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The two fighting Martial Monarchs looked at each other and smiled.

They were different from those Martial Monarchs from the Upper Three Heavens that strengthened themselves using spirit medicines and other resources. For them, they managed to achieve what they were today because of time and their own hard work. Of course, the countless killings that they performed couldn't be excluded either!

This was why they were very indifferent towards life and death. The only thing that they couldn't let go of were their descendants. Their descendants were the reason why they were fighting today.

Right now, dying together was probably the best conclusion for the both of them!

Not only could they account to their descendants in this way, they could also account to themselves.

This was why they weren't feeling desolate. On the contrary, they were very calm and felt as if their restraints had been removed. Everything was finally over!

After this, they both laughed and struck towards the other party's throat...

Following this, both their bodies slightly twitched and they stopped moving.

Four Martial Monarchs, and the Shi Clan's remaining three Martial Monarchs, ferociously fought another! Even if I die, I must kill my opponent! Even if I die, I must drag them along with me!

This terrifying attitude and the brutal killings caused all the spectators to shudder!

Martial Monarchs were supposed to be elegant as they fought. Even if they died, they were supposed to die in aesthetically pleasing manners.

However, this wasn't the case right now!

Bloodshed ensued the moment the fight started.

As the fight continued, broken limbs started to scatter everywhere in the sky.

The three Martial Monarchs from the Shi Clan cut sorry figures!

The few of them didn't want to risk their lives! They were also not as lighthearted as those form the Tian Clan, Tu Clan and Li Clan. They were only here to help. What did they have to do with everything?

Furthermore, they weren't only here to help. There was something else...

Given such an attitude, they were very pathetic as they fought the four Martial Monarchs who were ready to give up their lives. They could only defend, but not attack!

This was because they would leave themselves exposed to being attacked if they tried to attack!

The four Martial Monarchs were capable of doing anything. Even if they had to forsake their lives, they had to cut someone's arm off. It was that extreme!

Was it really a fight between humans anymore?

The three of them whined to themselves. Even when they fought the Three Stars Divine Clan and the Spiritual Beast Wave, they weren't in such a tragic state...

However, they couldn't possibly back out or concede defeat given the current situation they were in!

This was the Lake of Death!

The only way that this fight would end was if everyone from one party was dead!

Nothing would stop unless everyone from one party was dead! It was all thanks to the defense of that Grade 4 Martial Monarch that he managed to maintain a stalemate.

However, it was evidently not a long-term solution.

"What should we do?" One Martial Monarch anxiously asked as he frantically resisted the onslaught of the enemies.

"What else can we do? Kill them!" The Martial Monarch was feeling very depressed now. He thought to himself, "Damn it. If there's something like this in the future, I'll just run as far away as I can."

"Damn it, I still thought that I would have everything under control by coming to the Middle Three Heavens, or perhaps I'll be the tiger among a bunch of monkeys. Who would have expected that I'll need to risk my life?"

"This goddamn world is seriously too magical..."

"How do we kill..." The Martial Monarch who asked the question was on the verge of crying. He thought to himself, "You say it as if it's so simple. Of course I know that killing them will help us to free ourselves from this problem. But the question is - how can we kill them without paying a huge price?"

"Kill them in whatever way you can!" The leader of the Shi Clan's Martial Monarchs was almost stabbed by four long swords at the same time as he was momentarily distracted. He was scared out of his wits and cursed. After this, he stopped speaking and focused on fighting his enemies.

However, the remaining three Martial Monarchs from the Ao Clan and the Martial Monarch from the Dong Clan attacked with even greater intensity!

The more the other party defended, it was more likely that they would perish together.


There was a tragic scream!

One Martial Monarch from the Shi Clan couldn't bear the sword aura anymore. The aura only expanded slightly before the Martial Monarch from the Dong Clan barged into the sword radiance along with his sword. He ferociously leaped over!

He was close now!

This Martial Monarch from the Shi Clan shouted and stabbed his long sword repeatedly.

The Martial Monarch from the Dong Clan calmly smiled and didn't' even look. He flexed his body and forcefully stopped the long sword that was stabbed towards its chest before he chopped the right arm of the Martial Monarch from the Shi Clan off.

After that, he leaped up and held strong against the attacks of two other Martial Monarchs before he grabbed onto that Martial Monarch from the Shi Clan. As he opened his mouth, he sank his white teeth into the throat of that Martial Monarch!

Blood splattered out!

The arm of that Martial Monarch from the Shi Clan fell off and he was screaming in pain. Just as he was doing so, he was grabbed tightly by his enemy before he couldn't even scream anymore. The two of them fell together...

One more person was down!

That Grade 4 Martial Monarch couldn't hold on anymore. If he was the only one left, things were bound to become more disastrous.

As he whipped out his long sword, he unleashed a ferocious aura as he swept his sword. The sky even tremble because of that! Following this, he stabbed his sword out, which contained a terrifying explosive force!

"Even if you want to perish with me, you'll be blown apart by my sword aura if you try to forcefully resist it! You won't even be able to attack me."

However, two of the Martial Monarchs from the Ao Clan didn't even try to dodge! They laughed as they burst up!

The long sword stabbed into the chest of the Martial Monarch that was further forward. It was also this momentary delay that this Martial Monarch managed to fling his own long sword out.

His long sword shot forward like a bolt of lightning.

The Grade 4 Martial Monarch's sword aura exploded inside the body of this Martial Monarch.

However, that Martial Monarch was still bursting forward even after suffering from the explosion! Flesh from his body that had been blown apart had scattered onto the face of the Grade 4 Martial Monarch, while the long sword that was flung towards him had also stabbed his shoulder before completely penetrating it. A large flesh wound was now present on his shoulder.

He screamed in pain before retreating quickly.

However, the other Martial Monarch from the Ao Clan had already burst towards him through all the blood fog.

Two people burst towards him since earlier!

He tried to use his own long sword to block off the attack of the approaching Martial Monarch. However, his long sword suddenly backed off just the two long swords were about to strike each other while he twisted his body to the left as he approached his enemy.

He then stabbed his long sword into his enemy's stomach before it diagonally exited from the blade of his enemy's shoulder!

That Martial Monarch from the Ao Clan laughed before he turned his body around. As he did so, he twisted the long sword in his body. The Grade 4 Martial Monarch's hand was still on his long sword. He wanted to pull it back, but the twisting motion caused him to twist too, and he turned with the other Martial Monarch.

He suddenly sensed that something was amiss. He quickly used force and slashed his long sword!

At this instant, the belly of this Grade 4 Martial Monarch was stabbed before the long sword in his body was swept upwards. From his belly to his throat, the entire, upper front of his body was slashed apart! His internal organs were completely ruptured, and they started to flow out from his body.

However, as he swept his sword, this supreme elder from the Ao Clan was also already slashed into two parts!

The upper half of his body was still calmly smiling as it flew in the air, and it threw the long sword back towards the Martial Monarch, accurately stabbing the back of his head!

After that, his upper body crashed onto the ground.

He revealed a sarcastic and relieved smile on his face.

For Martial Monarchs and succeeding ranks, every difference in grade represented a huge difference in abilities! But he managed to use his peak Grade 3 Martial Monarch abilities to kill a Grade 4 Martial Monarch!

With such an achievement, he could die without any regrets!

After this, he turned his head around before he died.

While that Martial Monarch from the Shi Clan was struck in the head and the entire, upper front of his body had been slashed open, he was still alive. He was still screaming in disbelief and did his best to stuff his organs back into his body. They continued to flow out still, but he also continued to stuff them back.

It was only after a while did he felt the pain behind his back. When he reached his hand out to touch, he found that there was a long sword at the back of his head. He screamed once again before pulling the long sword out. After that, his brain matter spurted hundreds of feet out before he turned a few rounds and collapsed to the ground!

He opened his expressionless eyes. He was indignant and unconvinced as he muttered, "This is the Middle Three Heavens…why…will I die?"

After this, he didn't mutter any further sound.

A fight between fourteen exponents was now reduced to a duel between two of them!

The remaining Martial Monarch from the Ao Clan was still smiling. It was if he wasn't affected by the death of his comrade beside him. He only continued to attack his enemy!

However, there was a deathly look in his eyes right now!

The remaining Martial Monarch from the Shi Clan had a horrified look in his eyes, and he was completely shocked! When he saw his leader dying in such a brutal manner, he instantly lost all his will to fight. He shouted before he turned around and fled!

"Where do you think you're going?" The elder from the Ao Clan coldly shouted before he started his pursuit.

He stabbed his long sword forward!

The Martial Monarch from the Shi Clan only had enough time to shout, "Have mercy..." before the long sword stabbed through his back and exited from his front! He lowered his head and laughed pathetically when he saw the tip of the long sword poking out from his chest. He said, "Can you spare my life?"

After this, his vision turned blurry and his body slid across the long sword as he collapsed to the ground. He was no longer breathing now.

As the Martial Monarch from the Ao Clan looked at the corpse of his enemy on the ground, he indifferently said, "I'm afraid not."

The fight had ended!

Chu Yang's side had actually won!

This result was beyond everyone's imagination! Especially the Nine Great Clans and the Enforcers.

After thinking for a moment, they came to terms with what happened.

Those from Chu Yang's side reckoned that they were going to die, thus they didn't bear any hopes of survival. However, the reinforcements from the Shi Clan only wanted to preserve their lives.

Their attitudes were different. Although the side with the higher cultivation was half a grade higher than the side with the lower cultivation, the final result wasn't too shocking.

Both parties were quiet!

It was completely silent!

"Did we win?" The remaining Martial Monarch from the Ao Clan raised his brow and asked the Enforcer.


"Quickly announce it." He quietly pleaded.

After hearing the Enforcers announcing that his side had won, this Martial Monarch revealed a comforting smile on his face and he said comfortingly, "If you don't announce it, how can I deliver news of our victory to them? How can they not know the final result of their last battle?"

He laughed and said, "Fellows, we've been fighting alongside one another for years. How can all of you leave me alone now?"

Ao Xie Yun was shocked and said, "Elder, don't!"

The Martial Monarch from the Ao Clan laughed and answered, "They are waiting for me! The last battle in this world is a fight of seven versus seven. However, it can't possibly be six versus seven in the underworld. They'll be at a disadvantage."

"Everything has been decided and I'm relieved." He quickly scanned everyone and said, "I have to go. If I go any later, I'm afraid I can't catch up with them."

"Old fellows, wait for me! Don't blame me for turning nasty if anyone rushes off! All of you can't bear to leave me behind either." He looked into the sky and smile, before he stabbed his long sword into his own heart!

He stood up straight and muttered, "We live and die together!"

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