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The saber and the sword changed into two terrific lightning bolts. They then lit up outside the forest, and broke inwards. Everything that came in their way turned into dust with ease. In fact, things got smashed like rotten wood… no matter if it was a human, tree, or even those tiny creatures.

Blood fell like rain and swirling fog!

Gu Du Xing.

Dong Wu Shang.

Sword Emperor and Saber Emperor!

Both of them had undertaken a long and difficult journey. So, their physical strength had been exhausted to some extent. However, their spirit and murderous aura had reached the pinnacle!

These imposing auras were so ferocious that the sword could chop off the sky and the saber could split open the heavens!

It was kind of nuts! It was hysterical!

Even the four Monarch Level Experts of the Zhuge Clan couldn't help but firmly look at the power and influence of both Sword Emperor and Saber Emperor flashing!

In fact, they couldn't help but involuntarily evade.

This dodging of Zhuge Clan's people looked alright. But, the Ao Clan's people behind them got lit up under the incoming saber and sword attacks of the Saber Emperor and the Sword Emperor.

Gu Du Xing's Black Dragon Sword exuded a bright ray of light as he reached behind a King Level Expert of the Ao Clan. Then, that King Level Expert's flesh and blood sprinkled and spread like thick fog!

Then, Gu Du Xing's black-clad figure suddenly dashed out of the blood fog. The Black Dragon Sword was still shining. It appeared like a long and glowing dragon. It went recklessly and barbarically into the Ao Clan's troops, and plowed-out a bloody passage through them!

Gu Du Xing broke through Ao Clan's crowd with a flash of light, and landed in front of Rui Bu Tong. He didn't have enough time to say anything. Moreover, he had turned his back towards Rui Bu Tong while landing. So, he was facing Ao Lang Yun now!

His heaven-shaking divine sword had an extremely frightening murderous aura. It looked awe-inspiring! All attacks were blocked and routed wherever the sword's tip was pointed out.

On the other side, Dong Wu Shang's great saber was even more powerful and domineering. It was crazily chopping and killing people!

The saber was hacking up-and-down, and slashing left-and-right…

Each saber-slash was inevitably accompanied by a loud shout.

It seemed as if the entire forest was shaking and shivering with these loud shouts!

Dong Wu Shang hadn't broken into Ao Clan's troops like Gu Du Xing had done. Instead, he took solid and steady steps, and advanced using his supreme might. He carefully rushed into the crowd whilst cutting a bloody path.

He had truly cut a bloody path!

He brandished the saber to the left. And, it was intercepted by a King Level Expert. "Clang!" That expert easily got cut into two along with his sword!

The saber then swept to the right along with a big shout. And, a man was cut into halves from the waist!

Dong Wu Shang's magnificent figure forged ahead step by step. Whoever came in the way was cut by his saber!

[A Saber that causes No Injuries…]

[…but causes certain death!]

Dong Wu Shang was about to break through the siege. He suddenly slashed his saber onto the sword of a third grade Emperor Level Expert from the Ao Clan. The man spat out blood, and his sword got shattered.

Then, Dong Wu Shang shouted, "Rui Bu Tong!"

Rui Bu Tong got excited and shouted, "Fourth Brother, I'm here!"

"Alright!" Dong Wu Shang slashed his saber. The enemy in front of him got chopped, and rolled over like a bottle gourd. Dong Wu Shang then shouted, "Tan Tan!"

"Tan Tan is also here. He's recuperating," Rui Bu Tong hurriedly replied since he knew that Tan Tan couldn't answer at this moment. And, Dong Wu Shang might've gone insane if Tan Tan hadn't replied.

"Xie Dan Qiong!" Dong Wu Shang's saber slashed in sync with his loud shouts as he listed out the names of his brothers.

Xie Dan Qiong was being carried by Xie Zhi Qiu on his back. However, he shouted with all his strength, "I'm also here!"

"Ao Xie Yun!" Dong Wu Shang fiercely slashed his saber, and chopped down the last enemy in front of him. Then, he strode over.

"I'm here!" Ao Xie Yun weakly replied.

"Good! Ha ha ha ha…" Dong Wu Shang laughed heartily with his face upwards. Then, he turned around like a tornado. His tall and majestic body looked like an iron tower. It seemed as if a high and mighty mountain was standing motionless in front of Ao Lang Yun and the others!

Ao Lang Yun and the others suddenly had a feeling as if a lofty mountain had suddenly appeared in between them and Ao Xie Yun.

Dong Wu Shang lifted the Black Saber horizontally. Then, he slightly pointed it to the front, and shouted, "Is it you all?! Just you people?! What a disappointment!"

Ao Lang Yun involuntarily drew a step back.

His three younger brothers were behind him. They exposed a solemn look in their eyes. Dong Wu Shang was on the enemy's side. But, they still felt their minds swaying in the face of his innate heroic and imposing spirit. In fact, a strong feeling of admiration had risen up in their heart.

"Are you Dong Wu Shang? The new Saber Emperor of Dong Clan - Dong Wu Shang…?" Ao Yu Yun didn't conceal the admiration in his eyes as he asked.

"Is there anyone else who is called by the name Dong Wu Shang?" Bright flashes of lightning shone in Dong Wu Shang's eyes. He then looked up to the sky and wildly laughed. His wild tyranny seemed to have the potential to overturn the world in a flash, "Who can have a spirit like mine in the entire Nine Heavens? Who except for me - Dong Wu Shang?! No one! Not even a supreme expert!"

This statement was extremely crazy.

However, even the four Monarch Level Experts of the Zhuge Clan slightly nodded in approval. They thought in their hearts, [These words are highly reasonable. They're true!]

There were many people in the entire Nine Heavens who had a higher cultivation than that of Dong Wu Shang. They could easily kill Dong Wu Shang. In fact, such people were as many as the stars in the sky.

However, no one - not even Supreme Level Experts - could have an innate heroic and imposing spirit like that of Dong Wu Shang. His spirit was such that he could resist all the living beings of heaven and earth by himself. Moreover, he was the type of man who would come out alive even if he were to overreach himself and attempt something impossible.

There was no other person who had such an imposing aura, and such overbearing presence.

Ao Lang Yun snorted and indifferently said, "So what if you're unique and unmatched in the entire Nine Heavens? Aren't you still nothing more than King of Hell Chu's lackey?"

A stern look flashed in Dong Wu Shang's eyes. He then wildly laughed, "How can a dog like you comment on whether I - Dong Wu Shang - am a lackey or not? State your name! This Second Master Dong needs to decide… whether he should use the back of his saber or its edge to kill you!!"

Rui Bu Tong couldn't help but chuckle. "There are dead people lying everywhere. So, why bother about whether to use the back of your saber… or its edge to kill this guy?"

Dong Wu Shang glared at him, "Idiot! What if his filthy blood tarnishes the edge of my saber?" He heartily laughed, "Dong Wu Shang's saber is meant for the heroes of the world. Then, how can it behead a trash? That would be the ultimate insult to my precious saber!"

Ao Lang Yun's body trembled in anger. He said with his teeth clenched, "Dong Wu Shang, I — Ao Lang Yun — will kill you with my own hands!"

"Ao Lang Yun?" Dong Wu Shang disdainfully looked at him. He then laughed out loud, "It seems that I can only use the back of my saber to kill you!"

Ao Lang Yun lost his mind in anger… However, a voice was heard at this moment, "Our clan is so unfortunate. They allowed you brothers to get involved in this matter. Brother Dong, you'd be doing a favor to this bastard even if you were to use the back of your saber. So, it would be better if I come and tidy up this garbage!"

A man heavily walked out from behind Dong Wu Shang along with these words. He then stood abreast with Dong Wu Shang. It was Ao Xie Yun!

Gu Du Xing had taken out the incomplete version of Nine Tribulations Pill from his jade token when he had dashed over here. Then, he had quickly stuffed it in Ao Xie Yun's mouth.

He hadn't thought about healing the other people since Ao Xie Yun's injuries had been the most severe. Moreover, this interception was still considered an internal affair of the Ao Clan. So, Ao Xie Yun had to step forth.

It would be a just-cause only if Ao Xie Yun were to step forth! Ao Xie Yun couldn't die. Otherwise, they wouldn't be safe from Ao Clan's wrath even if these four brothers and their men were to be killed to the last man!

Therefore, Gu Du Xing had rushed-in and given Ao Xie Yun the medicine first… Dong Wu Shang had attracted everyone's attention soon after that. So, he had created a distraction for Gu Du Xing. And, he had also bought time for Ao Xie Yun to heal.

This Sword Emperor and Saber Emperor duo hadn't had any interaction during this period of time. However, their coordination had still been flawless!

Ao Xie Yun finally regained his vitality to some extent. He hadn't completely healed yet, but the Nine Tribulations Pill was still at work inside his body. Therefore, he had stepped out. He looked at Ao Lang Yun, Ao Yu Yun, and the other members of Ao Clan with his keen eyes. Then, he said with a gloomy mood, "You all… do you truly wish to rebel?"

Everyone had come along with their Young Masters to kill Ao Xie Yun so that their Young Masters could occupy the leading position. However, the upright Young Clan Lord of Ao Clan was standing safe and sound in front of them at this time. This made everyone feel ashamed in their hearts. Therefore, all of them lowered their heads one after another.

Ao Lang Yun felt anxious in his heart. He shouted, "Ao Xie Yun, you're like a stray dog now. Even your loyal subordinates want to give you a final send-off! What qualifications do you have to be a Young Clan Lord? How can our Ao have a spendthrift like you who willfully creates trouble?! Attack! Kill him for me!"

The sounds of hoof beats rose like muffled thunder from afar at this time. It was very obvious that these troops were rushing towards here!

All the people who had come out of Ao Clan had already arrived here. So, the ones coming here at this moment could in no way be the men of Ao Lang Yun and the others… They could only be Ao Xie Yun's reinforcements!

Ao Yu Yun, Ao Lang Yun, and the other two young masters became greatly worried. They shouted at the same time, "Attack! Kill him! It'll be a great success if we kill him today!"

Ao Xie Yun's body swayed. He looked at his four younger brothers. All of them were his blood-related brothers. He had grown up with these younger brothers. All these men were the children of his blood-uncles.

However, they had set a deathtrap for him. And, they were adamant on killing him…

On the other hand, Gu Du Xing and the others were protecting him even though he had known them for a very short time.

He suddenly smiled in a saddened manner, and said, "Are you truly my blood brothers? How can you be so crazed?! Is power… that important for you?"

However, no one answered him... The eyes of Ao Lang Yun and the others turned red. They had begun to urge their subordinates to quickly kill Ao Xie Yun!

Ao Xie Yun sadly closed his eyes. Then, he opened them again… The expression in his eyes had changed into heartlessness! He then lowly said, "Then, don't blame me… for being heartless!"

Nobody heard his words amidst the shouts. But, callousness glinted in his eyes which made the people who were rushing head-on towards him shiver in their hearts.

Gu Du Xing issued a loud and long cry, and brandished his long sword. The Black Dragon Sword issued a fierce sword-cry. Gu Du Xing shouted, "Who dares to make a move in presence of us brothers?"

Dong Wu Shang burst into laughter, "That's right. We brothers are here. Who wants to come and die?"

There was an injured army behind these two. So, only two men were confronting hundreds of experts. The power of these several hundred people was enough to kill both Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang several times over. But, the heroicness of these two was so intense that they seemed invincible. These two were feeling as if the opponents were just clay chickens and pottery dogs!

The several hundred experts facing these insufferably arrogant Sword Emperor and Saber Emperor stopped. In fact, all of them had frozen at their place!

Sounds of hoof beats echoed like a rainstorm. Then, a single fine steed burst into the forest in the dim light of the night. After that, a carefree voice shouted in high spirits, "Ahwooh~~~ Dong Aunt! Second Brother Gu, your words have suddenly hyped me up! Fu*k, its impact was so intense that I almost climaxed!"

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