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A scream of pain reverberated through the air!

Dong Wu Shang felt as if he had been struck by a bolt of lightning. He turned around vigorously to look at Mo Lei Er.

Mo Lei Er's petite red lips were apart and her eyes brimmed with an incredulous look. An endless amount of regret, pain, and sorrow appeared in her eyes.

She had never expected her father to use such a method to make her happy!

As she stood there dumbly, her mind turned blank.

"Is love this expensive? Must I sacrifice my father for love? Will I be blissful… is this still bliss?"

"I know that the Black Devils have no way else to go. The Zhao Clan and the Li Clan are all subordinates of the Tian Clan. Tu Qian Hao is dead but the Tu Clan managed to get reinforcements from the Upper Three Heavens. Lì Xiong Tu's clan is supported by the Upper Three Heavens too."

The only clan with no backer, and hence the weakest, was the Black Devils. In this fight, they were nonetheless deployed as the main fighting force.

Tian Bu Hui not only wanted to extinguish the clans supporting Dong Wu Shang and Mo Tian Ji. He also wanted to permanently cripple the Black Devils.

If the Black Devils did not fight, they would die for sure. There was no other alternative for them.

Her father probably thought, "Since I'm going to die anyway, why don't I use my death to buy my daughter bliss and happiness?"

This was all that her father thought about. This was what he had planned and this was what he did.

Mo Lei Er's body trembled as she screamed in her mind, "I can't accept it! I know that the only option here is death but I cannot accept the fact that my father must die for me!"

"Had I known about this beforehand, I would rather die with my clan and my father!"

"Father, you did everything in your way for your whole life. You never cared about what others think or feel! At this moment, you are still as obstinate as before. You still disregard what others think!"

"But… what about me…"

"How can I continue living like this? How can I enjoy my blissful life? A life you paid for with your blood?"

Mo Lei Er stumbled one step forward and her face turned pale-white. Then, blood rushed into her face and her face reddened and felt as if it was burning.

Following that, she screamed and spat out a mouthful of blood. Her body shook and her lips trembled. She wanted to speak but no word came out as she opened and closed her mouth like a goldfish. All she could muster were a few weak moans. Then, blood trickled down her lips as she collapsed silently.

She had fainted!

Dong Wu Shang grabbed onto her and at that moment, he was at a loss!

He finally knew who she was: Black Devil Young Master!

Right now, however, no matter how terrifying the rumors surrounding the Black Devils were, he did not give them much thought. All he knew was that in his arms, there was a woman! A woman who needed his comfort and protection!

The scene on the battlefield was even more brutal.

The Black Devil's veil had been ripped off, revealing a gaunt, hard, and emotionless face! The look in his eyes was dark and cold but also resolutely calm.

His entire body was filled with wounds.

However, he did not frown once.

"Black Devil! Tell me! Tell me why?" Tian Bu Hui's desperate voice rang out.

"Why?" The Black Devil mumbled. Then, he looked at the sky and laughed. While his laughter was dark, it was also delirious with joy.

"Tian Bu Hui, I, the Black Devil, have two choices!" The Black Devil laughed as he continued to fight without pausing. "Number one, my daughter, clan, and I can sacrifice ourselves for your ambitions, Tian Bu Hui!"

"Number two, I can sacrifice myself for my daughter's happiness! Furthermore, I can keep her alive!"

The Black Devil was energetic. His laughter seemed slightly deranged as he said, "Tian Bu Hui, what do you think I should do?"

Tian Bu Hui's body trembled as he shouted, "You don't have to do this! You can save your clan and your daughter!"

"F*ck you!" The Black Devil cursed. He had been stabbed once more. He bellowed coldly and as he stabbed a Martial Emperor with his sword and said, "Tian Bu Hui, do you think I don't know that you have already recognized You Chang Feng as your godfather? Do you think I don't know about your plan to exterminate the Black Devils? I'm not only good at killing people but I'm also good at gathering intelligence! Hahaha… did you know that when You Chang Feng and you were coming up with this plan, I was in a tent right above your heads!"

"I may be an assassin. However, how can you expect me to sacrifice myself for a despicable man like you!"

The Black Devil stood straight. His slender body spurted blood as he laughed, "You are not worthy!"

"You are not worthy!"

Tian Bu Hui's face contorted in rage as he screamed, "Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Ahhhh!"

The battlefield was in a state of utter chaos.

Tian Bu Hui's side had less than 40 people. There were only two Black Devils left, including the Black Devil himself and a Supreme Assassin who, like him, forcibly reduced his cultivation level to that of a Martial Emperor!

Gu Du Xing's sword was like the wind, the rain, the fog, as he tried to charge inside.

However, the Martial Emperors on the other side appeared to have lost all reason. They ignored him completely just so they could strike the Black Devils. Every punch, kick, stab, hack, or even bite counted!

Someone leaped into the air and rushed toward the Black Devil. Gu Du Xing intercepted him in mid-air and with a slash of his sword, sliced him in half.

However, the top half of his body still shone with sword light. He rushed past the Black Devil's defenses as he attacked!

"You have your reasons, but we have ours too!"

"You don't want to die for Tian Bu Hui, but we don't want to die because of your betrayal too!"

With a boom, the Black Devil grunted. He looked up and blood poured from his mouth like a waterfall.

A few rays of sword radiance were in front of him.

A scream of pain could be heard. Then, the Supreme Assassin's eyes turned wild as he looked at the two swords that had been thrust into his chest. He smiled madly and shouted, "Lei Er! Listen to your dad!"

Then, he used his bare hands to grab the two swords which were pierced into his heart. They snapped and the two people wielding the swords fell forward.

The Supreme Assassin's smiled darkly as he pulled out the two broken swords from his heart and said coldly, "Die with me!"

With two thrusts, he stabbed the two Martial Emperors with the broken swords he pulled out from his chest!

The three of them shouted at the same time and at the same time, they used the last bit of energy they had to hack furiously with their broken swords at each other. When they fell onto the ground, they were but bloody messes…

Flesh and blood flew off the Black Devil himself. His life hung by a thread!

Mo Lei Er woke up and when she saw this scene, she wailed once more and fainted. Even though she was unconscious, blood seeped out from her mouth, staining Dong Wu Shang's robes red as they trickled onto the ground…

"Gu Du Xing!" Chu Yang shouted fiercely, "The Black Devil cannot die!"

"Save him for me! Even if he has to die, it can't be now!"

Chu Yang's heart burned with passion as he issued this order.

"Don't save him…" Mo Tian Ji wanted to stop Chu Yang but it was too late. All he could do was to sigh.

Gu Du Xing roared and instantly, a solitary sword intent filled the air. At the same time, the heaven and earth turned dark as if everyone had forgotten something…

Great Oblivion Sword Intent!

Gu Du Xing, the Sword Sovereign, used his most powerful attack for the first time in his life!

Solitary Swordsmanship, Great Oblivion Swordsmanship!

They appeared on his sword at the same time.

His coldness, solitude, obliviousness, and loneliness danced in the air. However, they were also as fast as lightning. His attacks were dreamy and he struck from unpredictable angles as a vast amount of sword light rolled and slashed their way through!

Four Martial Emperors, who relied on their domain protection, warded off attacks from outside as they attacked the Black Devil madly. However, Gu Du Xing's Black Dragon Sword disregarded this domain protection as it pierced their bodies repeatedly. Then, through their bodies, it continued to surge forward!

The four Martial Emperors felt as if their hearts turned cold. They knew that they had been struck. Just as they were about to fight, a solitary sword intent suddenly erupted in their hearts.

Their organs burst apart at the same time.

However, they had one last thought in their minds and that was to fight back. However, an oblivious sword intent spread through their mind and at this moment, their consciousness became garbled and they forgot everything. Before they could do anything, they collapsed onto the ground.

It seemed as if the moment Gu Du Xing attacked, his black robe became stained with blood. He wielded his sword as if it was a gust of wind as he killed six more people before he finally made it to the innermost circle of the fight.

Outside, dozens of Martial Emperors coordinated their attacks with Gu Du Xing.

At this moment, the Black Devil seemed to be at the end of the line!

With a shout, his left arm was sliced clean off. His body trembled as three different swords stabbed at his forehead, heart, and throat respectively.

He was no longer capable of resisting, parrying, or dodging.

At this moment, however, Gu Du Xing's solitary and oblivious sword intent permeated the air around him.

Sword light flew into the air like a dream. The moment the tips of three swords were supposed to hit their targets, these three swords were severed. Then, Gu Du Xing's sword turned into a bolt of lightning.

Slick! Slick! Slick! Three human heads flew into the air. Gu Du Xing's empty left hand grabbed the Black Devil's belt. However, the moment he grabbed it, his belt broke. All of his clothes were in tatters.

Gu Du Xing frowned as he attacked continuously with his sword. He grabbed him once more on his right shoulder. With a roar, his sword light turned into a round light pillar!

It was dazzlingly bright!

Gu Du Xing wielded his sword with one hand and grabbed the Black Devil with the other. Like a lonely dragon, he flew into the air!

"Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!" Tian Bu Hui shouted as he jumped up and down.

However, this was no longer possible.

The last 12 Martial Emperors were surrounded by more than 80 Martial Emperors from the other side. Sabers and swords struck together! Saber lights struck as vigorously as a waterfall while sword lights descended upon them like rain!

Screams of pain could be heard!

The last three of them stood upright as they looked at the direction where Gu Du Xing and the Black Devil had escaped. Their faces brimming with rage.

Dozens of Martial Emperors struck them but they encountered no resistance. Only then did they know that these three Martial Emperors, whose bodies were upright, were already dead…

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