even if he wants to kill me, he won't use such a matter as his reason to kill me, will he? Besides, if we doubt people wrongly, we should accept the punishment . What's so difficult about it? Besides, according to our conjecture, the probability of Tong Wuxin being a spy is about 80 to 90 percent . "

Sha Xinliang finally assured himself slightly, and said, "Little brother, don't worry . If it's really our fault and the law-enforcement master is angry, I'll keep you alive even if I need to sacrifice myself . "

"Erm . "

As they conversed, they had already arrived at the Law Enforcement Hall .

Sha Xinliang put down Chu Yang, then the duo walked side by side into the hall . Qin Baoshan soon greeted them and said, "You've finally come back . Just now, the law-enforcement master blasted at me again…"

Saying this, he looked worriedly at Chu Yang, "Little brother, are you confident? That law-enforcement master seems to be very protective of Tong Wuxin . If… escape as quickly as possible . "

He said this in a very fast and low voice .

Chu Yang blinked his eyes and smiled, saying, "Things will always come to an end, and we have to face it after all . We can't escape from certain things, can we?"

Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan looked heavy .

In the small hall behind the Law Enforcement Hall .

The three took a step in . All became dark in front of them as if daytime had suddenly turned into midnight .

Chu Yang saw a person at his first sight .

There was only that person in the small hall . But it was exactly because of his presence that blacked out all the daylight!

This person was in black clothes and cloak . He was quietly facing the door, standing in front of the seat with his hands clasped behind his back . Raising his head slightly to look at a scroll of words on the wall .

He had a head of black hair, but at the back side of his head, there was a patch of silvery-white hair .

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He was eight feet tall and had an upright body . Although he had his body turned back, he naturally revealed a posture as majestic yet calm as towering mountains and precipitous ridges .

The man in black clasped his hands behind his back and softly read out the words on the wall, and said lightly, "Sha Xinliang, do you know what's the background behind them?"

Although he was facing against the three persons, there was still an imposing aura that brushed across the three as he opened his mouth .

As if a mountain was pressed down on them .

Sha Xinliang opened his mouth and said carefully, "I vaguely remember that when the Dharma Supreme visited the South-East region back in the years, the region was experiencing its first rainstorm and storm flood, causing a number of disasters in numerous places within the region . It was then the Dharma Supreme extended his superior martial technique to block the floods and move around the mountains, thus creating the first big lake in the Nine Heavens! It was called the 'Buddha Lake' . After he made all the flood flow into the lake, the Dharma Supreme opened a channel that linked that lake into the sea with one punch, thus saving billions of lives in the entire South-East region! He could be said to have the greatest merit in the whole world . "

"After this event ended, the Dharma Supreme wrote this verse . It is hung on every gate of our Law Enforcement Hall here, so as to express our immense reverence towards the Dharma Supreme . "

Sha Xinliang said this with trepidation, while Chu Yang's heart was almost numbed from listening to this .

Rainstorm and storm flood had ravaged the entire South-East region, yet the Dharma Supreme, alone, could shift mountains to form a lake? And open up a channel that links the lake to the sea with one punch?

What… What level of cultivation does he have?

Even if it's a fairy tale… it won't sound so marvelous, will it?!

That man in black sighed and said, "Yes, the Dharma Supreme's visit to the South-East region had ever since becoming a legend! This had also lead to increasing reputations of us law-enforcement officers in the world . But this wasn't created solely with the power of the Dharma Supreme, but that of numerous law-enforcement officers and the painstaking efforts they had put in . "

"Yes," Sha Xinliang said respectfully .

"So… I don't need to say more about what 'law-enforcement officers', these three words, represent, do I?" the man in black said lightly, "But, slight negligence could lead to great disaster! If the law-enforcement officers doubt one another, then all the hard works and merits will eventually be gone like fleeting clouds . "

"Yes . "

Qin Baoshan and Sha Xinliang were sweating . They knew the law-enforcement master was scolding them again .

"The guy behind the both of you is the so-called Divine Doctor Chu, Chu Yang?" the law-enforcement master asked lightly .

"Yes," Chu Yang said .

"Haha, you dare to be called a divine doctor at such a young age? If you dare to throw your weight at me and provoke me again, what crime should you be charged?" the law-enforcement master said this indifferently . But regardless of Chu Yang, or Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan, they all could sense threat and oppression within the words .

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A faint smell of death quietly spread throughout the hall .

Very obviously, the law-enforcement master already had the intention to kill this 'divine doctor', who had seemed to emerge out of nowhere and who had the suspicion of sowing discord among the law-enforcement officers .

"Crime? I dare to say I don't have any, but instead, I have merits," Chu Yang said quietly .

"Merits… where are your merits?" the law-enforcement master said coldly .

"You said that I am guilty, but where's the evidence?" Chu Yang held to his ground .

The law-enforcement master became silent . The entire atmosphere in the hall seemed to be frozen at this moment .

"What I say is the evidence!" the law-enforcement master's voice became colder .

"Then, my pair of eyes is also the evidence!" Chu Yang said and smiled coldly, continuing, "I shall say some arrogant words . My pair of eyes and a finger of mine are unmatched in the Nine Heavens!"

"Arrogant!" the law-enforcement master snorted lightly, "Let me have a look at your abilities!"

The meaning of this sentence was obvious .

Qin Baoshan's and Sha Xinliang's heart started to beat wildly at the same time . They groaned in their hearts: You have your body turned back, only revealing the back of your head and your black robes . How could you see his abilities?"

Chu Yang quietened down, and examined the law-enforcement master's back carefully . Then he said softly, "Law-enforcement master is indeed worthy of the name!"

"Worthy of the name?" the law-enforcement master smiled softly, "How do you see that I'm worthy of being called so?"

Chu Yang said lightly, "Your cultivation has already reached an extraordinary level . At such an age, you still have plenty of black hair, and there's only a bit of white hair at the back of your head . I really admire you . "

Even Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan had observed what Chu Yang had just said . The law-enforcement master's body suddenly turned stiff .

A fit of nervousness overcame them .

The black robes flashed, as if the world had turned from night into daytime .

The law-enforcement master finally turned around .

With a turn of his body, he projected a vastly different impression!

He had a lean face and two eagle-like eyes . His coldness and heartlessness could be clearly felt from his face .

Thick eyebrows, square face .

A lock of black hair was combed behind his head . His black headscarf and hair were all one color .

His face was a little black, but he had no beard at all .

At this moment, his sharp eyes were closely focused on Chu Yang's face .

Chu Yang felt his face constantly stung by pins, and he experienced fits of pains that were difficult to endure .

Saint-level expert!

This was the power that only a Martial Saint could impose!

And he was definitely not a Martial Saint at the lower stages!

But Chu Yang finally sighed after meeting such an expert: Because you've finally turned around . You've allowed me to see your face! All illnesses that one had could be seen just from his face!

As the law-enforcement master looked at Chu Yang, Chu Yang also looked back at him without evading .

"What else?" the law-enforcement master asked quietly .

"You have a full forehead . As the saying goes: People with full forehead are lucky people . These people also would have great longevity . But…" Chu Yang looked at him without blinking at all, and said, "Although you have a good complexion, there's a touch of blackness at your forehead . If I estimated correctly, you're having a headache once in a while . "

Chu Yang said softly, "Although it's not fatal, it's endurable . After you experienced a headache, it won't recur for a long time . But that taste isn't good at all . Because, even with your Monarch-level strength, you're not capable of suppressing it . "

Chu Yang still continued to observe closely, and said, "No, it's not that you're not capable of suppressing it, but you just can't do so . Because, once you suppressed it, the injuries would spread out and harm your brain…"

The law-enforcement master didn't comment on it . His eyes were as deep as water and remained still . He asked lightly, "Is there anything else?"

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