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"Where are we headed to?" Xie Zhi Qiu was following behind Tan Tan. He asked while panting.

Tan Tan stuck his neck out, and stuffed a Fifth Grade Spirit Beast's core into his mouth. He then gulped it down into his stomach. Then, he replied without turning his head, "You only need to follow me. There's no need to indulge in idle talk! Just keep moving ahead at full speed, and burst into the mountain forest up ahead!"

Tan Tan felt that the strange sign on his forehead had shone fiercely the moment he had swallowed the spirit beast core. It was like there was a blazing flash in this deep grassland… in this dark night.

Xie Zhi Qiu had no choice but to ask since he had noticed that Tan Tan had deviated from the original escape route. He had begun to rush crazily in the direction of the Cang Lan Battlefront.

"Burst into the forest? What is the use of doing so?" Xie Zhi Qiu secretly whispered to himself, but didn't speak further. He just sighed deeply, and kept following Tan Tan at full speed.

Anyone would've felt uncomfortable after being reprimanded by their great-grandson-in-law if they had been in his place.

However, a kind of kingly imposing aura had swelled out of Tan Tan's body when he had spoken a moment ago. And, it had made even Xie Zhi Qiu refrain from retorting. In fact, Xie Zhi Qiu hadn't been able to prevent himself from feeling timid.

Only 400 people remained out of the nearly 700 pursuing soldiers of the Ao Clan. However, there were more than 300 people clad in black clothes among the pursuing troops; they were also wearing black masks.

"Senior Zhuge, why don't we rush ahead and kill all of them in one vigorous blow?" Ao Lang Yun knitted his brow, and asked the black-clothed man who was next to him, "After all, a long delay may give rise to many problems… It won't be pretty if we keep waiting and their reinforcement arrives."

"You people only wish to kill Ao Xie Yun. But, 'we' are precisely waiting for their reinforcements!" That 'Senior Zhuge' stated in a heavy voice. His eyes flashed, "And, it will be a crime without amnesty if you juniors interfere with our plan!"

Ao Lang Yun's complexion changed. He could only utter 'yes sir'.

Even he couldn't understand why such a big help had suddenly fallen into his lap from the skies. So many experts of the Upper Three Heavens' Zhuge Clan had come down for some bewildering reason. Moreover, the first thing they had done was look for him. Then, they had plotted the assault on the Xie Clan!

He coudn't understand, but this was exactly what he wanted.

The four leading men of the Zhuge Clan were inquisitively looking at each other as they discussed, "Did you discover anything?"


"I didn't either!"

"This is very strange."

"Spirit Slaughtering Blade had revealed that he should be in the Xie Clan. But, we haven't spotted anything even after shooing away these people for so long," That leader looked pensive, "We are waiting for reinforcements… Could it be that... that he's going to be there among the reinforcements? Could it be that he isn't here?"

"That's a possibility."

Everyone was pursuing in silence.

"That old bastard of the Divine Clan isn't deceiving us, right?" another black-clothed man whispered.

"Not a chance… not even a Supreme Expert can withstand that kind of torture. Anyway, it ought to be true that he doesn't know the concrete details," that black-clothed leader said in a deep voice, "That mysterious 'awakened being' has to be one these few people if we judge by the current situation of the Middle Three Heavens… First one is that King of Hell Chu, and the second is Gu Du Xing. Then, Dong Wu Shang, Rui Bu Tong, Ji Mo, Luo Ke Di… He has to be among these people. After all, only these few people have had an incredible progress of late..."

"Yes, Big Brother is right. Also, I think that this Rui Bu Tong is the most suspicious in the bunch. Even a Monarch Expert wouldn't be able to survive from the kind of injuries he has sustained. But, he's still alive and kicking."

"The plan is to wait for now. We had better let these people assemble. After all, we can get rid of them in one fell stroke if that happens. And, we'll definitely find our target that way. Otherwise, the others would get wind of it from far away, and escape if we killed these people and our target wasn't among them. Then, we won't be able to find them."


"Nine Heavens' great tribulation doesn't just involve this 'awakened person'. There's also the Nine Tribulations Sword's Master. This matter is an endless headache! We've luckily obtained the intel and managed to rush here in time when this 'awakened being' hasn't yet fully awakened. Otherwise, our Upper Three Heavens would've been done for if he had completely awakened. After all, this would've been combined with the awakening of that Devil King, and the Master of Nine Tribulations Sword."

"Big Brother is right. Aren't the elders in the clan looking for an inscrutable twist of fate to find the Nine Tribulations Sword Master? What news do you have on that now?"

"It's very hard to find him since the 'fate clues' are very vague. After all, there are no clues to go on during these days since the heaven's machinations are in chaos," the black-clothed leader replied, "However, the Nine Tribulations Sword's Master won't pose a problem if we can grasp this 'awakened being' in our clutches."


They kept their footsteps moving as they discussed. Then, each of them dispersed.

"You Ao Clan's people can go one step ahead, and kill a few people. But, be careful… Don't kill the important members," the black-robed leader looked at Ao Lang Yun, and instructed, "There are too many people now. It's always a bad thing when it's in uproar. So, go and kill some."

Ao Lang Yun got excited. He said, "Ok!"

He turned around, and issued an order. Ao Clan's experts suddenly came out en masse, and rushed ahead. They chased after the escaping team of Xie Clan like a gust of wind. The four Eight Grade Emperor Level Experts were at the forefront!

"Pay attention to any detection of awakening during the fight!" Several people of Zhuge Clan signaled each other. Short knives appeared in the hands of many as this was said. These knives had a strange evil gleam to them. They were only the length of a finger. Still, the entire body of these knives was glowing. In fact, it seemed as if the knife-light was flowing like liquid…

Slaughtering Spirit Blade!

This was a special tool used to detect the Divine Clan's people. It was the result of Zhuge Clan's great efforts to research the means of specially dealing with the Three Stars Divine Clan!

"Attack!" Ao Clan's Emperor Expert — Cai Xiao Cheng — bellowed. His body flew high up in the sky. He took a few steps in midair, and fell directly in the middle of the Xie Clan's fleeing crowd. Then, he shot his left palm, and brandished the sword he held in his right hand!

"Where are you running?!" Li Chang Long's blue robe fluttered. He overtook the entire team, and went 200 feet ahead of the team's leader — Tan Tan. Then, he stopped in the middle of the road to block their path.

Two whooshing sounds were heard, and the other two Eighth Grade Emperor Experts also flew down swiftly. They landed next to Li Chang Long.

Tan Tan and Xie Zhi Qiu halted at the same time. However, Xie Zhi Qiu merely stopped for a moment. Then, he dashed forward!

It was necessary to cut a bloody path out of here as soon as possible. Otherwise, the Xie Clan would be finished since the road was blocked.

Tan Tan's ugly face contorted. He then turned his head, and swallowed two spirit beast's cores.

Then, he suddenly dashed forward. Li Chang Long laughed and welcomed him!

Meanwhile, Xie Zhi Qiu was already engaged in a world-shaking battle with the other two Emperor Experts. Dust and smoke had started to soar as a result.

They had been obstructed less than a thousand feet away from the woods.

Xie Dan Feng was seriously injured, and had been leaning on Tan Tan's back. And, Tan Tan had been escaping whilst using one hand to support and heal her the entire journey. So, she was already a lot better now… Tan Tan's body constantly changed positions as he engaged in a fierce battle. And, the jerky movements made her wake up.

She opened her eyes, and saw a blue-robed old man fighting fiercely with Tan Tan in the front. She couldn't help but be shocked when she realized that Tan Tan was in a very seriously disadvantaged position.

Tan Tan had been escaping for a long time. He had also suffered serious injuries. He was almost like an arrow at the end of its flight at the moment. On the other hand, Li Chang Long was an Eighth Grade Emperor Expert… There was a difference of an entire realm between him and Tan Tan. So, Tan Tan had gotten suppressed as soon as the fight had started.

Tan Tan might've been in a serious danger if not for Zhuge Clan's strict command to not kill any important people in this team.


Tan Tan received a blow on his chest. He spurted out blood, and his body was sent flying backwards.

A brutal light flashed in Li Chang Long's eyes. He didn't stop. Instead, he chased after Tan Tan.

Tan Tan was about to fall on the ground with his face upwards. But, he fiercely turned his body in midair at the very last moment, and landed heavily on his face instead. His face got drenched with blood as a result. However, Xie Dan Feng remained safe and sound on his back.

Xie Dan Feng suddenly felt a pain in her heart. She then screamed loudly, "Put me down! Put me down!"

Tan Tan spat out dirt from his mouth. Then, he turned over, and jumped up to stand. He ignored Xie Dan Feng's pleading, and engaged Li Chang Long in a brazen fight.

Bang Bang Bang!

The two men fought at close quarters continuously. However, Tan Tan was once again sent flying after they had exchanged only three moves. He couldn't turn over in midair to protect her this time. He could only turn enough that the side of his body heavily slammed into a big tree. Cracking sounds were heard as his left arm, left chest, and three ribs got fractured. However, he was still holding-on stubbornly in order to prevent Xie Dan Feng from receiving the slightest of harm!

Xie Dan Feng burst into tears. And, they tears streamed down her cheeks.

"Don't cry." Tan Tan said in a low and deep voice. He had said this in a serious manner; this was rare for him, " You're no man if you can't even protect your own woman, or if you can protect her but still don't...

"So, it's my responsibility to protect you even if I die today. After all, I'm your man! So, why are you crying?!" Tan Tan shouted in a stern voice.

Xie Dan Feng didn't dare to sob again. However, even more tears were streaming down her face now…

"Such a fine man! I would like to see how incredible a man you are!" Li Chang Long sneered and shot his palm. This Emperor Expert was the same one who had been tricked by Chu Yang into taking the lust poison. And, he had turned into a sex fiend as a result. His heart started to pound for no apparent reason when he saw this scene of two lovers caring for each other. However, he still attacked ruthlessly and relentlessly.

This palm attack was aimed at Tan Tan's right shoulder! The target was certain get shattered as soon the palm's wind would hit it. Moreover, Xie Dan Feng would also be sent flying away at once…

Li Chang Long's mentality had changed after the lust poison incident. The thing which he absolutely couldn't tolerate now was lovers! [You youngsters are so lovey-dovey? See how I beat you two lovers up with a club! I'm not willing to believe that a man would choose to save his lover when facing a certain death situation!]


The wind unleashed by the palm attack issued a whistling sound! Tan Tan was already too late to evade it!

"Don't hurt my man!" Xie Dan Feng screamed crazily. Her face was dripping with tears. She quickly broke free from Tan Tan's back, and fiercely shoved her head forward to welcome Li Chang Long's right palm!

Li Chang Long was shocked by this. He had a look of disbelief in his eyes. He felt as if a certain part of his heart had suddenly gotten emotional. Consequently, he couldn't help but slow down this palm-attack.

Tan Tan let out a fierce scream. He received strength from god knows where, and twisted his body despite the fact that his left shoulder had broken after knocking against the tree. The sounds of his broken ribs were heard in this moment; they had broken even further. However, he was in a hurry right now. He had to get Xie Dan Feng's head out of the way… So, he used his own chest to face Li Chang Long's right palm!


Tan Tan was flung backwards like a ball. He used the last bit of his strength, and barely managed to turn over when he was about to fall. He had still managed to use his body as a cushion on the ground…

Xie Dan Feng's body fell. In fact, it happened to fall on Tan Tan! And, Tan Tan's ribs broke one more time…

Tan Tan projected a crazy and somewhat affectionate light from his eyes as he whispered, "Go... Go quickly!"

Then, he suddenly separated Xie Dan Feng from himself, and pushed her away. His injured body then miraculously got up again, and stood in front of Li Chang Long.

"No one can even think of harming her as long as I'm alive!"

Tan Tan's eyes shot two blood-red lights. He glared at Li Chang Long whilst gritting his teeth. Blood was crazily and unceasingly spurting out from his mouth, "Old Bastard, you dare to hit my wife?!"

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