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Mo Tian Ji started to issue orders one after another. Innumerable invisible falcons flew over in rapid succession, received the orders, and then flew out one after another.

Block the trade routes.

Block the water channels.

Block the mines.


Mo Tian Ji had directed the first three orders just to aim at the various fields of profit making of the great clans. He had formulated different countermeasures for dealing with the clans of different strengths. Each order could make anyone's hair stand on end. Even Chu Yang was scared witnessing all this up close.

Mo Tian Ji would yell every time he would write a letter, "Come in."

Then, an attendant would come in, and take the message. And then, he would go out, and release five invisible falcons in a row according to Mo Tian Ji's arrangements.

Mo Tian Ji had sent more than forty messages within an hour. He had sent them separately to Gu Clan, Xie Clan, Dong Clan, and all the other allied clans. He had also sent them to the small clans that were attached and dependent on these allied clans!

Then, it was the time to make arrangements in the Mo Clan itself. Mo Tian Ji made arrangements casually as if without thinking. He issued sixty orders within one hour!

Every strategy was a critical hit. There were ordinary methods as well as... abnormal methods. The abnormal ones included cruel methods, despicable methods, and shameless methods...

In short, it could be said that Mo Tian Ji was unscrupulously resorting to all sorts of methods… He was stopping at nothing!

He wanted to devastate the physical bodies of those several enemy clans. He wanted to psychologically rape those several enemy clans. He wanted to drug, and then rape the financial resources of the enemy clans. He wanted to violate these clans in out in the open. He wanted to rape these clans' morality in such a way that they would get pregnant, and would then have a miscarriage…

His sinister, mean, shameless, and wretched methods had attained a righteous cause since they had been used properly upon all the professions… whether belonging to the upper echelon or the lower echelon of the society!

This… this was fu*king awesome! It had crossed all the limits of awesomeness!

Finally, Mo Tian Ji wrote a letter intending to make an announcement in Jianghu.

Its entire content was as follows,

"This is to inform the like-minded Jianghu people of the Middle Three Heavens.

The Middle Three Heavens are in a treacherous and unstable situation these days. The reign of terror and bloody wind are breeding like flies.

Dozens of preexisting clans got exterminated. Many young girls went missing. Then, countless young female beggars went missing. Xie Clan, Dong Clan, Ji Clan, Gu Clan, and my Mo Clan did some investigation together. And, we finally discovered something…

Everything had happened under the Meng Clan's evil schemes. They had done all this in order to practice their evil technique so that they could rule over Jianghu.

Then, Meng Clan was suddenly exterminated when the investigation got close to the truth. And, the main culprits turned out to be… those ally clans of the Meng Clan!

The clans were trying to cover it, but they got even more exposed instead!

Black Devil Clan, Tu Clan, Ou Clan, Tian Clan et al… these clans have already gotten their hands on the practice method for the Meng Clan's evil technique. And, they've also butchered and wiped out the Meng Clan. These great clans might destroy the entire Middle Three Heavens with their financial resources, physical resources, and manpower in the coming few years. Their wild ambitions have been completely uncovered now.

Perhaps, the combined strength of the Middle Three Heavens wouldn't be able to contend against them once they are fully-fledged. The poison techniques and evil techniques will bring disaster to the world. It's needless to say that the loss of life would be enormous.

All of us are good-spirited and free people of Jianghu. So, how can we be slaves?

Therefore, we've decided to fight to death in order to maintain the current order of our Jianghu! After all, we martial artists are hot-blooded!

We martial artists would rather die standing than live kneeling down!

We would prefer death over dishonor!

There will be a war of life and death on the bank of the 'Lake of Despair' on the tenth of October… We'll see who dies and who lives!


Mo Tian Ji finally finished, and blew on the ink writing. He then said with a smile, "This announcement must be sent after our written war declaration is accepted by the enemy. There wasn't any need to hurry. However, I'm furious today. So, I took advantage of my salty mood, and wrote this down in advance."

Chu Yang's hair stood up on end.

[Mo Tian Ji, really… really…]

Chu Yang was speechless!

[Mo Tian Ji would first launch an attack against those several clans. Moreover, that would be a full-scale three-dimensional attack! Then, he would pass-on a written war declaration when the enemy would've been driven beyond the limits of forbearance.]

[Those few great clans would probably recklessly accept the challenge at that time because their rage would already be soaring to the heavens.]

[Then, they would find out that Mo Tian Ji had issued the announcement in the entire Middle Three Heavens the moment they had accepted.]

[All the dots would be joined together!]

[Then, we would pounce on the enemy clans like a storm.]

"We'll certainly win as long as we can hold on until the decisive battle!" Mo Tian Ji said with a smile, "There would be no use even if reinforcements from the Upper Three Heavens do come down when the time comes…"

"On the bank of Lake of Despair…?" Chu Yang suddenly became startled. He called out in surprise.

[Lake of Despair…? Isn't the fourth section of Nine Tribulations Sword at that place?]

[Mo Tian Ji has picked that place to have a decisive battle with the enemy?]

Mo Tian Ji had finally finished the arrangements… He softly let out a long sigh. Then, he started to ponder with his eyebrows pressed together. He was clearly going through his plan once again… He said once he became sure that his plan was foolproof, "Brother Chu, do you have any additions to my plan?"

"No, I don't." Chu Yang sincerely replied, "This plan of yours is perfect."

It was indeed perfect!

Mo Tian Ji had frequently neglected one thing whilst making plans in the past — the human nature!

However, Mo Tian Ji had now come up with a plan according to the nature and life history of the ones in power in the enemy clans! Every move he'd make would hit the lifeline of the enemy clans. Moreover, it would hit the weak spots of the powerhouses of those clans as well!

Mo Tian Ji had planned in such a way that it would target every vital player.

Each move was perfect and impeccable!

"Brother Mo, you're gradually maturing." Chu Yang slowly said. [Yes, this plan is exactly like what the Master of Calculation and Manipulation of the previous life would've formulated!]

"Brother Chu, the credit for this plan goes to you as well!" Mo Tian Ji said with a smile, "You had told me a few days ago that I didn't pay attention to human nature whilst making plans. Those words had reminded me that I only took the final benefit and strength comparisons into consideration… or plots and tricks when I made a plan… I didn't pay attention to the human nature. You don't know this, but I've spent the past few nights thinking what exactly human nature is?"

Mo Tian Ji exposed a pondering expression.

Chu Yang also became solemn. [This topic seems vague and shallow. But, it is the key to Mo Tian Ji's transformation!]

"Then, I finally figured out that the human nature is basically the weakness in one's disposition." Mo Tian Ji cruelly smiled, "Everyone has a weakness no matter if they're good or bad. And, this weakness develops since childhood. Therefore… I can easily find the weakness in a person's disposition once I've investigated a person's life, understood their past, and combined all that with their present personality."

Chu Yang was dumbfounded, [Motherfu*ker… what way of thinking is this? Human nature is the weakness in one's disposition?!]

[I'm hearing this theory for the first time! This is way too fu*king creative!]

"Therefore, I've aimed at this point whilst making plans this time. I almost thoroughly investigated and analyzed the life history of everyone that we're going to deal with. Then, I understood their nature."

Mo Tian Ji seemed somewhat proud of himself, "And, I found that the success rate of such a plan is hundred percent! Brother Chu, you're my good mentor… You've awakened me from a dream!"

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