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"Tonight… it'll be a fierce battle!" Sword Spirit slowly said.

Chu Yang smiled bitterly.

[Fierce battle…? What fierce battle? The people on our side are facing just Ao Clan's experts. And, they are still in a disadvantageous situation. I'm afraid that they would get wiped out in the blink of an eye… if they were to confront these black-clothed people as well.]

"Sword Spirit, would we have some chances of success if you were to take control of my body?" Chu Yang took a deep breath, and asked.

"I don't recommend this," Sword Spirit sighed. "You can have hundred-percent chances of defeating them if I were to take control of your body. But, this isn't the right time."

"Why?" Chu Yang felt happy in his heart.

"The fourth sword fragment has already appeared!

"The fourth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword lies in the center of the heaven's tricks. So, the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword has to take the predestined way once it appears. Moreover, the entire Nine Heavens will also go through tremendous changes now! This is the biggest opportunity for the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword in the process of obtaining the entire Nine Tribulations Sword!"

Sword Spirit seriously said, "Moreover, the fourth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword is supposed to be a threshold that will concern the life and death of the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword. Therefore, it'll need your overflowing spiritual prowess. And, it would be impossible if your spirit decreased even a bit… There will be a big loss in your spirit if I were to take charge of your body now. And, you won't be able to make up for it when the time comes… Consequently, you won't be able to make through this barrier when the time comes. In fact, there are high chances that your spirit will be wiped out in the process."

Chu Yang muttered to himself for a moment. Then, he said, "Is there any possibility that the people on our side will manage to escape if they set into action with all seriousness? What are the chances that Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang, and the others will die?"

Sword Spirit forced a smile and said, "Our people have hundred-percent chances of dying if the enemy decided to kill. Similarly, our people have zero chances of running away if they decided to capture them!"

Chu Yang nodded as he clearly understood. He mischievously smiled, "Then, what choice do I have? Do you think that I would watch my brothers die in front of me if I don't make you set into action?"

"But, this choice is in my hands. And, I won't set into action at this time since the fourth sword fragment has appeared!" Sword Spirit sighed, "I'm only responsible for the Nine Tribulations Sword and the mission for the Nine Tribulations Sword! I don't have any responsibility towards you or your brothers!"

Chu Yang said with full confidence, "You'll undertake this task… I'm sure!"

Sword Spirit sighed, "Don't force me." He was well aware that Chu Yang was going to force him to set into action anyhow.

"It's you who is forcing me!" Chu Yang coldly said.

"You mustn't forget that Mo Qing Wu is still waiting for you." Sword Spirit didn't have any better option than to use Chu Yang's tried and tested weakness. In fact, he was convinced that the name 'Mo Qing Wu' would change Chu Yang's mind.

It was because Mo Qing Wu had been Chu Yang's biggest obsession in his previous life. In fact, it could be said that he had taken the rebirth only for Mo Qing Wu!

"Qing Wu is currently with her masters. So, I feel very relieved. Her destiny has changed!" Chu Yang indifferently said, "Anyway, this life isn't just about love!

"Mo Qing Wu would be broken-hearted if I were to die because of this. But… I can't do anything about… her broken heart!" Chu Yang softly said, "I loved her very much in my previous life. However, she had still been driven away from my side by me… and she had still died…"

"You'll end up exposing your identity!" Sword Spirit was anxious, "Your master is still waiting for you to go and help him with his dream."

"I focus on what's before my eyes when I can't attend to everything simultaneously," Chu Yang indifferently said.

"Stupid!" Sword Spirit became angry and cussed.

Chu Yang laughed out loud in his heart, and said, "Sword Spirit, being stupid is sometimes the only way for a man to have a clear conscience.

"The word 'stupid' is used to scold people. But, being silly is sometimes the most praiseworthy thing in life!"

Chu Yang said, "You're not a person; you won't understand. So, please shut up. I only need you to help me right now!"

Sword Spirit angrily turned around, and returned to the Nine Tribulations Space. He didn't speak anything further.

[I'm not a human! Motherfu*ker, you've dared to say that I'm not a human! I've been in this world for ninety-thousand years. What feeling or what thing have I not seen? I've seen so many Masters of Nine Tribulations Sword. But, I've never seen one who is such a brainless stupid cu*t!]

Chu Yang smiled, and said in his heart, "It is sometimes necessary to be a stupid cu*t in life."

Then, they both became silent at the same time.

In the battlefield… the fierce battle was getting more and more intense!

All the people of Gu Clan were seriously injured. They were basically unable to withstand in this one-sided battle. Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang, Ji Mo, Rui Bu Tong, Xie Zhi Qiu, and Ao Xie Yun had been obstructing most of the attacks. Otherwise, all of them might've been wiped out long ago.

However, everyone had been encircled in a very small range… But, all of them were doing their utmost to withstand.

Tan Tan was in the center; he was wrapped in black fog.

A muffled groan was heard, and a splash of bright blood flashed from Ji Mo's shoulder. His whole body was aching and shivering… His back was about to be ruthlessly cut by a saber. Gu Du Xing shouted out loudly at this moment. Then, he ferociously puffed out blood from his mouth. He was forced to rush to the front of the enemy, and protect Ji Mo behind him. He angrily said in a low voice, "Where is your medicine? Bastard!"

Ji Mo's complexion had already turned black. He was on the verge of crumbling. He had received severe injuries twice, and had almost given up on his life. But, he came to a realization as soon as he heard these words. He then hastily reached out in his bosom, took out the Nine Tribulations Pill, and swallowed it. Then, he said in embarrassment whilst chewing it, "I almost forgot…"

"You just remember your Aobo." Luo Ke Di was panting next to Ji Mo. He mumbled to himself whilst brandishing his sword with all his effort, "Dammit, this is strange. You've already met Aobo. You fu*ker… how come she hasn't crushed you to death?"

"Fu*k your sister-in-law!" Ji Mo got furious. He felt his vitality restoring. His wounds didn't hurt anymore. He then rushed out… while cussing in a deafening voice!

Luo Ke Di almost vomited out blood. He cussed, "It's alright if you curse me. But, why are you cursing my elder brother's wife… She's my elder brother's wife… not mine, you know…"

He hadn't even finished his sentence when a feeble whisper echoed in his ear; it had sounded like the buzz of a mosquito, "Open your mouth."

Luo Ke Di became extremely happy. [Big Brother? Big Brother has come?]

Luo Ke Di hurriedly opened his mouth. He smelled a burst of fragrance in front of him. And, a pill went accurately into his mouth. Then, he felt all the injuries on his body getting healed within an instant. He then looked upwards, and wildly laughed, "Ahwooh~~~ Ahwooh~~~ Ahwooh!~~ Fu*k your grandmother… How dare you provoke Second Master Luo!" He rushed off to kill whilst being full of life.

Gu Du Xing's words hadn't only reminded Ji Mo… They had also reminded Chu Yang.

[I need to stay in the dark for the time being, but… it can't prevent me from saving my people.]

[I'll spend the incomplete versions of Nine Tribulations Pills until these fu*kers of Ao Clan exhaust themselves to death… as long as I have enough.]

Xie Dan Qiong was being carried by Xie Zhi Qiu on his back. He was somewhat dizzy. He suddenly heard someone saying, "Xie Dan Qiong, make your ancestor open his mouth!"

Xie Dan Qiong was startled. That voice then echoed once again the next moment. Xie Dan Qiong heard it clearly this time, "This is Chu Yang's voice!"

He hurriedly said to Xie Zhi Qiu, "Ancestor, open your mouth. Take the healing medicine."

Xie Zhi Qiu was a spent force. He could collapse at any time. He angrily said, "Haven't you given me yours already?"

Xie Dan Qiong anxiously said, "It's not mine... You open your mouth. Someone will throw it into your mouth…"

"Motherfu*ker!" Xie Zhi Qiu didn't believe him. He said, "This Old Man has opened his mouth dozens of times to spout blood. The only thing that goes-in are those damned caterpillars."

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