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Chapter 849: 849

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The white-bearded elder frowned, and asked awkwardly, "What do you think?" He thought: It's really difficult for Divine Doctor Chu if that's the case…

"If you wanted him to be completely cured, it's still possible . But, we have to make a ten-point covenant!" Chu Yang said .

"Ten-point covenant?" The eight experts were confused . At most it's a three-point covenant, but how was there a ten-point covenant coming out from this guy's mouth?

"Firstly, Huang Xialiu must listen to everything I say! If I instruct him to go to the South, he can't go to the West . If I instruct him to hit a dog, he can't catch a chicken . If I instruct him to pull off his pants, he can't tug his shirt . He must completely obey my instructions! If he's disobedient even by a bit, I'll stop the treatment," Chu Yang yelled .

"Then, if you let me go to the East and I can't go to the West, can I go to the North?" Huang Xialiu flattened his mouth .

"Piss off! Motherf**ker! I will not attend you further! You shall die as a virgin!" Chu Yang shouted as he stared at Huang Xialiu and pointed at the door .

The rest of the members of the Huang clan immediately apologized to the Chu clan . Only after a long time did they appease Divine Doctor Chu . But Divine Doctor Chu still pointed at Huang Xialiu's nose, saying, "If you speak against me again, you shall piss off immediately!"

Huang Xialiu shuddered . The arrogance that he possessed when he just came had already flung to the four winds .

"The second condition is, in the period of treatment, the Huang clan must be responsible for my loss . You can inquire about my daily income . If you can't, I'll stop treatment anytime," Chu Yang slanted his eyes and said reluctantly .

"This is a must," the white-bearded elder nodded repetitively .

"Thirdly, if your Huang clan doesn't feel assured of me, you can send guards in . But, other than ensuring Huang Xialiu's safety, they must listen to everything else I say! If they're not obedient to me, I can terminate the treatment anytime," Chu Yang said .

"This is a must too," the white-bearded elder nodded repetitively, "Since Divine Doctor Chu is here, who else to listen to if we don't listen to you?"

"Fourthly, all the required medicines must be provided by the Huang clan!" Chu Yang said lightly with a troubled countenance, "This isn't an additional condition . I'm afraid that the Chu clan's power can't afford the medicines that Young Master Huang needed with its current power… So, if you can't afford the medicines or don't agree to get the medicines, I can end the treatment anytime . "

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"This is a must too," the white-bearded elder nodded affirmatively .

"Fifthly, don't make trouble . Otherwise…"

"Sixthly, you must never be rude to my clan . Otherwise…"

"The seventh condition is this matter must be strictly kept confidential!" Chu Yang's voice became more serious as he added, "I'm afraid that this matter involves the fight for power among the big clans . If the news is spread out… I won't have a safe breath . So, once this matter is leaked out, the treatment will be terminated anytime… Erm, I won't terminate this myself . Someone else will come to stop me from carrying on with the treatment . "

He gazed deeply at the white-bearded elder and sighed, "You should have imagined how much risk I have to take once I agreed to treat Huang Xialiu!"

The white-bearded elder sighed deeply and said, "Divine Doctor Chu is all correct in saying this . There's indeed a lot of dangers . "

Chu Yang said, "So, the eighth condition is, the Huang clan must be responsible for the safety of our clan! We can't sacrifice for the sake of your clan . Otherwise, I can terminate the treatment anytime…"

The white-bearded elder nodded heavily, saying, "I'll definitely give Divine Doctor Chu a clear answer after I reported all these to our clan master!"

"The ninth condition is, you must all the more protect my safety . Otherwise…" The solemnity that Chu Yang assumed and his mouthfuls of 'terminate the treatment anytime' made the white-bearded elder look very helpless .

"And, I want an affirmative answer, not just a clear answer," Chu Yang said .

"Definitely, definitely . " How can people be arrogant when they're seeking for help?

"What's the tenth condition?" seeing that Chu Yang stopped after the ninth condition, Huang Xialiu asked curiously .

"I haven't thought of it for the time being . I shall see your future behavior . If you do anything bad, I'll add the last condition!" Chu Yang flipped his eyes .

Huang Xialiu hurriedly lowered his head, "In short, you have the final say?"

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Chu Yang asked curiously, "Do you want to have the final say?"

"No… no… you're the boss… boss… Boss Chu…" Huang Xialiu bowed, bent his legs, raised his head and flattered, "You're wise, tall, dignified, handsome, skillful, good in martial arts, able to hold the pass against tens of thousands of enemies, benevolent to the masses, and someone who makes himself anonymous although he does lots of good things . You're really a first-rate person in the world…"

This Young Master Huang really showed a good understanding of the times . Seeing that he had now become dependent, he immediately changed his tone and began to bootlick wildly . His groveling gesture made everyone's jaw drop .

Especially the few masters from the Huang clan, they were more stunned: Damn it, I've watched the young master grow up, but I really didn't expect that he has actually such a side…

He was simply slick…

"Don't bootlick me!" Chu Yang wasn't moved by the speech at all, and said, "Go back now to wash your body, comb your hair, clean your teeth and change your clothes . Afterward, come back to this Purple Crystals Huichun Hall to be a worker . "

"Ah?" Huang Xialiu screamed, "Boss, do I have to be that tragic?"

"Then please go back," Chu Yang flipped his eyelids .

"I'll go… I'll go…" Huang Xialiu felt very wronged .

"Erm, help me to brew some tea by the way . Clean the medical center and the advertisements outside," Chu Yang said as he crossed his legs .

Huang Xialiu's face became as bitter as bitter gourds .

"Divine Doctor Chu… How confident are you in this?" the white-bearded elder asked cautiously .

"If you can find the medicines, I have 10% of confidence," Chu Yang smiled, "I'll slowly help him to recover, strengthen his semen and not let it run off… Wait till you gather all the medicines, he can be cured immediately . "

"Great!" the white-bearded elder said spiritedly, "What are the medicines?"

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Chu Yang pondered for a while and said, "To cure this disease, we must combat poisons with poisons! And we need very poisonous medicinal ingredients to counteract the strong effects of Ending of Posterity . And they need to be in large amounts; Naturally, we also need some medicines to hang on his life…"

"Yes, yes…" the white-bearded elder nodded repetitively .

"So, this illness requires Superb Nine Vine, Nine-Deaths Water, Nine Leaves-Pangolin… these 19 medicines . The last one is 'Poisonous Blade Tip Stings Iron Cucumber'," Chu Yang advised enthusiastically, "These first three types are poisons among the poisons, and they must be used in the treatment . Also, the last ingredient 'Poisonous Blade Tip Stings Iron Cucumber' is a guiding drug! If it's missing, the rest of the ingredients will be useless!"

The white-bearded elder frowned, "The Superb Nine Vine, Nine-Deaths Water and Nine Leaves-Pangolin are indeed poisons among the poisons… but 'Poisonous Blade Tip Stings Iron Cucumber'… isn't this too venomous? This is a torture tool… Although it's highly toxic, I've never heard that it's used as medicines . "

Chu Yang said with a severe countenance, "Then you have insufficient knowledge on this . This is indeed a torture tool used to deal with people involved in adultery . But no one knows that in the Iron Cucumber, there are lots of 'Traction Water'; to cure this Ending of Posterity, it's a must to use this poison!"

The elder took a tumble and nodded repeatedly, "I see, I see . There's really… all sorts of things in the world…"

"Remember! All these medicines must be obtained within half a year! Otherwise, I need to arrange again for the supplements in helping him in his circulation of blood and qi . You should know that the four seasons form a big cycle of the circulation of qi and blood . "

The white-bearded elder nodded repetitively, and carefully kept the prescription list that Chu Yang gave .

Following which, he bode farewell to Chu Yang . He led four of the Huang clan experts back to report the matter to the clan master and to get ready to find the elixirs while leaving behind the other four to guard Huang Xialiu…

Before they left, Huang Xialiu hugged on to the legs of the white-bearded elder, crying loudly, "Third grand uncle… you must definitely find the medicines early, and tell my father not to pity the purple crystals . I… I… I… How am I going to tolerate this for half a year…"

After the white-bearded elder and the few others left, Chu Yang arranged for the four guards to stay in the backyard, then gave a kick on Huang Xialiu's ass, "Stand up!"

Huang Xialiu stood up as he shuddered, "What?"

Chu Yang closed himself up, "Kid, if you don't want to be impotent forever, behave well . I have no interest in correcting your fault . Now, I'll ask you some questions . Answer truthfully . "

Huang Xialiu said servilely, "Boss, please ask . " Then he hurriedly bent over and took a stool back and said, "Boss, you shall sit and I shall stand…"

"Okay," Chu Yang sat down frankly, "Do you know who lay hands on you?"

"I don't know…" Huang Xialiu shook his head in confusion, and then gnashed his teeth, "If I knew, I would have torn that bastard into pieces long ago!"

"That's true," Chu Yang asked again, "Then, who's the greatest enemy of your Huang clan?"

"It should be the Xiao clan…" Huang Xialiu said with some uncertainty, "The Xiao clan has always been guarding against us for taking over their positions . But in recent years, we've rarely laid hands on each other . "

"Oh?" Chu Yang frowned, "Are there any other enemies?"

"Others? Hahaha, in this stretch of South-East region, who dares to go against our Huang clan?" Huang Xialiu laughed contentedly . After laughing halfway, he saw Chu Yang rolling his eyes on him and suddenly remembered that he shouldn't be arrogant . He immediately stopped and said timidly, "Of course, boss is the exception…"

"Erm, that's not bad . The Xiao clan… Xiao clan…" Chu Yang quickly conversed with the sword spirit in the Nine Tribulation Space as he patted his thigh, and finally said, "I remembered that in the legend, among the experts that besieged Sa Wufei, the Buddha of Severance, there was a leader who also seemed to be surnamed Xiao… Or it was one of the main experts who was surnamed Xiao… I didn't remember this clearly…"

Huang Xialiu instantly became furious . He gnashed his teeth, "I'll immediately send for the investigation of this issue!"

Chu Yang nodded and said indifferently, "I only casually said this . Don't take this to heart . "

It looked as if he didn't know at all how depressed the Huang clan was due to Huang Xialiu's illness and the fact that their clan was going to extinct, and what kind of mess such casual words of his was going to stir up…

In fact, Chu Yang didn't lie .

Among the experts who besieged Sa Wufei back then, there were two people surnamed Ye and Xiao respectively .

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