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Chu Clan, Study Room.

The current head of the Chu Clan, Chu Xiong Cheng, placed a map back into its original position and sighed depressingly, "The Flat Mountain Ridge is so huge. How can we possibly stick together? Moreover, the Three Great Clans are all doing things their own way. Is this a joke?"

"If the Chu Clan tries to be forceful, the ramifications will be unthinkable! They aren't just two aristocratic clans..." Master Chu sighed and furrowed his brow.

To Chu Xiong Cheng, he was extremely pleased that the Flat Mountain Ridge was developing and growing stronger day by day.

In addition, all his grandsons were very capable and were bound to succeed in the future.

As the head of the clan, Chu Xiong Cheng felt extremely comforted.

However, Chu Xiong Cheng had never once thought of conquering the entire Flat Mountain Ridge. Since things were peaceful right now, what was the point of causing bloodshed among the Three Great Clans over here?

Every clan looked towards self-preservation and peaceful development. There wasn't any need to shake this balance.

Naturally, he didn't know that his own eldest grandson had returned to the Chu Clan. This King Hell Chu shook the entire Lower Three Heavens and caused massive changes, before going on to wreak havoc in the Middle Three Heavens, causing yet another major upheaval!

In a span of two short years, he had already turned two realms upside down!

There was no one who could match up to him!

If Chu Xiong Cheng knew all these, he wouldn't be too vexed by the problems that the Chu Clan was facing now. The thing was...he didn't know anything.

Just as he was sighing, he suddenly heard chaotic noises coming from outside. It seemed like people were shouting and running everywhere.

The entire Chu Clan seemed to have been turned upside down at this moment.

He furrowed his brow and immediately opened the windows, shouting, "What's the matter? Why is it so chaotic? Did someone spot a ghost in broad daylight?"

Old Master Chu was born and bred in the pugilistic world. Although he did have his shot at studying before, he still thought that educated people were too wishy-washy. This was why he looked down on them. When he spoke normally, he sounded very much from the pugilistic world.

A guard fearfully ran over.

"Old master, eldest master is back."

"So what if he's back? What's so surprising about that?" Chu Xiong Cheng was furious, "Are all of you wishing that he didn't come back? Why is everyone so astonished? I thought that all of you saw a ghost!"

"No no no…it's…" The guard was perspiring furiously, "It's just that eldest master is not back on his own..."

"Is he back with the eldest mistress?" Chu Xiong Cheng furrowed his brow even further and was about to jump out of his window. "Idiots! If he's not back with the eldest mistress, is he supposed to back with some other mistress? He's so hen-pecked; will he even dare to do that?"

The guard appeared very gloomy, "He's…he's back with eldest young master who has been missing for nineteen years!"

"What missing for nineteen years...?" Chu Xiong Cheng was talking halfway before he started glaring widely. He started to pant, "You…you…idiot! What did you say?"

Suddenly, he jumped out from his window and strangled the guard's neck, "Repeat to me once more!"

"It's...eldest young master who has been missing for nineteen years has been found..." The guard appeared very pitiful and his voice was as creaky as a chicken that had been strangled. His feet weren't even on the ground anymore...

"Damn it! Why didn't you say it earlier!" Chu Xiong Cheng was extremely furious. "Is he with the eldest master? I'll go and take a look!"

The guard just nodded his head before Chu Xiong Cheng disappeared far away.

The guard fell onto the ground and grabbed onto his throat as he coughed a few times. Finally, he rolled his eyes as he got up, "I still thought that I could get rewarded. I didn't expect to be beaten up like this…damn it..."

Just as he was mumbling to himself, a piece of bright, white item flew back and struck the back of his head. Suddenly, he was knocked to the ground again. His head started to swell like a huge bun immediately.

Old Master Chu's voice resonated from afar, "I'll reward you with a piece of white crystal. Hehehe..."

The guard was on the verge of tears, "I rather not be rewarded..."

The Chu Clan was in an uproar right now!

What was a 'descendant disciple'?

Generally, most heads of clans would pass down the reins to their clans to their eldest descendant rather than younger ones.

Eldest sons and grandsons were the root of the traditional meaning behind aristocratic families. They were true descendant disciples!

Apart from them, no one else was truly considered a descendant disciple!

Chu Xiong Cheng's eldest son was Chu Fei Ling! Chu Fei Ling's eldest son fact, he only had one son! This meant that there was only one person to take over the rule of the Chu Clan in the future.

Of course, if Chu Fei Long or any other brothers took over the reins of the Chu Clan, it would be a separate, debatable issue.

Chu Xiong Cheng had always been very worried about this matter.

If the eldest son didn't inherit control of the clan while the second son inherited control, it would be an omen of impending disaster! Right now, Chu Xiong Cheng was extremely excited after hearing that his eldest grandson had suddenly returned!

Chu Fei Ling's courtyard was now filled with people.

Everyone from the Chu Clan had gathered over here.

The Chu Clan's fourth son Chu Fei Yan landed in the courtyard and started to tear emotionally, "Damn it, I've been searching for you for eighteen years. My efforts have finally been repaid. I feel as if my burden has been removed..."

He rushed in like a gust of wind, "Eldest brother, eldest brother, I heard that that rascal is finally back?"

The moment he entered the room, he was shocked by the atmosphere in the room.

Chu Fei Ling's eyes were bloodshot as he lifted his head, "We've found him...but…"

He sighed and couldn't express his sorrows.

"What?" Chu Fei Yan was stunned.

"He's hurt and unconscious..." Chu Fei Ling rubbed his temple.

Chu Fei Yan was immediately stunned. He naturally knew what Chu Fei Ling meant when he said 'unconscious'. Even Chu Fei Ling was like that. This meant that the Chu Clan was likely to be helpless regarding this situation.

However, Chu Fei Ling wouldn't be so depressed as long as there was even only a glimmer of hope.

"Where?" Where's my grandson?" Chu Xiong Cheng shouted as he appeared.

"He's inside..." Chu Fei Yan reached out his hand.

Chu Fei Ling couldn't stop him before Old Master Chu charged in.

"Wa ha ha…rascal, aren't you going to kowtow to me? I have a big gift for..." Chu Xiong Cheng was full of energy. Over these few years, he had suffered enough indignance from his in-laws, but he couldn't do anything to retort.

When he heard of anyone from the Yang Clan who came, he would always try his best to sneak away.

Now that his eldest grandson was back, he was freed of all his worries!

However, as he shouted halfway, his words were stuck in his throat.

"What's…what's going on?" Old Master Chu was stunned as he stood in front of the bed.

Half of Yang Ruolan's body was on the bed as she hugged her own son. She struggled to lift her head and smiled, "Father, you are here..."

"What's going on?" Chu Xiong Cheng looked at the young man on the bed and stretched his neck.

"Hurt…unconscious..." Yang Ruolan sighed softly, "It's been six days..."

"This..." Old Master Chu shuddered, "Isn't there any way..."

As he spoke halfway, he almost wanted to give himself a tight slap. If there was someone who could save his eldest grandson, why would Yang Ruolan behave in such a manner?

He couldn't help but sigh.

As he shifted his gaze away, he saw something purple shining brightly, "Don't tell me...this is that piece of Purplish Crystal Jade Essence?"

In the hands of his unconscious grandson, there was a streak of purplish light that shone out.

His grandson was tightly holding onto a piece of purplish crystal in his hand.

Chu Xiong Cheng's heart shuddered and gently took his grandson's hand over. He wanted to take out the crystal to take a look, but Chu Yang's grip was very tight even though he was in a coma. Chu Xiong Cheng couldn't take the crystal out.

The only way to take it out was to slice his five fingers off!

"He seems to know that this is his only hope of recognizing his ancestral roots…he's not letting go!" Yang Ruolan's tears fell, "My poor son..."

"Ah!" Chu Xiong Cheng let out a long sigh.

He stood where he was firmly and was stunned for a moment. After this, he left the room, "I'll ask the Forefather whether there's any way of saving him. If there isn't, I'll go to the Medicine Valley personally."

Yang Ruolan's eyes brightened, "Thank you Father."

Chu Xiong Cheng sighed, "What's there to thank me for...he's your son, but he's also my grandson? I'm also feeling very upset right now."

At this point, a crisp voice resonated from outside, "Eldest brother, congratulations. I heard that you've found my eldest nephew. Finally. Hehe, it's a joyous occasion for the clan."

The voice came from Chu Fei Long, the second son of the Chu Clan.

Chu Fei Long's voice was filled with comfort. He seemed to be heaving a sigh of relief, "Heaven is merciful! Eldest nephew has been gone for eighteen years. Now that he's finally back, the Chu Clan finally has an heir. Eldest sister-in-law can finally be relieved. This is indeed a joyous occasion!"

When Chu Fei Long came, close to a hundred people in front of Chu Fei Ling's door slowly dispersed. They hide their gazes and their footsteps were very soft. It was as if they had seen a freak.

Chu Fei Ling and Chu Fei Yan both furrowed their brow.

In the bedroom, Yang Ruolan also creased her brows, as if she was about to act up. However, she sighed in the end.

Chu Xiong Cheng's face turned extremely grim.

Chu Fei Long's words sounded very sincere and honest.

However, there was something that he mentioned which was very hurtful!

"The Chu Clan finally has an heir. Eldest sister-in-law can finally be relieved!"

His words held a double meaning.

While Chu Fei Ling had a son, Chu Fei Long also had a son. In fact, Chu Fei Long had more than one son! Since when did the Chu Clan have a lack of an heir? Even the third son, Chu Fei Han, had one son and one daughter!

When Chu Fei Long mentioned that Yang Ruolan could finally be relieved, it sounded as if he was hinting that Chu Fei Ling and Yang Ruolan were intent on making their son the heir!

Chu Fei Yan's expression slightly changed. He lifted his head and looked at his elder brother and second brother. Suddenly, he felt something was going to happen and thought to himself, "What's going on? Second brother seems a little abnormal today..."

"Second brother, you are very thoughtful." Chu Fei Ling smiled slightly and said.

His words were indeed layered just like Chu Fei Long earlier.

Chu Fei Long smile gently and asked worriedly, "I wonder how he is today? Eldest brother, can I go in to take a look at him?"

Chu Fei Ling made space for him, "Second brother, please feel free to do so. We are from the same mother. As his second uncle, it's only right that you go and see your eldest nephew! After all, you've not seen him for eighteen and a half years."

Chu Fei Ling emphasized on the 'eighteen and a half years', but also sounded like he didn't do so. However, Chu Fei Yan felt as if his goosebumps had suddenly surfaced.

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