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Chu Yang was walking a tightrope!

Immense origin energy of heaven and earth surged out from his sword guard. Boundless soul power from the first-generation Nine Tribulations Sword Spirit that he devoured attacked his sentience!

This immense pressure caused Chu Yang to be on the verge of collapse over the past few days.

He was like someone walking a tightrope at the speed of a tortoise above a cliff under extreme snowy conditions! Furthermore, this tightrope was extremely slippery because of all the ice and snow.

If he was careless, he might fall to his death!

He didn't even know how long he had been unconscious for.

It was only at some point in time that he felt as if he was snuck under a warm embrace. It was a blissful feeling; he felt as if he was like a baby that had drawn his first breath.

His mother's aura surrounded him…it was a comfort that he desired but couldn't get easily.

This feeling made him much more relaxed.

From then on, his cultivation state slowly stabilized...

It was only until to day that he suddenly felt that warm aura turning into one of anger and sorrow. It seemed to be filled with absolute pain and desolation...

This feeling caused him to become conscious again.

Even though this wasn't the best time for him to regain consciousness, he forced himself to wake up!

After he woke up and gained some awareness of what was going on, he felt that his eyelids were extremely heavy, and his body was completely strengthless. He felt as if he was paralyzed.

It seemed as if he was floating on water, but it also seemed as if he was drifting in the sky. For a long time, he couldn't calm himself down.

He could only hear people talking, which sounded both clear and unclear to him. He felt that whatever he was hearing was clear, but it also seemed as if he was still stuck in a dream.

After a long while, Chu Yang realized that he might actually have returned to the Chu Clan.

"What's going on?"

He didn't have time to consider anything else. He only heard everyone else squabbling very intensely, as if things had reached an irreversible stage. He sensed the sadness and anger in his mother's heart, driving him to open his eyes!

"This…second uncle, I wonder if your kids…have been tested before?" Chu Yang's words were shocking.

"I? What's there to test?" Chu Fei Long subconsciously asked, "I didn't lose my children."

Chu Yang weakly smiled and tried to muster his energy, quickly changing the topic, "It's just that…I wonder what kind of prerequisites do we need for the testing? How do we do it?"

Chu Xiong Cheng seemed to be confused yet concerned as he looked at Chu Yang lying weakly on his bed. He was calm though.

After a long while, he said, "The key lies in the Purple Crystal Jade Essence in your hand!"

He took in a deep breath, "Then, Ruo Lan's father obtained the Purple Crystal Jade Essence, but it was divided into half. He then asked a friend for help to make two identity tags. One of them was formed into the word 'Chu' after blood from your tongue was obtained and infused within the jade essence."

"If you are the truly missing one, pierce your tongue and give us a drop of blood from your tongue. After that, we'll fuse it with the Purple Crystal Jade Essence you're holding. After it combines with the 'Chu' word, it will naturally fuse, and the word will shine brightly in golden. That will prove your identity."

Chu Xiong Cheng slowly explained.

"Father is right. That's how we do it." Chu Fei Long nodded his head and looked at Chu Yang. He said amicably, "Young man, you must know that the purity of the clan's bloodline will affect the issue of inheritance in the future. Please don't harbor any discontent because of what we're doing."

"I'm willing to cooperate!" Chu Yang weakly said. "I'm more willing than anyone…to finally recognize my heritage. I've longed for a family…for nineteen years..."

After hearing her son's words, Yang Ruo Lan. She wanted to tightly hug her son and kiss him until she was contented.

"This…Purple Crystal Jade Essence, I assume everyone from the Chu Clan can use it?" Chu Yang coughed and mentioned, "This is because…after all, it contains the fresh blood of our Chu Clan long as you're a descendant of the Chu Clan, you should be able to use it. There shouldn't be any conflicts."

"Theoretically, this is the case." Chu Xiong Cheng touched his beard and subtly felt as if Chu Yang seemed to be hinting something. It was just that he couldn't figure out right now.

Surely Chu Yang wasn't trying to start some kind of trouble by returning?

Chu Yang weakly panted and sounded very anxious, "Then what are we waiting for? Isn't it just a drop of blood? Let's start…I can't wait anymore..."

Chu Fei Long was a little scornful as he twisted his lips. "This country bumpkin must have been waiting very long for this moment. No wonder he seems so eager right now..."

Ever since Chu Yang opened his mouth, Chu Fei Yan was stunned in his position.

Everyone else hadn't heard Chu Yan's voice before, but Chu Fei Yan had heard it more than once!"

"It's really this kid."

Chu Fei Yan wanted to utter a sound.

He wanted to claim that it was the King of Hell Chu that shook the Lower Three Heavens!

Chu Fei Yan's face contorted.

If anyone knew that he had actually found him more than a year ago but was unable to prove his identity and didn't bring him back...

If his father, eldest sister-in-law or eldest brother knew about it, he would be in deep trouble! It would be a surprise if he wasn't skinned!

Furthermore...if his Forefather knew that he done something as stupid as this...he would suffer even greater punishment! He might be forced to self-reflect for several decades...that wouldn't be surprising at all!

Everyone in the clan had been waiting, but he didn't do anything after finding Chu Yang for more than one year?

It was unforgivable.

This was why Chu Fei Yan immediately lowered his head obediently the moment he heard chu Yang's voice and hid at one corner. He thought to himself, "If I'm really exposed, how can I save myself from all the trouble?"

As everyone watched, Yang Ruo Lan's hand shook as she brought over a thin needle. Gently, she pierced Chu Yang's tongue and a drop of fresh, red blood seeped out.

Chu Xiong Cheng waved his hand and that drop of blood flew up from Chu Yang's tongue before landing on the Purple Crystal Jade Essence. Following this, Chu Xiong Cheng shouted and bright white lights shone from his body. He had already circulated his powers and controlled that drop of blood, imprinting it at the center of the 'Chu' word on the Purple Crystal Jade Essence!

Initially, he thought that he had to unleash his full abilities. However, he didn't expect the drop of blood to seep in instantly.

In the next moment, Chu Yang's blood seemed to have its own sentience as it attached itself to the 'Chu' word.

Following this, the word started to shine brightly without any warning and turned bright golden! A ring of purplish light surfaced around the word. It was an extremely majestic scene.

After this, a line of words appeared amidst this light ring.

Everyone focused their attention on it.

"Blood of the Tongue, Soul of the Purple Crystal. Confirmed descendant of the Chu Clan - there is no room for doubt!"

This line of words was very thin, but every stroke was very clear. Clearly, there was a very confident and arrogant aura about it!

"It's him! Without a doubt!"

Everyone exclaimed in delight in the room.

Even Chu Fei Long was honestly surprised at this moment, given the expression on his face!

"It has been tough on you!" Chu Xiong Cheng started tearing and hugged Chu Yang.

Chu Yang stuttered, "Gently…gently…my bones…are about to break..."

He was completely without any strength now, as if he was cotton. When he was hugged by Chu Xiong Cheng, his bones almost broke.

Chu Xiong Cheng only just realized this, "Oh, oh, oh..." He quickly let go of Chu Yang.

Although they were prepared, Chu Fei Ling and Yang Ruo Lan were still surprised. Suddenly, they felt their heart beating extremely quickly, as if their hearts were about to jump out from their throats.

The two of them were stunned. They were unable to move suddenly.

"My son! He's really my son!"

Right now, no one had any doubts anymore.

Even Chu Fei Long was completely stumped right now.

"Congratulations, eldest sister-in-law. Congratulations, eldest brother!" Chu Fei Long and Chu Fei Yan congratulated at the same time. They sounded very sincere, but whether he meant it or not was another matter.

The entire room seemed to be filled with a cheerful atmosphere. The earlier tensions seemed to have completely disappeared.

Naturally, Chu Fei Long wished that this matter would pass just like that. He felt very depressed right now. He had worked so hard to achieve his goal, but Chu Yang thwarted his plans by regaining consciousness. How could he not feel depressed?

As for Chu Xiong Cheng, he naturally hoped that there wouldn't be any further problems. After all, they were a family and they were all his sons. He was unwilling to see any unhappiness or quarrels within the family.

Yang Ruo Lan and Chu Fei Ling only wanted to chase them off right now…" My son, I haven't hugged you enough yet..."

However, someone wouldn't let this matter pass so easily.

"Has my identity…been verified?" Chu Yang weakly panted and sounded slightly unhappy.

"Good boy, your identity has been verified. You are my grandson. I'll rip open the mouth of anyone who dares to deny this!" Chu Xiong Cheng hurriedly promised and comforted Chu Yang. His face was even a little red.

"Great…does this mean I'm the eldest grandson of the Chu Clan?" Chu Yang's voice was very weak, but he still persisted in asking.

It seemed like he would pass out after finishing his sentence.

"Of course!" Chu Xiong Cheng sounded very certain.

"Great…since this is the case, I want the kids of second uncle, third uncle and fourth uncle to all be called over and undergo the same test as me." Chu Yang demanded.

He spoke very leisurely. It was like him saying, "Ah, I've finally peed after so long. Come, all of you, pee with me."

He sounded as normal as that.

But everyone was stunned!

"Test…test? Why?" Chu Xiong Cheng felt a little dizzy.

"Grandpa…I…I'm only doing this for the sake of…the Chu Clan's bloodline. It has to be pure! It's for our ancestors and legacy…for the purity of our heritage for generations to come..."

Chu Yang seemed as if he might draw his last breath any time, but he sounded very insistent. He confidently said, "...for the clan, for...our legacy...we must test!"

"This..." Chu Xiong Cheng was put in a spot, "Surely not?"

Chu Fei Long smiled and said, "Eldest nephew, my family's situation is different from yours. Your cousins have never gone missing before."

"It might still be uncertain!" Chu Yang shouted very sternly. "Who can be sure about something like this...what if there's something else? Second uncle, you must never be careless..."

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