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Xin Qing frowned, but a black girl next to her spoke first, "What do you mean, Eva? As if you can take the first place."

The beauty named Eva said without thinking, "At least I'm the second, better than you." After saying this, she walked away with several other people. The black girl patted Xin Qing's shoulder and said, "Don't care about her. There is also racist here. But they will just say something. They won't do anything to you."

"I'm fine!" Xin Qing smiled at her.

"My name is Kass!"

"My name is Xin Qing!"

After the introduction, they waved goodbye. Xin Qing felt that this was the right way. If she acted like Ailey and invited her to a meal, she might feel again that it was too much. She packed her things up and found the restaurant according to the signs on the roadside. The restaurant was built like a big mushroom. Every spot on it was a window. Looking from the outside, they were bright lamps. But once inside, you could see patches of sky. It was said that the floor here would rotate 360 degrees at night. Sitting here was like sitting on a spaceship, since you can see different stars outside the window.

"Xin Qing!" Meyer sat there and waved at her.

Xin Qing walked over quickly, and Meyer helped her to pull the chair. They ordered food and then chatted while eating.

"You have a lot of girls in your class. Did anyone embarrass you?" Meyer suddenly asked.

Xin Qing smiled and asked, "Why? Racial discrimination?"

"Hehe! Don't mind. Some people are like this." Meyer shrugged. "Even I sometimes get laughed at."

Xin Qing didn't mind and said, "We are not in the ancient time. What they eat, use and wear are all made in China. They have no reason to look down on Chinese?" Xin Qing paused, "I admit some Chinese do not perform well, but they don't represent the entire nation. Of course, I won't get angry with this kind of thing. There's no need."

"It's good you can think like this." Meyer nodded with relief. "I like China very much, but I have never been there."

"This is easy. If you want to go, just tell me. I promise to treat you well!" Xin Qing invited him with a smile.

Meyer said hurriedly, "Really! Don't eat your words."

"No, I won't!"

After lunch, they were free to leave school. Xin Qing bid him goodbye and went to buy some necessities according to the note from school. First of all, her computer has to be changed. The school required all students to use a certain brand computer.

Xin Qing went to the supermarket, bought a computer and other necessities, and then pushed the cart home. This kind of trolley was very interesting. You could push it away with only 10 yuan. When you returned it back next time, the money would be returned to you.

Xin Qing thought while pulling the cart, "if it was in China, there would be no one left..."

In the evening, she put all the materials needed into the new computer, and reported to Zhang Mi and Qianqian online. She mentioned Meyer, but Zhang Mi insisted that she was interested in him.

"Don't be embarrassed, you are single now! Love is free." Zhang Mi encouraged her.

Shi Qianqian did not have a positive attitude. "She's nowhere near free! She still owes money to Ying Qingcang. Is she not going to pay it back?"

"She is gone now. Does the agreement still count?" Zhang Mi sent a contemptuous expression.

"She is gone. So what? She signed her name on the agreement. Unless Ying Qingcang doesn't want her anymore, she could forget about being with others for her whole life." Shi Qianqian sent a fake smile and added. "Or... she could find someone willing to pay dozens of millions to Ying Qingcang. But even if he could, Ying Qingcang might decide whether he will take the money or not. He has no lack of money anyway!"

"Enough." Xin Qing interrupted. "I didn't think so far at all! I came to study, what are you talking about?"

Zhang Mi disagreed, "You don't want to mean others won't look for you! You are a Chinese doll, a beautiful Chinese doll!"

"Go to sleep. It's midnight in your time." After this, Xin Qing shut the computer and buried herself in the quilt.

Her sob sounded clearer in the quiet room. Xin Qing never thought that one day she would have nothing to do with Ying Qingcang. She just wanted to leave, because this was the only way to solve some problems...

She never wanted to be strangers with him. Only a thought about it would make her heart ache so much.

How could she part with the man who had left a mark on her life so easily? All her happiness and sorrows were because of him. All the first times in her life were experienced with that man.

For her, Ying Qingcang had become a kind of obsession, like drugs. She knew she shouldn't touch it, but she couldn't stop it.

Ying Qingcang didn't know what Xin Qing was thinking about. At this moment, he was sneering at a photo, on which Xin Qing was having a meal with Meyer. She was smiling happily.

"Hump..." Ying Qingcang wore a dark face, "She has been dressed up, she hasn't dressed for me."

Ah Nan wanted to explain that it should be just for the beginning of school, but he was smart enough to stand beside and say nothing.

"Let the people there keep following, especially on this man called Meyer." Ying Qingcang clenched his teeth and said, "Just a trip outside and you dare to bring a man back. Do you think I'm dead?"

At the same time, Young Master Shen came in. Hearing this, he laughed and said, "You have no relation to her now. Xiao Qingqing is free to love!"

"Bullshit, she is mine. She has no freedom." Ying Qingcang had been very angry recently, frequently yelling at others. The atmosphere in the Ying Enterprises was very depressing every day.

Young Master Shen grinned, "Don't think about Xiao Qingqing now. Ding Lei wants to see you."

"How do you know he wants to see me?" Ying Qingcang glanced at Ah Nan, who almost lowered his head into the waistband.

Young Master Shen snorted, "You're so grumpy now. Who dares to talk to you?"

"I didn't have the opportunity to say it. Don't you say that matters concerning Miss are the most important ones?" Ah Nan quickly handed over a document. "Ding Enterprise got two projects from the government at the end of last year, but one of them was taken away by a new company last month because the capital turnover did not keep up."

Ying Qingcang had already finished most of the document. He interrupted, "Ding Enterprise's capital chain has always been stable, and there is no reason for it. Ding Lei suspects someone is targeting him, so he wants to cooperate with Ying Enterprises for the remaining one project, right?"

"This is generally the case. He wants to explain the detail in person."

Ying Qingcang nodded, "You arrange it. Find a time."

When Ah Nan exited, Young Master Shen frowned. "Don't you always hate cooperating with others?"

"That was before. I like it now." Ying Qingcang said in a cold voice.

Young Master Shen rolled his eyes. "I'm the one who run the errand for you in almost everything. Why do you hide it from me?"

Ying Qingcang pretended he heard nothing. Young Master Shen stood up and said, "Anyway, you are alone now. Do you want to go and play with me?"

"Go ahead. You'll get AIDS sooner or later."

"Pooh. Don't curse me. I am very picky. Those girls are all clean and high-end goods."

Ying Qingcang suddenly thought of something. He sneered, "The only clean girl you slept with is Zhang Mi."

At the sound of the name, Young Master Shen turned away and left. He preferred it never happened and he never knew the girl named Zhang Mi.

But God seemed to be playing against him. When he was holding an actress he just met in the bar, he heard a woman yelling not far away.

"If you dare to touch me, I'll cut off your stuff today!"

Young Master Shen frowned and buried his head in the woman's chest, pretending that he heard the wrong voice. But it came again, "Come, don't you think you're great? Take out your disgusting stuff!"

"Bitch, don't be so shameless. Today, I must take you." A man's voice followed, and then there was chaotic noise.

The bodyguards standing in front of Young Master Shen looked at each other. One of them carefully turned and asked, "Boss, it seems to be Miss Xin's classmate, should we..."

"Should we do what? Are you familiar with her?" Young Master Shen rubbed his eyebrows. When he saw them still standing there, he got furious, "Go and f*cking help her. Are you waiting for her to be taken? How do you tell that to Xiao Qingqing?"

The several men rushed out in a hurry, and took Zhang Mi back in a few minutes. While walking, Zhang Mi turned back and shouted at the man who was beaten to the ground and shouted, "Damn, if they didn't stop me, I'll turn you into a eunuch today."

"Hehe!" Young Master Shen sneered at her, "If it weren't for them, you would be taken directly to bed."

Zhang Mi ignored him, but stared at the woman in his arms for a long time and said, "You are the star who played the supporting role in the comedy before, aren't you? Do you know why you can't play the leading role?"

She pointed at Young Master Shen and continued, "Because you have a bad taste, being interested in such kind of man."

The coquettish actress was very unhappy when Young Master Shen rescued Zhang Mi. They all knew that Young Master Shen changed women faster than clothes. But he was very good to women, and was very generous. As long as you behaved well, even if you were separated, he would still be good to you.

Now she heard Zhang Mi making oblique accusations, she was also angry. She put her arms around Young Master Shen's neck and looked at Zhang Mi in despising, "This lady must be jealous of me. I'm afraid Young Master Shen won't even look at you!"

Zhang Mi roared with laughter. She sat down directly and gulped down a glass of beer, trembling from the laughter. "Then you should know a woman like me is the mother of his child!"

The woman's face changed, and Young Master Shen's face was even uglier. He seemed to forget the woman in his arms, and dragged Zhang Mi away at once.

Zhang Mi did not resist. She even turned back and threw a kiss to the woman who was staring angrily at her.

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