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Everyone trembled as if they had been stuck by thunder. They stared blankly at Tan Tan like fools. They couldn't help but feel a chill running down their spines. Even their jaws trembled.

Then, Tan Tan took another step, and entered into the encirclement of the Ao Clan's remaining experts. He then twisted his brows, and said, "You petty and lowly humans disappoint me!"

Then, he extended his hands along with his black sleeves.

He twisted all the people on his left side like he had twisted Ao Lang Yun when he extended his left hand. Then, six people were sent out flying like rubber-balls as he raised his right hand. They all flew into midair, and their bodies cracked open!

They scattered, and turned into a mush of blood!

Then, Tan Tan launched three kicks with 'bang' sounds, and three people were sent flying like meteors.

Not a single man dared to oppose him!

He walked like this among more than fifty people of Ao Clan. He still had an apathetic look on his face; his eyes didn't have the least bit of emotion.

He was sending these rude and unreasonable experts to hell with every gesture he was making!

The remaining twenty people shivered from head to toe. There was horror in their eyes. It seemed as if they were having a fierce struggle with an invisible devil within their hearts. Finally, a man screamed loudly, "Ah~~~"

He screamed towards the sky with all his might. His voice was filled with fear. He was extremely terrified.

This scream seemed to have awakened everyone. Everyone just foolishly stood like blockheads for a second. Then, they quickly began to scatter in all directions. They all were battered and exhausted. So, all of them stumbled and staggered as they fled.

Tan Tan pursued them at a moderate pace… It seemed as if he was strolling idly in a garden.

His movements were very sluggish and leisurely. In fact, every movement of his hand and every lifting of his foot seemed to be showing a natural elegance that was seemingly coming straight from his being. It seemed as if his body was filled with the eccentric appeal of a poet. He seemed to strolling in a small forest inside a painting under the illumination of the early-morning sun. His heart seemed to be filled with the verses of sorrow of spring and pain of autumn.

However, more-than-fifty people of Ao Clan had one by one collapsed at his hands amidst this elegant stroll.

The last eighth-grade Emperor Level Expert had run away to a distance of several-thousand feet.

Meanwhile, Tan Tan still stood in his original spot.

Therefore, everyone began to think that Tan Tan would let that guy go along with his horse. However, Tan Tan lifted his head towards the faraway distance at this moment. He then insipidly said, "Did I tell you to leave?"

These words seemed to have some kind of bizarre magical power. Everyone felt a violent jolt in their heart as soon they heard these words. It could be seen with the naked eye that layers of strange ripples had appeared in the air between Tan Tan and that eighth-grade Emperor Expert.

That eighth-grade Emperor Expert was about to flee away. However, his figure suddenly shuddered… and he came to a stop. He then stood there foolishly… as if he was a soulless sculpture.

"Why don't you come back?" Tan Tan casually said.

His voice had just fallen when that eighth-grade Emperor Expert obediently turned around. Then, he walked over step by step with a lifeless look in his eyes.

Everyone was shocked by this. In fact, their jaws dropped to the ground.

[This… what's going on?]

The Emperor Level Expert soon walked over here like a puppet. Then, he stood in front of Tan Tan.

"Well done." Tan Tan said, "Look how obedient you are…" He then extended his hand, and pointed out, "Go there, and kneel down. Then, bang your head until you die!"

Everyone looked at the spot that had been pointed out… They saw that there was a boulder at that spot; this boulder was half-exposed from the ground.

They couldn't help but feel spooked out in their hearts as they saw this.

However, that eighth-grade Emperor Expert turned around whilst swaying. He then walked towards that boulder, and arrived in front of it. He then determined the appropriate distance between himself and the boulder, and knelt down.

He had determined the appropriate distance so that his head could be 'properly' banged against that boulder.

Then, he fiercely banged his head down!


Blood splashed!


Bang bang bang…

That eighth-grade Emperor Level Expert soon turned himself into a living skeleton by knocking his own head whilst everyone stared.


The Emperor Level Expert's body went limp, and he fell down with the last sound… His skull softly fell down from his neck with a thud, and rolled over towards another side of the boulder.

A bloody red patch was left on the boulder.

He had smashed his own head!

Tan Tan had had his hands crossed behind his back during this entire crazy and weird process. He looked far into the distance with a desolate look in his eyes, and sighed. He didn't move even a bit.

Everyone felt a heavy pressure in their hearts. But, nobody spoke anything.

Meanwhile, Xie Dan Feng's muffled sounds of deep and low sobbing were heard from behind.

A long time passed. Then, Tan Tan exhaled a breath, and finally turned around.

The first person he saw was Gu Du Xing.

"You? You're not bad." Tan Tan praised. Then, he looked at Dong Wu Shang, and casually said, "You're also very good." Then, he muttered, "All of you guys are good."

He unwillingly said soon after that, "I… I'm much obliged to you people!"

Xie Zhi Qiu had the strength of a first-grade Monarch level Expert. But, even he couldn't control the overwhelming feeling of gratitude that had risen from the bottom of his heart when Tan Tan had said these words.

Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang were standing the closest to Tan Tan. Their breathing had become loud and heavy as soon as they had listened to this sentence.

They were Pure Sword Emperor and Pure Saber Emperor!

Both of them were exceptional beings of this generation with first-grade perseverance.

And, the reason why they had been able to become such formidable Sword Emperor and Saber Emperor lay in their dedication. Dong Wu Shang and Gu Du Xing were definitely among the best in this respect.

These two didn't get the overwhelming feeling of gratitude. Instead, a violent rage rose up in their hearts.

And, that violent rage quickly spread throughout their body.

Dong Wu Shang fiercely glared at Tan Tan. It seemed as if his eyes were emitting two substantial saber-beams. He asked, "What do you mean?" He had said this sentence in an extremely low voice. It seemed as if he had suppressed his imposing aura. However, his fury had reached to an uncontrollable level when he had spoken the last word to question Tan Tan's meaning. Then, he loudly asked once again, "What do you mean?!"

These were the same words. But, he had said these words in a feeble voice the first time… as if of a mosquito. However, he had said this in a thunderous voice the next time!

The entire forest vibrated with a buzzing sound as these words sounded!

Gu Du Xing was much calmer than Dong Wu Shang. He only stared at Tan Tan, "Why did you say these words? These words… do you truly mean them?"

Tan Tan moved his eyes, and looked at both of them. He had apparently gotten angry. But, he eventually controlled his anger. He then insipidly and disdainfully said, "You're merely two sharp swords… That's all you are."

He had said these words in a very low voice. In fact, even Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang hadn't been able to hear each word clearly. However, the arrogance and disdain contained in these words was very clear.

Both of them flew into a rage!

"Bastard!" Dong Wu Shang angrily shouted. "Did I go through fire and water for a thousand miles to come here just for your shallow gratitude? Who do you think you are? Do you think that I'll cherish your 'gratitude'?"

Gu Du Xing didn't shout angrily. He just looked at Tan Tan's face, and coldly said, "I don't know who you are… And, I don't care that you've said that you're obliged, and that you think that this is an important matter to you. But, I want to say a few words now."

Tan Tan had almost lost his temper when he had heard Dong Wu Shang's words. But then, he heard these words of Gu Du Xing, and insipidly asked, "What words?"

"Get out of this body!" Sword beams blazed in Gu Du Xing's eyes. He shouted like a thunderclap, "You've tarnished my brother's body! Get the fu*k out!"

Gu Du Xing rarely cussed. But, he had cussed in rage today.

Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang had known for a very long time now that Tan Tan's body held many secrets.

In fact, Chu Yang had once told them that there might be a strange and formidable soul residing in Tan Tan's body. And, the soul was just about to awaken. Chu Yang had informed only Dong Wu Shang and Gu Du Xing about this matter.

Chu Yang had said back then, [Don't blame Tan Tan if it happens someday.]

Tan Tan had revealed this appearance today. So, Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang knew that this man before their eyes wasn't Tan Tan!

Or, it should be said that this ancient and formidable soul wasn't Tan Tan…

Tan Tan was startled by this. But then, his eyes became dark. And, strange and dangerous sparks began to flash in their pupils.

However, Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang weren't scared by this. Both of them straightened their backs, and looked at Tan Tan in the eye with an ice-cold look. One of them had a sword in his hand, while the other had a saber.

Their stance clearly showed that they were ready to fight if Tan Tan wanted to.

"Tan Tan… are you Tan Tan?" a sweet and piteous voice sounded.

Then, a delicate figure walked over whilst staggering and stumbling from behind Tan Tan's body. She was bleeding from head to toe, and her complexion was pale and ashen. However, she stubbornly refused to let anyone support her. She approached Tan Tan from behind whilst staggering. She was very careful, very heart-broken, and very nervous. She asked with hope and mournful sadness, "You… are you Tan Tan? Are you my… Tan Tan?"

Tan Tan's body seemed to have shuddered.

However, he was still standing tall and straight. He remained motionless. He didn't even turn his head.

"Turn your head!" Xie Dan Feng pleaded, "You… turn back your head. I want to see… whether you're my Tan Tan or not!"

Tan Tan still stood upright. He was as motionless as a mountain.

However, Dong Wu Shang and Gu Du Xing could clearly see that a fierce struggle was going on in Tan Tan's eyes.

"You… give me back my Tan Tan!" Xie Dan Feng suddenly seemed to have understood something when she saw that Tan Tan wouldn't turn his head no matter what. Suddenly, she fiercely erupted, and bellowed. Then, she pounced over… She firmly grabbed Tan Tan's shoulders, and screamed in grief, "Give me back my Tan Tan!"

Then, she maliciously bit him.

She desperately bit him!

It seemed as if she wanted to tear this body to shreds.

Xie Dan Feng was devastated and heart-broken... Her family was ruined, and her people had been killed in an attack. But, it hadn't made her collapse. She had been chased for thousands of miles. But, she still hadn't lost heart. It was only because she had Tan Tan by her side that entire time.

They had been caught up in a hopeless situation a while ago. But, Tan Tan had roared, and given her the sweetest and most romantic happiness of her life, "Woman, remember… You'll die after I die!"

"I won't let anyone hurt her as long as I'm alive!"

"You old bastard! You dared to hit my wife?!"

Xie Dan Feng had clearly known at that time that death was near at hand. But, she had still been elated in her heart. In fact, she had felt as if there was no other woman on earth who was happier than her.

[All enemies have died in the blink of an eye now. And, I'm still alive.]

[But… the person that I deeply love has suddenly changed… He has turned into a Devil King!]

[He is very strong, and he has saved everyone. But, he isn't the person that I'm deeply in love with.]


[Where did my Tan Tan go? Can he still come back?]

Xie Dan Feng was in true despair.

She was firmly biting, beating, punching, and kicking him. It seemed as if she would waken her lover using this method! [He's very formidable right now. But, I don't care!]

Suddenly, the look in Tan Tan's eyes fiercely changed.

Then, the world seemed to have turned dark.

Gu Du Xing felt a chill in his heart… That glowing mark on Tan Tan's forehead had suddenly extinguished.

Immediately after…

"Ouch… Ssss~~ Fu*k!" a sound of gritting of teeth and sucking of air came. Tan Tan cried out while enduring the pain, "Little Girly… you're biting me to death… Sss sss… Oh my god! Let me go... Ow, hey… you're hurting me…"

Everyone became petrified within an instant!

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