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The four other people looked at Chu Feilong's face coldly. A tense murderous intent ignited within the room. An intimate brother of theirs for so many years had died in such an unsightly manner in front of themselves. They could no longer suppress the hatred and anger in their hearts!

At such a moment, they needed to vent their emotions! They needed revenge!

Very obviously, as long as Ye Wubo affirmed Chu Feilong's identity as a 'spy' and gave them a word of command, no matter how lucky Chu Feilong was, he would have no chance of getting out of this room alive!

Cold sweat dripped down Chu Feilong's face. He felt the murderous intent becoming denser and sharper, as if at the next moment, his head would leave him. In this desperate moment, he hurriedly shouted out, "Thirteenth Master… there must be a misunderstanding here! You can think about it, I'm loyal to you for the past 20 years. When did I ever do anything that disappointed you? Even if I'm really a spy, why did I need to wait for 20 years, and start taking actions at such a sensitive period?"

Ye Wubo said coldly, "You've borne me for so many years, so you must have a big scheme."

But his tone had already turned a little gentler.

Chu Feilong said anxiously, "Besides… that Chu Yang was a bastard who had led a wandering life for so many years, and he even lived in the Lower Three Heavens. How could he become a Sovereign of swords? Thirteenth Master, ordinary Sword Sovereigns couldn't injure Old Third Ma so greatly and even put him on the fatal ground. This person… should be at least an eighth stage or ninth stage Sword Sovereign…"

He took a breath to suppress the panic in his heart, and said, "Even if this little brute was in a big clan as big as the Ye Clan, it would be impossible for him to become a Sovereign of swords… Thirteenth Master, you must investigate this issue clearly!"

It was only then that Ye Wubo started to groan.

Yes, even Ye Canmeng, his big nephew, the eldest young master in the Ye clan and the number one talent that the Nine Heaven recognized, only became the first stage Sword Sovereign at 22 years old under the support of the clan!

This news had even shocked the nine great clans at that time!

How could an abandoned child who grew up in the Lower Three Heavens be able to confront and kill a third stage Martial Monarch only at an age of 18?

Even Ye Wubo dared not to believe this.

But, Old Third Ma sacrificed all his remaining efforts to bring back this message. How could he be cheating? The others looked at Chu Feilong doubtfully and murderously.

"I need an explanation for this matter!" Ye Wubo said as he looked at Chu Feilong coldly, before continuing, "I want to see Chu Yang!"

Chu Feilong agreed repeatedly and wiped away the cold sweat on his head. He felt that his entire clothes were soaked at this instant.

Then he started to turn worried: How can Chu Yang that little brute be willing to listen to me? Let alone to tell him that he's to see Ye Wubo…

Ye Wubo's ghastly red eyes drooped down and looked at the blood on his sword. That's Old Third Ma's life! His loyal assistant who had followed him for many years! But he ended up dying here!

Chu Feilong, should I not suspect you, even by a bit?!

In the entire South-East region, apart from the Xiao clan and the law-enforcement officers, who could stop Old Third Ma from even escaping for his life? And the Xiao clan and law-enforcement officers would definitely not dare to lay hands on the Ye clan so easily. Even if they wanted to do so, they would deal with the most important figures within the Ye clan. How would they kill Old Third Ma? Wouldn't they be looking for trouble for themselves?

If it wasn't your nephew, how would Old Third Ma die? If it wasn't him, it would be others who did it!

Your nephew has just come back. How would he have Monarch-level experts following him all along? Isn't this kidding? This kind of thing is impossible to happen even in the Ye Clan!

Then, the only explanation is: Chu Yang has taken early precautions!

But why would he take early precautions?

Chu Feilong! How can you not be involved?!

Once I see Chu Yang, all the truth would be revealed!

Looking at Chu Feilong's uneasy face, Ye Wubo added on coldly, "I don't care what methods you use. Within three days, you must bring Chu Yang to me! If I don't see him, then you, Chu Feilong, can prepare for your death at the end of the second day!"

The ghastly fire in Ye Wubo's eyes flickered. The atmosphere in the room also became tense and cold.

Cold sweat started to creep up Chu Feilong's body again. He bowed and said, "Yes! Thirteenth master, don't worry. Even if it means I have to die, I'll also bring Chu Yang, that little brute, to you!"

Ye Wubo snorted. Turning his wrist, his sword silently went into his sheath. His cold eyes slanted slightly to glimpse at Chu Feilong.

After a long time, Ye Wubo stood up gently and came to Old Third Ma's corpse. He extended his hand to gently brush over Old Third Ma's cold face, and said softly, "Old Third, I'll definitely take revenge for you! You must believe me! Once I find out the killer, no matter who he is, and no matter what he had done for me previously… I will definitely, let-him-die!"

He said the last three words in a completely lethal way.

As he brushed his hands over Old Third Ma's face, Old Third Ma's opened eyes suddenly closed peacefully…

Aside, Chu Feilong's heart and body shuddered!

"Bring Old Third Ma's corpse. Let's go!" Ye Wubo arrived at the door and suddenly stopped walking. Maintaining his position, he said slowly to Chu Feilong, who was behind him, "Chu Feilong, I'll wait here three days later at this time, and I shall kill either Chu Yang or you!"

Then, with a flash, he vanished mysteriously.

The elder with the goatee silently held up Old Third Ma's corpse and went off without speaking a word, while the other four also went one after another. Everyone didn't even take a glimpse at Chu Feilong as they went.

Even the Monarch-level expert, who was sent by the Ye Clan to Chu Feilong to act as his guard, also followed them away without turning his head back.

Chu Feilong stood stiffly within the room. His head was entirely muddled.

Ye Wubo… was still suspicious of himself. And, he's very suspicious! Ye Wubo… even had the desire to kill himself.

Does so many years of my hard work have to end up in such circumstance?

At this moment, Chu Feilong started to lament furiously in his heart!

Ye Thirteenth, am I such a dispensable small potato in your eyes? For a mere Old Third Ma, who was only your follower, you rose the intention to kill me? And you wanted to kill me so unreasonably?!

Chu Yang! I've to blame you little brute! Ever since you came, a countless number of troubles and threats have overwhelmed me! If I don't kill you, I don't even have a foothold in the Chu clan! If I don't kill you, Ye Thirteenth can't trust me!

Chu Yang! I swear that if I don't kill you, I'll be lesser than a human!

As Chu Yang walked his way back, the sword spirit in the Nine Tribulations Space was already getting a bit excited.

Because it was only then did the sword spirit realize that Chu Yang had become a Sword Sovereign after this round of breakthrough!

"Why are you a Sword Sovereign? How come you could break through to become a Sword Sovereign?" The sword spirit couldn't get an answer. After Chu Yang's battle with Old Third Ma, the sword spirit had confirmed this fact. Although the sword aura overwhelmed Chu Yang during his breakthrough, the sword spirit didn't think much about it as the weapon that Chu Yang had majored in was a sword.

But before this battle, the imposing air of Chu Yang that had caused all the swords surrounding him to submit to him was real!

The sword spirit felt very miserable.

"Why can't I attain a Sword Sovereign?" Chu Yang was also miserable at the sword spirit's astonishment.

The sword spirit said, "In the promotion of cultivation of a Nine Tribulations Sword master, it's impossible for them to attain a Sword Sovereign! They could only attain till a Sword Emperor! None of the previous Nine Tribulations Sword masters had become a Sword Sovereign before!"

"So what?" Chu Yang was confused, "If others can't, that doesn't mean that I also can't. Or they simply have other kinds of cultivations."

The sword spirit shook his head, saying, "This is definitely impossible! You're absolutely abnormal."

Chu Yang responded, "Why? Didn't the position of Sword Sovereign exist to show respect to the Nine Tribulations Sword? Why can't a Nine Tribulations Sword become a Sword Sovereign?"

The sword spirit said, "The master who created the Nine Tribulations Sword back then made a strict rule that there is Sword Sovereign because of the Nine Tribulations Sword! But, the sovereign of the sword doesn't refer to the Nine Tribulations Sword master, but the Nine Tribulations Sword! So, all the sword practitioners can achieve this position if they worked hard, but only the Nine Tribulations Sword can't!"

Chu Yang was stunned, "What argument is this!"

The sword spirit said, "Back then, the creator left some words about this. He said: If the Nine Tribulations Sword master becomes a Sword Sovereign, he would conflict against the Nine Tribulations Sword, which is the sovereign among all swords. And this is a violation against the law of nature! And from then on, weal or woe is entirely upon himself. So… none of the Nine Tribulations Sword master in the past was a Sword Sovereign."

Chu Yang laughed, "So what if I'm a Sword Sovereign? Ever since I started my journey in the martial society, I've always been going against the law of nature? So what if I violate it once more?"

The sword spirit glared back at Chu Yang and didn't know what to say.

Chu Yang said, "Besides… the creator said 'weal or woe is entirely upon the sword master'. There isn't only the woe here but also weal. If others can't attain the 'weal', doesn't mean I can't either! This is absolutely nonsense! If it's woe, I'll bear with it; If it's weal, I'll enjoy it! Since I'm a Sword Sovereign now, do I even have to abolish my cultivation?"

With a laugh, he stopped bothering about this matter and strode forward.

The sword spirit remained silent in the Nine Tribulations Space for a long time, and finally muttered, "Ever since this guy became a Nine Tribulations Sword master, which encounter of his was the same as the previous sword masters? Or, am I bothering too much about this? …"

He finally stopped talking.

When Chu Yang returned to the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall, it was already dawn. The glows of sunset followed him as he walked towards the gate of the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall.

But normally, Chu Le'er and the other workers would always be sitting at the gate to wait for his return. Strangely, none of them appeared at the gate this time around.

When he entered, he saw that the hall was filled with people. He didn't recognize any one of them, but he could see that there were plenty of experts among them.

There were exactly nine of them, who were all in yellow robes. It was a stretch of yellow as he glanced at them.

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