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As that remaining Martial Monarch from the Ao Clan slowly collapsed, blood and water splattered everywhere.

Everything was like an unreal dream!

The entire place was silent!

Xie Dan Qiong, Ao Xie Yun, Dong Wu Lei and the rest couldn't help as tears streamed down their faces.

"I don't understand! Why...why? We've already won. Why did elder still commit suicide?" Ao Xie Yun was sobbing and his voice was inaudible.

Chu Yang felt very anguished, but he still held back his feelings and said, "You don't understand it...but it's necessary. Every one of his brothers and comrades died in front of him. If he was still alive after killing his final enemy, it would be a great torture for him!"

"This is because all the Martial Monarchs from the Middle Three Heavens had all died in this battle! He's the only one left." Chu Yang was in pain as he said, "This is like the end of an era."

"Their lives have been intertwined for so many years, but he's the only survivor now. Can you imagine how lonely and pathetic he is? If he had another enemy who was still alive, he wouldn't have chosen to commit suicide! However, he really no longer had any target left..."

"At his stage, he was already indifferent towards life and death. Before he died, he had thought things through much more thoroughly than all of us. Hence, we don't have to sigh or mourn over his death."

Chu Yang said seriously, "I only hope that they can reunite in the underworld and continue to fight together against their enemies! Apart from this, I have nothing else to say."

Xie Ao Yun and the rest went silent.

After a momentary silence, Chu Yang and Mo Tian Ji kowtowed to the patch of blood and flesh in the battlefield at the same time.

They appeared serious and solemn!

After this, the five hundred plus people who were present also bowed. Among them, those from the Ao Clan, Xie Clan and Dong Clan all kneeled down and kowtowed!

This battle happened very quickly and ended even more quickly! Practically no one had any time to react.

However, everything was very tragic!

Everyone felt as if their hearts had been hammered…they were this affected!

Immediately, Mo Tian Ji quietly sent his people to clear the battlefield and escort the specters to the Lake of Death.

Dong Wu Lei, Dong Wu Shang, Ao Tian Xing, Ao Xie Yun, Xie Dan Qiong and the rest were very proactive and carefully cleared the remains from the battlefield. It didn't matter whether they belonged to the enemies

Everything ensued in silence.

The entire battlefield seemed to be playing a forlorn pantomime.

"Tomorrow morning will be the battle of Martial Saints!"

When the white-bearded Enforcer said this, his voice sounded slightly hoarse too.

Tomorrow was going to be the battle to decide final victory!

Although there were only two enemies left, Chu Yang's side was bound to be in trouble if Young Master Yu lost. This was unless the Nine Tribulations Sword Spirit intervened or the Demon King awakened. The other party was an irresistible Martial Saint!

Tonight was destined to be a sleepless night!

"Brother Wei, what do you think?" Chu Yang stood beside Young Master Yu.

"He can't kill me." Young Master Yu focused as he looked at the ethereal green figure opposite him and calmly said, "I might not be able to kill him too!"

"I feel as if he's a Grade 3 Martial Saint - the same rank and grade as me." Young Master Yu calmly said.

"Oh?" Chu Yang was a little astonished.

"This should be the case. He was also looking at me when I looked at him. Right now, he should have the same feeling as me."

Young Master Yu smiled and said, "The similarity between the both of us is that we both don't want to die."

"But this is a battle of life and death."

"I am here to help. So is he."

"We both have our own misgivings, but we are also confident of winning!"

"This is why I am only sixty percent confident of winning tomorrow's battle!"

"I believe he will have about the same estimate too."

Young Master Yu slowly said as he looked at the green figure opposite him. They were both separated by thick, falling snow.

Just as he finished speaking, after he accurately estimated the abilities of his opponent, the green figure opposite him silently disappeared.

He just disappeared.

Young Master Yu sized him up, but this also meant that he was also sizing Young Master Yu up.

Currently, the both of them had some idea of each other.

Chu Yang gently laughed and said, "However, I reckon that the both of you aren't the same."

"Oh?" Young Master Yu twisted his head.

"First, we won the previous three battles. Second, the exponents that this Martial Saint from the Shi Clan brought are all dead. Even if he returns back alive, the Shi Clan will still make him accountable for their heavy losses. After all, they suffered all these losses because of his personal vendetta."

"There's only one person beside him. Whereas you have all us behind your back! He's outnumbered. Even if we don't want to bully him, he would have already lost psychologically. This is your advantage."

Chu Yang knew.

"You are right." Young Master Yu pondered for a moment.

"His people are all dead. He will undoubtedly be sad and furious at the same time. He might even be in distress and worry about returning. On the contrary, you won't be experiencing all these. This is your second advantage."

"That's right." Young Master Yu's eyes brightened.

"Furthermore, he came to the Middle Three Heavens with a mission tasked to him by his clan. Right now, he has to worry about what's going to happen when he returns and how he should complete his mission. You won't have to face all these either. This is your third advantage."

"You are right." Young Master Yu revealed a smiling intent in his eyes.

"Of course, the most important point is that his soul and his spirit has long been restrained by the Shi Clan! He can be considered a slave of the Shi Clan, while you are the captain of your own fate!"

"A free spirit and a spirit that has been subjected to the control of others won't ever be the same! This is your fourth advantage." Chu Yang slowly explained.

"You are absolutely right!" Young Master Yu agreed with his words once again.

"Brother Wei, you possess so many advantages over him. Furthermore, this is the Middle Three Heavens, which means that you also have a geographic advantage. Although your cultivations seem to be have in fact widen the gap between you and him! Remember, I will look down on you if you can't get rid of him easily! Don't even talk about losing or perishing along with him."

Chu Yang calmly said.

Young Master Yu suddenly laughed heartily. He shook his head as he laughed. His tears were even on the verge of flowing out. He appeared to be very happy.

Chu Yang was slightly stunned. He thought, "Has he gone mad or something?"

"I've always been confident of defeating my opponents!" Young Master Yu said and revealed an arrogant smile on his face. "It's the same for this battle! Don't even mention the fact that he's only a Grade 3 Martial Saint. Even if he's Grade 4, I'm still confident of killing him! Even though I'm only Grade 3! I carry the countless years of legacy of my Genie Clan. What is he considered?!"

"Then why did you..." Chu Yang was shocked. He wasn't shocked because Young Master Yu said that he wasn't confident even though he was clearly confident. He was shocked because he revealed his identity for the first time. He was a Genie!

He was the only Genie left in the Nine Heavens!

"So this is the real identity of Young Master Yu!"

He didn't expect Young Master Yu was so mysterious.

While he learned about Young Master Yu's identity, he still didn't know how Young Master Yu possessed such immense abilities...if he really learned everything on his own...

It was unbelievable.

"Hehe..." Young Master Yu laughed weirdly and was a little satisfied as he said, "In this world, there's actually still someone who's still concerned about me and encourages me...haha, it's such an amusing feeling. How old am I already..."

"However, I've lost my bet against Jun Xi Zhu again...I'm depressed!" While he claimed to be depressed, Young Master Yu was actually laughing. As his figure flashed, he disappeared.

Chu Yang thought for a long time before he finally cursed. "So you are testing me. How can you possibly have such an idea at such a timing..."

He shook his head, stood up and left.

The sun rose on the second morning.

The sky was bright and glowing rays were shining in all direction. This was a rare scene.

Ao Tian Xing was a little out of sorts as he looked at the rising sun and muttered, "The sun has risen again, but elder will never see it again..."

Everyone sighed.

The crowd separated in the center and Young Master Yu strolled over in his green robe.

"Watch out for the Supreme Stele!" Mo Tian Ji softly said. "Or rather, use the Supreme Stele."

Young Master Yu's expression didn't change. The look in his eyes flickered a little, as if he didn't hear anything, before he walked out.

On the opposite side, the Martial Saint from the Shi Family had already appeared.

Coincidentally, both Martial Saints were decked in green today, just like they were yesterday.

"Shi Chang Feng?" Young Master Yu placed his hands behind his back and took a step forward. He only took one leisurely step, but he had already reached the center of the fighting ring.

"Young Master Yu?" Shi Chang Feng's eyes shrank. He suddenly felt that today's opponents didn't seem any different from yesterday. However, he didn't want to appear weak either and walked forward.

"You are lucky to die under my hands! Shi Chang Feng, you'll die gloriously!" Young Master Yu laughed. When he said this, he really seemed as if he was sincerely blessing Shi Chang Feng.

"Your life is also not wasted if you die under my hands!" Shi Chang Feng's eyes shifted maliciously and there was a sinister feel around him.

"That's why I say that you are useless! You are even copying my words!" Young Master Yu mocked. "Whatever I call you, you call me the same thing back. Whatever I say, you say the same thing back. Shi Chang Feng, you are a Martial Saint. Don't you have any creativity?"

"Eloquence won't help either of us win." Shi Chang Feng gloomily said.

"However, one's eloquence is a reflection of his intelligence. You can't even win me in words. What else do you expect to win me in?" Young Master Yu was ruthless with his words.

"There's no point in saying other stuff. Let's fight!" Shi Chang Feng squinted his eyes and shot a sharp look over. His killing intent had evidently been invoked!

Young Master Yu roared and flicked his sleeves before he rose into the sky. He shot into the sky like a rocket and shouted, "A sovereign rules the universe; I rule over all oceans and mountains!"

He laughed and leisurely said, "Shi Chang Feng! Die!"

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