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Everyone could see as Li Xiong Tu's gaping wounds on his body gradually transformed into scabs and scars at a speed discernible to the naked eye.

Those scars turned from a normal red into a dark red color, before they became black and… they started becoming crumpled…

Everyone's eyes were wide open, and their jaws hung slack! This was the effect of one pill?

But the most astonishing thing was to come later.

Li Xiong Tu muttered subconsciously, "So itchy…" He couldn't help himself as he raised his hands to scratch himself…

Rustling sounds could be heard…

Scars began to drift down like powder wherever he scratched as new and tender skin was revealed!

Those scars where he didn't scratch also began to dry up and crack open, and in that moment when those scars drifted onto the ground, Li Xiong Tu's body became smooth and tender like that of a newborn baby - his body was just so different!

Everyone was shell-shocked!

Everyone stared at Li Xiong Tu's torso with dazed eyes, and nobody blinked even once. There was a shocking voice that repeated itself in their minds: "The Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword! The Nine Heavens Pill! The Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword! The Nine Heavens Pill!"…

Li Ba Tian almost vomited blood…

"F*ck, good that you've recovered, but why do you have to do a reality show in front of everyone's watching eyes? How am I supposed to conclude this matter?"

He didn't know that Chu Yang's Nine Heavens Pill had extra ingredients inside - Chu Yang had added neurogenic medicine along with medicine that made the user's entire body itch and hot. All three powerful medicines took effect at the same time, and even though Li Xiong Tu's body was the toughest in the world, he wouldn't be able to take it!

Finally, everything that Li Xiong Tu was feeling on his body dissipated, and he began to regain his senses and his head began to clear. He stretched and worked his limbs and his body confusedly, and he sounded very baffled as he said, "I've recovered? I've recovered?"

Li Ba Tian was almost going to cry. "Brother, wear some clothes."

Besides those from the Li clan, all twenty-four pairs of eyes from the other eight great clans were trained on Li Xiong Tu's body at the same time. They had complicated expressions in their eyes, and their eyes sparkled incessantly.

One of the Nine Tribulations!

One of the Nine Great Clans that would dictate the Upper Three Heavens in the future!

…this person?


Hmph, hmph, hmph, hmph…!


How could they let the Li clan take such an immense advantage?

However, on the surface, everyone's expressions didn't change. Some even came forward to congratulate him, and not a single person mentioned "Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword". Everyone's expressions were full of passion and warmth.

Even a person like Li Xiong Tu felt a little overwhelmed by all that attention in that moment. "Are… are these still the Nine Great Clans' young masters?"

"Since when have you guys become so amicable and approachable?"

But every single young master's hearts were brimming with vengeance. "You're such an obvious target - if we let you, one of the Nine Tribulations, live until the day when you dictate the Nine Heavens, then there's no place left for us in the world..."

"Furthermore, your strength is weaker than trash." Everyone was silently making their own malicious calculations.

Astonishment flashed involuntarily across the Enforcers' eyes, but they uttered a few sentences plainly before everyone continued on their journey.

A few days passed by, and every clan finally received the news - every member outside was to return to their respective families as soon as possible! The Nine Heavens was to be sealed imminently!

Everyone was taken aback, and they quickened their pace as they rushed into the Upper Three Heavens… 

Li Ba Tian continuously called for emergency aid, and once they reached the Upper Three Heavens, the Li clan actually gathered twelve Martial Saints to escort them!

Everyone returned to the Li clan in majestic fashion!

Li Ba Tian felt as if an enormous burned had been lifted from his chest. "***, I'm finally safe!"

However… everyone was well aware as this scene fell into their eyes. Cold smiles broke out across everyone else's faces as they bid each other farewell and departed.

They had to report this matter back to their respective clans as soon as possible!

The young masters harbored vengeance in their thoughts.

"F*ck his mother! The Li clan wants to continue on? Is that a joke?"

Chu Yang sunk to the bottom of the Lake of Death like a rock.

In this moment, he even felt like he was safe and relaxed!

He was in the lukewarm water, and he seemed to return to his mother's embrace, which was full of comfort and satisfaction.

There was no sense of danger at all.

His body continued to sink downward.

Nothing seemed to have any buoyancy inside the Lake of Death's water.

Chu Yang opened his eyes and glanced at the water that circled around him, and he began to feel as if something wasn't right.

But he couldn't quite put a finger on what was wrong.

It came to him after a long while - there weren't any fish or aquatic life in the water!

There wasn't a single living soul!

So many corpses had been tossed into this lake, but even those were nowhere to be seen.

The lake's water was clean and transparent, and there wasn't a single impurity inside!

Furthermore, Chu Yang didn't feel suffocated at all inside the lake. Everything felt as if he was standing outside in the sun!

The three segments of the broken sword, the sword tip, the sword edge, and the sword blade were sparkling brilliantly as they protected Chu Yang from beside him. They began to sink deeper as if they were fluttering down.

Everything was just so calm.

Chu Yang wanted to reminisce about how it was like when he obtained the Nine Tribulations Sword's fourth piece in his previous life, but he suddenly realized that he couldn't remember anymore.

As if this calm and gentle lake water had severed his memory between his previous life and his current one.

Chu Yang didn't know how long he had been sinking for when he finally felt as if he was stepping on something. He glanced downwards, and he was staring at a spotlessly white rock.

Furthermore, everywhere that his eyes could see on the lakebed was filled with rocks like this!

Every rock was square-shaped, and they were huge - each one was more than one hundred feet in circumference. There was a dark red hole at the center of every rock, and countless boiling air bubbles were emerging from this dark red hole.

These air bubbles warmed up the entire lake's water.

Chu Yang was standing on one rock that resembled white jade. The bottom of his feet felt very warm, and he didn't feel any burning sensations at all. He gazed into the distance, and he couldn't help but marvel at what he saw.

Who was it - who had such supernatural workmanship and did something like this on the lakebed!

Suddenly, faint ripples travelled from right in front of him.

The Nine Tribulations Sword's sword tip grew excited, and it hurried towards where the ripples where coming from with a flash.

The sword blade and the sword followed closely behind.

A thought occurred to Chu Yang, and he followed closely behind as well. "Can it be that the sword spirit's estimation is wrong? How can there be any dangers here?"

These thoughts surfaced in his mind, but Chu Yang didn't reduce his vigilance at all.

Chu Yang drifted forward for thousands of feet before a cave that flickered with white light appeared in front of him!

This cave was on the lakebed, but it stretched right into the ground.

The cave's entrance emanated with gentle white light, and it called out very intimately and amicably as if it was saying to Chu Yang, "Come, come! Let me swallow you!"

Chu Yang could clearly feel that there was something that he had sought after for his entire life inside.

Chu Yang didn't hesitate at all and threw himself inside!

He threw himself into an illusion!

However, Chu Yang would never know that he had entered something like that!

If he had known this beforehand, even if he knew very well that all this wasn't real, he would rather give up the Nine Tribulations Sword than come to this place!

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