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"Courting death!"

Li Yunmu suddenly made a grab with his hand and looked into the distance like a tiger watching its prey.

At the same time, a thousand kilometers away from Lucky Wind City, the figure of a fluxer using his special ability to look at Li Yunmu's actions suddenly trembled and his body began to float in the air because of some strange power.

Although the fluxer had sensed Li Yunmu shooting arrows toward the sky, he had believed that he was outside the range. Even if Li Yunmu unleashed all of his flux energy to sense the surroundings, he wouldn't be able to instantly uncover him.

The only people who had escaped Li Yunmu's Thunder Fiend Soul Hunting Arrow were those who were stationed at the edge of the city. Yet this person was courting disaster by believing that he could spy upon Li Yunmu.


The fluxer had barely opened his mouth when he exploded like a ball of blood after being squeezed by Li Yunmu's power.

After instantly killing the enemy, Li Yunmu lightly flung his right hand as if wanting get rid of the non-existent blood.

Boom, boom, boom.

A series of explosions echoed!

Li Yunmu slightly raised his eyebrows and looked at the sky above while tilting his head. Given his present situation, even if he had his eyes closed, he could still sense an extremely formidable existence descending upon Lucky Wind City. Moreover, the opponent was exceptionally arrogant, directly attacking the flux energy field laid down by him.

"Mid stage flux sage?" Li Yunmu lightly mumbled, then straightened his head. "Another one rushing to his death."

Before he even finished speaking, an ethereal dragon soared into the sky. Its body flickered once, then appeared right in front of the attacker.

The enemy didn't show any panic towards Li Yunmu's sudden appearance. He stopped attacking and said with a smile, "You are Li Yunmu? Seems like you indeed have some strength, so my trip wasn't in vain. Now pack your things and follow me!"

Li Yunmu knitted his brows slightly. The enemy's unreasonable feeling of superiority and the tone of his command angered him. A mid stage flux sage trash dared to believe that he was invincible in this world?

After some thinking, Li Yunmu lifted his right hand to make a push in the air, using the terrifying strength of two thousand five hundred oxen. Since the enemy had no intention of acting nice, he also wasn't going to hold back.


The muffled sound of bodies colliding instantly rang. After all, the speed at which the two thousand five hundred oxen physical strength was discharged wasn't any lower than the speed of light. Furthermore, the distance between the two of them wasn't very large, thus the enemy ate a punch at Li Yunmu's full strength due to carelessness!

The enemy's slender form was sent flying like a kite without a string because of Li Yunmu's power. Before waiting for the enemy to stabilize himself, he moved slightly and appeared behind the flying body. He raised his right leg and kicked the enemy upwards.

Seeing the enemy's body soaring into the sky, Li Yunmu raised the corners of his mouth disdainfully and lifted his right leg. By that time, the enemy had already lost momentum and began falling back down. At that moment, it came under Li Yunmu's fierce kick. The mid stage flux sage was ruthlessly sent toward the ground below, where he sank more than a thousand inches!

Dominance! Absolute dominance!

From the time Li Yunmu had started attacking, the situation had been under his complete control. During the series of attacks using only his physical strength, the mid stage flux sage hadn't had the slightest ability to resist.

Li Yunmu's battle had attracted the attention of many fluxers in the city. However, no one dared to provoke him. When his followers saw him crushing the enemy with ease, they simply moved to protect his family and the ordinary civilians.

Li Yunmu's figure gradually descended. When his legs touched the ground, he bowed his head and looked at the miserable figure smashed deep into the ground.

Even if the mid stage flux sage hadn't been on guard, such attacks definitely weren't lethal to him. Although Li Yunmu's attacks seemed meaningless when viewed like that, they had forced the enemy to accept his situation as the weaker one!

"I am someone dispatched by God Undercurrent. Li Yunmu, you definitely won't have good end!"

A miserable shriek echoed from the deep hole.


Li Yunmu smiled, not hiding his scorn, and slowly lifted his right hand to unleash Disaster Punch. Explosive power burst forth and crushed the mid stage flux sage lying in the hole into a mass of blood!

Although Li Yunmu had guessed long ago that some of the big shots would come to find him, he hadn't expected that it would be so quick nor that the first one to come to ask for his surrender would surprisingly be a subordinate of God Undercurrent!

The person had been attempting to take on the entire world on his own. Li Yunmu had no interest in having a deep conversation with such a person. A person who was bound to fail should leave the stage quickly!

"From now on, fluxers who dare to take a step into Lucky Wind City will die!"

Li Yunmu looked around with cold eyes, emitting his extremely tyrannical presence.

From that moment, all the fluxers trying to spy on him could consider themselves dead. Even a mid stage flux sage was completely powerless when facing Li Yunmu. With such a large difference in strength, who would dare to stand out!

There was only one thought in the hearts of all the fluxers, This isn't an affair in which I can participate, must pull back immediately and report!

Right after, fluxers of all sorts of appearances and ages packed their things and fled!

Li Yunmu laughed slightly. He didn't think much of the group of fleeing fluxers. Even if the mid stage flux sage hadn't been dispatched by any human faction but was instead a subordinate of God Undercurrent, the fluxers had heard and seen many things which they shouldn't have, so how could they think of escaping?

"How could I possibly allow you to leave!"

A glimmer of coldness which could cause anyone's heart to palpitate flitted across Li Yunmu's crystal clear eyes.

Just when the fluxers left Lucky Wind City, one of them lifted his hand in astonishment to point toward a group of black-red rays of light which were nearing them and cried out in surprise, "What is that thing!"

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