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Dong Wu Shang was startled. He couldn't help but halt his footsteps. That girl seemed to be relieved… Her physical appearance became visible for an instant. Then, she disappeared without a trace with a 'shua' sound.

Dong Wu Shang had only seen that girl vaguely when she had turned her head around… Her face had been veiled. And, her eyes had been sparkling with a crystal shine… just like cold stars twinkle brightly in the sky.

He stopped looking all pensive, and looked at his hand which had grabbed that black-feathered arrow… There was a piece of paper tied to that arrow.

"Ao Qing Yun and Ao Feng Yun are leading their troops to intimidate Gu Clan."

The message contained just these fifteen words.

Dong Wu Shang's entire body shook.

And, he rushed back like a tornado the next moment.

"Wu Shang, who was that?" Dong Wu Lei saw Dong Wu Shang returning.

"I don't know." Dong Wu Shang turned around, and got on to his horse, "Elder Brother, Gu Clan is in danger. I have to go there first. You also speed up the army, and get there soon."

His voice hadn't even fallen when his legs clamped the sides of the horse's belly. The horse neighed, and rushed from there with a 'swoosh' sound.

Dong Wu Lei instantly reacted. He put out his hand, and pulled down a King Level Expert from his horse. Then, he patted on the buttocks of that horse with his right hand. The horse dashed out, "Take another horse with you!"

"Okay..." Dong Wu Shang's voice came from far away.

"Speed up!" Dong Wu Lei took a deep breath. He could see his younger brother's figure disappearing into the distance. Then, he waved his hand, and the army behind also accelerated its pace.

[Gu Clan and Dong Clan are an alliance now. So, it would be bad if Ao Clan got hold of Gu Clan.]

Mo Clan…

Mo Tian Ji entered the study room.

"Breaking news! Dong brothers have reconciled! Dong Wu Shang has returned safe and sound to his home. Black Devil had to return without any success," Mo Tian Ji's voice sounded clear and relaxed.

King of Hell Chu had been pacing back-and-forth with a sour face since the past few days. He would repeatedly ask about the developments in Jianghu. It would make Mo Tian Ji somewhat tense. His heart would jump up whenever he saw King of Hell Chu.

Chu Yang's complexion suddenly became relaxed when he heard this news. He finally heaved a sigh of relief.

He knew that Dong Wu Shang had finally gotten through the first crisis in his life!

A psychological crisis!

[Dong Wu Shang was the one in the biggest crisis among the brothers. He had to face Black Devil… someone who is famous for being sly and vicious. Moreover, there was Dong Wu Lei with his ulterior motives.]

[Dong Wu Shang is a person of the most passionate and sincere nature. His heroic zeal is matchless. He is incomparably bold and powerful. A man like him is unlikely to suffer harm easily. However, he may not be able to recover if he were to suffer a blow from his loved ones!]

[Dong Wu Shang had ultimately started to follow the Heartless Saber way in the previous life.]

[His Heartless Saber had been incredible, but it had eventually gone to the extreme.]

[Dong Wu Shang's relations had been deteriorating continuously in the previous life. The two brothers had eventually fought it out many years later. Their relation had become beyond repair at that time. However, their relation has finally become good in this life. And, it has happened earlier than in the previous life…]

[It can be seen that some things are happening ahead of time in this life. However, that's not a bad thing.]

"Do you finally feel relaxed?" Mo Tian Ji finally dared to sit in front of King of Hell Chu.

King of Hell Chu had been coming to the study room early in morning during the past few days. He would then wait for some news. Mo Tian Ji would keep fidgeting restlessly the entire time that he stayed there… This study used to be Mo Tian Ji's favorite place for leisure. He would experience a kind of wonderful feeling whilst 'devising strategic plans, and controlling the entire world'.

However, Mo Tian Ji simply had to sit at King of Hell Chu's side since King of Hell Chu had occupied it all. This had been like a torture for Mo Tian Ji. This guy was like a bomb that could explode at any time. This Master of Calculation and Manipulation was someone whom the entire Middle Three Heavens feared. But, even he felt like someone who had a boil on his buttocks in front of Chu Yang.

However, he could finally sit calmly and steadily now.

"Who does finally feel relieved?" Chu Yang rolled his eyes. He sat on a large wooden armchair. He was partly reclining in a leisurely sprawled out posture. "I wasn't worried, okay? Anyway, stop being so nosy, and mind your own business."

Mo Tian Ji spurted out his saliva. His fingers trembled as he pointed at Chu Yang. "You… how dare you say this to me. Don't you have a conscience?"

"Let's get down to business now." Chu Yang lazily held out his ear, "You can get out if there's nothing else. I want to sleep".

Mo Tian Ji started to fume with anger at this.

[Is this my home or your home?]

"Get up! There's obviously some business that we need to discuss!" Mo Tian Ji said whilst feeling aggrieved, "After all, why else would I come to see your stinky face?"

"First, the Dong brothers are leading their troops to the Gu Clan. It seems that they'll come here after meeting up with Gu Clan's people." Mo Tian Ji said.

"Oh." Chu Yang closed his eyes.

Mo Tian Ji clenched his teeth, "The second thing is about Ao Clan's Ao Feng Yun and Ao Qing Yun. Both of them are striving to put pressure over Gu Clan."

"Oh." Not even Chu Yang's eyebrows moved at this.

"Aren't you worried?" Mo Tian Ji was astonished.

"Are you worried?" Chu Yang asked back.

"I'm not worried…" Mo Tian Ji smiled wryly. [I've underestimated King of Hell Chu's wisdom. This is just a trivial matter for King of Hell Chu. In fact, it seems that he would prefer to listen to someone farting.]

[He would just cover his nose after the fart... That's all.]

[Ao Clan might dare to assassinate Gu Du Xing. However, trying to extinguish Gu Clan out in the open is something not even those six stupid 'geniuses' of Ao Clan would dare to do!]

[Moreover, Gu Du Xing isn't alone at present. He has Gu Clan, Dong Clan, Luo Clan, Mo Clan, Xie Clan, and Ji Clan to back him up!]

[On top of that, there's the Heavenly Armament Pavilion. And, this group has been giving everyone a headache of late.]

[Only two people of Ao Clan are involved in this — Ao Qing Yun and Ao Feng Yun. And, they are very cowardly… There's no way they would dare to poke such a hornet's nest… and that too in this kind of sensitive situation.]

"It won't be a violent or ferocious affair when they attack. It would just be treated as a farce. However, let's say they do attack fiercely. Then, it can be said that these two guys will never return to the Ao Clan alive," Chu Yang lazily said, "Besides, it's better for them to withdraw. Dong Wu Shang is currently on his way there… These two geniuses will surely be doomed if they also happened to be present there when Dong Wu Shang meets up with Gu Du Xing.

"The sole outcome of that situation would be that those two would turn into a pile of shit," Chu Yang concluded. 

"Don't tell me… Gu Du Xing would dare to kill them?!" Mo Tian Ji stared.

"Is it very strange to kill them?" Chu Yang looked at Mo Tian Ji with great surprise, "Brother Master of Calculation and Manipulation, you think that Ao Clan's people can't die? From the looks of present Jianghu… The Ao Clan won't dare to ask for trouble even if all six brothers are to be killed; let alone just two of them. But, let's say they do dare to mess with me… I shall grab a group of male wolves, and feed them aphrodisiac. Then, I'll throw their only remaining successor — Ao Xie Yun — in that pack… so that the wolves can enjoy him. After that, I'll invite all the big Clans of the Middle Three Heavens to come and witness the scene...!"

Mo Tian Ji shivered all at once, "You're so evil!"

He sighed, and said, "It'll be our problem, and we'll deal with it together if they do ask for trouble... You and your brothers have rescued Ao Xie Yun. So, you wouldn't do this. Moreover, what good would it do to just let him die?

"The Ao Clan had sent all six of them to search for Ao Xie Yun's body… This would've also allowed them to display their capability whilst accomplishing this meritorious deed. This would in-turn help in selecting Ao Xie Yun's replacement… There had been one more reason for doing this… To take revenge! Their target was to go and face Black Devil Clan and the others. There isn't any doubt regarding this.

"However, they received the news that Ao Xie Yun hadn't died just when they were about to start their action."

Mo Tian Ji sighed, "Isn't that crazy? These six guys don't stand any chance since Ao Xie Yun is alive! They have no chance left. However, they're still trying to use this whole situation as an opportunity… After all, how could they restrain themselves from nourishing the desire to do something so big that it would shock the world? Wouldn't they easily surpass Ao Xie Yun in one fell swoop by doing so?

"But, what thing can be so big?

"Perhaps, they could unify Jianghu. Or, they could find some powerful young masters who can reach up to Monarch Level or Saint Level, and get them to join the Ao Clan. After all, they can help Ao Clan to rush up to the Upper Three Heavens in this way! Won't they supersede Ao Xie Yun by achieving that?

"Your Heavenly Armament Pavilion's popularity is going off the charts at this time. Every individual is a genius with boundless prospects. You say... who would they have targeted if not you?"

Mo Tian Ji said in a scolding manner... He suddenly got very angry, "You bastard… You're making this messy situation even more troublesome!"

"What do you mean by 'your Heavenly Armament Pavilion'," Chu Yang said in a slightly disgruntled manner, "You should say 'our Heavenly Armament Pavilion', right?"

"Our Heavenly Armament Pavilion…?" Mo Tian Ji was taken aback.

"Yes, I declare it. Mo Tian Ji, you will be the Military Advisor of our Heavenly Armament Pavilion from today." Chu Yang joyfully said whilst feeling immensely proud.

"I don't want to!" Mo Tian Ji was panting with indignation. He almost vomited blood. [How did I become a subordinate within a blink of an eye?]

"Objection overruled!" Minister Chu said in a dignified manner, "I've accepted your application."

Mo Tian Ji was extremely angry. But, he still laughed. They had been in the middle of an important conversation, but this guy had suddenly made him go crazy.

"First, let's talk about this matter…" Mo Tian Ji angrily said.

"Is it even worth it to talk about this?" Chu Yang rolled his eyes, "The present situation is that these things have already happened! What we should be discussing is… how to resolve this matter… how to deal with it! But, you are bugging me instead of doing this. What's the point?"

"Hic…" Mo Tian Ji was startled. His habit was to investigate the cause-and-effect of every matter regardless of anything else. So, he immediately started to think as to why it would be useful to investigate the reason behind this matter after he heard what Chu Yang had just said… He quickly realized that doing so was indeed useless.

"As for how to deal with this matter… I've already planned it in advance." Mo Tian Ji snorted twice, and said, "I've just been waiting for Gu Du Xing to return home and Dong Wu Shang's matter to get finished. That's all. The basic preparations can be considered to have been finished now."

"Oh? And, what about Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo? Chu Yang asked.

"These two people don't matter," Mo Tian Ji said. "They are just good as your followers."

Chu Yang rolled his eyes, and angrily said, "But, Luo Ke Di is still missing. He hasn't been found yet."

"He'll most likely not be in trouble." Mo Tian Ji said, "Luo Ke Wu simply doesn't consider him to be his competitor. Secondly, the relationship of the brothers would most likely not be ruined even if Luo Ke Di's cultivation increases even further. Then, what are you afraid of? Could it be that you believe that Luo Ke Di has the potential to become the Clan Lord? Don't tell me that you want him to sit on the seat of Clan Lord, and scream every day?"

Chu Yang just hiccupped… He was stupefied.

"And then, there's Ji Mo… who simply ran away. There wasn't even enough time to transfer the position of Ji Clan's Clan Lord onto him. This guy fled even before this event could take place. And, it is likely that he won't return. You expect him to be responsible?" Mo Tian Ji snorted, "That lecher will never crawl out from his wife's chamber."

"This statement is reasonable," Minister Chu touched his chin. […I think what Mo Tian Ji just said is very much probable.]

"I believe that it would've been a perfect match if that woman Huyan Aobo had chosen Dong Wu Shang or Li Xiong Tu. After all, both husband and wife would've been tall, strong, and majestic. I hadn't expected that that she would fall for someone like Ji Mo. This is like…" Mo Tian Ji thought for a while. Then, he shook his head, and said, "…chopsticks with toothpicks... celery with bean sprouts… but bean sprout is the male in this case!"

The planning had already been completed. Everything had already been arranged properly. Mo Tian Ji's mind was relaxed. So, he couldn't help but gossip.

[Chopsticks with toothpicks…? Celery with bean sprouts…?]

Chu Yang spurted the moment he heard this. He coughed repeatedly… It seemed as if he was choking.

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