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Chu Yang still remembered that Mo Tian Ji had said that he was already well-versed in the technique 'Grasping the World's Destiny' when Chu Yang had left the Mo Clan. Mo Tian Ji could also have a glimpse into the heavenly secrets of fate.

He remembered that Mo Tian Ji had said those words very confidently. Chu Yang knew that it was not so simple that Mo Tian Ji "could have a glimpse". Mo Tian Ji had certainly gotten deep accomplishments. And, that's why he had said that.

Chu Yang could tell that it was because of Mo Tian Ji's nature… He wouldn't blow his own trumpet. He would never say so even if he were 60% sure. He had to have at least 80% confidence now that he had said it.

In other words, he was very confident in foretelling the heavenly secrets of fate and could avoid any terrible disaster.

But, he had this appearance now that made it clear that he had been counter-attacked by the heavenly fate.

Chu Yang tightly wrinkled his brows. His face had turned gloomy. But, there wasn't enough time left if that was the case.

"Had your Clan Lord started to forecast the heavenly secrets immediately after I had left? Had he started it when that sword energy was soaring to the heavens?" Chu Yang asked.

"Yes, that's right… um, no." Second Elder's gray beard trembled.

"Is it yes or no?" Chu Yang was somewhat impatient. [Why is this old bastard speaking so vaguely?]

"Clan Lord had started when the sword energy had started to soar to the skies. However, nothing unexpected happened at that time. In fact, Clan Lord seemed happy. But, Clan Lord then suddenly felt something once again after three hours. Then, he again started foretelling… He had had this accident at that time."

Chu Yang silently made calculations in his heart. Then, his countenance finally changed.

According to the calculation of time… it must've been the time when Sword Spirit had taken control of Chu Yang's body. Then, Mo Tian Ji must've started to foretell once again. And then, he must've been counter-attacked by the heavenly mystery. But, he had revealed a piece of information which made Chu Yang flabbergasted before he had lost his consciousness.

[Heavenly mystery is in chaos. The sword heart is broken. The Lake of Despair doesn't have the other shore!]

[What does it mean?]

[Heavenly mystery is in chaos… It is because I've messed with destiny. But, what's the matter with 'sword heart is broken'? The Lake of Despair doesn't have the other shore? Could it be that he had been talking about me? Had he meant that the Master of Nine Tribulations Sword… can't get to the other shore of the Lake of Despair?]

Chu Yang smirked, and thought, [Would I — the Master of Nine Tribulations Sword — keep fighting with heaven all my life? Me changing the fate against heaven's will… Is this fu*king not finished?]

[Moreover, would I have regrets if I indeed can't pass this time…?]

Chu Yang got lost in thoughts. Then, he finally smiled.

[Mo Qing Wu's destiny has already changed. Her life would be smooth from now on. She might not have me by her side. But, she also wouldn't have to face any crisis. Moreover, she is still very young. She won't necessarily care about her childhood love after she has grown up if she doesn't have me by her side…]

[As for my brothers… their lives have gotten on the right track. So, I don't have to worry about them anymore.]

[They also understand… their life experiences clearly…]


Chu Yang muttered to himself, "If this is the case… so be it."

He sat down after he was done speaking. Then, he silently said in his heart, "Maybe, I'll have regrets in this life. But, this life is still… perfect."

But, was it truly perfect?

Chu Yang seemed to be satisfied right now. However, the fact was that he was bound to have regrets in this life if he were to die right now.

There would be many regrets. It's just that he himself didn't know it.

Tan Tan walked over, and strangely smiled, "The heaven's design is in chaos… The sword heart is broken? Chu Yang, you are out of luck."

The Second Elder had said those words in a very low voice. However, the Devil King had such a high strength. So, how could he not have heard them? He was clearly taking joy in other's misfortune at this moment.

It was because he was deeply touched by this most unpredictable crisis of the world. He had been buried for a hundred-thousand years. And, he was now seeing this guy going through such a crisis of fate. So, he couldn't help but get an 'I'm not alone' feeling.

Especially, this man who had disobeyed the track of the Master of Nine Tribulations Sword as set by that man was suffering from this calamity of change in heavenly mystery. This made the Devil King feel even more satisfied.

"I don't have a choice even if I'm out of luck." Chu Yang quietly smiled, "So, you're taking pleasure in other's misfortune. It looks like your nature didn't have any influence on Tan Tan. In fact, it seems that you've instead gotten affected by Tan Tan's nature too much.

"This feeling of gloating is very new and odd, right?" Chu Yang mischievously laughed.

Tan Tan exposed an expression of amazement.

He recalled that he hadn't shown any emotions of anger or happiness during all those years in the past. He had always been indifferent and aloof. He had remained expressionless even whilst facing that great catastrophe. Then, how was he talking so much after he had awakened? Moreover, he had started to show all kinds of subtle emotions.

This was truly unimaginable for him.


Tan Tan cussed.

Chu Yang laughed heartily. He suddenly felt as if his junior brother was next to him. He felt a lot of baseless comfort in his heart.

It was afternoon… Mo Tian Ji finally woke up.

He stared somewhat blankly towards the sky after he woke up. He seemed scared out of his wits. He seemed to have not seen Chu Yang who was in front of him.

"How can this be?" Mo Tian Ji was clearly at a loss. He thought out loud, "This has been the usual convention of the Nine Heavens Continent for ninety-thousand years. How can a mishap happen here? Such a misfortune isn't supposed to happen. How would the Nine Heavens be taken care of for so many years to come if even the Master of Nine Tribulations Sword were to die?

"This is the turning over of the will of heavens. How can even the will of heavens change?

"What the hell is going on?

Mo Tian Ji rubbed his forehead between his eyebrows in distress. He rubbed it until it became deep red. His mental prowess had been excellent through his life. A matter could rarely move him emotionally. He would have an indifferent expression on his face even when Mo Tian Yun would bully him… He had never had any other expression besides 'calm and collected'.

But, he couldn't bear the shock in his heart this time.

After all, the change in heaven's will was an unacceptable thing for common people.

"What happened?" Chu Yang was calm and unruffled even in the midst of chaos as he asked.

He was extremely tranquil and indifferent… as if he hadn't asked about the matter about himself and his destiny.

"Brother Chu," Mo Tian Ji's eyes became clear as he looked at him. Then, his pupils gradually focused. Finally, he opened his eyes wide, and sat up. Then, he ferociously puked a mouthful of blood with all his strength whilst issuing a 'blurgh' sound.

"How about we retreat from this decisive battle at this point?" Mo Tian Ji had been irritable for just a moment after he had sat up. Then, he again restored to his general calmness. After that, he pondered, and said, "We'll have this battle some other time. That's it."

"What… did you see?" Chu Yang cautiously asked, "Tell me… how do you feel? What is the forecast?"

Mo Tian Ji had a confliction on his face.

Tan Tan said, "You might as well say it freely. There wouldn't be a fourth person in the world to hear whatever you'd speak here. You have me here. So, even a Supreme Level Expert… wouldn't think to eavesdrop."

Mo Tian Ji looked somewhat surprised as he looked at Tan Tan. Then, he lowered his head.

"I saw something unbelievable."

Mo Tian Ji exposed an anxious look in his eyes.

"Is it about me?" Chu Yang asked.

"Is it about him?" Tan Tan asked.

They both spoke in unison.

"Yes." Mo Tian Ji forced a smile, "I've been making various preparations ever since I've confirmed Brother Chu's identity. It includes the plans of after the brothers will rush to the top of Nine Heavens and their strength gets developed… How to bear patiently… How to take actions in secret… What they need to rely on for the time being… What they need for the long-term planning etc…

"In short, I've started to think about everything. I've started to make preparations and plans." Mo Tian Ji said, "I'm that kind of person. Or so to say, this is what Brother Chu looks for in me. This is my worth!"

Chu Yang was somewhat emotionally moved as he said, "It's hard to imagine that you've started to think so far in the future." It was somewhat unexpected for Chu Yang. One could see the difference between him and Mo Tian Ji in this respect.

Chu Yang was good at adapting according to situations. But, this also showed that he had no foresight. He would always do things one step at a time.

[Why should I be afraid as long as everything in front of me is smooth and steady even if big waves are coming from behind?]

However, Mo Tian Ji was different. He would strategize to make plans, and then make a move. He wouldn't be bold and forthright, and wouldn't rush to do anything. He would surely analyze everything thoroughly and in detail in case he would undertake a task. He wouldn't make the tiniest rash step from the beginning to the end of his most important plan!

He wouldn't easily undertake a task. But, he wouldn't let the enemy have leeway to counterattack in case he would.

One of them was good at devising battle plans right there in the battlefield. And, the other one was capable of planning a victory from a thousand miles away. These were the two people who were talking.

Mo Tian Ji snorted and said, "Not just this… I've thoroughly researched the nature and character of all the brothers one by one. I've determined what Gu Du Xing would do after we all get up there… what Dong Wu Shang would do… what Ji Mo would do… what Luo Ke Di would do… what Rui Bu Tong would do… what Xie Dan Qiong would do…

"Everyone will have their most appropriate position. Then, all of us together will play the most important role." Mo Tian Ji was a bit angry with Chu Yang's irresponsible behavior. "We're about to face the enemy. And, the enemies are the Nine Great Ruling Clans that have been ruling the Upper Three Heavens for ten-thousand years! We'll be completely wiped out after getting up there if we don't prepare well for it. So, can we afford to be careless?

"Therefore, I knew that the sword energy that was soaring to the heavens had something to do with the Master of Nine Tribulations Sword. So, I carried out 'Grasping the World's Destiny' method to peek into the operations of 'Heaven's design'." Mo Tian Ji forced a smile. "The first result was more shocking than dangerous. But, the signs indicating that the heavenly design was in chaos continued to transmit out from there. So, I carried out the 'Grasping the World's Destiny' the second time…"

He exposed an expression in his eyes as if it was something inconceivable. "There was already boundless deathly aura therein!

"Moreover, various kinds of dangers are lurking in the Lake of Despair. Our opponents of this decisive battle aren't worthy of consideration. However, even the operations of heavenly design didn't show that we would win this decisive battle. Instead, it showed that we'll have a narrow escape and then fall into chaos. Then, we'll be doomed without a way to return!

"The heavenly design suddenly collapsed when I wanted to further investigate." Mo Tian Ji exposed a bitter smile on his face. "I hadn't had enough time to pull out. So, I got ferociously hit by it. My consciousness got caught up in the chaos. I could only utter a few sentences with great effort. After that, I don't know what happened."

Mo Tian Ji supported his body, and bitterly smiled. He said, "These words were enough to alert you to some extent if I couldn't wake up in time."

Chu Yang's heart emotionally moved. He wanted to say something. But then, he chose not to.

"But, this isn't enough to explain that the Nine Tribulations Sword Master will be on the verge of death, right?" Tan Tan tilted his head, and strangely said.

"There was a broken sword in the sky inside that deathly aura!" Mo Tian Ji sneered, "Let's say that it wasn't the Nine Tribulations Sword. But then, I can hardly think of any other sword that can be inserted in the operations of heavenly design."

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