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Chu Yang smiled and said, "Brother Qin, look, there are 37 medicinal ingredients here, and most of them are urgently needed! This Nine-Clover Jade-Ganoderma… should be quite difficult to find…"

He frowned and picked up a pen to strike it off, saying, "Although this Nine-Clover Jade-Ganoderma is precious, there's not much benefit to your injury. It's just that… your cultivation seemed to have reached the bottleneck already. I'm thinking… If it can be found, it can be used with other medicines to help to surge against your meridians, which can break the bottleneck… But it's quite troublesome. It's better to strike it off."

Breaking the bottleneck!?

Qin Baoshan widened his eyes. Not caring about the severe pain on his right arm, he extended both his hands and held this prescription in his arms, almost making him appear like a robber. Like an old hen guarding her eggs, he shook his head like a rattle, "No, no, no. It's not troublesome. Not troublesome at all…"

God, please pity me. I'm stuck at this bottleneck for 30 years… Originally, I've thought that it's hopeless to progress further. Now, I finally have the opportunity. If I let it go, won't I regret it for a lifetime?

I must never miss it!

"Since Brother Qin persists, I'll obey you. But… If it can't be found within two months, you must give up on progressing on your cultivation. Saving your life is more important," Chu Yang said seriously, "Brother Qin, this isn't a trivial matter! If you can't find the Nine-Clover Jade-Ganoderma, please don't…"

"Yes, yes, I know," Qin Baoshan agreed persistently as he still held on to the prescription tightly. He had already decided in his heart: 'Regardless of what it takes, I must find the Nine-Clover Jade-Ganoderma within two months.'

Chu Yang smiled helplessly and turned around to look at Sha Xinliang's fervent eyes.

"Brother Sha, I didn't inspect you properly just now. I shall take your pulse now," Chu Yang extended his hand. Now, the relationship between the three people had gone a stride closer.

If Chu Yang were to say: What about us becoming sworn brothers?… These two geezers, who were still negotiating whether to kill Chu Yang just now, would definitely agree!

Sha Xinliang extended his hand cooperatively and said gratefully, "I could now only rely on you, little brother…"

As Chu Yang lay his hand on Sha Xinliang's wrist… the sword spirit entered Sha Xinliang's body -- This time, Sha Xinliang's condition had unknowingly become exactly the same as what Chu Yang said…

"It's more serious than I've imagined…" Divine Doctor Chu frowned, shook his head and sighed, "I never expected this quack to be so evil…"

Sha Xinliang's teeth squeaked as he gnashed his teeth. I'm so pissed off! All these years, I've held him in great gratitude and treated him as my confidant. Yet, this guy actually tricked me like a fool for so many years! How lucky am I!

You're now my sworn enemy!

It's not only for my hatred, but also my life, and the shame on me that I have no place to hide… What an excellent joke! I supported that bastard just like one would to his father, for so many years…

"Brother Sha, now touch the bottom left corner of your elixir field and press down hard. And do the same for the area an inch above your heart, as well as the area in front of the Baihui acupoint on your head…" Chu Yang instructed as he released his own hand.

Sha Xinliang did accordingly. When he pressed onto his elixir field, he felt as though he had been stabbed violently. At once, pain overwhelmed him and cold sweat dripped down from his face.

Half was caused by pain, and the other half, fear -- It's really the case as Chu Yang had said!

When he touched on to the area an inch above the heart, he felt as if tens of thousands of needles were plunged into it. He couldn't bear to let out a screech, and his eyes almost protruded from his eyes.

When he touched on to the area in front of his Baihui acupoint and pressed down hard…

"Aw~~~~" Sha Xinliang let out a shrill cry. His eyelids flipped and he almost fainted. He fell straight on his back, and the back of his head slammed onto the ground. He had passed out.

Qin Baoshan was stunned, "What… happened to Old Sha?"

"There're some injuries within his body, and was treated by the quack into a chronic illness…" Chu Yang said pitifully, "It's okay, he could wake up if you press down on his philtrum. This is only a temporary coma caused by pain. It's not a big deal."

Qin Baoshan followed Chu Yang's instructions and pressed down violently on Sha Xinliang's philtrum--

"Ah!~~Wa!" Sha Xinliang yelled and woke up.

But when he woke up, he sat on the ground in a daze, as if his entire spirit was robbed away in an instant. He also looked as if he had aged by a lot. Even the gleam on his bald head had turned dull to much extent.

After a long time, he said blankly as if he was in a dream, "This… is really true…"

"Old Sha… You need to face the reality… We still have Little Brother Chu…" Qin Baoshan comforted Sha Xinliang anxiously.

The next moment, Sha Xinliang jumped up violently like a giant bear that was lured into a cave, and screamed with full anger, "Tong Wuxin 1 … You're really 'unintentional'! F**k off your ancestors, f**k off your mom, I**&**… I *&*&&&… I XXXX…"

Vulgarities started to inundate his mouth. If that Divine Doctor Tong Wuxin was in a coffin, he would also jump within it at the moment.

Chu Yang coughed.

Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan immediately stopped whatever they were doing and gathered in front of Chu Yang, as if they had heard an imperial edict. With extreme intimacy, they called out, "Brother Chu… Little Brother…"

"Brother Sha, we shan't drag this on further. I'll give you a prescription first," Chu Yang revealed a true look of a divine doctor, and said with grief, "This injury… is really troublesome. Oh dear."

Sha Xinliang stood behind Chu Yang's shoulders nervously. His bald head was covered with sweat as he watched Chu Yang writing.

Chu Yang wrote on vigorously. Upon finishing, he gave a few blows on the paper and said, "Brother Sha, this is an old injury, and this had also been cured wrongly. So, your treatment would be more troublesome. Take note that there are 26 medicinal ingredients in the prescription, and they're more precious and rare as compared to Brother Qin's. You have only half a year's time, so you need to hurry! After half a year, the poison would penetrate into your bone marrows and hurt your lifeblood. I would be powerless to save you then."

The medicinal ingredients within the two prescriptions were those that he needed to stabilise his divine spirit, while Nine-Clover Jade-Ganoderma and Nine-Heavens Jade-Ichor were medicinal ingredients which Chu Le'er needed!

Everyone was not a fool, so Chu Yang naturally did not mix toxic medicines into the prescription… he could only add these two supplements in…

Sha Xinliang's hands trembled. He took the prescription over and his face was full of gratefulness. He choked as he said, "Thank you, thank you, really thank you…"

Then he looked at the medicinal ingredients.

His heart relaxed as he looked at the name of the first ingredient. He thought: Although it was difficult to find, it was still not too difficult. The same for the second and third ingredients… After looking through the names of more than 20 medicinal ingredients, he rested half of his heart: Although they were precious and rare, but… to himself, it was not a problem.

When he looked at the last one, Sha Xinliang finally shuddered and blurted out, "Nine-Heavens Jade-Ichor?!"

"Yes!" Chu Yang said seriously and solemnly, "This is the only ingredient to cure the injuries in your fundamentals. Other than the Nine Great Herbal Medicines, only the Nine-Heavens Jade-Ichor can recover your injuries. If you don't find this, the other 25 ingredients in front will be useless."

Sha Xinliang's lips trembled, and he said firmly, "Little Brother, I'll definitely find it within half a year!"

Chu Yang clasped Sha Xinliang's hands tightly, "Brother, I'll say nothing else, but you must pay attention to your own illness. During this period of time, think more about happy things, and try to make yourself more lively. Maintain this state of mind and don't worry too much… This would be beneficial for your illness."

Sha Xinliang almost wanted to cry as he nodded his head: I'm about to die, how can I become… more lively?

"I'll help both of you to do a preliminary treatment first to alleviate the pain," Chu Yang sighed deeply, "Those medicinal ingredients… You must hurry up to obtain them! Must hurry up! But…"

He wiped his eyes, "Why are the three of us so congenial… Although I've returned back to my clan in the Upper Three Heavens… I've not really met many people… who are so kind to me… I really don't want to lose my two brothers…"

The duo was deeply touched, and clutched Chu Yang's hands, saying solemnly, "Little brother! Good brother! With the two of us here, be assured that no one can bully you by even a tiny bit!"

"This is hard to say…" Chu Yang sighed, "For instance, today, well…"

The two elders laughed and said, "Little brother, such things would never ever happen again!" Sha Xinliang squinted his eyes, "Not only this, no matter who you want to fix in this Flat Mountain Ridge… Both of us will put in our utmost effort."

"Really?" Chu Yang asked with watery eyes; he was moved into tears.

"I swear to God! If I disobey this oath, I'm willing to be struck by the lightning, fired by swords and be doomed eternally!" Sha Xinliang revealed a solemn expression and raised his hand to swear an oath.

Chu Yang was so moved by this that he became dumbfounded. His tears streamed down rapidly, and he even forgot to stop Sha Xinliang from swearing. When he finally reacted to what was going on, his entire body shuddered. Only then did his entire face turn pale and he clutched on to Sha Xinliang's hands, "Brother Sha! Brother Sha! Please don't, please don't… How would I… I be worth for Brother Sha to swear such a heavy oath. I… I'm really…"

"What's the deal?" Sha Xinliang said frankly, "You and I are sincere friends. Of course I need to care for my own little brother! Even if the law-enforcement master and the Dharma Supreme were here, they couldn't change my mind!"

Chu Yang was very moved. He pulled Sha Xinliang's hands and shook it repeatedly, saying, "Brother Xiao, I'll help you to alleviate your pain…"

After Chu Yang's treatment, Sha Xinliang's body really did not feel much pain, while Qin Baoshan's injury was further controlled. Although there was still some faint pain, but as compared to just now, it was already much better.

The duo was even more convinced by Chu Yang's skills. They held onto Chu Yang's hands, appearing to be more amicable to him now than before.

'Wuxin' means 'unintentional' in Chinese

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