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Chu Yang thought through it carefully. He had learned these four swordplay techniques in his previous life.

In his previous life, he obtained the fourth part of the Nine Tribulations Sword here. However, there was no illusion and no godly soul. There was just a broken sword and on the broken sword, the fourth swordplay technique was carved.

In this life, it was not carved on it.

Instead, it imprinted itself directly on his godly soul!

It was evidently different.

Even the swordplay technique was different.

This difference made Chu Yang wonder if his previous life had been a dream.

Chu Yang could clearly remember that in his previous life, the fourth swordplay technique was purely defensive. Right now, it was not so!

The sword guard was in charge of protection.

However, protection needed not to be purely defensive! In other words, killing all your enemies was a form of protection too.

The strongest defense is offense. The strongest defense is to kill your enemies before they could even threaten you!

Steel walls and bronze gates have yet to see the end of strife. Defense and offense. Steel walls and bronze gates were naturally the best forms of defense possible. The steel wall came before the bronze gates. They were two forms of defense. The steel wall protected one first. The bronze gates were where one could counterattack.

The part about 'yet to see the end of strife' represented an intense battling intent! Even if you want to stop, I don't! Do you think you think you can just run away after attacking me? No!

An intense fight!

Hence, this technique was both offensive and defensive. A technique had three transformations. From defense to offense, it would be impenetrable. When it attacked, it would be deadly and forceful!

The second move was "What's the point of this life?"

This technique seemed to be a question. However, it was a confirmation! It confirmed that with the protection of this sword guard, no other defense was needed!

Furthermore, it was a purely killing move!

The entire technique was a huge question to all creations.

It was asking all creations who could destroy it?!

As it asked the question, it naturally encompassed an endless and wild arrogance!

"Nine-colored clouds gather in unison!"

This move seemed to be as airy as the clouds but it was purely about defense.

Since the nine-colored clouds were all here, it meant that the enemies were all around. Under this situation, one's defenses must be even more impenetrable!

Furthermore, "and as long as I live, you shall not worry" proclaimed one's desire to dominate the nine heavens while looking down all creations like a lofty deity!

What a powerful and intense technique!

Once this technique was used, it would be deadly!

Chu Yang looked at it quietly. He thought about its implications silently. He experienced it alone.

Until now, he had learned 16 techniques of the Nine Tribulations Swordsmanship!


"A ray of light can obliterate thousands.

Why kill all under the heaven?

An ancient will that is buried deep never changes.

Unify the mountains and clouds to rule over all."

Sword edge:

"The only sword edge that has been brilliant since time immemorial;

roaring at clouds and wind from east to west;

the sun and the moon are ready to assist me;

breaking hills and cutting up mountains, I roam…"

Sword spine:

"This Spine has existed in this world since eternity

"One must go through the nine hidden hells on this journey;

"Cut off the traveler's attachments with worldly affairs,

"The sharp edge will reach everywhere and put everything to rest!"

Sword guard:

"Steel walls and bronze gates have yet to see the end of strife;

What's the point of this life?

Nine-colored clouds gather in unison;

As long as I live, you shall not worry!"

Coupled with Chu Yang's own four moves.

Mountains of Bones and Corpses in One's Palm.

Bloodied Tears Surge Underneath the Sword.

Worldly Affairs Are Naturally Emotionless.

Killing All Creations Is Not Enough.

Right now, Chu Yang had 20 swordplay techniques at hand! His most powerful ones were no doubt the 16 from the Nine Tribulations Swordsmanship. With the fourth part, the sword guard, in his hands, Chu Yang realized that he had new discoveries about his first 12 moves!

The Nine Tribulations Swordsmanship, from the first part to the ninth part, had 36 techniques in total. It seemed that they were one complete set.

Every time he obtained a new piece of the sword, the power of his techniques would increase.

Chu Yang thought to himself, "When all nine pieces are gathered, how powerful would these swordplay techniques be? By then, it's unimaginable!"

The four techniques he had invented seemed very powerful but he could not deny that once he had all nine parts of the Nine Tribulations Sword, his four techniques would seem weak and in need of refining.

Chu Yang sighed to himself, "The predecessors were wise indeed. I still need to work hard!"

Finally, the Nine Tribulations Dimension turned silent.

Chu Yang reached out with his hand and the Nine Tribulations Sword appeared in his hand. It shone with a cold light.

Holding the sword, Chu Yang started to practice.

First technique, second technique…

When he reached the third technique, Chu Yang realized that he could use the 'Nine-Colored Clouds Gather in Unison', he realized that he was not powerful enough to do so with his current cultivation. The imaginary enemy of this technique seemed to come from everywhere all around them!

This technique ensured that one was perfectly well-protected without any weakness. There was no way for one to be injured!

The intricacies of this technique were akin to a heavenly net!

As for the fourth move, 'As Long as I Live, You Shall Not Worry', it was an extreme last-resort move! It brimmed with a destructive force that was visible to anyone who just looked at this move!

Chu Yang could feel that the power of this attack was almost as powerful as the final move of his previous life: Destroying All Tribulations with My Blood!

This was how powerful the last move was.

However, Chu Yang did not even want to think about this final move. Without the power and cultivation, he could not pull it off.

As he thought about it, a powerful and odd aura suddenly came from the sword guard of the Nine Tribulations Sword. It surged like a nest of bees into his dantian!

Instantly, Chu Yang felt as if his body was being filled with the natural energy of heaven and earth. He felt as if he was about to explode!

Just when his body was about to process this aura, his gaze straightened and he saw the white jade stone platform, upon which the sword guard had been placed, rising into the air before shattering.

It turned into nine words.

"Sword master of world who blocks let me come?"

These thirteen words were written with the same wild stroke. They seemed almost otherworldly!

Chu Yang narrowed his eyes as he looked at the word 'come'.

This word was definitely the one he saw just now.

In terms of its aura or its strokes, it was identical.

"What does this sentence mean?" Chu Yang frowned as he tried to calm himself down so he could think clearly.

"World of sword master who can stop me come?!"

Chu Yang mumbled these words but in his heart, he felt uneasy and uncomfortable.

However, he did not know why.

"No, I should not read them like this. Then, is it 'World of Sword Master, who can block me? Come!"

He shook his head and felt that it was amiss.

He mumbled to himself, "In this world, who can master this one sword? No matter how powerful a sword is, it is made by someone. How can it control heaven and earth?"

"Definitely not!"

Chu Yang stared for a long while as he thought about how arrogant this statement was!

He arched his eyebrows and smiled coldly, "The sword masters the world. Who can block? Let me come and block!"

When he said it, he felt an immense sense of heroism. He shouted and started to laugh, "Not bad, not bad. The sword masters the world and hence, it's obviously the Nine Tribulations Sword! Who can block it? I can!"

"So… let me come!"

Chu Yang threw his head back and laughed.

These nine words suddenly disappeared and turned into countless streams of light as they disappeared into the lake.

Chu Yang smiled faintly as he looked into the distance.

A warm feeling rose in his heart. He thought, "I have the fourth part of the Nine Tribulations Sword. The fifth part is in the Upper Three Heavens. Should I return home to see…"

"Father… and mother…"

"What a familiar and yet distant way to call them…"

Chu Yang shook his head and smiled bitterly.

The kinship he wanted the most in his previous life was now so close to him. However, his emotions were a mess and he did not know what to feel.

Chu Yang sighed and stood where he was.

In his previous life, he did not know and hence, he did not even want to go back. In this life, however, he knew that his parents were blameless and hence, he decided against staying away from them. How could he be so heartless to make his parents agonize every single night? To make them so worried until they could not rest? This was not a filial move!

How could he let his mother's face remain tear-drenched!

He took out his purple crystal jade out from the Nine Tribulations Dimension as he played with it.

It was slightly warm.

Chu Yang could not help but put it next to his mouth and kissed it. His eyes turned misty as he thought, "Father, mother… all these years, how have you been?"

"Do you miss me?"

"I miss you. it has been two lifetimes!"

At this moment, a spiritual power came out from the sword guard and occupied his meridians like a tsunami.

Chu Yang frowned and activated his Nine Heavens Divine Technique to try and control it.

He felt that as long as he was able to digest this spiritual power, he could ascend to the sky in one step and become a Sword Sovereign!

He would be at least as powerful as the Grade 4 Sword Sovereign, Gu Du Xing!

This was a huge fateful encounter! One that belonged only to the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword!

However, the moment he used his spiritual powers, his body shook and his brain felt as if it had been pierced by needles. At this moment, it was as if ten thousand needles were stabbing his brain at the same time!

The spiritual power he just summoned, under this pain, dissipated!

Chu Yang's eyes widened as he roared into the sky. However, he realized he could not scream. His body appeared to have been paralyzed.

Then, countless pieces of information flooded into his brain.

Chu Yang felt as if there were explosions in his brain.


All of his thoughts… turned into a patch of white!

Chu Yang lost his ability to think. He lost his ability to control his body and he could not even make a single sound. He fell backward.

Dizziness, loss of consciousness… coma…

What was going on?

In his right hand, he continued to grip that piece of jade. He continued to caress it. Light shone from his palm.

This thing happened too suddenly and he did not even have the time to put the jade back into the Nine Tribulations Dimension before he blacked out!

The first major side-effect from ingesting the soul of the first Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword came at this moment!

As a wild amount of energy from the sword guard surged, this side-effect burst forth!

It tried to destroy Chu Yang's brain!

It knocked him out cold!

At the bottom of the Lake of Death, currents of water flowed. Water surged from the bottom and enveloped Chu Yang's body. Then, like a tornado, it flew out…

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