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Dong Wu Shang was sad, but he still laughed. He then said in a ridiculing manner, "So, the Black Devil wants to take unfair advantage of our internal strife. Ha ha ha... It's laughable… It's truly laughable! Revenge, you say…? Humph, you think I need 'you' to take revenge for me?"

Young Black Devil was startled by this. He then carefully looked at Dong Wu Shang's chest as well as the injuries on the rest of his body… He was sure that there was no strength left in Dong Wu Shang. So, he said whilst being puzzled, "Brother Dong, don't tell me that you want to take the revenge personally in your current state."

Dong Wu Shang chokingly coughed, and laughed… He steadied his body whilst laughing. Then, he raised his head, and disdainfully looked at the Young Black Devil from the outer corner of his saber-point-like eyes.

Then, he fully circulated his primary martial strength… He was continuous bleeding and his vitality was being drained. However, he seemed to be disregarding this fact. His body gradually emitted a unique Saber Emperor imposing aura along with the circulation of his cultivation method!

He was unable to move, but he had still issued an imposing aura at this moment… This frightened the Young Black Devil.

Dong Wu Shang was dying of his severe injuries, but he had still issued such a splendid imposing aura… In fact, this aura was no different from his peak level aura!

He was still looking down on the world from the outer corner of his eyes… as if he was still the tyrannical hero of Jianghu!

His body couldn't stop swaying, but he still looked like an unshakable tall mountain in the eyes of these Black Devil assassins.

This was his innate heroic and indomitable spirit. It was the tyranny that was rooted deep in his bones!

Even death couldn't rob him of these traits…

These cold-blooded killers couldn't help exposing an expression of admiration in their eyes as they faced such a heroic personality.

Dong Wu Shang faintly smiled. Then, he looked at Young Black Devil whilst squinting, and involuntarily gave him a disdainful look. He then said with a little regret, "Therefore, you're not a hero!" There was a hint of mockery in his mannerism.

"I'm not a hero?" Young Black Devil was startled. He muttered whilst repeating Dong Wu Shang's words. He was puzzled, "Brother Dong, please help me understand."

"I'm dying because I want to die. Therefore, I don't need anyone to take revenge for me." Dong Wu Shang laughed out loud, and proudly said, "No one in this world can make Dong Wu Shang die if he doesn't want to! Do you understand?"

Young Black Devil wrinkled his brows. He pondered for a while, and said, "I understand this… I also understand why you haven't escaped from here yet. And, I also understand why you want to die. It's because you've already died in your heart!"

"That's right." Dong Wu Shang laughed at himself, "Moreover, there are some people who will inevitably avenge me even if I don't want anyone's help in this matter! However, they are qualified enough to take revenge for me. But you… you are not!"

Young Black Devil stared at him, and sinisterly said, "I'm not qualified?"

"Yes. You are not worthy! You don't deserve to take revenge for me!" Dong Wu Shang said with a disdainful smile, "You're only a murderer who stays in the dark, and doesn't dare to come out in the light… That's all. I - Dong Wu Shang - have always run amuck in the world whilst being straightforward and upright. So, do you think that a person like you is qualified to take revenge for me?"

Young Black Devil firmly looked at him… The ominous glint in his eyes was becoming more and more intense. It seemed that he was about to fly into a rage out of humiliation, and attack.

Dong Wu Shang had an unchanging expression in his eyes. There was still pride and disdain his eyes.

The two were looking each other in the eye… A long while passed like this. Then, Young Black Devil took a few heavy and quick breaths. He then lowered his head in disappointment, and smiled bitterly, "Yes. I'm not worthy."

He somewhat enviously said, "I guess… only King of Hell Chu and Gu Du Xing are qualified to take revenge for you, right? I truly don't deserve it. What you've said is right. That's because I'm just a murderer who remains hidden in the dark and nothing more."

Young Black Devil chuckled, and insipidly said, "However, I can't do anything about it. Dong Wu Shang, you wouldn't have been so heroic and imposing if you had been in my place!"

Young Black Devil seemed to have found a justification for how he was as he spoke. His voice had calmed down as a result.

"One's origins don't determine whether one can be a hero or not!" Dong Wu Shang sneered at him, and said, "You're trying to look for a justification to absolve yourself… This is not the conduct of a hero!"

"Are Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing heroes?" Young Black Devil seemed somewhat unconvinced.

Dong Wu Shang's eyes lit up as soon as he heard him saying the names of Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing. They then turned deep black.

"Yes! They are my brothers. And, they are the best brothers! Therefore, they are worthy to take revenge for me," Dong Wu Shang proudly said.

"He he, but I still don't get it. Why don't you want to live if you have the best brothers in the world?" Young Black Devil asked in a criticizing manner, "Don't you fear that your brothers will be sad and broken-hearted after you're gone?"

"I also want to be with them… But, I can't," these words of Dong Wu Shang were clearly not an answer to Young Black Devil's question. It instead seemed like he was giving an explanation to his brothers… He had said these words to convince himself… He had said these words so that the heaven and the earth would be a testament to his confession.

His voice seemed somewhat ethereal and somewhat sorrowful, "It's because I've already died in my heart… There would only be darkness in my heart if I continue to live. And, I wouldn't be able to get rid of it for my entire life! Therefore, I wouldn't be able to keep pace with my brothers. I know what I care about the most. So, I won't be able to control myself from thinking these things. Therefore, I've lost my will to live. I would only be an endless burden on my brothers if I live further."

Dong Wu Shang faintly smiled. He then looked at Young Black Devil with pity, "You know… my brothers have the potential to fly to the top of the Nine Heavens. So, how can I become a burden for them? Do I deserve to live if I can only be a burden on my brothers?

"My brothers might not care, but I - Dong Wu Shang - would!

"Therefore, I sympathize with you Black Devil… because you don't even have real brothers. You wouldn't have asked me this if you had such brothers!"

Dong Wu Shang looked at him with disdain.

Suddenly, the sinister aura around the Young Black Devil's entire body grew thicker… It seemed that Dong Wu Shang's taunting words had hit him directly on his sore spot.

However, he only fiercely panted… He didn't say anything. He just began to ponder.

"My brothers will be sad on my death. But, they will take revenge for me… My death will arouse their fighting spirit. And, it will make them more united. It will make them treasure each other even more. It will make them work harder. It will make them attain bigger accomplishments!" Dong Wu Shang insipidly said, "So, what harm is there in dying if I die content like this?"

"I don't have brothers. So, I can't feel this. But, I'm very envious." Black Devil's voice was somewhat deep and low. He further said in a gentle and reserved manner, "But, I'm an assassin who can't appear in light… Don't you think it would be too weird… if I have brothers?"

Dong Wu Shang looked at him in a strange manner, "Is there a relation between… you having brothers and being an assassin who can't come out in light?"

"Is there a relation you ask…? Is there no relation?" Young Black Devil's heart beat loudly as he slowly said. A long while passed. Then, he lifted up his head. "There may be no relation, and I don't have any brothers. But, what does it have to do with being a hero? Why did you say that I'm not a hero?"

He became somewhat excited, and said, "I'm a killer, and I can't appear in light. But, I can still be a hero. It's just that my understanding of 'hero' might not be the same as yours. Moreover, this is Jianghu. Don't you know what Jianghu is? It's slaughter! It's bloodbath! Why did you say that I'm not a hero?

"I've taken advantage of someone to kill you. Could it be that it was unheroic? Should I have waited for you to restore your strength and kill me? Would that have made me a hero?"

He asked very anxiously, very quickly, and very incisively.

"You have no idea what 'hero' means," Dong Wu Shang chuckled. He looked upwards, and sighed, "Never mind… You're the last person I'm speaking with in this world. So, I'll say a few more words to you. Otherwise, I'll have too much silence on my road to the Netherworlds.

"You had said that you would first take revenge for me… He-he," Dong Wu Shang sneered, "You want to kill them? Go ahead! What does this have to do with me? This is the first thing…

"The second thing is that they are the people of my Dong Clan. My clan wants to eliminate me, and they have plotted against me… However, this is still the matter of my Dong Clan! How is this any of your business?

"Third… No one can say anything if I kill them. But, do you think I would condone an outsider killing the people of my Dong Clan?" Dong Wu Shang sneered, "I'll kill you if you want to kill them… After all, I still haven't been evicted from my clan. So, I'm still a man of the Dong Clan. And, I'm their Second Young Master even if they want to kill me!

"You want to kill them for me? Did you ask me?!" Dong Wu Shang continued to sneer, "Its fine if they die under my saber! In fact, I would've taken them down along with me today if you hadn't come. And, I would proceed to kill them even if I kill you. However, they can't die at your hands as long as I'm alive!

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Dong Wu Shang laughed out loud, "You dare to kill the people of my Dong Clan?!"

Young Black Devil's face was covered with mask. But, one could clearly see that he was stunned at the moment. That's because his eyes had almost popped out of their sockets, and a crater had appeared on his mask at the spot covering his mouth.

He absolutely hadn't expected that Dong Wu Shang's reasoning would be such.

[But… what kind of reasoning is this?]

[Those people were about to kill him just a while ago. And, he was also killing them as if chopping vegetables. But, he doesn't allow me to kill those people?!]

[How can such reasoning exist in this world?]

However, he didn't know Dong Wu Lei's view on Dong Wu Shang. Otherwise, he would've probably sighed, and said, [These two deserve to be called brothers!]

Their nature of using flawed justification was exactly the same!

In fact, Dong Wu Shang was even better at it than his elder brother!

Dong Wu Shang's nature of hiding the flaw in his logic was to such an extent that it was simply outrageous!

"You're… such a strange man!" Young Black Devil sinisterly smiled. He continued to heave low sighs. Then, he said, "Anyone would be lucky to have a brother like you."

Dong Wu Shang took a deep breath, and his body stopped shaking. Then, a brilliant light flashed in his eyes as he proudly said, "Indeed… It is because you haven't met my brothers. You don't know what all we have experienced together. Otherwise, you would've known that having brothers like them is the luckiest thing in life!"

Young Black Devil was speechless.

"Anyone would be lucky to be your brother. In fact, anyone would be lucky to be just your subordinate." Young Black Devil remained silent for a long while after he said this… Then, he eventually opened his mouth again, and said, "I'm very touched!"

He lifted his head, and his eyes somewhat flickered, "But, it's a pity that you will die today! I don't want to kill you. But, I have no other choice but to do so!"

The nine experts behind Dong Wu Shang said in a trembling voice at this moment, "Second Young Master!"

"Shut up!" Dong Wu Shang coldly shouted, "You people will die in any event!"

"We'll die… But, we won't die for nothing." The nine experts behind Dong Wu Shang suddenly stuck out their chest. They had originally thought that they were certainly going to die. But, a heat had started to stream in their bodies when they had heard Dong Wu Shang's words.

[We still have someone to protect us even if we die.]

[He'll kill us… But, he is a man of our Dong Clan at the end of the day!]

Conflicting expressions were continuously clashing in Young Black Devil's fluid eyes. He clearly looked hesitant as he looked into Dong Wu Shang's eyes. He also looked somewhat perturbed.

However, he eventually waved his hand, and shouted, "Attack! Kill!"

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