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With just one slash, the black cloaked man was killed. Chen Xiang's hand that was holding the sword started to tremble, the Heavenly magic sword was damaged but it was still this strong. Now he understood why Heavenly Divine Lord was ambushed by multiple Divine Nations s all those years ago because this sword was damaged! Without this sword, the Heavenly Divine Lord's strength would be greatly reduced, and it was the best opportunity to deal with him.

Yue Er immediately used Star Moon Hell to hold back the other two black-robed men. They were sucked in by the suction force released by Star Moon Hell and were also unable to move. Now that they had lost a companion to defend themselves, the pressure on them increased as their bodies were slowly sucked in.

"It's too easy for you to enter the Star Moon Hell. Go to hell!" Chen Xiang rushed forward and slashed again!


Another black cloaked person was killed with a single sword strike. Chen Xiang once again felt the feeling of contentment he had just felt, which caused the divine power in his body to boil.

"Don't even think about entering!" Chen Xiang sneered, and slashed his sword from afar. This time he used the Meteor immortal power, and slashed out a ray of Sword Qi through the Heavenly magic sword.

The black-robed man was already about to enter Star Moon Hell, but the moment he was struck by Chen Xiang's Sword Qi, his body exploded into pieces.

After exterminating the three black-robed men, Chen Xiang and Yue'er immediately went over to Imperial Concubine Lian and Xiao Hongque's side!

Imperial Concubine Lian and Xiao Hongque were both injured, and the two black-robed men were relatively strong. When they saw Chen Xiang and Yue'er coming over, they immediately retreated.

"Don't even think about escaping!" Yue'er called out softly, and the triangular stone tablet beneath her immediately shot out, releasing two divine lights and locking the two black robed men in place.

Chen Xiang had long planned for this, as he sent out two violent sword Qi from afar!

The sword qi was akin to two raging dragons of fire, piercing through the bodies of the two black-robed figures, tearing them to shreds.

Seeing the two corpses being burnt to death, Imperial Concubine Lian and Xiao Hongque heaved a sigh of relief. They were now staring at the Heavenly magic sword in Chen Xiang's hands that did not have a sword tip!

Of course they had heard of Heavenly Divine Lord, this famous Heavenly magic sword, but they never would have thought that it was actually in Chen Xiang's hands!

Although the Heavenly Divine Lord was already dead, there were many things that were passed down from the time he was forging. They were all extremely famous and powerful divine weapons, and possessing one was already worthy of showing off.


In the distance, the fight between Xiao Yulan and the Black Stone Divine Venerable was extremely intense, as though the entire world was being destroyed. At this moment, it was extremely dark and gloomy, with blood clouds billowing in the sky, making one feel as if they were in hell.

"You're mine now, haha!" A burst of wild laughter suddenly appeared behind Chen Xiang and a red light flashed, enveloping Chen Xiang's body.

"Chen Xiang!" Yue'er shouted, and Imperial Concubine Lian and Xiao Hongque immediately rushed over. What made it hard for them to understand was that Xiao Yulan was still fighting in the distance, while Black Stone Divine Venerable was right there.

When the Imperial Concubine Lian and the others rushed over, the red light enveloping Chen Xiang immediately scattered and turned into a gigantic pill furnace!

"Let's go!" Black Stone Divine Venerable kept the pill furnace and disappeared into the darkness while laughing maniacally.

Xiao Yulan also stopped fighting, because the Black Stone Divine Venerable had suddenly disappeared, and the blood cloud in the sky had also disappeared!

"It's an incarnation!" Yue'er said, "Let's go to Sister Yu Lan's side!"

… ….

Chen Xiang was trapped by the light and could not move at all. He immediately went to a place surrounded by flames, he roared out loud, but to no avail.

Not long after, he heard voices coming from outside.

"Master, did you catch that bastard?" This was Ah Hei's voice.

Chen Xiang immediately understood what the Black Stone Divine Venerable was trying to trap him with. He took a deep breath and calmed himself down, he didn't need to worry about Xiao Yulan and the others, they were both very powerful and even the Black Stone Divine Venerable couldn't do anything to them.

"We've already caught him. It's no big deal!" Black Stone Divine Venerable laughed: "In the dark night, I am invincible!"

"Master, can I teach him a lesson now? This bastard kicked me and humiliated me! " When Ah Hei thought back to these matters, he became extremely irritable and threw a few punches towards the pill furnace.

"I will first restrict his strength! But you can't kill him, otherwise the Heavenly Alchemy will become powerful. " The Black Stone Divine Venerable said.

Right now, Chen Xiang was trapped in Black Stone Divine Venerable's pill furnace, the flames around him suddenly turned into chains, enveloping him within. His legs were bound by the chains, and what made him even more shocked was that his Divine Sense Sea was also sealed, he was unable to see his own Divine Sense Sea.

Falling into the hands of a Divine Lord Ranker, no matter how many techniques Chen Xiang had, he was helpless to do anything.

"It's okay now!" The Black Stone Divine Venerable said.

The lid of the pill furnace was opened, and Ah Hei took Chen Xiang out.

"Haha …" Ah Hei laughed crazily, and then he punched and kicked Chen Xiang.

"I'll make you be arrogant, win against me, and kick me!" Ah Hei acted like a madman, shouting and kicking Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang was beaten up badly, but it was only painful, his body was so strong, it was not something Ah Hei could casually record as to be injured!

But being humiliated like this by Ah Hei, the anger in his heart overflowed to the heavens, and now, his angry gaze made Ah Hei feel fear, and his actions became heavier and heavier. He was worried that Chen Xiang would take revenge on him, and he couldn't wait to kill Chen Xiang, because only then would he be able to erase the fear in his heart.

"Enough!" Black Stone Divine Venerable grabbed Ah Hei. He understood Ah Hei very well, if this continued, Ah Hei would definitely kill him.

This time, Black Stone Divine Venerable had expended a lot of energy to capture Chen Xiang, because he did not expect Xiao Yulan and the Six Realms Ding to appear.

Chen Xiang was once again thrown into the pill furnace, but he was still trapped, unable to move, unable to use his divine power!

"I'll start refining him now. I'll soon be able to do so!" Black Stone Divine Venerable threw in dozens of divine medicines, and then injected a strong flame: "Ah Hei, you control the flame. It will take about three days for the divine medicines to be refined, I had meticulously modified all of them, and they can be refined very easily."

Hearing that he could refine Chen Xiang by himself, Ah Hei became extremely happy.

"Use your powerful flames to burn him to your heart's content!" Black Stone Divine Venerable gave the position to Ah Hei, letting Ah Hei release flames to refine Chen Xiang.

"Master, where are you going?" Ah Hei asked.

"The Six Realms Ding has appeared! This Six Realms Ding is either obtained by me or it has to be destroyed. This thing is a great threat to me. " Black Stone Divine Venerable said in a serious tone: "Ah Hei, I will leave this to you!"

"Understood, Master!" Ah Hei's face was filled with a dark ruthlessness as he released extremely berserk flames, and muttered, "Chen Xiang, this must definitely be a very comfortable feeling!"

Chen Xiang could hear the voices coming from outside. The Black Stone Divine Venerable had already left, and only Ah Hei was left outside. If he did not imprison the Divine Sense Sea's body, Ah Hei would not be his match.

"What pill is this Black Stone Divine Venerable refining me into? They actually had so many rare and precious divine medicines. It seemed like they were all supreme grade divine medicines … No, it's Heaven rank! " Chen Xiang could tell from the medicinal aura these divine medicines were emitting, that they were many times stronger than Shangpin medicine s.

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