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Chu Yang muttered to himself for a long time. Then, he suddenly felt that he had nothing to say.

Chu Yang was facing a Devil King whose cultivation was far greater than his, and who had experienced far greater miseries than him. So, what could Chu Yang possibly say to him?

He used to believe that his own bitter experiences were tragic enough. But, his experiences were still somehow the consequences of his actions.

He hadn't thought that a legend like this Devil King would've gone through such things. It had been a completely unexpected misfortune… His entire community had disappeared altogether. And, their disappearing was an unfathomable mystery that had added up to his grief.

[I've merely taken a rebirth. On the other hand, this guy has been aggrieved for one-hundred-thousand years. He has now an opportunity to free himself from the misery. However, his soul embryo has been occupied by a new soul…]

A long while passed. Then, Chu Yang bitterly smiled, "These bitter experiences of yours… leave me very… speechless. They are so tragic that one can't even sympathize with you."

Tan Tan mischievously laughed. "I'm not complaining about anything. And, I don't want you to think that I'm pitiful. It's just that I think that my abilities aren't as good as that man's." He ferociously laughed his heart out. Then, he shouted, "My abilities aren't as good as that man's. So, I got what I deserved."

Chu Yang remained speechless.

These words were such that one could neither oppose nor favor them. Therefore, one could only remain speechless.

A long while passed. Then, Chu Yang said, "Your style dictates that. Perhaps… even with a man like that, you would have still lost by your hands."

"Why?" Tan Tan raised his eyebrows.

"It's because you don't leave a way for others. You block the space for others to respond beforehand. So, others can only listen to what you say. They don't get any chance to express their views when they listen to you. You already know the intentions of the other person in certain cases. But, you unconsciously make an impasse in some other cases."

Chu Yang slightly smiled.

He had obviously made an analysis from Tan Tan's words that this guy wouldn't leave the slightest room for dialog.

People could only sigh on listening to his words. They couldn't say anything. They wouldn't know how to reply to him.

Chu Yang had seen such a man for the first time in both his lives.

This wasn't overbearing… It was biased.

Chu Yang had thought that Tan Tan would either fail to acknowledge these words or get angry after listening to these words. He hadn't thought that Tan Tan would deeply ponder for a moment after listening to them. Tan Tan nodded after a long time, and said, "What you've said is right."

He smiled, "This is my nature. I don't give people leeway to express anything. He-he. However, would it still be me if I were to leave room for everyone to interfere?"

Chu Yang couldn't help but smile.

These words could make people feel strange. They wouldn't get any space to interrupt him.

"We should now discuss about the grievances between us." Suddenly, the slight smiling expression vanished from Tan Tan's face. It then got replaced by a desolate and bleak expression.

"Grievances between us," Chu Yang nodded, "Well, there are indeed grievances between us.

"It doesn't matter what you say. It doesn't matter for how long you've suffered for this body… This body belongs to my brother. And, he belongs to this world. This is a fact… You can't deny this."

Tan Tan waved his hand. "This body will be his later on. His strength isn't even near the amount required to make me completely awaken… or to let me completely occupy this body. Then, what are you afraid of?

"Moreover, he has begun to read my memory after getting hit by the Five Poisonous Reincarnation Smokes a while ago. So, he'll slowly regain my memories. This will be highly beneficial in increasing his strength. Then, what aren't you satisfied with?"

Chu Yang remained silent for a while, and then said, "Then, when would you be able to completely awaken?"

Tan Tan remained silent, and then said, "Maybe, I'll have to wait for him to become a ninth-grade Saint Level Expert… or above."

"Supreme?" Chu Yang blurted out.

"Maybe, yes." Tan Tan contained a trace of bitterness and pain in the corner of his mouth.

"Both of our souls will get fused and become one only when he can bear the full impact of the trace of my soul. He'll have memories of both the lives at that time.

"He won't erase me, and I won't erase him!" Tan Tan said using his rare solemn voice, "You don't need to be worried for him!"

Chu Yang heaved a sigh of relief, and said, "So, that's how it is."

He was still somewhat doubtful in his heart. But, he had no other choice but to believe him for the time being.

It was because Chu Yang didn't know if there was any other way to deal with the situation.

Anyway, he had gotten temporarily relieved from his worry about Tan Tan's safety.

"As for you and I…" Tan Tan said, "You already know that the Nine Tribulations Sword in your Dantian has been personally created by the man who had destroyed me. And, the mission of you so-called Masters of Nine Tribulations Sword has been given to you all by that man.

"In other words, you're a descendent of that man… the man who had destroyed me in the past."

Tan Tan coldly smiled, and said, "Therefore, we are enemies. And, we'll have a decisive battle sooner or later. This is beyond doubt!"

Chu Yang bitterly smiled, "You think that what you've said is fair? You've occupied my brother's body, and you want to have a decisive battle with me? How could I possibly injure his body for real? Decisive battle between experts only needs a moment of hesitation to cause a cruel death. And, you want to have a decisive battle with me?"

"Therefore, I'm giving you time. I'll let you sufficiently grow." Tan Tan said, "I'm talking to you this time. It's not to set any agreement with you to have a fight after hundreds and thousands of years. Instead, it is to remind you one thing… Don't make my one-hundred-thousand years of wait go to waste."

"Don't make my one-hundred-thousand years of wait go to waste?" Chu Yang was stunned.

"I've had faith that I'll take revenge over the last hundred-thousand years!" A black flame ignited in Tan Tan's pupils. It felt as if his own soul had flared up.

"I'll never let the successor of that person live in this world... You can live on until I don't awaken completely. But, Master of Nine Tribulations Sword… I won't let you exist in this world after that."

Tan Tan laughed out loud, "I'm telling you this now. I'm not even worried that you'll destroy this body before I completely awaken." He paused for a while, and then continued, "You and I can't exist under the same sky. But, I'm very relieved."

Chu Yang forced a smile. [Destroy this body before you awaken? Are you kidding me? Wouldn't it be destroying Tan Tan? Moreover, wouldn't it be destroying my master Meng Chao Ran?]

[How can I do it?]

"Rest assured. There's still time for that future matter. It isn't necessary that I'll be defeated by you in our battle when that time comes." Chu Yang faintly smiled and said, "But… I hope that you'd be able to endure the blow if you completely awaken and get defeated by me when the time comes. You are awakening after a hundred-thousand years. And, you've endured a lot already. So, I'm afraid that it would be hard for you to deal with it in case you get defeated by my hands when the time comes."

Tan Tan sneered. He was just about to speak. But, Chu Yang interrupted him, and said, "You know it in your heart that it is very much possible."

Tan Tan remained silent for a long time… The ridiculing expression on his face had disappeared. He then said, "No one could defeat me in my life except for that man. So, I believe that it would be a wonderful thing that I would greatly cherish if you were to casually defeat me."

Chu Yang smiled, "I believe that you won't be disappointed."

Tan Tan laughed heartily.

A long time passed. Then, he stopped laughing, and said, "I want to remind you of one more thing beside this matter."

Chu Yang said, "What thing?"

"That creator of the Nine Tribulations Sword had destroyed so many living beings at that time. So, it had given birth to an extreme resentment… The departed spirits have remained in resentment for all these years. And, the Nine Tribulations Sword is needed to resolve their resentment. And, this has been the true mission of all the previous Masters of Nine Tribulations Sword.

"I don't know much about this. But, that man probably wouldn't have created the Nine Tribulations Sword just for fun. He could destroy millions and billions of lives with just a flick of his hand. So, it's most likely that he wouldn't care whether the survivors would be able to live peacefully. And, he obviously wouldn't care about the happiness of the living. Then, why do Masters of Nine Tribulations Sword appear? This is something worth pondering over."

Tan Tan said with a smile, "You better be careful. No one would be able to kill me after I awaken!"

Chu Yang remained silent for a while, and then said, "Many thanks for the heads up."

Tan Tan smiled, "You don't need to thank me since you're that man's successor. He has passed down the Nine Tribulations Sword. So, he certainly must have a purpose and a plan. And, destroying his plan would make me feel very comfortable… It would make me the happiest!"

Chu Yang couldn't help but smile.

Tan Tan crossed his hands behind his back. He still stood tall in the void. He slowly said with a little uncertainty, "…also… one more thing…"

Chu Yang said, "There's still more?"

"It is about the major races. All of the communities had disappeared together ninety-thousand years ago. All the living beings had died. Tens of millions of people had died. However, the bloodlines of these great races are still spread in the human world. Some people will inevitably emerge in accordance with destiny when the time of crisis comes. If you meet them… If you meet them…"

He had said these words twice. He then forced a smile, and shook his head. He said, "Everything works according to fate. It doesn't matter whether you meet them or not. You have your principles of action, and fundamentals of life. I'll just leave you alone."

Chu Yang insipidly said, "Oh." He then hurriedly pondered in his heart, [Could it be that other ethnic races still exist in this world?]

"I had originally thought that I had a lot to tell you. But, I've found that there isn't much to tell after I've talked to you." Tan Tan unhurriedly smiled. "I'm done talking."

Chu Yang remained silent for a while, and then said, "You told me these many things. I only want to tell you one thing. I'll kill you no matter what if my brother meets any accident!"

Tan Tan laughed heartily.

Then, the two came back. The brothers had been anxiously waiting for them.

Mo Tian Ji's caravan had finally arrived here after so long.

Chu Yang got to know that Mo Tian Ji had suddenly lost consciousness after he had left. And, Mo Tian Ji had been unconscious since then. This had caused an endless panic among his troops.

Chu Yang was startled in his heart. He quickly walked in the tent, and looked. He saw that Mo Tian Ji had tightly shut his eyes. And, he was lying unconscious on a soft couch. There was still a fresh stain of blood on the corner of his mouth.

"What happened?" Chu Yang raised his head, and suddenly asked.

"We don't know. Clan Lord suddenly became like this." Second Elder of Mo Clan said, "A strange phenomenon had occurred in the sky after you had left earlier… Clan Lord had suddenly felt sword-light soaring into the sky…

"Then, he took out seven Purple Crystals. He seemed to be foretelling…" Second Elder tightly wrinkled his brows. He then anxiously said, "But, I don't know why the seven purple crystals suddenly got crushed and changed into dust. After that, the Clan Lord only said a few words, and then he lost consciousness."

"What words?" Chu Yang was burning with impatience as he asked.

Second Elder said, "Clan Lord's complexion was ugly at that time. He then suddenly started to speak senselessly, 'The heaven's design is in chaos… Sword heart is broken. The Lake of Despair doesn't have the other shore. How can this be? How can this be?' Then, he fainted, and didn't wake up again."

Chu Yang was shocked in his heart. His face had turned as white as paper.

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