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These Supreme Experts first had to sort-out this 'hampering the apprentice's progress' issue since they didn't have a better choice.

"Khaff khaff… your Elder Brother Chu Yang will be very powerful in the future. But, he's nothing right now!" Ning Tian Ya restrained his gloominess and explained, "You will have to wait for him to grow up. How can it happen before several hundred years have passed?"

Mo Qing Wu coldly snorted. Her complexion was still as unconvinced as before.

"Moreover… Your Elder Brother Chu Yang would be so powerful in future. But, you wouldn't be able to catch up with him if you don't practice hard. And, you will be left behind if you can't catch up. How will you be a match for your Elder Brother Chu Yang, then?" Bu Liu Qing had mentioned a very important thing while making this comparison. In fact, he had pointed out a crucial point.

"Yes… I must practice hard!" Bu Liu Qing proudly looked at Ning Tian Ya as Mo Qing Wu said this. The Old Man's meaning was obvious… [Did you see that? My method is effective.]

They went back to Ning Tian Ya's residence. Ning Tian Ya didn't have time to take a rest. He began to prepare for instructing his apprentice with everything he had. However, he obviously wanted to make a good relationship with her first.

"Xiao Wu, you take a look at this. Isn't it nice? Do it like this… Like this…"

"Master, why haven't we started to practice yet?"

"This… this thing… Don't you like it?"

"Yes. But, this thing won't make me catch up with Elder Brother Chu Yang."

The two masters hadn't expected this. They had expected that they would have to urge this cute little girl to practice, but that didn't happen. Instead, this cute little girl urged her masters to start with the practice.

This was a good start. It made both the Supreme Experts happy. Therefore, Ning Tia Ya immediately started training her.

One day later…

The cute little girl was somewhat exhausted. "One more time."

Two days later…

The cute little girl had become weak, "Come… one more… time."

Three days later…

"Boohoo… I miss Elder Brother Chu Yang…" The cute little girl gave up.

Ning Tian Ya didn't know how to deal with it.

"My whole body is aching…" The cute little girl's eyes were gleaming with tears.

Ning Tian Ya looked upwards and deeply sighed.

However, the one thing that made both the Supreme Experts happy was — this cute little girl's aptitude was incredible. It was the best in the entire world. Her physical strength wasn't too good, but her wisdom was so great that she could deduce many things from one case. Moreover, the cute little girl could recite the theoretical chants from memory in one go.

So, not much time was spent when it came to these things.

However, the cute little girl's physical strength couldn't keep up. Therefore, practice turned out to be the most difficult thing.

"Would you like me to give you a massage every day? I can massage you if you want!" Ning Tian Ya couldn't do anything about her body-ache. So, he volunteered to give her a massage. A majestic Supreme Expert had lowered himself to be his apprentice's masseur…

"Absolutely not!" The cute little girl's eyes were gleaming with tears because of the pain she was in. So, it was a bit exceptional that she had firmly refused her master's offer, "You may be my master, but you're a man at the end of the day! I won't allow any man to touch my body. It belongs to Elder Brother Chu Yang only!"

Ning Tian Ya felt like crying.

When had a Supreme Expert ever given a massage to someone? However, he had taken the initiative now. And, she had embarrassed him on the spot… He had shown kindness, but he had been snubbed. He felt so depressed that it seemed as if his innards were smoldering…

[I am more than fu*king ten-thousand years old. Would I still have sexual intentions towards a little girl like you?]

Bu Liu Qing looked at Ning Tian Ya teaching their apprentice with the critical eyes of a bystander. His mouth remained open, and didn't close.

The apprentice's aptitude would make him smile in satisfaction. The apprentice's cuteness would make him smile while pampering her. The apprentice's intelligence would make him smile in gratification. And now, the apprentice's mischief was messing with his old rival Ning Tian Ji. So, it obviously made him take joy in other's misfortune…

Ning Tian Ya felt rejected. So, he went out with a dark face.

Therefore, Ye Clan's chief masseuse - Ye Mei Li — went missing that night. It must be mentioned that Ye Clan was the top clan among the Nine Great Ruling Aristocratic Clans of Nine Heavens…

The cute little girl mischievously laughed and practiced kicking and punching for a while under the attentive gaze of her frowning masters. After that, she groaned while enjoying a massage as she lay in a jade essence bed. Meanwhile, her masters could only look at her whilst being speechless.

What she had felt this day was called 'pure satisfaction'!

Moreover, the most satisfying thing was that Bu Liu Qing had thought of a special method to heighten the little girl's comfort. He had made several holes in a huge jade essence bed that had formed hundred thousand years ago. Then, he had installed some Purple Crystal Jade Essence Beads, White Crystal Jade Essence Beads, Blue Crystal Jade Essence Beads, and Deep Sea Crystal Essence in different spots of the bed. Then, he had used his cultivation prowess of Supreme Level, and had circulated his vital energy through these rare crystals to establish a channel. And, this had led to the formation of an array.

Therefore, this bed would spontaneously attract the spirit energy from the world into this array formation. Then, the energy would be injected into these few heavenly treasures. And, it would create a loop of energy circulation.

Thus, this jade essence bed would get turned into a platform to supply the spirit energy from the world.

Therefore, Mo Qing Wu wouldn't even need to do anything as long as she lay in it and rested. The rare world energies would spontaneously gather here and transport into Mo Qing Wu's dantian. Then, they would spontaneously and randomly enter into her meridians.

Moreover, they would untiringly cleanse the impurities within her body.

This cultivation method was simply fantastic!

This jade essence bed was lifted from Ning Tian Ya's room after this method was successfully established. Then, it was put into the cute little girl's chambers. Henceforth, it became exclusive for Mo Qing Wu.

However, the cute little girl pouted when this bed was being moved to her room. She looked as if she was being wronged. She carefully cleaned the bed using fresh water. Then, she sniffed the right side of the bed with her little nose. And, she repeated the same thing on the left side as well. She then wrinkled her brows, and reluctantly accepted it.

"Humph, Master Ning hasn't bathed once since I've arrived here. And, he now wants me to sleep on the bed he used to sleep in… This is obviously bullying. Humph! I'll have to wash it again!"

The cute little girl pouted. She felt wronged. She felt that she was being mistreated; "They didn't even get a bed for me… These Supreme Experts are so poor…"

Both the Supreme Experts almost vomited out blood on the spot.

[Poor? Who can dare to call us poor? You can investigate the entire Nine Heavens. Where else would you find such jade essence bed? Even one bead from this bed can overturn the entire Nine Heavens!]

[We both Supremes have transformed many of the world's top treasures with great effort. We spent so much vital energy to craft these top treasures that can help in a person's cultivation… And, they're being treated as trash?]

[Alas. Let it be trash or whatever… It's fine as long as our treasured apprentice can rest in it…]

Both the Supremes had been rendered speechless; only tears were flowing down their eyes.

The next day was a more intensive abyss of suffering. The cute little girl practiced very devotedly. Moreover, she was very serious and hard-working. Her improvement was also very quick. It was because the cute little girl had made a strong determination in her heart; [I have to become strong as quickly as possible! I will protect Elder Brother Chu Yang… I will hurriedly study and master martial arts. Then, I will hurriedly and go find Elder Brother Chu Yang…]

She spent the first few painstaking days with such attitude. In fact, her diligence had soon reached a level where the two Supremes couldn't bear to watch her push herself so much.

But… the problem was that Chu Yang had made her used to one thing — she would listen to stories before going to bed.

How could both the Supremes be willing to disappoint their treasured apprentice? Therefore, both of the Supremes would take turns and tell her stories.

"Long long time ago…"

"Once upon a time…"

"It is said that…"

This continued for a month. But, both the Supremes' bellies emptied out of stories after that. So, they would have to face sullen expressions from this little girl. And, both the Supremes would be left feeling like bashing their heads against the wall.

[Is this an apprentice we have received? Or have we invited a grumpy grandma over?]

The more excessive thing was that… Mo Qing Wu would shake her head every time she would listen to the stories; [It is not as good as Elder Brother Chu Yang's incredible stories.] Then, she would rest her chin on her hands; [I really miss you, Elder Brother Chu Yang…]

Both the Supremes eventually developed a strong resentment after experiencing this for many days. Perhaps, it could be said that they had developed a conditioned-reflex — they would have a headache every time they listened to the name 'Elder Brother Chu Yang'.

They would clench their teeth in secret; [I swear that I am not a man if I don't tidy up this guy Chu Yang the next time I meet him! That bastard will have to answer me… How much has he spoiled this Old Man's apprentice…]

Naturally, they had been carrying-on Mo Qing Wu's routine practice while complaining. Moreover, she had been progressing by leaps and bounds. In fact, her speed of progression had become like whirlwind…

The two Supremes had competed hard with the intention of victory at first. However, their zeal gradually became weak. Why would they compete for this apprentice? It couldn't be said for sure when these two would hit their final impasse. However, it was certain that the whole world would treat her as their joint successor when they'd kick the bucket. So, why would they even bother to compete?

[Um, our little apprentice's cultivation speed is much faster than ours when we were her age. So, she would be able to go out in the Jianghu after several years. And, she would be able to learn through practical experience after that…]

The Supreme Experts would sit in front of each other and drink tea from time to time. However, both of them would feel depressed; [Our apprentice will inevitably be gobbled up by that beast Chu Yang at this rate…]

The two Supreme Experts would wish to go down to the Middle Three Heavens whenever this thought would cross their minds. After all, they wanted to castrate that brat named Chu Yang…

These two Supreme Experts of the Upper Three Heavens hadn't heard of any external affairs. After all, they had been teaching their apprentice wholeheartedly. Meanwhile, the chaotic storm of the Middle Three Heavens had finally become vigorous.

More than a dozen clans had simultaneously set into action. They had started attacking each other at close hand.

The bystanders also started to get caught in the crossfire as time passed. Consequently, the clans who hadn't stuck their head out also got involved. In fact, the daily death toll had gradually exceeded four digits.

The daily closure of shops had increased to three digits. The daily staff-change of the shops had also exceeded three digits…

The conflict intensified by the third day. All the great clans mobilized their military forces. They would go out in regiments with 'ding dang' marching sounds. The gangs would spread out, and walk on the road. And, they would go up to anyone who wasn't wearing the same attire as them. Then, they would brutally attack the opposite party.

The number of casualties had exceeded ten-thousand people on the third day…

Those who would walk alone in the Jianghu had the most bad-luck. In fact, they would be chased down by everyone like rats if they didn't have a backer. After all, who would care whether they were guilty or innocent?

Mo Clan's first action was — to act under the banner of "Seeking justice for the people of Jianghu, and ensuring safety of the people of Jianghu." Many frightened and restless people of Jianghu had started to feel that they were in danger. And, these people instantly threw themselves at the Mo Clan's door…

The situation had gone out of control by the fourth day. Almost all the businesses of the Ou Clan's allied clans had been smashed. The entirety of their financial sources had been cut off as well. They had flown into rage as a result, and were venting it out everywhere…

At this time, Mo Tian Ji sent out the war declaration…

His tactic was very simple —"The war to determine the winner! The war for the Middle Heavens! Come to the Lake of Despair's lakeside on October 10. Do you dare?"

Tian Bu Hui flew into a rage. He replied on the spot, "You want a battle? Then I will give you one! The battle to change the current order of the world! The battle for the Middle Heavens!"

Then, Mo Tian Ji issued orders to dispatch his punitive forces to deal with the problem of Jianghu.

The several great clans which were headed by the Mo Clan stood at the peak of morality. And, they also had heavy support from the masses. They occupied the high moral ground. Then, they started killing the people from Ou Clan's allied clan by using the sword of justice.

The Ao Clan also declared their participation in the war at the same time!

After all, not entering the war won't do. It was estimated that the winning party bring about the change of order in the entire Jianghu. And, that party would have far superior reputation than the Ao Clan. So, the Ao Clan wouldn't be able to keep up with the heat even by eating shit if they didn't participate…

It was almost dusk on this day. Two pieces of news spread across the Middle Three Heavens at the same time. The Middle Three Heavens was already in chaos at the time. But, the news flared it further.

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