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The two sides slowly marched toward each other. The atmosphere was heavy and completely unlike the intensity of the battle between the Martial Kings.

If not for the murderous looks on everyone's face, it would be easy to think that they were but a group of friends who were meeting up here.

Mo Lei Er grabbed Dong Wu Shang's elbow tightly and stared intently at the battlefield. Her breathing became increasingly faster.

Dong Wu Shang looked at her strangely and thought, "What's wrong with this girl now? Isn't she normally fearless and brash?"

"Why is she so anxious and worried now?"

He still felt slightly uncomfortable having a young girl grabbing his arm in front of everyone. He shook his arm slightly but he noticed that Mo Lei Er was still grabbing onto his arm tightly as if she had not felt his shake. He could not bear to shove her off and hence, he stopped shaking his arm. Slowly, he reached out with his hand and placed it on Mo Lei Er's shoulder before giving it a small squeeze.

Before Mo Lei Er could even react, Dong Wu Shang quickly retracted his hand as he blushed intensely. His heart was pumping twice as far.

This was an easy action to pull off for all men. However, when Dong Wu Shang did it, the meaning was entirely different. Only the heavens knew how much courage he needed to hold a girl's hand in front of everyone.

Mo Lei Er looked at her shoulder as if she could see Dong Wu Shang's remnant warmth emanating off it. Her heart warmed and she steadied herself.

She looked up slightly and stared at Dong Wu Shang. Noticing how wide his shoulders were and how he was as large as a mountain, she felt that he was capable of holding up the sky and shielding her from all future storms.

Suddenly, she felt as if she had found her source of support and that there was no need to be scared anymore. She could not help but lie on his chest. At that moment, her heart steadied and she felt no anxiety or fear. She hoped for the best for her father.

"He can do it!"


A murderous laughter ripped through the air. The Black Devil, who was amidst the Martial Emperors, shouted, "Kill!"

At the same time, a solitary sword intent suddenly appeared in the sky without any warning. Falling amidst the snow, it instantly made a huge 'clang'!

Everyone's heart jolted.

Everyone below the rank of a Martial Monarch drew their swords. The cold gleam of their swords dazzled!

A sword qi, located high in the heaven above, suddenly appeared. The moment it did, one felt as if a sovereign was descending!

A sword light flashed, uncaringly and solitarily, and slashed across the vast earth. It was about 55 meters long and with a 'swoosh', a Grade 5 Martial Emperor on the opposite side was quietly sliced into two.

He was still walking forward. Suddenly, he froze and his body half slowly dropped onto the ground.

His two legs remained rooted on the snowy ground!

Before he could even scream in pain, he was already dead. He was not even able to use his Martial Emperor powers.

Quickly, a man in black, solitary and lonely, appeared on the opponent's side. Gu Du Xing's face was expressionless and his face was cold. His eyes were frigid and his body was icy-cold. His sword was like an ice dragon as it flickered in and out of sight against this snowy backdrop. No one could predict where it would strike next!

The Black Dragon Sword suddenly roared as if it was about to wreak carnage everywhere!

It was at this moment!

Tian Bu Hui shouted in his heart, "What a good chance!"

Gu Du Xing had already stepped out to fight!

All of the Martial Emperors stared at this god of killing with fierce looks in their eyes. The Sword Sovereign was looking for his sacrificial lambs! They looked at him with fear, terror, and a strong killing intent!

"A good chance!" The Black Devil shouted, "Kill!"

Tian Bu Hui slapped his thigh excitedly.

However, Tian Bu Hui's mouth dropped open in shock. He could not believe what he saw on the battlefield and he became frozen solid. He could not move a single inch!

"How is this possible?" After a long while, he trembled and his face turned red. He let out a bloodcurdling scream, "Black Devil! Blaaaaack Devil! I'll kill you! I'll f*ck all 18 generations of your ancestors…. You despicable traitor! Wu….wu…"

Everyone behind him looked on in shock!

Even the Shi Clan of the Upper Three Heavens stared at this scene, wide-eyed and in shock. His mouth dropped!

This… was too unbelievable!

On the battlefield, the Black Devil issued one order and all 17 of his Martial Emperors struck at the same time!

Sword lights flashed as they pierced every nook and cranny they could find. They killed people as if they were cutting vegetables.

Furthermore, wherever they struck with their swords, they were met with no resistance. Not a single one of their swords clanged!

Despite that, heads flew in the air and blood spurted in all directions. Limbs were hacked off. This was a scene that came straight from Hell.

Each killing was like a textbook example of an assassination!

Accurate! Sharp! Every strike counted!

Everyone who saw this scene finally understood how the Black Devil was able to intimidate the Middle Three Heavens! They finally understood how he was able to terrify the Middle Three Heavens with his entourage of assassins and dare-to-die corps!

The methods of assassination they were witnessing were mysterious and unpredictable!

It was not hard for them to kill their first batch of victims, as they took advantage of their unpreparedness. However, when they killed their second batch of victims, it was pure skills!

They moved like specters and all the spectators could see were the gleams of their swords. They used corpses to conceal themselves and they struck from every single position, no matter how unpredictable these positions were. Every time they attacked, they would kill someone!

A Black Devil charged forward and everyone thought that he was about to fight them head-on. However, at the last moment, he retreated. Then, the tip of his sword suddenly pointed backward and everyone thought he was going to strike someone who was behind him. However, his sword then emerged from underneath his armpit backward as he stabbed someone, who was on his left, in the throat.

He wielded his sword with his right hand!

With this attack, he used his arms to form a circle and he struck from the most unexpected angle.

The sword of another one of them was broken and he was in the midst of retreating rapidly. Then, his legs came flying up and suddenly, an intact sword appeared on top of his legs. With this sword, he was able to stab a pursuing enemy in the heart!

A few other Black Devils who were moving about suddenly spread forth in all four directions. Numerous swords stabbed an enemy who was the furthest away from them…

The Black Devil himself, who was in the center, was completely in his element. His sword gleamed with light and the two people next to him were cut into halves. They immediately fell backward. Then, he pulled his sword out from the chest of the enemy on his right. As blood trickled off this sword, a black dagger appeared in his left hand. It was utterly black and did not give off any light at all. The Black Devil then drove it into another Martial Emperor's throat.

He then retracted his bloody left hand and then, he sent both his sword and his dagger flying into the air. Like comets, they struck two Martial Emperors who were at the very back of the contingent, killing them both at the same time!

Four to five enemies came at him at the same time. Right now, the Black Devil was completely unarmed. Suddenly, he fell backward in a controlled fashion while his feet remained planted in the ground and with his hands supporting his body. His enemies charged toward him with wicked smiles on their faces.

Then, the Black Devil's chest suddenly made a 'peng' and countless needles, all of which were as thin as the hair of a yak, flew out and hit the five Martial Emperors right in the face.

Instantly, they all screamed in pain. Covering their faces, they tumbled back. Their faces were filled with gashes and blood trickled out from their eyes.

Any discerning person could tell that their eyes had been blinded!

However, they did not stumble back immediately. The Black Devil, whose body was parallel to the ground, started to spin. A sword appeared in each of his four limbs! As he spun on the ground, he chopped and hacked. Eight legs remained standing on the ground without any owner.

Then, he turned around vigorously as enemies from all around charged toward him. A black fog came pouring suddenly from his body.

Amidst the black fog, sword lights flashed…

Screams of pain reverberated through the air…

The Black Devil's assassination ability no longer cared about ranks or cultivation!

Anyone who was within his range was dead for sure!

However, this scene stunned everyone!

This was because the Black Devils did not kill people from Chu Yang's side but instead, those from his own side!

In other words, they killed those from the Tian Clan, the Zhao Clan, the Lì Clan (Translator's Note: This is Lì Xiong Tu's clan (历). To distinguish it from the Li (李) Clan, we will use Lì), the Li Clan, the Tu Clan… Furthermore, they even killed the reinforcements from the Upper Three Heavens…

The only people they did not kill were those on Chu Yang's side!

A wave of black formed a turbulent wave… of blood!

Gu Du Xing killed only one person. Then, this sudden change happened as his enemies started to fight among themselves. Had Chu Yang not warned him beforehand, Gu Du Xing would have been stunned too!

However, thanks to the warning, Gu Du Xing was able to keep his composure.

He waved his sword and bellowed, "Kill!"

He took advantage of this chaos and charged like a cyclone into his foes!

The 95 Martial Emperors behind him followed tight!

Tian Bu Hui's entire body turned cold. It was as if he had fallen into a cave of ice.

His mind was in utter chaos as he could not think of a reason why the Black Devils would revolt! Why? The Black Devil and the Dong Clan, the Luo Clan, the Ji Clan, the Gu Clan, and King of Hell were enemies!

Furthermore, they were the sworn enemies of the Mo Clan!

He should have been their most reliable ally! However, at this moment, they turned on him… If the Lì Clan suddenly surrendered to the enemy, or if the Tu Clan suddenly knelt before his foes, or even if the Nine Heavens collapsed in front of him right now, he would not be as shocked as he was right now!

This was utterly senseless!

Anyone could betray him but the Black Devil! Tian Bu Hui thought that it was more possible for him to work with Mo Tian Ji… than for the Black Devil to…

However, the Black Devil did revolt!

Where was the reason in this?

He had 137 Martial Emperors. 17 Black Devils suddenly turned on them. In an extremely period of time, they killed 43 Martial Emperors!

The Black Devil killed more than 10 people alone!

After a while, the rest finally reacted to this massacre. They fought tooth-and-nail against the Black Devils. Very few of them were able to receive Gu Du Xing and his Martial Emperors who were charging toward them!

In the jianghu, the most despicable act was to stab one's ally in the back in a fight to the death!

This was a great taboo in the Nine Heavens!

However, the Black Devil chose to violate this taboo at this moment! Why?

"Black Devil! Why?" Tian Bu Hui stood up and roared. The moment he shouted that line, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

The Black Devil was now surrounded.

Everyone's eyes were bloodshot as they killed with wanton abandon!

The Black Devil did not reply. His hair flew loose and his eyes remained dark. Clad in his black robes, he was a terrifying sight to behold!

Screams of pain reverberated in the air. Soon, two Black Devils were sliced to pieces by the crowd!

They hacked and chopped without a single care in the world. Even though Gu Du Xing and his Martial Emperors were almost upon them, and that their fate was sealed, they did not care. Even if they had to sacrifice their own lives, they would still do their best to inflict just a single wound on the Black Devils!

Their hatred for the Black Devils had reached an incomprehensible level!

If they died today, they would not die at ease.

Gu Du Xing roared as he sliced one of the Martial Emperors surrounding a Black Devil into halves. However, the top half of this Martial Emperor flew out with all his might. Even though he had been sliced into two, he still tried to charge forward. With his mouth, he bit a Black Devil's on the shoulder. His snowy-white teeth chomped onto him and refused to let go.

He was long dead and his organs poured out of his body. However, his eyes were wide open with rage. The Black Devil chopped furiously at his corpse, turning it into mincemeat. However, the dead Martial Emperor continued to bite down furiously on this Black Devil's shoulder!

Until this Black Devil had been chopped into mincemeat himself, until his head had been sliced open by someone else, his teeth were still inside…

This was how strong his hatred was!

"Kill the Black Devil first!" Tian Bu Hui shouted!

"Kill them all!"

"Kill them at all costs! Kill them! This b*stard! This c*nt! This filth!" Tian Bu Hui shouted in desperation. "Black Devil! I will f*cking kill you!"

They had lost this battle. It was clear to everyone!

However, they did not expect to lose in this fashion!

In the battlefield, the scene was even more brutal!

The powerful cultivators from the enemy's side did not care about anything else. Other than surrounding the Black Devil, they did not care about anything else. When they saw Gu Du Xing, they tried to dodge him if they could. If they could not dodge him, they would rather get hit and then continue attacking the Black Devil!

The Black Devil's position became increasingly disadvantageous. Without the element of surprise, he was in peril!

However, he gritted his teeth and continued to kill as many people as he could. Faced with a throng of his foes, he did not take a single step back!

He was already injured!

Gu Du Xing charged madly forward. However, faced against such determined enemies, he could only progress so far!

Suddenly, the Black Devil, bleeding from all over his body, leaped into the air! With a slash from his sword, he landed and another head flew into the distance. However, another deep wound appeared on his body.

Suddenly, he shouted at the top of his voice.

Despite the chaos on the battlefield, his voice was crystal-clear and everyone could hear him!

It was still raspy and dark! It was still calm!

However, it brimmed with an indescribable significance!

"Dong Wu Shang! Mo Lei Er is my daughter! Don't mistreat my daughter!" The Black Devil shouted madly. "Don't you dare mistreat her!"

"After this battle, are the debts between the Black Devils and the Dong Clan settled?" The Black Devil shouted. "Don't blame my daughter! Don't bully Lei Er!"

"Mo Tian Ji! After this battle, I will have returned everything I owed to the Mo Clan! My daughter will be your sister. Don't you dare bully her!"

As the Black Devil screeched, pieces of his flesh and his blood flew into the air.

"King of Hell Chu! I've handed my daughter over to your brother!" The Black Devil shouted as he arched his head back. Blood flew out of his mouth. "Will you stop them?! On the basis of my contribution today, please give them your blessings! Give my daughter your blessings!"

Blood and flesh flew everywhere as the Black Devil bellowed madly, "Everything I owe the Nine Heavens, I've returned them! I've returned them all!"

"Lei Er! Lei Er! May you never cry in your life! Remember what your mother said! I'll be with your mother soon, so don't worry about us!"

"Dong Wu Shang! Don't mistreat my daughter!"

"Don't mistreat my daughter..."

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