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These two pieces of information were transmitted one after another. Chu Yang and Mo Tian Ji were left stunned after they listened to the first piece of information…

Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang had joined hands together, and had destroyed the two brothers of the Ao Clan — Ao Qing Yun and Ao Feng Yun!

Ao Qing Yun's heart was pierced by Gu Du Xing's sword. And, Ao Feng Yun was chopped into two by Dong Wu Shang's saber!

Mo Tian Ji cussed when he saw this message, "You say… aren't these two brothers of ours truly very valiant? Otherwise, how would they have slaughtered those two boys… those two so-called great geniuses?"

Chu Yang spat saliva on the floor, and said, "Brother Mo, why do you have such resentment towards these two geniuses? A person being talented in martial studies doesn't mean that they will be adept at battle strategies too. After all, stratagem surpasses all kind of talents… Every genius of one subject is bound to be naïve in another."

Chu Yang deeply and heavily said, "I believe that these two geniuses of Ao Clan are naïve. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been blinded by their wild ambitions like that."

Mo Tian Ji laughed out loud. Then, he puckered up his brows, "They may be naïve. But, it still wasn't a good thing to kill them at such a critical time."

Chu Yang snorted, "This isn't necessarily a bad thing either."

They both exchanged a glance. Then, they both made evaluations in their hearts. Mo Tian Ji and Chu Yang had completely different views in this matter.

Mo Tian Ji followed the circuitous approach. [This isn't the time to kill. It would be good to kill them after they are no longer needed… After all, isn't it still revenge even if it is taken a bit later? Everyone knows that it still won't be late if a gentleman takes his revenge after ten years, right?]

On the other hand, Chu Yang was a hardliner. [I'll kill if you dare to provoke me! I'll kill you no matter what. What Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang have done is absolutely right! They've killed those two. That's it… Big deal!]

The two naturally didn't understand each other's reasons.

The message said that the two Great Young Masters of the Ao Clan had taken their troops to the Gu Clan that day. They had made an announcement of their arrival, and had then entered the Gu Clan. They had been somewhat arrogant since the beginning. However, they had been a bit courteous at first this time.

But, the main issue that they had mentioned was that they had come to recruit the Gu Clan.

So, Gu Du Xing had exploded.

[I was happy and content. And, you guys came to mess up my life's best moments?]

Gu Du Xing had sternly refused. Then, he had driven both of them out.

On the second day… both the young masters had been unwilling to let go. They had analyzed the situation, and tried to convince Gu Clan with reason. They had also tried to move them with feelings. In short, they had said, [Your Gu Clan will definitely be done for in this crisis of the Middle Three Heavens. So, it would be better if you were to start serving our Ao Clan as soon as possible…]

However, Gu Du Xing had paid no heed. [You two are boneheads. This is simply hilarious. Do you even know who I am?]

On the third day… Gu Du Xing had finally been unable to take it anymore.

It was because Ao Feng Yun had mentioned about Gu Miao Ling amidst the conversation. He had said sincerely and earnestly, [What would be the fate of Gu Miao Ling if Gu Clan got exterminated? Only Ao Clan would be able to offer her protection…]

Gu Du Xing flew into a rage before Ao Feng Yun could even finish speaking. He rushed out, and brutally attacked them.

Both the great clans clashed and hurt each other. Everyone stayed in their margins, and no one got killed. But, they sustained a lot of injuries.

This made both the Ao Young Masters angry.

The Ao Clan was considered a tyrant in the entire Middle Three Heavens. Had they ever received such a provocation?

So, they started to rain curses. They even proclaimed to exterminate the Gu Clan.

Gu Du Xing was at the end of his patience. So, he finally started to fight heartlessly… Second Master Dong coincidentally arrived at this moment!

Dong Wu Shang had rushed the entire journey. He had only been a few miles away when he had heard Ao Clan's curses. So, he had flown into a rage, and rushed in like a meteor. He united with his saber… A 'shua' sound was issued. Then, he chopped off Ao Feng Yun's body in the most vicious manner!

Both the brothers of the Ao Clan were martial arts geniuses… But, their talents had been of no help on that day. They had been no match in front of abnormal geniuses like Dong Wu Shang and Gu Du Xing.

Ao Feng Yun had lost his life in just one move!

Ao Clan's people naturally became angry. So, they encircled Dong Wu Shang in succession. They wanted to kill this man who had chopped their Young Master into pieces.

Gu Du Xing also dashed out at this moment. He took advantage of the time when all the people of Ao Clan were busy in besieging Dong Wu Shang. He slashed his sword, and a smooth sword-light flashed. It sent the soul of the other Young Master Ao Qing Yun straight to hell!

The matter had already escalated to such a point that Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang had become unafraid of getting into trouble. So, they made a full-on counter attack. The Sword Emperor and Saber Emperor rushed into Ao Clan's crowd unhindered. They bellowed loudly, and battled fiercely. Then, all the people of Gu Clan also rushed out, and pulverized the already defeated enemy…

Only three senior Emperor Level Experts of the Ao Clan were able to run away from this battle. The rest got buried in front of Gu Clan's main gate…

The show had already ended by the time Dong Wu Lei arrived with his troops.

It was said that Eldest Young Master Dong - Dong Wu Lei — had cried on the scene. [My two dear daddies… you two have killed the two Young Masters of the Ao Clan at such a crucial time?!]

[Do you think that this fu*king enmity will die out easily?!]

Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang expressed the same opinion regarding Dong Wu Lei's worries; [Ao Clan… who cares?] Dong Wu Lei was left speechless in front of these two bold guys.

On the same day… Gu Du Xing dispersed Gu Clan's clansmen in order to avoid retaliation from the Ao Clan. Then, he commanded his army to start off to the site of the decisive battle along with Brother Dong Wu Lei…

Dong Wu Lei continuously moaned and groaned in depression along the way…

This was the first message.

Then, the second message fell into Chu Yang's and Mo Tian Ji's ears… Chu Yang violently cussed out 'mother-fu*ker' on the spot. And, Mo Tian Ji - who had great self-control - pounded his hand on the table.

The second message was even more infuriating than the first one!

The remaining four Young Masters of the Ao Clan had suddenly joined hands. They had then attacked the Xie Clan like lightning along with an army of more than a thousand people!

It was because they had obtained the exact news, [Ao Xie Yun is in the Xie Clan!]

All of them would have an opportunity to kill Ao Xie Yun now. The clan may blame them for this. But, they couldn't bring the dead back to life!

Therefore, the four Young Masters had discussed for a while. Then, they decided to attack the Xie Clan.

It was said that the attack had been heaven-shaking and earth-quaking. The Xie Clan had been caught off-guard. And, half of the sky above the clan had turned red due to the fires.

The eight eighth grade Emperor Level Experts of Ao Clan engaged the ancestor Xie Zhi Qiu of Xie Clan. The other people attacked brutally, and caused wanton destruction.

Xie Dan Qiong had just returned to the clan. However, he was besieged by two Emperor Level Experts in this fight. Consequently, he was seriously injured. Xie Dan Feng also received serious injuries; so did Rui Bu Tong. Tan Tan had been rushing everywhere and protecting everyone with difficulty. Ao Xie Yun had obviously been his priority. But, he got severely injured while protecting Rui Bu Tong.

Afterwards, Xie Zhi Qiu and several Emperor Level Experts of the Xie Clan rushed out, and broke the siege at the risk of their lives. They are presently running towards the Mo Clan! But, the Ao Clan's army is unwilling to let go, and is chasing after them…

The several hundred years old foundation of Xie Clan was destroyed in a short while!

Chu Yang jumped up when he heard this message.

Mo Tian Ji didn't wait for Chu Yang to speak. He pounded on the table, and issued an order, "All forces… set off immediately! Set off without delay! You must meet up with the Xie Clan before Ao Clan does. You must provide back up to Xie Clan!

"All the intelligence personnel… you people start planning for the battle from this moment. Do not hesitate even a bit. You must protect Xie Clan's people at all costs. You must save them… You mustn't let them die no matter what you have to keep on stake! The treatment and aid to the families you leave behind shall be a hundred times more if something were to happen to you!"

Many invisible falcons flew out. Simultaneously, Chu Yang and Mo Tian Ji ran out of Mo Clan's door whilst being extremely anxious.

"You quickly come along with some people. I'm heading out first," Chu Yang quickly got on a horse, and left behind a few words… He had gone several hundreds of feet away by the time the last word was heard.

Chu Yang and his horse had vanished into the twilight that had just arrived by the time Chu Yang's words faded.

The expression on Mo Tian Ji's face made it seem as if he was drowning. He waved his hand, and the forces marched forward.

A fire seemed to be burning in his heart at this moment! In fact, it was seemingly burning his insides… It was making him feel sick.

This information had thrown Mo Tian Ji into confusion.

"It's hard to believe that there exist people who don't care about the big picture!" Mo Tian Ji finally couldn't help but vent out his feelings, "They would mess with the entire Jianghu just to get to the Ao Clan's throne? These several geniuses of Ao Clan are simply shameless bastards!"

Mo Tian Ji's plan was at the risk of collapsing if Xie Clan were to suffer such a serious loss at this time. In fact, they were in danger of being defeated in this war of the Middle Three Heavens!

Moreover, the plan that he had made after such hard work would be giving benefits in vain to Tian Bu Hui and his allies…

So, how could Mo Tian Ji not get angry? This was the matter of several clans' survival… And, his own Mo Clan was no exception!

"Clan Lord, perhaps… we haven't thought over this matter enough," An Elder of Mo Clan stroked his beard on one side. Then, he said in a deep voice, "The Ao Clan has stood tall and proud in the Middle Three Heavens for millenniums. It is like a towering tree reaching to the sky for these several Young Masters! They'll have some hope for ascension if they kill Ao Xie Yun. Moreover, their lives are safe as long as their status is safe… regardless of how things would be in the Ao Clan at that time. So, they simply don't care about the overall situation of the world. In fact, it seems that the dispute between the two big alliances of the world is just like a joke in their eyes. They think that they just have to look-on without lifting a finger. They don't wish to take the side of any one party."

"But, the Ao Clan has already announced their participation in the battle!" Mo Tian Ji ferociously said, "Ao Tian Xing has personally said these words this morning!"

"Therefore, they are taking a risk out of desperation," that Elder of the Mo Clan said.

"It still isn't right!" Mo Tian Ji clenched his teeth, "They shouldn't have such courage. They shouldn't have such strength to break through the Xie Clan in one day's period. Something is fishy!"

"The Xie Clan's strength is greater than our Mo Clan's. In fact, it is not inferior to that of the Dong Clan! However, a bunch of dandy so-called 'geniuses' broke through the Xie Clan in just one day?! This is a big joke!"

Mo Tian Ji heavily said, "This is impossible!"

Then, he puckered up his brows, "Ao Clan has declared their participation in the war. Therefore, these people couldn't have gotten the Ao Clan's full-fledged assistance since they are preparing for the battle. And, this means that it can only be those four people, and the teams of experts that are with them. According to our reliable sources… those four had troops of not more than 150 people each. So, they shouldn't have been more than six-hundred people in total.

"But, the message here reads that there were 'more than one-thousand people'. This information isn't wrong. Then, where did those extra 400 people come from?"

Mo Tian Ji frowned. He then let the horse under his crotch speed up. He was constantly pondering and speculating as the gusts of wind blew against his face… Suddenly, there was a flash of light in his mind, "Could it be that the reinforcements of Tian Bu Hui and the others have arrived? But, how can their reinforcements join hands with Ao Clan? But, who else could it be if not them?"

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