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Chu Xiongcheng turned back suddenly to look at Chu Yang.

The duo looked at each other in silence.

"They looked for you and wanted you to meet them at the Law Enforcement Hall, and this is certainly for the matter that happened that night. After all, your appearance as a 'divine doctor' is too coincidental," Old Master Chu frowned, "And since the law-enforcement officers are in charge of this matter, our clan cannot meddle ourselves in it! You only have yourself to rely on."

"I know," Chu Yang said lightly, "I'll never be accused of things that I've not done. Grandpa, you don't have to worry about me."

Old Master Chu sighed: You'll never be accused of things that you've not done? You've thought of it too simply! They can easily kill people who are suspicious to them, let alone for such a big matter that is concerned!

It isn't a big deal at all for law-enforcement officers to kill a few people by mistake!

"Go ahead. But be careful with everything," Old Master Chu sighed with a depressed look.

"Don't tell my mother about this," Chu Yang said.

"I'm afraid she has already known," Chu Xiongcheng smiled bitterly, "Law-enforcement officers always handle matters openly. Since they could blatantly come up to our Chu clan to ask for you, how could your mother not know about it?"

Chu Yang's face darkened, and said aloud, "Damn law-enforcement officers!"

Chu Yang could not bear to turn his head back after he left the house gate with the two law-enforcement officers.

His mother was just behind him. She looked pale and was already unable to stand still, seemingly going to fall onto the ground. She stood there under the support of Chu Feiling.

Chu Yang stayed upright and said earnestly, "Mother, I'll definitely come back!"

This sentence was said very firmly and in an extremely convincing manner.

Just as Yang Ruolan almost seemed to collapse, she heard these words from Chu Yang. She seemed to have gotten some support. She gazed deeply at her son and said softly, "Mother will wait for you to come back."

Chu Yang nodded, resolutely turned back and strode off.

At the gate of the Chu clan, Chu Tenghu and his few brothers showed a hint of pleasure. Chu Xiongcheng's face was written full of anxiety, while Chu Feiling looked heavy. Chu Feiling could even feel his temples faintly palpitating in his head…

The two law-enforcement officers stood at both sides of Chu Yang and the three walked forward together. The parcels behind the back of the officers were packed full with the purple crystals given to them by Chu Xiongcheng.

This was a huge gift by Old Master Chu -- he had asked for the two officers to take some care of his grandson.

"Kid, are you still planning to go back?" the two law-enforcement officers were clearly scorned by Chu Yang's words just now: how many people could come out in a whole piece after entering the Law Enforcement Hall?

"Law-enforcement officers, you can't be unreasonable. While the Law Enforcement Hall has a notorious name, it is the sole place within the Nine Heavens that upholds justice!" Chu Yang said mildly, "Why can't I go back if I didn't do anything wrong or violate the laws in the Nine Heavens?"

"Whether you did anything wrong is upon the Law Enforcement Hall, not you," the officer on the left of Chu Yang said uppishly.

"Of course," Chu Yang also replied coldly.

As they continued to walk forward and turned at a street, the house that belonged to the Chu clan could no longer be seen.

A person strode along the street towards them. Suddenly, he revealed a surprised look on his face, and immediately blocked Chu Yang's path, "Chu Yang, why is it you here? Where are you going?"

Chu Yang fixed his eyes on him and said lightly, "Second Uncle? Don't you know where I'm going?"

That person was Chu Feilong, who had been missing for four days.

He had suddenly appeared here at this moment.

But his appearance had testified some anxiety within Chu Yang's heart. This was why Chu Yang spoke in such a blunt manner.

Chu Feilong was startled and instantly looked at the two people on both sides of Chu Yang. His pupils shrank, "May I know from these two officers, what crime did my nephew commit?"

The two law-enforcement officers looked at Chu Feilong and said, "Chu Feilong, we have yet to confirm the crime your nephew has committed."

Chu Feilong was taken aback and said, "Please be impartial in your jurisdiction and bring justice to my nephew. My nephew has just come back home and knows little of the Upper Three Heavens. If he has made any offense, please pardon him."

One of the law-enforcement officers forced a smile, "Chu Feilong, you have spoken too much."

Chu Feilong took a step to one side and said to Chu Yang, "Yang Yang, don't worry. I'll go back home to look at the circumstances first, and then I'll immediately come to fetch you from the Law Enforcement Hall."

Chu Yang said lightly, "Thank you, Second Uncle."

The three continued to walk forward, leaving Chu Feilong standing blankly on the spot. Then he suddenly straightened his body and rushed back to the clan.

In Chu Yang's consciousness.

The sword spirit said, "This seems to be done by Chu Feilong."

Chu Yang smiled coldly, "Definitely!"

Chu Yang finally understood what Chu Feilong had done these days and why he had only appeared at that moment. He presumed that he had been investigating the matter ever since it happened that night. On that night, Chu Yang started treating his own injuries… and Chu Feilong disappeared at that same time…

Most probably, he had gone to see the law-enforcement officers.

If this was the case, this thing was undoubtedly done by him.

The only doubt that Chu Yang had was that there was no reason why Chu Feilong appeared here at this moment! Only for a wishy-washy talk? It was definitely not possible. By Chu Feilong's wit, he would definitely not be so childish to come forward just to gloat at Chu Yang.

Then the only possibility is… Chu Feilong had hidden some message in his words…

Chu Yang analyzed them sentence by sentence but did not discover anything.

Everything was very ordinary.

This made Chu Yang very uncomfortable.

It seemed that all law-enforcement agencies were as gloomy as the one in front of him. All the furnishings and dark hues made up an oppressive atmosphere.

It seemed that they had come to a legendary hell which was full of eeriness.

The two silver-plate law-enforcement officers left after they had brought Chu Yang here.

There were two people inside.

Chu Yang fixed his eyes on a person sitting on the chair. His face was pale and his left shoulder was drooped down in a motionless manner.

The other person was a bald, old man. He had a white beard that flew in the air, and a pair of eyes that looked as fierce and cruel as a scavenger in a desert.

Both of them closely observed Chu Yang's movements.

Chu Yang stood ten feet ahead of them and looked at them innocently.

"What an outstanding youth!" the old bald man laughed like a night bird and said, "I didn't expect a divine doctor to be so young. Please forgive me for my disrespectfulness."

Chu Yang looked at him with some fear, and spoke haltingly, "This… elder… I don't know… don't know… what I'm here for…"

He was so afraid that he could not continue his words.

"What are you afraid of?" the old bald man stared at Chu Yang intently. A silent momentum fixed on Chu Yang's body.

The old bald man thoroughly observed Chu Yang's heartbeat, pulse, sweat pores and eyes… and even tiny details such as the shrinkage of his pores.

The sword spirit quietly launched relevant responses.

Sweat fell down from Chu Yang's face, and Chu Yang said in an unclear manner, "How can I… be not afraid… This is the Law Enforcement… Hall… Once I came in, I've been feeling scared…"

He said intermittently, and his pulse, eyes and heartbeat constantly changed with his 'fear'. His heart beat like a gong, accurately depicting a timid kid who had just transformed from grass root to an eldest young master, and who yet struggled to appear proud even though he was self-abased.

"You don't have any cultivation?" the old bald man frowned. After this round of observation, he was surprised to discover that Chu Yang had no martial power within his body. Was this young master from the Chu clan only an ordinary person who once led a wandering life?

"No, I had!" Chu Yang shouted, full of resentment. Suddenly he lowered his head, "But, it was abolished by my enemy…"

The old bald man had already arrived by Chu Yang's side with the blink of an eye, and he grabbed Chu Yang's wrist.

Chu Yang's body tried to retreat unconsciously, but he failed to escape. Chu Yang's face revealed a painful and annoyed look. But the two experts thought: Chu Yang could originally escape, but he couldn't as his cultivation had gone to waste…

Chu Yang is disappointed.

The old bald man snorted and said, "You couldn't escape from me just now if you aren't a Martial Monarch of the seventh stage or above. Were you a Martial Monarch at such a young age before your cultivation was abolished?"

These words were full of derision.

He looked heavy and said, "As expected, it was abolished… The person who abolished your cultivation used a really smart and high-handed technique…"

But in reality, it was the sword spirit who had silently obstructed the meridians within Chu Yang's elixir field, so as to 'cooperate' with the man's inspection.

"Do you know who abolished your cultivation?" the old bald man asked with sharp eyes. Qin Baoshan, who was looking at Chu Yang at one side, nodded his head as he did not detect anything suspicious on Chu Yang.

He seemed to have released a breath.

"I don't know," Chu Yang said dejectedly.

"Who's your teacher?" the old bald man asked.

"Du Shiqing," Chu Yang answered readily.

"Du Shiqing?" the two of them looked surprised. How did they not know about him?

"My Teacher was known as the number one divine doctor in the Lower Three Heavens! He could revive the dead and his medical skills could even shock the ghosts! Only very few people don't know about my Teacher in the Lower Three Heavens!"

"Number one divine doctor in the Lower Three Heavens?" the brows of the old bald man and Qin Baoshan twitched slightly. In their eyes, how powerful could a doctor in the Lower Three Heavens be? This kid even had the nerve to idolize and be proud of such a Teacher…

"My Teacher is not only unmatched in his medical skills, but he's also strong in martial arts; He's already a first stage Martial King! He's really outstanding!" Chu Yang continued to show his pride.

First stage Martial King? Outstanding?

The old bald man and Qin Baoshan were utterly speechless! If your Teacher is outstanding only as a first stage Martial King, what about the two of us, Martial Monarchs at the fifth and sixth stages? Are we people who are transformed from mortals?…

So speechless towards this pumpkin…

"Ahem, ahem…" the old bald man finally could not stand Chu Yang, and coughed to clear his throat while trying to suppress his laughter. He continued to ask, "That night, you treated more than sixty injured patients. The technique was also taught to you by your Teacher?"

Chu Yang seemed to sink into a dilemma, and after some struggling, he finally said relentlessly, "This… no…"

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