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Yang Ruo Lan squinted her eyes, "What is the meaning of this?"

Chu Fei Long sighed and said, "This is a matter that concerns the entire Chu Clan! Eldest sister-in-law, why are you so intent on stopping us?" He was suddenly furious and asked, "What are your intentions?"

"You are confident that he's your son! We want to verify that and maintain the purity of our bloodline, but you are doing your best to stop us! You are even willing to exchange your life for a small verification test!"

Chu Fei Long shook his head and sighed. His expression was very serious, "I really don't wish to doubt you!"

When he said this, Chu Xiong Cheng and Chu Fei Yan lowered their heads.

Chu Fei Long was very passionate as he spoke, and he was also very convincing. Others couldn't help but think about his words.

For a man, he would be willing to do anything to prove his innocence. Moreover, it was just five fingers.

In the pugilistic world, all of the had ever suffered injuries that were worse than losing five fingers. The Chu Clan was able to establish its name in the Upper Three Heavens because there were people who were willing to lose more than five fingers.

However, they didn't realize how cruel it was to ask for five fingers from a guy who had been missing for eighteen years in front of his mother!

Whereas Chu Fei Long was using anecdotes of martial arts practitioners to make it seem as if Yang Ruo Lan was at fault over here. He was clearly confident that Yang Ruo Lan was intent on keeping her son unharmed even at the expense of her own life!

This was why he kept on picking on her without fear!

Furthermore, he sounded as if he was being very loyal to the clan and upright about things!

"Chu Fei Long, you have gone overboard!" Chu Fei Ling stepped forward and said furiously, "How dare you speak to your sister-in-law in such a manner?!"

"I'm sorry, eldest brother." Chu Fei Long's expression was helpless and serious. "Please believe me. I am extremely unwilling to doubt eldest sister-in-law!"

"But you are still doubting her!"

Chu Fei Ling was furious, "Your eldest sister-in-law's words might not convince you, but what about my words? I am certain he's my son! My only son! The descendant that the Chu Clan has let down for eighteen years! Is this enough?"

"No!" Chu Fei Long straightened his back and steadily said, "Eldest brother, it's not that I don't believe you. It's just that…I trust the 'Blood of the Tongue, Soul of the Purple Crystal' more! It's the bloodline of a Chu Clan descendant that's recognized!"

There was a look of guilt in his eyes as he said, "Eldest brother, I know you and eldest sister-in-law can't bear to do this. But, this is not minor issue. If there's really a scheme…then, it's a small matter if we become a laughing stock, but a big one if this propagates further troubles and implicates the entire clan."

When he spoke until here, Chu Fei Long appeared to have a pained look on his face. He retreated two steps and neatened his clothing. Then, he kneeled down and said with an anguished look on his face, "Eldest brother, please be ruthless for the legacy of the Chu Clan…once! Eldest sister-in-law…even if I'm being heartless today…please, bring out the proof!"

"For the Chu Clan, for the family and for all the descendants…and also for all the heroes who have sacrificed..." Chu Fei Long kneeled down properly and tears actually started to stream down his face. He didn't even blink his eyes and screamed in anguish, "Eldest brother! Eldest sister-in-law! Please…grant me my wish!"

Chu Fei Long shocked everyone when he squatted down!

Chu Xiong Cheng looked at his own son and appeared very confused. Evidently, there were some tears in his eyes and he also seemed very comforted.

Men shouldn't kneel!

Unless he had no other choice, Chu Fei Long wouldn't kneel down so easily, given that he was one of the most authoritative figures in the clan.

This showed how loyal Chu Fei Long was towards the family! This also showed that he cared a lot about the bloodline of the clan!

For the Chu Clan to have such a descendant, the ancestors of the Chu Clan would be very comforted1

Chu Fei Yan stood at one side, and he was also greatly touched by Chu Fei Long. He couldn't help but say, "Elder brother..."

Chu Fei Ling almost broke his teeth as he gritted it!

He knew exactly what Chu Fei Long had in mind! He had long known that his younger brother was very cunning and scheming. He would resort to any means, but he didn't expect Chu Fei Long to be so extreme!

He kneeled down in front of Chu Xiong Cheng and Chu Fei Yan, such that Chu Fei Ling couldn't do anything at all!

There was nothing that he could do!

"Chu Fei Long! You…you are! You are really vicious!" Chu Fei Ling was about to spit blood out.

Chu Fei Long continued to kneel down and there was a passionate look on his face. He stared straight into Chu Fei Ling's eyes, and pitifully said, "Eldest brother, if you don't agree to my request…I'll kneel until I die!"

He sounded very persistent!

Chu Xiong Cheng let out a long sigh, "Fei Ling, your second brother has already kneeled in front of you…you are only this far from killing him. What else do you want? Do you really want to…force him to death?"

Chu Fei Ling immediately turned around and looked at his father in anguish. He sorrowfully cried out, "Father..."

"You don't have to say anything! Let me ask you. Your second brother…isn't he doing this for the Chu Clan? For our family? For you? What else do you want?!" Chu Xiong Cheng ended up with a shout.

Chu Fei Ling shuddered, "Father, this poor kid…has been abandoned by us for eighteen years! Eighteen years!" He cried pitifully, "Over these eighteen years, I haven't done anything for him. How he grew up...he's had a tough life! It's not easy for him to return, but we're going to break his fingers..."

He cried and asked, "Father, can you bear to? He's your biological grandson!"

Chu Xiong Cheng let out a long sigh and his eyes were slightly tearing.

Chu Fei Long kneeled on the ground and said, "Eldest brother, it's still early to call him father's biological grandson! Before we verify his identity, who can be certain that he's father's biological grandson?"

He held onto his neck and loudly said, "Of course, if he's really a descendant of the Chu Clan, we'll make up to him in the future! Whatever he wants, we'll give it to him! But if he's not from the Chu Clan, we can't keep him and we can't handle this damage! Eldest brother, can you stop being muddle-headed? Eldest brother, I beg you, I beg you..."

"Shut up!" Chu Fei Ling raged, "Chu Fei Long, don't think that the games that you've been playing over the past few years and everything that you've done..." He was very agitated and furious, and almost spilled the beans.

"Enough!" Yang Ruo Lan interrupted and looked at Chu Fei Long on the ground. After this, he she looked at Chu Fei Yan before taking a look at Chu Xiong Cheng. After this, she shifted her gaze away and looked at her son pitifully. There was a look of warmth and persistence in her eyes.

She knew that they didn't have proof even though they knew that Chu Fei Long did everything! If Chu Fei Ling tried to expose Chu Fei Long right now, Chu Fei Long would most certainly turn the tables on him. IN that way, when they started to conflict, his son's five fingers were most certainly gone given that Chu Xiong Cheng was present.

She took in a deep breath and sounded calm. She calmly said, "I just want to ask everyone from the Chu Clan - do you really have to do the blood test today?"

"All of you from the Chu Clan"

When Yang Ruo Lan said all these, she showed how determined she was.

She would rather not be a part of the Chu Clan for her son!

"Of course! Definitely! Please let us do that!" Chu Fei Long shouted. He waited a long time for this moment, so that Yang Ruo Lan would say what she said now. How could he give up this opportunity! He pounced on it.

"Alright then!" Yang Ruo Lan gently laughed and calmly said, "Since the Chu Clan can't tolerate my son, I'll leave with him. Aren't you all scared that my son is an imitator? As long as I leave, it won't matter anymore, right?"

"Leave? Where are you going?" Chu Fei Ling was shocked, "Ruolan, don't be impulsive!"

Yang Ruo Lan calmly shook her head, "I'm not being impulsive! I'm leaving this place, leaving this place back to the Yang Clan!" She lowered her head and looked at her son's face. She slowly said, "Since all of you won't recognize him as a Chu, I'll recognize him as a Yang!"

Chu Fei Long heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Eldest sister-in-law, why do you have to react so much over something as minor as this?"

At this moment, a voice suddenly said, "That's right. It's only a minor issue. Why do you have to react like this?"

Everyone heard Chu Fei Long's words, thus they knew he wasn't the one who said it the second time.

However, the second person's voice was very unfamiliar.

The voice was very calm and indifferent. In fact, it sounded very disdainful and filled with arrogance. The voice was crisp and clear, and the intonation and pronunciation of the words were very clear.

Furthermore, this voice sounded very weak. It sounded as if it was panting. Everyone who heard it couldn't help but feel worried. After saying one word, he didn't have energy to say the second word. However, he said every word clearly. Although he sounded very weak, he still managed to finish everything in one breath.

The only weird thing was that…no one heard this voice before!

Everyone was instantly stunned!

Even Yang Ruo Lan and Chu Fei Ling were stunned!

After that instant, everyone turned around at the same time. The young man on the bed had finally regained consciousness and opened his eyes. He didn't seem to have any strength, but the look in his eyes was very clear.

Everyone was shocked!

Chu Yang!

Everyone had been arguing for the whole day and agreed on one thing - Chu Yang wasn't going to wake up.

However, right now, he had actually miraculously woken up.

When he woke up, Chu Fei Ling and Yang Ruo Lan were delighted. Chu Fei Long was lost right now, as if he had lost his soul!

It was a great opportunity!

At the last moment, Chu Yang actually woke up and ruined his efforts!

Chu Yang struggled to lift his hand and the crystal in his hand made a soft sound before dropping onto the bedsheet. Chu Yang revealed a smile on his face and weakly said, "Since…then we should really verify my identity…otherwise…I wouldn't...even have the face to stay here..."

Everyone was stunned.

Even though he had just woken up and was extremely weak, he was still very understanding.

Chu Yang coughed a few steps before he weakly said, "As a descendant of the Chu Clan, it's only right that I should verify my identity."

A glimmer of cold light flashed across his eyes, but no one saw it because he lowered his head. After this, he coughed a few times and weakly said, "This…second uncle, I wonder if your kids…have been tested before?"

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