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Second Master Ji was proud of his success these days.

This guy had kept saying that he was going to return to the Ji Clan ever since he had split up from his brothers in Xie Clan. But, he had instead turned his direction towards Huyan Aobo's clan.

[Ji Zhu is in Ji Clan. He's the backbone of the Ji Clan. So, what would I do after going back?]

[That bastard Ji Zhu might hand over this Second Master Ji some long-term task. And, I wouldn't be able to get over with it easily.]

Therefore, Ji Mo turned his ass, and changed his way.

The entire journey after he turned around was smooth. He didn't meet any other interception in his way. This was very strange for him…

The fact was that every interception that was directed against him was lying in-wait on the way to Ji Clan. However, Ji Mo had turned towards the Huyan Clan. Moreover, the Huyan Clan wasn't even remotely connected to the route towards the Ji Clan. Therefore, his journey had stood those people up... The enemy's ambush had gone in vain.

Second Master Ji kept rubbing his crotch happily and excitedly the entire way. He entered into the Huyan Clan's territory with eyes filled with anticipation. It was early evening. Lanterns were being lit. It was supper time.

Second Master Ji looked for a restaurant. He first stopped by to eat and drink.

He had barely sat down and moved the chopsticks when he suddenly heard sounds of majestic footsteps coming from upstairs. Then, the door opened, and it suddenly turned dark before him!

He only saw a tall, sturdy, and big person standing at the door of his private box; the person's height was around eight feet. The person had a tough and stocky built. This person seemed majestic and ferocious. It could even be said that this single person could outdo a thousand men!

This person's imposing aura was innately heroic and mighty. This person seemed to have a bold and powerful tyranny embedded into the bones!

Ji Mo was amazed. But then, he suddenly felt that there was something wrong. He felt that this person's pectoral muscles were far too developed. Their buttocks were also bulging out a bit too much. He attentively looked, and found that it was his own fiancée Young Miss Huyan - Huyan Aobo.

"Aobo…" Ji Mo sprang up, and started to jump as agilely as a monkey. He said while being unable to contain his joy, "How come you're here?"

"You've arrived in my clan's territory. You think I still wouldn't know?" Huyan Aobo walked over majestically. She extended her hand, and pulled out a chair. Then, she sat down; two creaking sounds came from the chair that she had just sat in. She indeed had an overbearing presence. She seemed very powerful and intimidating.

"Hehehe…." Ji Mo giggled. He then thought, [She's extremely strong. It's so satisfying. She gives me a sense of security…]

"Aobo… I've missed you!" Second Master Ji threw a coquettish look, and asked, "Did you miss me?"

Huyan Aobo wrinkled her brows. And, a faint blush slowly rose up on her face. She bit her lip, and just snorted. She didn't say anything.

"Waiter! Bring two chopsticks! Oh, it's better that I go and bring them." Ji Mo fled out with a whooshing sound. He then immediately came back with a whooshing sound. He had a pair of chopsticks in his hand, "Take these. Aobo, fate has brought us together at last."

He reached out, and took Huyan Aobo's hand in his own. Their arms were almost abreast. One arm was thick, solid, and powerful, while the other one was weak, thin, and tiny. In fact, it seemed as if an arm and a thigh had been placed together.

And, Ji Mo was the 'arm' here…

Then, Ji Mo sat next to Huyan Aobo with a drooling face. This scene could be well compared by a little monkey sitting next to a big black bear.

"Thank god your little conscience knew that you should first come looking for me," Huyan Aobo insipidly said. But, there was a trace of satisfaction in her voice.

"You're my wife. Who else would I look for if not you?" Ji Mo politely picked a piece of beef. Then, he put it into Huyan Aobo's plate.


Both of them told each other everything after they had finished their meal. Huyan Aobo was a bold and frank woman. She wasn't pretentious in any way. And, Ji Mo was even more casual.

Ji Mo courageously held Huyan Aobo's arm as he walked on the road. Huyan Aobo turned her head, and looked at him. She said, "It's not very elegant."

Ji Mo hung on Huyan Aobo's arm, and twisted his neck. He said, "What's unsightly about this? I'm just taking a walk with my wife; that's all."

"The image is reversed."

"If it's reversed… it's reversed. Who cares?"

Second Master Ji didn't care about it.

However, Huyan Aobo was a bit worried. But, she then thought for a while, and a smile sprinkled on her face, [We are living our days, and making happy memories. So, why should we care about what others would say? Let them see if they want to.]

Ji Mo seemed as if he didn't need to 'blend'. In fact, he had used the price he had paid by being laughed at to cancel out the apprehension in his heart.

Huyan Aobo sighed. She then extended her hand, and pulled Ji Mo's arm.

They both held each other's arms like any other couple would hold arms together. However, it had an absolutely different meaning for them.

Ji Mo raised his head in surprise. But, he couldn't help but knowingly smile in his heart when he saw Huyan Aobo's warm smile and calm eyes.

Both of them were ostentatiously roaming around the town hand-in-hand. They were calm and at ease. They were leaving a trail of dumbfounded gazes in their wake.

The Huyan Clan's guards also found it funny at first. But, they watched these two for a while, and started to feel that they two could sacrifice anything for each other. [They took the initiative to bear becoming the laughing stocks, and faced it confidently. They are truly a harmonious couple.]

One of them was tall, while the other was short. One was sturdy and strong, and the other one was thin and weak. However, they still looked very harmonious while walking together.

They were walking together in such a way that the ridicule in people's hearts slowly turned into respect.

[Would I be able to go for a wife that doesn't suit me if I were in Ji Mo's place?]

[Would I dare… if I were in Ji Mo's place?]

Everyone searched their souls, but didn't find any answers.

But, one thing is certain… One would only let the happiness slip away from their hand if they didn't have such courage. And, one mustn't say that they regret their past mistakes when one starts to feel regret later.

It's because one's happiness was initially in one's own hand. And, they were the one to abandon it. Therefore, they don't have any qualification to say that they 'regret their past mistakes'.

Love doesn't need a reason. It doesn't need self-abasing!

Ji Mo received a heroic hospitality when he arrived at the Huyan Clan's courtyard!

Clan Lord Huyan Tian Feng had made a decision; [This Ji Mo is such a heroic man! He deserves to be my son-in-law!]

Huyan Tian Feng had left to look for this man who was deeply in love with his daughter as soon as he had heard that Ji Mo had come. The eyes of Huyan Clan's Clan Lord had become moist when he had secretly looked at his daughter and Ji Mo walking hand-in-hand in the town.

He was a man. So, he knew what a man cared about the most. Any man would've felt disgraceful while walking hand-in-hand with a woman like that. But, Ji Mo hadn't care about it!

Even Huyan Tian Feng might not have been able to do it if he were in his place. So, he knew that it wouldn't have been too easy for Ji Mo either!

[This is how a real man behaves! This is how a man should be!]

Huyan Tian Feng knew that his daughter wasn't ugly. Moreover, she was clever. She had a good judgment in dealing with things. It could be said that there were many manly qualities in that woman; and, that was obviously not a bad thing.

However, her body-structure was too big. So, she even looked like a man. She had a great vision, but she lacked the ability to find a suitable spouse... She was high and mighty, but she had already resigned herself to her fate. Otherwise, how could a man like Gao Sheng be worthy of this heroic woman?

However, Huyan Aobo might have suggested her unwillingness to marry Gao Sheng if Gao Sheng hadn't already fled to avoid the marriage.

But, Huyan Tian Feng's daughter had met Ji Mo now. And, it had unburdened him from a big concern!

Huyan Clan held a big banquet that night even though they had already had dinner. They conspired to get their future son-in-law drunk. The more Huyan Tian Feng looked at his son-in-law, the more satisfied he felt. Both father-in-law and son-in-law huddled at the table, and drank to their heart's content.

Ji Mo held himself back at first. But then, he started to empty wine cups. Ji Mo was thin and weak. But, his drinking capacity was no joke. Moreover, he had come to the Huyan Clan for the first time. So, he couldn't show any weakness. He simply wanted to out-drink his father-in-law!

They drank till midnight. Cups and dishes lay in disorder. Huyan Tian Feng couldn't drink anymore. So, he was about to slip off.

Ji Mo had already been ninety-percent intoxicated. But, he was still drinking. However, he saw that his father-in-law had the intention of refusing to acknowledge that he had lost the drinking match… So, Ji Mo slammed his hand on the table, and stood up. He then valiantly bellowed. Then, he firmly pinched his father-in-law's nose, and poured a jug full of liquor down his throat…

Everyone was so flabbergasted that they felt as if they were witnessing a celestial being.

Huyan Clan's Clan Lord turned over and stealthily got under an adjacent table after a jug full of wine went down his belly. This new son-in-law Ji Mo was visiting his in-laws for the first time, but he was still carrying a jug of wine in his hand. He sang a few folk songs in a loud voice. Then, he dropped it down. He felt his head spinning as he foolishly chuckled twice. He moved around the table, and then happened to collapse on top of his father-in-law with a thumping sound.

This new son-in-law hugged his father-in-law the next moment. Then, both of them started to snore whilst issuing heaven-shaking sounds…

Huyan Clan's people were stunned!

Huyan Aobo and her mother hurriedly came over to see them. They saw that the son-in-law was lying under the table whilst hugging his father-in-law with a look of satisfaction on his face…

Both mother and daughter didn't know whether to laugh or cry. They hastily ordered their men to separate these two. But, these two had drunk too much, and were holding each other tightly… They couldn't be separated even a bit. So, they had to be carried together, and were thrown in the guest room…

Next morning…

Both of them cried in alarm… Their voices were so loudly that they almost broke the sky. Their screams had come out from the guest room…

Then, a bang was heard. Both of them made two holes in the guest room as they rushed out.

Huyan Clan's Clan Lord ran whilst covering his face with his hands. He was ashamed and unable to show his face… His whole lifetime's reputation had gone down the gutter.

Only Ji Mo was left standing foolishly in the courtyard. He had a splitting headache. He was holding his head, and was trying his best to recall what had happened the previous night…

Second Master Ji became famous in his in-laws' house after this! In fact, the Huyan Clan's ancestor especially ended his seclusion to come and have a look at this new son-in-law who had slept hugging his father-in-law the entire night…

[This… this is simply a prodigy who has been made in heaven.]

Madam Huyan saw her son-in-law trying to find his father-in-law everywhere the next day… Father-in-law was finally found in the living room… Huyan Clan's Clan Lord had been hiding in the Madam's chamber. And, he had been found by this guy.

"Lord Father-in-law, you, you, you… you didn't do anything to me last night, right?" Ji Mo was very sullen and tense. He tried to get to the heart of the matter, and inquired about the truth.

"Get lost!~~~~"

Huyan Tian Feng violently roared. He flew into a rage out of humiliation, and firmly kicked him. Madam Huyan still hadn't clearly seen what her son-in-law looked like when this guy issued a weird cry and was sent out flying like a meteor by her husband's kick.

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