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Du Liu Feng couldn't take it… After all, the weapon that had been with him his entire life had gotten destroyed in that collision a moment ago… Moreover, his insides seemed to have been turned over.

The heartless saber energy had wreaked havoc inside his meridians, and had damaged them. In fact, his meridians had been damaged to such an extent that he had dropped the idea to attack again. He just stood there stiff, and tried to melt the saber energy in his meridians. He didn't dare to move even a little.

Du Liu Feng felt afraid in his heart. It was hard to imagine for him that the might of a Saber Emperor could be like this.

Dong Wu Shang had broken through only to the second grade of Saber Emperor Level, whereas Du Liu Feng was an eighth grade Emperor Level Expert. So, Du Liu Feng had initially thought that there wouldn't be a problem in crushing Dong Wu Shang to death.

However, he hadn't expected that Dong Wu Shang's very first attack would be so intense and ruthless that both sides would suffer!

He instantly recalled a legend that he had heard before, [An Emperor Level Expert isn't frightening. What is frightening is a specialist Emperor Level Expert. Saber and Sword Emperors fall into this category. The hegemony of a Saber Emperor and the sharpness of a Sword Emperor allow them to jump levels to kill the enemy. In fact, killing the enemy becomes as easy as cutting vegetables for them!]

[Sure enough!]

The killing intention in Diu Liu Feng's heart increased even more after he thought this. [There's no chance of my survival if Dong Wu Shang upgrades more… He has only broken through to the second grade of Saber Emperor just a while ago. Moreover, he is seriously injured at the moment. However, he still has such formidable power. What would happen… if he gets completely healed?]

[What if he climbs up to the third grade of Saber Emperor? How powerful would he become then?]

[I can't afford to hesitate even a bit. I must make Dong Wu Shang die a premature death!] Du Liu Feng secretly vowed in his heart.

People are so strange…

He had come to intercept Dong Wu Shang for the Dong Clan. Moreover, he had some intolerance for Dong Wu Shang, but also some admiration. [How rare is it to come across a youngster who is so successful?]

However, he had now discovered that Dong Wu Shang had the ability to kill him. So, he no longer showed that aloof demeanor of a highly talented and experienced individual. His admiration and intolerance had now changed into boundless killing intention!

Such killing intention had nothing to do with the future of Dong Clan. He had such killing intention because his own life was in danger now.

Du Liu Feng had been loyal to the Dong Clan. But, the loyalty of a person gets overshadowed once the dark side of human nature rises!

Dong Wu Shang issued a puff sound, and wisps of blood flowed out his mouth and nose. His internal organs had received grave shocks during the sneak attack. More injuries had been added to his previous ones because of the clash between him and Du Liu Feng.

However, Dong Wu Shang didn't stop. He didn't hesitate either…

There was now only one thought in his heart… And, that thought was to kill these people.

[They are the people of Dong Clan!]

[But, I must kill them!]

[That's because my heart is completely broken!]

[I respected you in every way. I didn't encroach on what was yours. Then, why do you still want to kill me?]

[I've been patient and accommodating in all respects. I've revered you since childhood! Then, why do you still wish to kill me?]

[Do you know that I had once pledged that I would risk my life for you if you ever encountered a danger? Do you know that I would've chosen your life if a situation came where only one of us could live? I would've died for you!]

[Elder Brother, do you know it?!]

[Do you know how much you've hurt me this time? You only needed to say one sentence if you wanted me to leave the clan. That's all… I would've obediently left if only you had told me to leave. I wouldn't have fought with you…]

[But, why didn't you say anything? Why did you attack me instead?]

Dong Wu Shang was madly screaming… He was in deep sadness. His eyes had thoroughly turned red. He had almost lost his reasoning. So, he simply rushed forward to face the fifty-to-sixty experts whilst laughing wildly in grief. He rushed over to the experts carrying his big saber!

His long black hair fluttered in the air.

"Die!" Dong Wu Shang bellowed. He suddenly jumped up, and came down whilst slashing his saber! A King Level Expert was cut into two pieces… Blood splattered everywhere!

Dong Wu Shang then slashed his Black Saber horizontally… A sword in the hand of a King Level Expert shattered with a clanging sound. Then, the expert's hand got smashed… then his arm… then his shoulder… neck, chest, head… He got smashed entirely!

He got smashed into fine pieces by the back of the Black Saber!

Dong Wu Shang wildly laughed, and broke into the crowd in the same manner a maddened tiger breaks into a flock of sheep!

He was confronting fifty to sixty people. Still, he was only attacking… He wasn't defending in any manner!

His former comrades had now become his bitter enemies. And, they were collapsing one after another in front of him. However, a new scar would form on Dong Wu Shang's body every now-and-then. And, blood was unceasingly gushing out of those scars.

However, he was just roaring… It seemed as if he didn't feel pain. He was still vigorously fighting in an extremely heroic and brave manner.

He didn't have the slightest trace of mercy in his eyes!

He had kindness and purity in his eyes initially. However, all of that had changed into indifference and heartlessness now.

He didn't even care about his injuries… He was only recklessly venting his heart's misery.

He suddenly halted the Black Saber with a loud clang! Spark scattered in all directions!

Dong Wu Shang was panting. He then raised his blood-red eyes; they were filled with killing intent.

He looked in his front, and saw that only ten or so people were left… All of them were convulsing with fear while looking at him. He had halted his saber before the Emperor Level Expert who had spoken to him earlier.

That Emperor Level Expert turned his head, and looked. He saw that forty-to-fifty corpses lay on the ground. Those corpses were mangled… None of them were intact. There was a road dyed with blood behind him!

They had already moved nearly a thousand feet ahead of the Broken Soul Cliff.

The several Emperor Level Experts across from him were scared witless. The present scene before their eyes seemed like a dream to them. In fact, it seemed to be a nightmare!

Dong Wu Shang had brought down forty-to-fifty experts by himself… And, they had been forced to fall back a thousand feet! Moreover, they all had died whilst retreating. Meanwhile, Dong Wu Shang hadn't relaxed a bit. He had chased all the way while killing them!

This slaughter had continued up until now. However, he had now taken advantage of the fact that the enemy's strength had nearly exhausted, and had halted the Black Saber. He was shaking as he vomited blood from his mouth. Only nine people remained out of the sixty people. And, these nine people were shaken or injured… more or less.

They were like a totally defeated army.

[This is Dong Wu Shang's strength in an injured state?!]

Everyone was overwhelmed with shock as they thought this.

Some low-ranked King Level Experts and Revered Martial Artists were in horror. A strange feeling was surging in their hearts, [We would certainly be invincible if… we work as the subordinates of a Clan Lord with such courage, strength, and god-given talent, right? He's so powerful…]

Dong Wu Shang felt that not much strength was left in his body. His vision felt somewhat fuzzy. This was a sign that he had lost too much blood…

He clearly understood that he couldn't go on anymore. However, he wasn't willing to stop. He still hadn't killed all of these men!

He snorted, and slowly retracted the Black Saber. He kept the saber point down, and inserted it in the ground. He held the hilt of the saber with his hand as if the saber was a walking stick. Then, he swept his ice-cold eyes across the several people in front of him.

Then, Dong Wu Shang suddenly laughed out in a grim manner.

The faces of the nine people in front of him had turned deathly pale. Everyone had clearly understood in their hearts, [We nine people would've died by now if Dong Wu Shang had strength left to strike.]

All of them moved a step back… in unison as if by prior agreement when they heard this grim laughter!

[We had miscalculated!]

[Our initial sneak attack was still too gentle. The original plan was…]

[A hundred men of our Dong Clan would come out. Sixty of them would deal with Dong Wu Shang. And, the rest forty people would keep a close watch on the people of Yu Clan. After all, this matter was extremely important. So, we had to be prepared for all aspects!]

[Sixty of our people would ambush here. And, our other forty people would disguise as the people of Yu Clan, and join hands with sixty people of Yu Clan as well as the people of Black Devil Clan to set up an ambush fifty kilometers away. The time and location of their ambush would be different.]

[We would make sure that Dong Wu Shang was left with no strength to move after our assault. Then, we would retreat. And, our people in that other ambush would inform the people of Yu Clan. Then, Yu Clan would inform the people of Black Devil Clan in-return.]

[Then, the Black Devil Clan would come, and tidy up Dong Wu Shang!]

[The people of Black Devil Clan don't know that an internal strife has broken out in the Dong Clan. So, the Black Devil would become the scapegoat when this happened. Our men would then return to the clan. And, we would simply deny if the clan suspected us.]

[We would say — It's true… we didn't kill him! Moreover, Black Devil is wantonly publicizing the fact that they've killed Dong Wu Shang. Can't you hear it?]

[We wouldn't be blamed if everything went smoothly. Eliminating Second Young Master would ensure the Eldest Young Master's position. After that, Dong Clan would outshine others, and develop rapidly.]

[And, Black Devil wouldn't be stupid-enough to betray their ally — the Yu Clan. That's because they would certainly wish to use the Yu Clan to do bigger things… However, the Dong Clan wouldn't give them that kind of opportunity.]

[Therefore, everyone would be delighted, and satisfied. And, no one would suspect us and Yu Clan for Dong Wu Shang's death! We might've had to clash with the Black Devil. However, it wouldn't be a big deal… We would naturally go all-out to kill the enemy…]

However, they hadn't thought that the matter would go beyond their imagination. They had been confident of success. But, they had found themselves in a desperate battle instead!

Moreover, both sides had suffered!

[Dong Wu Shang is so dreadful!] Everyone was regretting their ass-off at this moment!

[We would've killed Dong Wu Shang ourselves, and left his corpse for the Black Devil Clan if we had known earlier…]

[But, it's too late to think all this.]

The nine people of Dong Clan and Dong Wu Shang were facing each other from a distance. Everyone was making the most of their time to regulate their breaths and gather strength. The scene had suddenly quieted down from the intense battle.

Du Liu Feng had been standing on one side… He hadn't moved in a while, and was still standing in silence. However, the bulged-out muscles on the surface of his body had regained their normal state by now. So, it was evident that he had almost recovered by now.

Dong Wu Shang held the saber's hilt in his hand. He was panting with 'huff and puff' sounds. He circulated his vitality with all his strength. Finally, he firmly looked at the nine people in front of him through his scattered hair. His eyes seemed to be filled with lightening and slaughtering intention!

He heavily stamped his foot, and stepped forward. He pulled out his 285 kilograms Black Saber from the ground with a clang sound, and slowly lifted it up. He puckered up his lips, and exposed a malicious smirk.

The nine people in front of him withdrew a step in synchronized order. In fact, their legs somewhat trembled, and went limp.

Dong Wu Shang's step had revealed the mighty hegemony that could cut through mountains and sweep away the entire world. It was giving them an overwhelming feeling… They felt as if they were facing a God of Death!

Du Liu Feng let out a long cry at this moment… He had finally cleared up the saber energy from within his body. He then suddenly jumped up, "Dong Wu Shang! Second Young Master, may you rest in peace!" His body had jumped up in midair in an instant. He pounced over towards Dong Wu Shang like thunder and lightning!

Dong Wu Shang had lifted up his saber. He exposed a mocking smile from the corner of his mouth.


A 'shua' sound was heard… It seemed as if a meteor had rushed towards the back of Dong Wu Shang's body! Its speed was so quick that it issued a sharp sonic boom in the sky. The air friction was leaving a trail of faint white holes because of the dispersion of the wind wherever this meteor was flying over to.

It was a sharp arrow!

Dong Wu Shang felt a crisis approaching his body. And, he didn't have enough time to dodge it since he was too exhausted and weary. But, there was still enough time to turn around. However, the arrow pierced through Dong Wu Shang's vest, and flew out from the right side of his chest with a 'pop'!

The arrow was only half-foot long, and as thin as a mosquito. It kept flying out after penetrating through Dong Wu Shang's chest. Then, it deeply penetrated into the middle of the chest of a King Level Expert.

Dong Wu Shang's body shook. He lowered his head, and looked at the blood hole in his chest. He felt somewhat relieved from a burden. He then suddenly let out a long breath, and Black Saber slowly fell… The sword point went down, and got inserted into the ground. He held the hilt with both his hands, and exposed an apologetic smile from the corner of his mouth.

[I'm sorry Big Brother. I'm sorry my brothers. I couldn't go back…]

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