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"So to say, it'll undoubtedly come at the Master of Nine Tribulations Sword!" Tan Tan muttered for a while, and then smiled strangely, "Boy, what would you do about the anger of gods and the complaints of people?"

Chu Yang got angry, "You've occupied the body of my younger brother. So, call me 'Big Brother' like an obedient child! Are you really calling me 'boy'?"

"…" Tan Tan stared at him.

Chu Yang snorted, and said, "So what if it's the decision of heavenly design? So what if the Nine Tribulations Sword breaks? I - Chu Yang - have never believed in the will of the heavens!"

"Good mindset!" Tan Tan blurted out.

Then, he further said, "Also, there are chances to survive even if the heavenly design collapses and the ten-thousand tribulations fall upon. However, you'll need to look for it. We would be done for if you just believe in fate and we run into such a situation again."

Mo Tian Ji tightly knitted his brows, "Chu Yang, crisis would fall on you this time. So, you must protect yourself."

Chu Yang nodded, "I know."

He bitterly smiled in his heart. [I knew it when I forced Sword Spirit to take control of my body. The 'Grasping the World's Destiny' of Mo Tian Ji is nothing but an indirect validation now.]

"Then, what about this decisive battle?" Mo Tian Ji asked.

"It's impossible to avoid it if the Heavenly Design breaks the Nine Tribulations Sword. The danger might be even bigger the next time if we try to avoid it forcibly." Chu Yang insipidly said, "This matter is my business. You don't have to do anything about it. So, this decisive battle will be held normally.

"Don't tell others about this matter… not even Gu Du Xing. Don't let anyone know about this."

Chu Yang said in a soft voice, "Tian Ji, you must protect our brothers if this situation occurs. I know you can do it. Moreover, you would have the responsibility to keep our brothers together in the future if something were to happen to me. You must make them cautious about the various principles out there on the way to survival ahead."

Mo Tian Ji sighed, and forced a smile.

He seriously spoke about everyone's situation as much as possible. He wanted Chu Yang to give up on this operation this time. But, he hadn't expected that his warning would be disregarded by Chu Yang.

"A sword will break in the sky"- these words already explained a lot of questions.

"Heavenly design can't be observed. It is also irreversible." Tan Tan said, "What Chu Yang is saying is right… The danger will be double the next time if you try to avoid it this time in case the heavenly design truly collapses and causes a tribulation. Facing it is the only solution! Seeking a way out of the heavenly design is the only way to survive even if he manages to make a narrow escape from death."

Mo Tian Ji became speechless. He then deeply sighed.

However, Chu Yang was carefree. He said, "There's no need to argue amongst ourselves. We'll truly be screwed if we can't believe ourselves. I - Chu Yang - still believe that I'm capable of surviving."

The three people didn't speak for a very long while. Chu Yang's complexion was relaxed. And, Tan Tan's complexion was somewhat dignified. But, Mo Tian Ji had wrinkled his brows... He heaved a short sigh.

In the evening… Mo Tian Ji took advantage of Chu Yang and Tan Tan muttering among themselves, and called Gu Du Xing and the others. He finally understood things a little bit when he heard that Chu Yang had suddenly erupted and fought with Monarch Experts. He couldn't help but heave a long sigh.

The kind of combat strength that Chu Yang had displayed at the time when he had erupted was hard to imagine for Mo Tian Ji. After all, Chu Yang wasn't an Emperor Level Expert yet. He shouldn't be that formidable even if he were to overdraft his own vitality.

The only possibility was that Chu Yang had used the Nine Tribulations Sword's mysterious energy. But, it was obvious that Chu Yang couldn't withstand this mysterious power at his current level. Therefore, the backfire of this energy must've brought these serious consequences.

However, Mo Tian Ji was speechless after he heard about the circumstances of that time.

[Should Chu Yang have just seen his brothers die in front of him if he hadn't set into action? Chu Yang would truly never ever be capable of doing so.]

[Perhaps, only one man among the brothers is capable of this — Me.]

[I'm not cold-blooded. However, I consider gains and losses. I'll keep myself unharmed so that I can seek revenge in the future. But, this is inevitably not enough to be considered warm-blooded.]

[Therefore, I can only work out a strategy while being behind the curtains. I'm not suitable to charge and break through the enemy lines by being the ever-victorious commander.]

Mo Tian Ji forced a smile as he thought this. [I wouldn't choose myself if I were an outsider in case I had to pick one from me and Chu Yang to be friends with — I would rather choose Chu Yang.]

[This is perhaps the biggest reason why the heaven warping geniuses — Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang — had chosen Chu Yang as their friend.]

[And, the same goes for me.]

Mo Tian Ji regained his vitality to some extent when the group of pedestrians started off on their journey the next morning. He was still sitting in the chariot. The most valuable thing about Mo Tian Ji wasn't his strength. Instead, it was his brain. Nothing could affect Mo Tian Ji's military strength even if all of his limbs were cut off as long as his brain remained intact…

However, this team was still much dull.

Everyone was still very friendly among each other. It could be clearly seen that they had become much more amiable with each other than before. The friendship between them seemed to be more harmonious.

But, this was because of the load of their minds.

Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang, Mo Tian Ji, Xie Dan Qiong, Ao Xie Yun, and the others were secretly looking at Chu Yang with concern from time to time. Moreover, everyone looked relaxed, but all of them were like a tightly compressed coil spring. In fact, these people would appear before Chu Yang whenever Chu Yang would make any sound.

Chu Yang had no other option but to force a smile towards this kind of concern.

[Brothers, it's not the enemy I'm dealing with. It's the heaven…]

However, he couldn't reject their concern.

Tan Tan and Xie Dan Feng were walking together. Both of them had kept their mouths shut.

Xie Dan Feng had initially kept a distance from Tan Tan. But, they had accidently come near. Then, Tan Tan had avoided her and moved away. They both were deliberately avoiding each other. But, they couldn't help but come in contact with each other. They both felt bitter in their hearts. All sorts of feelings welled up in their hearts.

"When are you going back?" Xie Dan Feng interrogated him.

Tan Tan touched his nose, and forced a smile. He said without having any better option, "Soon."

"Can't you go back a little sooner? And, let my Tan Tan come out?" Xie Dan Feng asked.

"…" Tan Tan was somewhat aggrieved. [Lady, I had been buried for a hundred-thousand years. And, it has only been day-and-half since I've come out. And, you're asking me to go back?]

[It's very cruel!]

"What's your name?" Xie Dan Feng finally asked something reasonable.

"I… My name was… Tan Xiao… a hundred thousand years ago." Tan Tan recalled his name. It seemed as if he had recalled a memory from a very long time ago. He had a very proud look as he said his name. He was clearly very satisfied with his name. He said, "The thing that I liked to do the most in those days was talking and laughing. It would make all my enemies vanish in a puff of smoke."

"It's not as pleasant to hear as Tan Tan!" Xie Dan Feng wrinkled her nose. Then, she finally said in affirmation, "It's too out-dated and unpleasant to hear."

This man Tan Xiao almost faced upwards and spat out blood.

Chu Yang felt restless in his heart as he listened to this. So, he wrinkled his nose, and hurriedly walked away.

Was Tan Tan pleasant to hear or Tan Xiao?

One wouldn't have to think over this question… Tan Tan wouldn't be able to keep up with Tan Xiao even if it were to be encouraged. After all, Tan Xiao wasn't only artistic but also easy to pronounce. It was a catchy and domineering name that could make a huge army retreat. It was incomparable.

However, Tan Xiao had no value in Young Miss Xie's heart. Even 'Tan Jade Emperor'… would've been inferior to Tan Tan and unpleasant to hear for her!

"I'm disappointed." Tan Xiao's complexion became dark. He said, "Anyway, I've been reluctant to go back for a very long time for the past few days. But, I'm considering going back to sleep now."

Therefore, this Devil King of his generation — Tan Xiao — had become depressed after he had come out for one-and-half day. So, he sank into deep sleep. Therefore, Tan Tan woke up.

But, Tan Tan remained somewhat silent after waking up this time. He looked at everyone, and felt guilty.

This kind of feeling made Xie Dan Feng fly into a rage even though she had initially gone wild with joy. So, she beat him up in a maddened frenzy. Then, Chu Yang looked at the cowering appearance of this guy. He got angry but didn't beat him. Therefore, he gathered all his brothers, and they all beat this guy up.

This guy got beat-up twice. In fact, all of them beat-up this guy with eagerness! Tan Tan recklessly hit back. Therefore… the subtle guilty conscience in his heart also subsided amidst the beatings and clamor…

Perhaps, they could only be blunt towards a friend who was guilty-ridden. Perhaps, that was the only way to pull him back to normal.

They did it so that he would feel that he was also a part of this group.

We often have a feeling… The more we get close to people, the ruder we get with each other. We would only call them bastards and idiots whenever we open our mouths. But, we naturally think of them as dear to us when we close our mouths. It's nothing out of the ordinary if we beat each other in an altercation.

We often treat each other with respect, and just open our mouths to thank each other. It looks very civilized. But, even a stranger would be able to tell by seeing from a distance that they have a moat between them.

Maybe… this is our unique culture…

On another side… Tian Clan, Black Devil Clan, and the other ally clans were now on their way to the Lake of Despair.

It had been quiet for a very long time. The worried look on everyone's face had almost turned into blooming smiles after almost a month.

It was because their reinforcements had finally arrived.

Tu Clan had finally invited reinforcements from the Upper Three Heavens after Tu Qian Hao had died by the hands of Gu Du Xing.

Tu Qian Hao had made his subordinates bring his words to his clan before dying. They naturally brought back his words. But, the Tu Clan's people didn't follow Tu Qian Hao's words.

The number-one youth of the Tu Clan's younger generation had died tragically. This had caused an intense and deep-seated hatred among the people.

So, how could people with such hatred have simply returned to their native place and lived in seclusion following a few words of instruction? Wouldn't that be sparing the murderer too easily? They wanted to kill Gu Du Xing first even if they must return to their native place and live in seclusion.

As for the King level Experts who had brought back Tu Qian Hao's words… they all had been executed by the Tu Clan. This was because a rumor had been spread that they all had entrapped their Young Clan Lord and killed him…

Tu Clan's high level experts naturally understood that Tu Qian Hao had such nature; he would've definitely said those words.

But, how would they take revenge of Tu Qian Hao's death if they didn't portray Tu Qian Hao's death as assassination? How would they kill Gu Du Xing?

[Besides, our Tu Clan would be the number-one clan to give outstanding services in the alliance as long as the reinforcements came down. Our Tu Clan would be high and mighty as it should be by rights after we've defeated the enemy.]

 [This is equivalent to an opportunity to raise our Tu Clan to the top. So, how can we let it go?]

[The only unfortunate thing is Tu Qian Hao's death. It wouldn't have been difficult to lead the clan to glory with Tu Qian Hao's qualifications after the clan had risen up.]

Gu Du Xing would've certainly sighed if he were to know about this situation, [It's very unfortunate that Tu Qian Hao died. He was such a hero. He gave up his life to warn his clan… but it still didn't affect the clan by any means.]

The armies were advancing day by day. But, Tian Bu Hui found that the Young Black Devil seemed to have become habitually silent ever since he had returned after ambushing Dong Wu Shang. His usual sinister voice which could draw people to hell hadn't been heard for a long time now.

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