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Ji Mo was living in the Huyan Clan. So, it was obvious that he would frequently think of paying respects to his little guy down there.

But, how could it be possible?

The Huyan Clan was a great clan. And, that guy wanted to sleep with the Young Lady before marriage? It was highly improper!

Moreoevr, Huyan Aobo strictly adhered to keeping up the final barrier. She couldn't let this guy break through it. Ji Mo tried hard many times. But, he could basically do everything except for breaking through this final barrier. And… this final barrier of morality was as tough as iron!

Later, Second Master Ji hardened his heart. [Dammit! How would I achieve success if I don't pay any price?]

Therefore, he raised his head and gulped down a bottle full of Lust Dragon's Blood that Chu Yang had given him just before leaving. Then, he circulated the martial power in his blood vessels, and became vigorous. His entire body turned burning hot.

He then ran like a wisp of smoke, and started to look for Huyan Aobo.

"Aobo, this is bad. I had an aphrodisiac …" Ji Mo said whilst panicking.

"You brought aphrodisiac in my home?" Huyan Aobo looked at him with a baffled expression. But, how could she not know what this guy's intentions were?

"Yes. Yes… Moreover, it is the most severe one — Lust Dragon's Blood. Aobo, save my life…" Second Master Ji was feeling extremely upset as he shouted. His face had turned red due to holding back.

"Attendant, come in!" Huyan Aobo called out, and a few bodyguards came in.

"Lock Second Master Ji in the guest room. No one is allowed to go inside without my permission. I repeat… no one!" Huyan Aobo blushed. Then, she moved her mouth close to Ji Mo's ear, and whispered, "You had an aphrodisiac? It was Lust Dragon's Blood? Well then… go and release yourself in the guest room!"

Ji Mo's hands and feet turned ice-cold. "Hic, no no no, no no no… Aobo, dear… oh my dear god! Ah, could you not? Boohoohoo…"

Ji Mo started to cry. Second Master Ji felt like killing himself as he looked at Huyan Aobo leaving furiously.

The fact was that Ji Mo shouldn't have mentioned Lust Dragon's Blood at any cost or by any means. That was because he might've had it his way if he had said that it was some ordinary aphrodisiac.

However, Huyan Aobo was very experienced. So, how could she not know… that the Lust Dragon's Blood wasn't considered an aphrodisiac?! It would only boost the sexual drive of a man… It could increase the excitement to an extent that it couldn't be restrained. But, it was otherwise harmless!

[Let this guy suffer for several days. He'll be alright.]

Ji Mo had tried to gain an advantage, but had ended up worse off. He had been locked inside this small and dark room.

He remained locked in for three days.

Three days later… Second Master Ji finally got over with it. He came out. But, he found that he had become extremely sensitive. 'It' would stand up whenever he would randomly see pink clothes…

But, this prodigy who had taken an aphrodisiac himself so that he could take unfair advantage of a lady had become a celebrity in the Huyan Clan!

This news spread from the mouths of several bodyguards. And, the name of Second Master Ji was spread far and wide!

Naturally, the most praiseworthy thing was that this guy's skin was so thick that even an army of a million people wouldn't be able to pierce through. Anyone would've felt too ashamed to show their face if they had been in his place. But, this guy had no sense of shame. In fact, he would first become happy, and then he would feel honored if someone were to mention this in front of him.

Huyan Clan's Clan Lord sighed, [I can see clearly now… This son-in-law doesn't take responsibility for anything… He's super-shameless!]

Ji Mo and Huyan Aobo were sitting together and chatting that evening. Suddenly, a piece of news came through.

"Clan Lord has instructed… Son-in-law must take a look at this news without delay," the bodyguard who had brought the news stammered.

"What kind of news?" Ji Mo received it with curiosity.

Ji Mo gave it a glance...

Then, he suddenly erupted!

"Bastards! Those bastards of Ao Clan! I'll swallow you fu*kers alive if something happens to my brothers!"

Second Master Ji rushed out in a crazy manner.

He had already rushed out like a tornado on horse-back by the time Huyan Aobo chased after him to the stable. His eyes had turned red, and he had ferociously clamped his legs in the horse's belly. He was continuously brandishing the horsewhip, and was dashing away without stopping.

"Hey… you, wait a minute for me!" Huyan Aobo shouted.

"Wait for what? It is men's business. Don't meddle!" Ji Mo's voice came through. The man and horse rushed away at lightning speed, and disappeared into the night!

The sound of hoof beats surged-on like muffled thunder from a distance.

"What happened?" Huyan Aobo caught that guard, and asked.

"The four Young Masters of the Ao Clan have launched a surprise attack on the Xie Clan. Xie Clan has received serious casualties. The major personalities of the Xie Clan have fled… Young Master's brothers are also among them…" that bodyguard replied whilst trembling with fear.

Huyan Aobo cried out in alarm. She then turned around, and went into Huyan Clan's hall.

"I must go!" Huyan Aobo bluntly said to her father.

"Has he left already?" Huyan Tian Feng asked.


"He truly deserves to be called a brave man… He abandoned this easygoing lifestyle, and threw himself into his brothers' crisis… He didn't hesitate…" Huyan Tian Feng muttered to himself. Then, he said, "Not just you… The people of our Huyan Clan will also go!"

He decidedly ordered, "Our Huyan Clan can't stay out in the chaos of Jianghu! All the personnel, start the preparations. The outbreak has occurred earlier than expected. Therefore, we'll also set off in advance!"

"We'll stand on the side where Ji Mo will stand!"

"Set off!"

A little while passed… Then, a cavalry of Huyan Clan's several hundred people rushed out of the clan with a whiz. They were being led by the father and the daughter. They soon disappeared in the curtain of night.

Inside the manor… Madam Huyan had knelt down in front of the god's idol. She was sincerely knocking down her head, [Heaven bless my husband and my daughter. May they soon return safe and sound…]

Smoke from the burning incense was rising in spirals…

Chu Yang was riding a horse whilst dispersing dust in a manner that made it seem as if an arrow had left a bowstring. His black robe was dancing in the night wind. He was issuing fierce 'bang' noises. His sword-like sharp eyes were shooting heartless rays.

He felt as if his heart would burst, and his chest would split open. A worry was unceasingly increasing inside his belly as he was tightly pursing up his lips!

That slight curve at the corner of his mouth revealed his heartlessness. This was enough to induce palpitation in people!

The Nine Tribulation Sword in his Dantian seemed to have been infected by Chu Yang's heaven-soaring murderous intent. It unconsciously gathered to his Dantian, and issued sword-cries with clangs! Suddenly, invisible sword energy was emitted out from Chu Yang's body. Even Chu Yang didn't know that the clouds in the sky were being smashed and dispersed by his heaven-soaring sword energy!

Chu Yang and the horse changed into black lighting in the dim light of the night.

He was moving like a hurricane!


[I'm coming!]

[I — Chu Yang — will cause a river of blood in the Middle Three Heavens if you receive the slightest of harm!]

Mo Tian Ji was dozens of kilometers behind him. He had a calm and composed face. He looked solemn. However, he was constantly issuing orders, "Hurry up! Faster! Throw all the extra baggage. Throw all of them! We only need speed at this moment!"

The large military force sped forward. The sounds of hoof beats echoed like loud rumbles of tsunamis and landslides. They were advancing through the dim light of the night!

Ji Mo had bent his body on the horseback, and was rushing madly. The night wind was fiercely blowing against his face. He had opened his eyes wide in anger. He couldn't blink them even if he wanted to.

The rage was rising upwards from his entire body. His anger was rising bit by bit with every passing moment. He felt as if lava was boiling in his heart. He was extremely anxious.

[My brothers, are you alright?]

[You must hold on!]

[You must endure!]

[I - Ji Mo - am coming!]

"Quick! Quick! Quick!"

Dong Wu Shang and Gu Du Xing moved like meteors on the main road, and separated away from their troops. They were rushing on the road on their quick horses. They were burning with anxiety. They were surging ahead like hurricanes.

Their eyes were bloodshot. A brutal and murderous aura seemed to be congealing around their entire bodies!

The wrath of the Sword Emperor and the Saber Emperor had spread everywhere. Several passers-by along their way had swords and sabers on them. However, they had found that their swords and sabers had automatically unsheathed and flickered cold lights when these two had quickly passed by…

The troops of Gu Clan and Dong Clan were repeatedly accelerating under Dong Wu Lei's leadership in the distance behind them. They had doubled their speed. They urged their horses to rush forward and catch up with with their Young Masters without hesitation!

Both men were rushing at a speed that made it seem as if they were keeping pace with hurricanes. They were roaring along the way, and were rushing towards the horizon!

Their faces had become like iron. Both of them had the same desire in their heart.


[You must stand firm!]

[We're coming!]

In a small town… people were discussing about the matter of this surprise attack on the Xie Clan. Everyone was discussing enthusiastically about this sudden and crazy news!

A youngster who had wounds over his entire body listened to this news, and his complexion suddenly changed. Then, he stood up with a 'shua' sound, and threw down one silver coin. Then, he moved out of the restaurant like a gust of wind. He then waved his hand, and knocked down a middle-aged man from his horse. After that, he turned over, and got on the horse. He then dropped a gold coin without turning his head. Finally, he clamped his legs, and rushed away with whooshing sounds.

The middle-aged man had fallen down behind him, and had gotten covered in dirt. So, he roundly abused the youngster. But, the youngster turned a deaf ear to him… In fact, he had already gone quite far away.

This youngster was Luo Ke Di!

Second Master Luo's luck had been a bit bad of late... He had encountered two interceptions in a row. And, he had sustained severe injuries each time. But, he had been able to escape by a fluke. He had already eaten the incomplete version of the Nine Tribulations Pill that he had with him after the first interception. So, he had no other choice but to endure the second time's injuries.

He had been recuperating by hiding here ever since. But, he still wasn't in a good condition. However, his chest had suddenly felt as if it would split open as soon as he had heard this news. Then, he had immediately rushed out without thinking about anything else…

[My brothers were attacked!]

[I must go!]

Luo Ke Di's body was riddled with scars. There were countless wounds that hadn't healed yet. Therefore, blood was continuously oozing out of his body. But, he still didn't blink his eyes. In fact, he wasn't feeling even a little bit of pain now!

This Second Master Luo had always been laughing, cursing, and playing. He had been issuing 'Ahwooh' sounds whilst laughing and cursing at death when he was intercepted by his enemies. He had done so even when he had been in danger. He had been bantering and laughing even when he had been confronting powerful enemies. However, his complexion had become unprecedentedly solemn at this moment. In fact, it had revealed a sense of urgency.

[Brothers, I won't let anything happen to you!]

[…at any cost… any cost!]

In another direction… Luo Ke Wu was leading the army. He suddenly crumpled the paper of information that he had in his hand. Then, he ordered in a thunderous voice, "Cancel the camping plan! Move forward with full speed!"

Luo Clan set into action!

In another direction… Young Clan Lord of Ji Clan — Ji Zhu — suddenly dashed out of his comfortable carriage after he received the news. He then performed a flying-kick. That carriage was sent flying out, and cleared a path from within the troops.

He quickly got on a horse, and roared, "Advance as fast as possible!"

This Eldest Young Master would always sit. He would never stand… He would lie down, but he would never stand… In fact, he had displayed such an action for the first time in his entire life!

At a certain place…

Jun Lu Lu read the information. She then lowered her head and sighed. [The Middle Three Heavens is in chaos. Elder Sister and Xiao Yu haven't completed their training in seclusion, but they need to look at this. Dark Bamboo is related to this. So, not doing anything is out of the question!]

She was about to give an order when a man's shadow suddenly flashed… Then, a blue silhouette appeared in a majestic manner... It was Young Master Yu; he had been gone for many days.

"Why did you come out?" Jun Lu Lu was pleasantly surprised as she asked.

However, Young Master Yu didn't answer. Instead, he asked with a serious look, "What has happened? Why has the sword energy suddenly filled the Middle Three Heavens? Who has provoked the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword?"

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