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Long Family had always been a very mysterious existence.

Before the war, Long Family was the number one clan in the Sky Martial Continent, the strongest clan. He had crushed all the other ancient family in the Sky Martial Continent, and his Pan Clan was only one of them.


The rise of Long Family could be described as godly.

The people of the Long Family walked out of the prehistoric territory with dragon salyer behind them. They announced to the outside world that they had obtained the divine dragon's blood essence, and all the disciples of the Long Family obtained the inheritance of the Dragon Spirit Blood overnight.

And in the short span of half a month, the Long Family went from a small unknown clan to a first class family.

The South Horizon Region had become the most powerful region in the Five Great Regions.

The extremes are reversed.

The strength of the Long Family seemed as though it could pierce the heavens and earth, a mysterious calamity descended with lightning speed, and in a short night, the Long Family was almost destroyed.

The first batch of experts from Long Family who had merged with their Dragon Spirit Blood all disappeared without a trace.

Ever since the calamity, when the Long Family fell into a trough that had been in for millions of years, the blood vein s in the bodies of the Long Family disciples became thinner and thinner, and the number of dragons that transformed into dragons soared and became fewer and fewer.

However …

There had never been a disciple with zero Dragon Blood Activation.

Even if the Dragon Spirit Blood on his body were to be removed and absorbed, it was impossible for it to be Negative Activation to Dragon Blood.

supreme god had too great of an impact on the Sky Martial Continent, he had previously researched it, and he had felt it strange when he found out that the Dragon Blood Activation in Long Fei's body was zero.

Just now, he had clearly felt that Long Fei's sea of consciousness had the pressure of a dragon. Otherwise, how could a Spiritual Levee 6 cultivator like him withstand the pressure from the Golden Immortal Rank Elders?

It was absolutely impossible.

This brat had been concealing himself all along?

supreme god's heart tensed up, "For the rise of the Long Family? or did he not know what was hidden behind the Negative Activation to Dragon Blood himself? "


supreme god suddenly felt that Long Fei was very deep. His deep eyes were hidden in a dense fog, even he could not see through it.

For the first time in his life, he could not see through a single person.

and it was even someone from the Spiritual Level.

The clan elder spat out a mouthful of blood, he was even more enraged, his figure moved, ignoring everything else as he rushed towards Xiang Longfei, "Brat, give me your life!"

Long Fei sneered, "Are you in a hurry to jump into a wall?"

qiu wandao moved slightly, blocking in front of Long Fei, and mocked: "Is this the character and behavior of a Tong Tian fairy hall elder? "Humph!"

Many of the elders looked displeased.

At this moment.

supreme god's voice sunk as he shouted lightly, "Enough!"

His voice was filled with authority, and in an instant, he had completely suppressed that furious elder.

qiu wandao's body also trembled, his internal organs seemed to be tumbling about, as he exclaimed in his heart, "A single voice was enough to cause such a powerful pressure, what terrifying stage is this supreme god at?"

Too terrifying.

Long Fei also felt it.

He finally understood why the Yan Huang ancestor said that no matter how much power they had, they would still not be his match.

This supreme god was simply an invincible abnormal boss.

The supreme god said slightly: "Zang Tianye, first tell me about the exam candidate's rebellion. How exactly did this happen? "Give me a detailed explanation."

During the time he was asking, supreme god had been looking at Long Fei.

He wanted to see through Long Fei, but he just couldn't.

Zang Tianye narrated in detail, and finally said: "supreme god, as the Principal, I have to take responsibility for the examinee's uprising this time, but as for the reason, I have to bear all the punishments. However, I still have to say it, the matters concerning the god emperor academy's assessment should be handled by the god emperor academy himself, and it cannot be managed by anyone who doesn't understand the god emperor academy at all. This time, such a strong uprising will greatly affect the god emperor academy, the Heavenly hall of immortals, and the Demon Slayer that you are looking for.

Just as he finished speaking …

Some of the clan elders shouted, "Do you want me to explain to them? Zang Tianye, do you have water in your head? "

"Do you know what you were saying?"

"Someone like you can become a principal?"

"You want us to account for the mortal examinees?" Are you retarded? "

How high and mighty was the Heavenly hall of immortals? Was he going to explain this to some lowly examinee that was like an ant?

This was an insult to the Tong Tian hall of immortals.

In this world where the strong were respected, how could the strong account to the weak?

The elders were all displeased.

One of the very important reasons was that it was related to the Sky Separating Clan and pan sheng. As pan sheng was the number one Demon Slayer, according to what Zang Tianye said, it should be the responsibility of the Pan Clan.

Being mocked and scolded, Zang Tianye did not refute, and silently stood there without making a sound.

supreme god did not immediately indicate anything. Instead, he looked at Long Fei and asked, "Long Fei, you are one of the examinees. It seems like the Pan Clan is also targeting you.

Long Fei was startled, she did not expect the supreme god to ask him this.

He looked at supreme god and asked, "What do you want to hear?"

supreme god said, "Your heartfelt words."

Long Fei said: "After killing pan hu, all of the disciples of Sky Separating Clan will return to their true forms and undergo the assessment again."

As soon as his voice faded …

An elder jumped out, pointed at Long Fei's nose and scolded him, "Brat, who do you think you are? Do you know what you're talking about? "

"You take yourself too seriously."

"Who do you think you are?"

All of them seemed to be infuriated.

The Sky Separating Clan was an ancient clan of the Sky Martial Continent, and now that pan sheng was the number one Demon Slayer, coupled with the fact that the Western Demon Flame was getting stronger and stronger, they had to rely on the Sky Separating Clan. If they killed pan hu now, wouldn't that mean that the Tong Tian hall of immortals and the Pan Family were going to break up?

What if pan sheng left the Tong Tian hall of immortals?

Who will bear the consequences?

Long Fei picked his ears, and as he listened, he became a little impatient. He looked at supreme god and said: "This is the truth, this is the truth that you want."

"I'm lying, do you want to hear it?"

"With an official promotion, he directly raised pan hu to the Principal of the god emperor academy. The disciples of the Pan Clan all became senior disciples, receiving the same treatment as the elders of the god emperor academy."

"Is that okay?"

As soon as he finished speaking.

The elders quieted down. Many of them even nodded their heads in agreement.

Only a few elders shouted, "Nonsense!"

The space between supreme god's brows furrowed slightly, but he did not answer. Instead, he looked at Long Fei and asked, "One more thing, the holy token question of god on pan hu's body was lost, is it in your hands?"

As soon as he finished. = Half ^ Float # # Life ^

supreme god's eyes flashed with a bright light.

This ray of light was staring at Long Fei as if he was testing a lie. As long as Long Fei's heart was beating, he would notice any change in the expression in the light.

The corner of Long Fei's mouth lifted slightly, and laughed: "If I say I'm not here, would you believe me?"

The supreme god said straightforwardly, "I don't believe it!"


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