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"Your young master has this illness for eight or nine years already, I suppose?" Chu Yang grunted.

"Yes, yes… we realized that something was wrong with him four years ago. It was only after he went to see the doctor did we know that he had this illness for a long time already…" the elder with white beard replied.

"He's about 20 years old this year?" Chu Yang grunted, "That means, ever since that…" As he spoke till here, he suddenly turned his head around, "Le'er, you can't listen to this, and you also can't understand. Go back to your room to rest."

Chu Le'er was listening amusingly then. Hearing Chu Yang's words, she stood up angrily and walked up. As she walked, she muttered, "Aren't you saying that he's sterile… Humph, you thought that I don't understand? …"

Huang Xialiu was so frustrated that tears almost came out of his eyes, "Little girl, you… you… you're aggravating me. I'm a Great Genteel Prince…"

"Great your ass!" Chu Yang slapped on the guy's head bluntly, saying, "How are you great when you're impotent?"

Sadness overwhelmed Huang Xialiu, "I also don't want to be like this…"

Chu Yang sighed and stopped arguing with this Young Master Huang, who looked domineering on the surface, but was actually timid. Chu Yang said to the elder with white beard, "While this young master… appeared to have his body wasted due to over-indulgent in sex, it's actually not the case."

The elder was shocked, "What?" He looked to be questioning Chu Yang, but in fact, he was shocked.

They went to see a lot of doctors, and they all asserted emphatically that Young Master Huang's illness was caused by his over-indulgence in sex; Only the high priest from the Medicine Valley said 'This has nothing to do with sex, but I'm helpless.' this sort of words.

But now, only by taking a pulse on Young Master Huang, Chu Yang had said this out.

How couldn't he be astonished?

Huang Xialiu's face was awash with warm tears. All these years, he had suffered from a countless number of whacks from his father, who had always blamed him for lusting after women with no moderation… He was wronged for so many years. Finally, today, someone had given justice to him.

"My savior…" Huang Xialiu sobbed.

"He was injured… or being plotted against. And that occurred a long time ago. That time, he hasn't… *Cough* he hasn't reached the age that he could… He was already being laid hands on by some people! And this kind of attack was famous in the Nine Heavens for not having any cure," Chu Yang sighed.

"What attack?" that white-bearded elder asked nervously.

Chu Yang said with a grim face, "Yin and Yang Severance!"

That elder's face turned pale!

Yin and Yang Severance indeed had a notorious name in the Nine Heavens 8000 years ago. Although it hadn't appeared in the Nine Heavens for 8000 years, everyone would still shudder at the mentioning of it!

Because Yin and Yang Severance was the evilest martial technique on Earth. It had another name called 'Ending of Posterity'!

This technique was especially used to harm one's reproductive system. Once a person was attacked by it, he could never be cured. Men and women alike would become sexually impotent.

This technique was invented by a fellow called Sa Wufei 8000 years ago; He had a nickname called 'Buddha of Severance'. He was naturally a sexually impotent person. Extended periods of depression had caused him to become pathogenic. After he had some attainments in martial arts, he cracked his brain and designed this evil martial technique to especially cause people to become impotent.

Sa Wufei's thought was: If I can't do anything, so should everyone else in the world!

In the end, Sa Wufei invoked widespread anger. Plenty of experts besieged him and killed him. Thus, his Ending of Posterity vanished in the martial society. But who would expect it to appear again 8 000 years later! And least expectedly, it landed on the sole young master in the clan.

The white-bearded elder and the remaining seven were utterly furious!

"Divine Doctor Chu is saying that our young master was laid hands on when he was twelve or thirteen years old?" the white-bearded elder asked in a low and deep voice, with his face as white as ice.

"There is no doubt in this!" Chu Yang said lightly. Then, he turned around to ask Huang Xialiu, "Is it true that you haven't… had that before?"

Huang Xialiu said hopelessly, "Yes, for these twenty or so years, other than passing urine, I didn't do other stuff… For many years, only a soft lump of mucus-like stuff hung on there. It was only three years ago when my clan started seeking me a wife did they know about it. My mother even crept onto it and pressed it down, but nothing happened…"

"Stop!" Chu Yang's face had turned black, and he waved his hand to interrupt Huang Xialiu's talk.

Then after some pondering, Chu Yang asked, "Do you have any brothers?"

Huang Xialiu was stunned, "How do you know?" Then he continued, "I once had two brothers. But they died before I could even remember them."

"Erm…" Chu Yang laughed, "Then, is your Huang clan very strong?"

Chu Yang truly didn't understand anything about the Huang clan.

The white-bearded elder's face turned heavy. His eyes were even darker. He knew what Chu Yang meant when he asked these few questions. There might be a shattering big conspiracy!

The white-bearded elder said softly, carefully choosing his vocabulary, "Our Huang clan was established in the Upper Three Heavens for 2000 years already. We rose up gradually from a small family. 700 years ago was the most prosperous period for our clan. Back then, we almost could pit against the Xiao clan! The Xiao clan wanted to exterminate us for a countless number of times, but they never succeeded."

The Xiao clan was one of the nine great clans. Even with Xiao clan's capability, they had no idea on how to deal with the Huang clan. This was a testament on the strength of the Huang clan.

But when the white-bearded elder said these, he didn't have any sense of pride, but instead, full of anxiousness and pensiveness.

"Then?" Chu Yang asked, "It has declined now?"

"It has not declined… But in the recent 300 to 400 years, the direct line of descent in the family kept experiencing accidents… In the end, similar fashions have also applied to the indirect family branches. Gradually, even though the Huang clan has a strong base, the number of core members within the Huang clan is still on the decline…"

As he said till here, his look became uglier. He said, "Now, our young master is the only one left within the direct line of descents in the Huang clan. But he has also… suffered from Ending of Posterity! Alas…"

Then, the white-bearded elder looked at Chu Yang, asking hopefully, "Divine Doctor Chu, can you… cure… this illness?"

Chu Yang started to ponder.

Huang Xialiu's illness was different from that of Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan. It was real and definitely not fake. It was not very difficult for Huang Xialiu's illness to be cured, as Chu Yang had rare elixirs in his hands. But, the problem was, Divine Doctor Chu still wanted to gain other… profits.

He frowned and pondered. Everyone thought he was thinking about the young master's condition. Never would they expect that in this period of time, Chu Yang had already thought of up to 50 kinds of wicked plans.

"Cure…" Chu Yang gasped a cold breath, and said slowly, raising everyone's hearts to their throats. It was then that he said, "The cure is possible… but…"

Hearing that the illness could be cured, few people from the Huang clan was overjoyed, but after hearing the 'but', their hearts raised up again.

"But this kind of injuries has sustained in his body for a very long time, and now it has become a chronic illness… Adding on to the evil effects of this martial attack, the difficulty level to completely cure it… is really high…" Chu Yang sighed.

"As long as it can be cured, and no matter how difficult it is or how much cost it'll take, our Huang clan will afford the cost! And we're willing to pay for it!" tears welled up that white-bearded elder's eyes, as if a drowning person had suddenly grasped hold of a life-saving straw.

In the Nine Heavens, everyone knew the importance of power. Now, the Huang clan was facing the threat of having no offspring. When that really happened, all the people in the clan would disperse away. Without roots, they would have to seek for dependents. Living under someone else's roofs would definitely not taste good; But if they didn't seek for dependents, they would definitely be encroached upon, killed or banished…

As long as the direct bloodline of the Huang clan remained, then there would still be cohesive forces. No matter how foppish or disappointing the young master was, at least the main flag of the clan was still set. As long as the main flag was still there, there would still be a backbone for the clan.

When a thousand people gathered together, they would form a formidable force. But once they separated, they would become a thousand targets for their preys. Even a wild dog would dare to bite any one of them.

This was one of the reasons why clans remained cohesive in the Cold Weapons Era.

Because all of them were on one root!

If the root was gone, how could branches and leaves survive?

So, not only the members of the Huang clan were worried about Huang Xialiu's illness, all the subjects and experts who had attached themselves to the Huang clan were also very worried. Huang Xialiu was the only young master left in the Yang clan!

Now, they had finally seen a glimmer of hope amidst utter desperation. How would the Huang clan want to let go of it? They would hold on to it even if it meant that they would have to die!

"The treatment would last for a very long time…" Chu Yang sighed and said, "He would have to be with me all day long, and I have to spend all my day refining medicines according to the daily qi mechanisms…"

Chu Yang gazed at the white-bearded elder and said, "You're all martial experts, and definitely know more than the common people about the circulation of qi and blood in a person's body. You must know that the qi in a person's body differs from time to time?"

"Divine Doctor Chu, this is true!" the white-bearded elder said.

"So, I need to spend every moment to refine different medicines, and to provide treatments according to the circulation of qi and blood…" Chu Yang said heavily, "You can imagine how tedious and troublesome the treatment would be like."

The white-bearded elder sighed, "Indeed…"

"And there's another precondition, that is, your young master must completely cooperate with me and listen to me… But from the looks of it, this young master… is not someone who's easy to be content with…"

"Young master will definitely listen to you!" the white-bearded elder hurriedly promised.

"Even if he's well-behaved, I'm still not willing to treat him," Chu Yang twitched his mouth and crossed his legs, saying, "Do you know how much my income is every day? Do you know that if I treat him, I'll have basically no time to do other things? How much loss do I have to suffer from? Do you know how much elixirs he would need? Do you know their costs? Besides… it would be nothing if he's a pretty lady, but he had jaundice. He spat saliva all over the place, the foul breath in his mouth could be smelled from even three miles away, and his mucus runs everywhere he goes… I have to face him all day long and personally check on his body. For a mysophobia like me… if it's you, won't you feel disgusted?"

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