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When Chu Feiling and his wife had lost their son, they could at least forget that fact when they did not meet or were busy. They still carried the hope that they could find their son and that their son would be fine.

But the third elder and his wife had to be around their daughter all the time. They could only see her bitter suffering, her agony, and fits of spasms. They were at a loss with what to do.

While they clearly knew that there was no hope, they still had to be by their daughter's side. They were like prisoners sentenced to death who knew when they would be beheaded. All they could do was to wait for that day to come.

No, they were worse than said prisoners. They had to desperately try their best to accumulate their fortune and use whatever means necessary to try to prevent her inevitable death!

How terrible it is for parents who have to fuss over their children!

Chu Feihan and his wife Duan Shuyi had sacrificed their spirits and energy to allow their child to live for an extra minute. They were willing to sacrifice everything!

Now, while Duan Shuyi was overwhelmed with grief as she kept herself at her child's side, Chu Feihan had had to scavenge for remedies in a frenzy, searching over lofty mountains and peaks.

Yang Ruolan and Duan Shuyi sighed to each other. One could never know the difficulty of raising a child and the gratitude owed to their parents without being a parent themselves.

God knows how many parents in the world have endured this kind of hardship…

Chu Yang led Chu Le'er into the inner chamber and pointed to the bed kindly. "Le'er, be a good girl and lie down. I will treat your illness and you'll be well in no time."

Chu Le'er slanted her head to look at him and laughed softly, "Brother, even though I'm small, you shouldn't talk down to me like a child."

Chu Yang was astounded, "Huh?"

Chu Le'er looked slightly arrogant. Her weak body dazzled with unknown strength. She smiled lightly and said, "Brother, ever since I have felt this pain, I have been to hell and back several times a day…"

She lifted her brows and smiled bitterly but with pride, "I dare say that I'm the only one in the whole world who has survived such a condition."

Chu Yang gazed deeply at her and said, "Yes, Le'er, you're the strongest person I've ever met!"

He added to himself "Even if I take into account my previous life, you're unparalleled!"

Chu Le'er smiled, "I'm able to survive due to several reasons. First, I can't leave my father and mother. Once I think that I'm leaving them forever, I desperately train myself to endure the pain and accept the most brutal treatment and torture. This is just for the sake of… telling Mother once the pain passes that I'm not hurting anymore. Only then does she smile."

"Although her smile is faint, I still feel very blessed. The pain is worth every time I see her smile. Second, when she holds me in her arms, the warm feeling of her skin always makes me feel safe. Even though I know that it's torture for both her and me if I live one day longer, I don't want to die. I'm scared…"

"I've heard that that world is dark, cold and isolated. I would be by myself wandering alone… So I'm scared and I dare not go there… Brother, do you think that I'm very selfish?"

Chu Le'er sat down slowly in front of Chu Yang and tried to keep her weak back straight. Her originally dull eyes also started to gleam with radiance.

"It's not selfish," Chu Yang swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Slowly, after organizing his words in his mind for a long while, he simply said, "You're not selfish… third uncle and third aunt devoted everything to you so that you could continue to live."

"You're right in saying that every day you live on in pain is torturous for them. But they work hard to keep you alive. They have purpose in their lives. If you give up and die, then though they will no longer have to withstand such torture, the scar you will leave will torment them for the rest of their lives! You're supposed to live until thirteen… If you don't, they will forever be sorry. Le'er, remember that only this kind of inner guilt can be the greatest torment in one's life!"

Chu Yang sighed after he finished this heavy speech.

Qingwu… If I didn't feel guilty for what I did in my previous life, would I be doing this in my current life?

"Brother, you spoke the truth." Chu Le'er had become more cheerful after listening to Chu Yang. Smiling sincerely, she said, "I always thought I was very selfish and I was full of guilt about it. So according to what you've just said, I'm not selfish?"

"No… but even if you are, your toughness will make up for it," Chu Yang said deeply, "You need to know that you were injured in your mother's womb. Naturally, third uncle and third aunt think that they owe you. If you… won't they feel more grief?"

Chu Le'er frowned; her thin brows rose. After thinking for some time, she finally stood up and bowed deeply to Chu Yang, saying, "Brother, thank you!"

She raised her head, looked at him with clear eyes and said, "Brother, in this home I have a father, mother, uncles, and brothers. And now, I have you, my big brother… I'm really blessed."

"I don't want to leave this family. Even if we're poor or living here is uncomfortable, even if I have to suffer a thousand or ten thousand times more pain, I don't want to leave," Chu Le'er said.

Chu Yang's heart throbbed. He said gently, "Le'er, I promise that you'll never ever leave this family!"

Chu Le'er said as she held back her tears, "Brother, please heal me." Although she was teary-eyed, she still smiled playfully. "I originally thought that you couldn't cure me, but now, I have faith in you."

Chu Yang smiled and poked her nose. He shouted, "Little devil!"

Chu Le'er started to giggle.

Chu Yang realized that this little girl looked different when she laughed wholeheartedly. First, her brows were further apart, and the bridge of her nose slightly creased upwards, while at the same time her mouth curled up slightly…

She looked like a flower blooming in springtime.

As Chu Yang exhorted the sword spirit to be ready, he said sincerely, "Le'er, you'll definitely be a beautiful woman when you grow up. Many people will fall for you then!"

Chu Le'er held her hands in front of her chest and said happily, "Really?"

"Of course," Chu Yang nodded with certainty. The sword spirit was finally ready to start working.

Chu Yang helped Chu Le'er slowly lie down on his bed and asked warmly, "Just now, you only talked about two things that help you live on. Is there a third one?"

Chu Yang had originally said this as a joke, but Chu Le'er unexpectedly sat up straight, saying seriously, "Yes! Brother, the third one is… I think I'm the most amazing person in the whole world!"

She smiled proudly, with a condescending look as if she was high above all men and the entire Nine Heavens. She raised her small neck slightly and said, "I've spent all my time in hell, where I have to constantly walk between its lowest and highest levels! Every journey back and forth is excruciatingly painful! I've already lived in this state for 11 years, two months, three days…"

Chu Yang shuddered.

How clearly she remembered!

Chu Le'er smiled and said, "Brother, I was born at midnight. I remember my birth clearly. I want to know how long I've been dealing with my illness!"

"It doesn't matter how long I've endured it, I'm afraid that no one could ever bear it as I do. Even a Martial Warrior couldn't do so!"

"This is my greatest pride. Although I'm suffering, I know what I've accomplished! This pride and sense of accomplishment help me survive my illness, day by day…

Chu Le'er smiled tenderly and lay down. She actually stretched herself out, "So comfortable… Brother, your bed is softer than mine."

Chu Yang looked at her, stunned. He faintly felt that she would absolutely become a terrible figure in the Nine Heavens should she really be cured.

If not for anything but this toughness in her!

She's only eleven years old, yet she's not only strong but also tough! The most invaluable thing she has is that she's able to find happiness and a sense of achievement even when going through torture worse than hell…

This is already incredible!

And on the basis of all of this, she still can reflect on her condition and look down on the whole world!

She's equipped with all that's required to become an unparalleled powerhouse. She's even far exceeded the requirements! Once she recovers from her illness, she will be comparable to a dragon bursting through the sky! No one will be able to stop her from moving forward!

In the Nine Tribulations Space, the sword spirit looked at Chu Le'er quietly and said heavily, "Chu Yang, do you know that her condition is gradually getting worse as she talks to you. Her head is becoming more and more painful… Have you realized this?"

Chu Yang took a breath, "No."

The sword spirit nodded and arrived at a clear conclusion, "Chu Yang, this sister of yours is the most terrifying person… that I've met in 90 000 years!"

Chu Yang released the breath he was holding and said silently, "I'm honored to know her!"

The pair stopped talking. Chu Yang stood silently and held Chu Le'er's wrist in his hand.

An invisible shadow seemed to come out from his body and go into Chu Le'er via her wrist's meridians. It then carefully climbed into her brain and vanished.

Chu Le'er moaned in pain and fell unconscious…

Outside, Duan Shuyi stared at the entrance of the inner chamber. She was on tenterhooks.

The two brothers, Chu Feiling and Chu Feiyan, sat opposite of each other. Both seemed to have needles on their chair. They could not sit for long and would have to stand up and wander around with their hands on their backs.

They would also go outside and stroll along the house before coming in again.

The four didn't even dare to talk.

Chu Yang seemed to be talking with Chu Le'er inside, but the sound was muffled. Even when they used their martial techniques, they could not hear anything…

This was the sword spirit's doing. As long as he did not want anyone to hear a thing, even a Revered Martial Artist would be unable to hear it. But if he wanted something to be heard, even if someone covered their ears or was simply just deaf, they would still be able to hear it clearly…

The four strained their ears for a long time but did not hear a thing. All of them were astonished. Chu Yang and Le'er were speaking inside. There was also not much between inside and outside. Even the Martial Monarchs could only hear muffled sounds… This was inconceivable.

After a long while, they suddenly heard giggles from inside. Although the sound was soft, they could clearly hear them.

'Ah,' Duan Shuyi exclaimed, pleasantly surprised. Her whole body began to shake.

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