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"That's right. He's not injured. I think he's just asleep," Chu Fei Ling said with a frown. "Furthermore, his internal qi is powerful but chaotic. It seems almost completely empty as if he has no cultivation at all… this is the first time I'm seeing such a strange scene…"

Yang Ruo Lan said worriedly, "What's going on?"

Chu Fei Ling's mouth twitched as he thought, "If only I know…"

He mumbled, "This is strange indeed…"

How could the two of them know that Chu Yang's condition was unprecedented in the entire history of the Nine Heavens Continent! He was the first-ever person to experience this!

It was not just the two of them. Even if Supreme Martial Artists were around, faced with Chu Yang's conditions, they would also be confounded.

Right now, in Chu Yang's mind, he was trying his best to absorb the power of the godly soul that had suddenly appeared as well as the spiritual qi which came from the sword guard.

In his mind, his godly soul was expanding and shrinking at the same time. However, it behaved in a cyclical manner without showing any signs of stopping.

His entire godly soul and consciousness were devoted to this. He could not find the energy to do anything else! Before he settled it, there was no way he could wake up…

The power of his godly soul was like a dam on the verge of breaking. Occasionally, a huge amount of water would flow through. He had to repair this 'dam' as quickly as he could. Wherever water surged out, he must go and fix it. He could not let it get past his defenses.

Any moment of weakness and any hole which he failed to repair would result in the huge dam collapsing!

If that happened, Chu Yang may turn into a simpleton…

Hence, Chu Yang had no idea whether he was at the bottom of the lake. He had lost all consciousness…

After half a day of hard work, the two of them were exhausted. They looked at each other in desperation.

"What can we do?" Tears welled in Yang Ruo Lan's eyes. She was so scared. After so much effort, she finally found her son but he was now asleep…

If he stayed asleep forever, Yang Ruo Lan may collapse!

"The best thing we can do now is to go back to our clan's residence and then make other plans!" Chu Fei Ling's face was heavy as he said, "However, looking at him, I think he's fine. He's breathing normally and his face is blushed. His pulse is strong. Maybe he will get better after a few days of rest."

Yang Ruo Lan felt her son's pulse carefully and finally relaxed. She said, "I think so too. He's behaving as if he's asleep. However, if he's asleep, why… is he…"

"Perhaps someone has played a trick on him… but I think it's no different from sleeping. Even if he has been victimized, it's not something terrible. After a few days, he will be fine," comforted Chu Fei Ling to the best of his ability.

Yang Ruo Lan thought for half a day before she sighed and said, "I hope you're right. If our son did not turn out as you said…. Chu Fei Ling, you will pay the price for your words!"

Chu Fei Ling opened his eyes in shock.

"I was comforting you… why… is it my problem now?"

Bitterly, he turned his head to the side and coughed. His face was helpless as he thought, "Son, please wake up… if you don't… I can't offend your mother…"

Yang Ruo Lan carried her son as she inspected his face and said contentedly, "Look at our son. His face is so delicate and white. He's prettier than most women. He has a faint blush… no wonder so many girls like him."

These words were the truth. Chu Yang's body had been cleansed by the Nine Tribulations Sword dozens of times. It would defeat the purpose of that if his skin were still bad.

Yang Ruo Lan was content and a smile crept over her face as she finally said, "No matter what, our son is back! Even if he's asleep, he's back. Fei Ling, it's such a good feeling to hug our son… It's great! It's like hugging an entire world. I feel like my life is complete."

"Life is complete?"

Chu Fei Ling chuckled as he thought, "That's what you feel now. Now, all you want is to hug our son. Today, with him in your chest, you naturally have no other demand. However, if he's not awake after a few days, I bet you will kill me…"

"By then, you will feel as if your life is incomplete…"

Yang Ruo Lan had achieved her goal of 19 years, which was to find her son. Now, she was so happy she felt her heart could burst. She hugged her son tightly and did not let go.

At this moment, she felt as if all the pain and bitterness of the past 19 years were nothing. 19 years of disappointment was finally worth it.

She hugged Chu Yang tightly and started to rest.

This period of time was tiring enough for her.

She was utterly drained and she had expended all her energy.

However, she only slept for a morning. The two of them opened their eyes at the same time as they stood up.

Their son was still unconscious and they could not find a reason why. For such a big thing, how could they dilly-dally? Hence, the moment they were able to travel again, the two of them planned to set off.

"I'll carry him and we'll go down the mountain first. Then, when we find the nearest market, we'll buy some items and hire a cart and a horse. We'll rush to the entrance of the Upper Three Heavens. As long as we get back to our clan, everything will be easy. After all, the Upper Three Heavens have more resources than the Middle Three Heavens," said Chu Fei Ling.

"Okay! Wait…" Yang Ruo Lan frowned and said, "How can we carry him? Won't it be uncomfortable? Let me do it! I'll carry him in my arms. If you carry him on your back, his lower half will dangle around and he will still be unconscious… what kind of cruel father are you?"

Chu Fei Ling was speechless.

"What's wrong with carrying him on my back?"

However, faced with his wife, he could only stay silent and admit that he was a 'cruel father'.

"Why not I hold him in my arms. With your body, it will exhaust you to carry our son for such a long distance," said Chu Fei Ling.

"Okay. You are so… dumb! Extend your arms equally, please! Aiyah, don't let our son's neck droop. It's not comfortable… You… You… You… Aiyah! Why are you so stupid…"

Yang Ruo Lan chattered non-stop as she criticized her husband ceaselessly and corrected his posture.

Faced with his wife's criticism, Chu Fei Ling felt as if he had forgotten how to walk.

Before he could say anything, he saw a blur in front of his eyes. Yang Ruo Lan had taken off her overcoat and covered Chu Yang with it. She carefully carried her son and upon ensuring that he was not cold by touching his skin, she said, "Hurry up and go! It's so cold, do you want your son to freeze?"

"You are evidently the one wasting time and being busy," Chu Fei Ling's face black as he thought that. However, he did not dare say it out loud. All he did was to carry his newly-found 'master' and get going.

Before he found his son, his position back home was lowly. However, that was still understandable.

Right now, after he found his son, Chu Fei Ling realized that his position back home had fallen drastically once more. His original place in his wife's heart was gone.

They made an odd scene as they walked down the mountain. One of them labored while the other followed tightly next to him. One of them looked at her son like a hen guarding and cooing over its eggs while the other one gritted his teeth and sighed…

Underneath the mountain, the two of them made a mad dash before they finally found a market. Straightaway, they bought a horse carriage. Only when she was able to tidy up and make the interior of the cart warm and comfortable did Yang Ruo Lan carefully place her son inside.

Yang Ruo Lan followed tightly behind. She feared that her son would be disturbed by the vibrations as she covered her legs with a blanket before placing her son's head carefully on her laps. She held her son carefully with her two arms and ensured that no matter how rocky the ride was, her son would not be disturbed. Only then did she order her husband to start moving.

Chu Fei Ling did not have the privilege to sit inside the carriage. He could only serve as the carriage-master. Furthermore, while other carriage-masters were treated with respect, he was pelted with abuses and insults…

He flicked his whip and said, "Go!"

His horse-carriage shot out like an arrow.

"Too fast! Can you drive slower?" Yang Ruo Lan complained.

The three of them finally left the Heavenly Sword Peak as they charged toward the entrance of the Upper Three Heavens.

At this moment, Chu Fei Ling and Yang Ruo Lan did not know that the entrance to the Nine Heavens would be sealed!

All they wanted to do was to get home. The faster the better.

However, without anyone knowing… on the second day of their return to the Upper Three Heavens, all entrances in the Nine Heavens were sealed!

From now on, no one could traverse!

Chu Yang was still unconscious and naturally, he did not know that his parents were carrying him and rushing back to the Upper Three Heavens…

Had he known, he would have requested to stay in the Middle Three Heavens.

This was because there were too many things he wanted to do here…

How could he be willing to leave just like this? How could he relax?

However… he did not know.

When he found out, he was already in the Upper Three Heavens. All of the entrances and passageways were sealed. It would be difficult for him to go down.

Naturally, had the sword spirit been awake, it would risk damaging Chu Yang's godly soul to force him to stay. After all, Chu Yang brimmed with the godly soul power and even if he lost a bit of it, he would not be too affected by it. It would even alleviate his burden…

However, at this moment, the sword spirit fell into a deep sleep too.

Odd things in the world happened just like this.

This was a development which no one had planned.

Two days after Chu Fei Ling and his wife left.

Next to the Lake of Death.

This was a small pile of snow. It looked ordinary.

However, with a loud boom, an entire layer of snow flew into the air to reveal a hole in the ground.

A few figures flew out of the hole. Their faces were all pale.

Mo Tian Ji, Gu Du Xing, Ao Xie Yun, Xie Dan Qiong, Ji Mo, Luo Ke Di, and Huyan Aobo.

They had been frozen by the figure using its mysterious powers here and they finally escaped.

All of them felt as if they just had an extremely odd dream…

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