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Yu Wen Xiu finally fell in the bed, and burst into tears.

It is said that the heart of a woman is too deep to measure. Though, how many people on earth have been able to understand a man's heart… especially that of a man like Dong Wu Lei whose personality was extremely complicated? Who could understand his heart?

Beating a woman is apparently not the behavior of a real man. But, doing so for his brother's sake made him a real man regardless of anything!

Dong Wu Lei hit the horse to make it madly rush out. His heart was burning with anxiety and impatience!

The road before him stretched endlessly into the horizon. He let loose of his horse, and sped along the way.

His goal was Broken Soul Cliff!

[Wu Shang, you must travel slowly! You must wait for me!]

Dong Wu Shang had only come across the interception of Ao Clan's Ao Meng Yun along this entire journey. He had firmly rushed out of that situation. He was straightforward on the outside, but had great chaos in his heart!

He had known that it wasn't that time to fight till death with the Ao Clan. Therefore, he hadn't killed anyone. He had instead done what was least expected of him. He had only relied on the sharpness and heaviness of the Black Saber to open an escape route for himself. Then, he had dashed away.

He had quickly run straight ahead for 1500 kilometers. After that, he hadn't faced any other interception.

Such calmness made Dong Wu Shang mutter in his heart.

[How can things be so calm?]

[Could it be that no one has noticed me?]

The scenery ahead soon became familiar. Dong Clan's territory was getting closer and closer.

[The Broken Soul Cliff is 150 Km ahead from here!]

[And, my home is less than 500 Km away from here.]

Dong Wu Shang somewhat hesitantly stopped his steps. He then suddenly started to rehearse in his heart, [This is my final and truest effort to save my relationship with my elder brother.]

"Elder Brother, I'll leave the clan. I'll still be a member of the Dong Clan, but I won't take part in any family dispute. I'm coming back today so that I can get through these difficult times together with the clan. I'll turn-in my resignation to Father after this.

"Henceforth, I'll accompany my Big Brother, and dash to the top of the Nine Heavens!

"I'll leave the Dong Clan in your hands, Elder Brother. However, I'll certainly come back as soon as possible in case the clan needs me. And then, I'll fight for the clan till the end!"

Dong Wu Shang shook his head. [It seems a bit blunt?]

[So, how should I tell him this…? Should I tell it like this — Hey, the estrangement has increased more and more between us brothers during the past years. Even some loyal-to-death subordinates of Elder Brother look at me like they're looking at a foe.]

[Elder Brother, you don't know that I still cherish the memories of past days… when we brothers were so close that it seemed as if we were one. I want to go back to those days…]

Dong Wu Shang sadly looked in front of him. He longed to return home at this moment. However, he was also afraid of going back home. His family was very warm, but it was also very distant.

Dong Wu Shang rested for a while. Then, he continued with his journey. He wasn't hesitant this time.

The Broken Soul Cliff was in front of him…

He would be in the Dong Clan's territory once he had crossed the Broken Soul Cliff!

However, the Broken Soul Cliff was also the best ambush spot…

There were alpine forests on both its sides. Only a few people could walk here abreast. Dong Wu Shang knew that the people who wanted to deal with him would inevitably do it there in case they had come.

It could be the allies of the Ou Clan. Or, it could be the people of Ao Clan. Or… it could be the people of his own clan!

However, he strode-in like a meteor without the slightest bit of hesitation.

[I'm done hesitating… I'm done thinking… I must move forward no matter what I encounter ahead! I'm willing to face anything… no matter if it is extreme danger or heartbreak. I must face all of it!]

Dong Wu Shang moved forward taking large steps. However, he unconsciously clenched his teeth, and bit his lips.

He was throwing behind the distance of 150 kilometers stretch by stretch.

Dong Wu Shang suddenly became startled when he took a turn at the foot of a mountain.

A man stood upright under the Broken Soul Cliff… There were dozens of men sitting orderly, and waiting behind him. They immediately stood up when they saw that Dong Wu Shang had returned. "Second Young Master, you've come back!"

Dong Wu Shang felt somewhat relieved in his heart.

[They are the people of Dong Clan. Most of them are elder brother's men, but Second Senior Elder is also here. I'm not pleasing to his eyes as per his status. However, he wouldn't stoop so low as to come here just for pretence, right?]

[Moreover, all of them have smiles on their faces. The complexion of Second Senior Elder is ice-cold, but he has always been like that. So, there's nothing serious about it.]

[But, it is still a bit strange. Why are they here? Could it be that they have come to welcome me?]

Dong Wu Shang looked at the smiling faces in front of him after he thought this. He suddenly became excited, and walked over with quick steps.

"Second Young Master, the journey must've been laborious!" A first grade Emperor Level Expert delightfully smiled. He went over to greet Dong Wu Shang, and said, "The Middle Three Heavens is in a dangerous situation at present. So, we have no other choice but to protect you. Also, we got to know that the Black Devil Clan wants to ambush you… and that you have just faced the interception of the Ao Clan. So, we estimated the time, and came here to wait so that we can provide you assistance."

He smiled, "This Broken Soul Cliff is indeed a natural place for ambushing. So, we came here to guard you."

Dong Wu Shang immediately felt relaxed in his heart. [So that's how it is.] He naturally had a straightforward personality. So, he smiled, and said, "I can't thank you people enough for this! Oh, by the way, Elder Brother didn't come?"

"Eldest Young Master is in the clan… He is having preparations done for a banquet in the clan. So, he's overseeing the decorations in the courtyard… to welcome the Second Young Master." That Emperor Level Expert had put-on an awkward look on his face. He then whispered, "To be honest… Eldest Young Master was very angry earlier. He was very angry… He-he… Actually, we were also… very restless in our hearts. Second Young Master, it's not your fault. Ahem ahem… But then, Eldest Young Master said, 'He's my younger brother in the end'… Therefore, he sent us to welcome you."

Dong Wu Shang felt completely relaxed in his heart after he heard this. [He was able to say this. He's indeed frank and open-minded.]

[Elder Brother has apparently accepted the situation, and moved on.] He sighed, "Ah, Elder Brother is indeed not easy to predict…"

That Emperor Expert wrapped his arm around Dong Wu Shang's shoulder to walk along, and said, "Second Young Master, be a little careful. Second Senior Elder has come to see you this time… His temperament is, ahem ahem, you know."

"Of course," Dong Wu Shang laughed out loud, and walked forward.

They slowly entered the crowd.

Dong Clan had three Senior Elders. The one present here was the second one; his name was Du Liu Feng. He was about a hundred years old.

Du Liu Feng saw Dong Wu Shang walking over, and a strange look flashed through his eyes. He indifferently said, "Second Young Master, I've heard that your cultivation has already reached first grade Saber Emperor?"

Everyone became somewhat tense as soon as he asked this. They all erected their ears one after another, and looked at Dong Wu Shang with their eyes wide open.

"Yes, I've been lucky enough to break through to the first grade of Saber Emperor." Dong Wu Shang humbly smiled and said, "I know my poor performance must make Second Elder laugh."

Du Liu Feng was looking at Dong Wu Shang. Suddenly, the expression in his eyes became even stranger, "Second Young Master, you're nineteen years old, right?"

Dong Wu Shang scratched his head, and replied with a smile, "I'm nineteen-and-half. I'll be twenty in another six months."

Du Liu Feng uttered a long 'oh'. Then, he said, "This entire journey must've been easy, right?"

Dong Wu Shang contemptuously smiled, and said, "There were a few clumsy mischief-doers along the way. But, it's not worth mentioning."

"Clumsy mischief-doers…" Du Liu Feng raised his eyebrows. He forced a slight smiling expression, and said, "Second Young Master has grown up."

"Let's go. The people of our clan must be eagerly waiting for you," Du Liu Feng smiled. He then again restored the blank expression on his face.

Dong Wu Shang smiled. He had entered the crowd… The people in all directions surrounded him with smiling expressions on their faces. He was now in the center of them.

Du Liu Feng tightly wrinkled his brows. He then turned away, and silently moved forward. One could see by observing him from the front that his complexion was very complicated. He had a conflicted expression in his eyes.

[A nineteen-and-half years old Emperor Level Expert! A Saber Emperor!]

[What kind of potential does he have? How can this Old Man not understand this after spending a hundred years to climb to the eighth grade of Emperor Level?]

[But, I can't think over this now. The Jianghu is in great chaos, and the Dong Clan will be unable to withstand an internal strife. The Dong Clan would probably get destroyed in the chaos of the Jianghu in case a conflict arises between the two brothers.]

[Dong Wu Shang may not be interested in the position of Clan Lord. However, it's not up to him to decide. That's because Eldest Brother and Old Third have decided that they will push Dong Wu Shang to take the throne of Clan Lord!]

[Shouldn't we be learning from the mistakes of the two brothers of Mo Clan - Mo Tian Yun and Mo Tian Ji? The strength of Mo Clan dropped by almost half after the two brothers tried to destroy each other.]

[Mo Clan isn't as huge as Dong Clan, but those several ancestors of Mo Clan aren't weak!]

[But, how can the prosperity of the clan be dependent on a single person? A person with good martial power and high cultivation level isn't necessarily qualified enough for being a Clan Lord, right? Eldest Brother, Old Third, and I have argued on this hundreds of times. But, they both are obstinately clinging to their course!]

[So, I have no other choice. I'll personally settle the matter once and for all today.]

However, he was also hesitant in this last moment. [Should such a young expert with boundless future prospect die a premature death? After all, this will also be a big loss for the clan. We might even lose the hope to rush to the Upper Three Heavens in future.]

Du Liu Feng's face was calm and collected. His eyebrows were wrinkled, and he was silently walking forward.

"Senior Elder!" an Emperor Level Expert anxiously called out… He seemed to be reminding him and urging him to give the order. He had obviously become anxious looking at Du Liu Feng's hesitancy.

"I know!" Du Liu Feng sighed in his heart. He suddenly halted his footsteps. Then, he coldly shouted, "Begin!"

The eight people closest to Dong Wu Shang simultaneously set into action as soon as this order was issued.

Dong Wu Shang had been walking in the middle of the troop. He was in the center of forty-or-fifty experts at the moment. He had been moving happily along with the troop of his family. He suddenly felt a palpitation at this moment… as if an extremely huge crisis had suddenly fallen upon him.

He subconsciously turned his overbearing body, and suddenly felt an acute pain disseminating from every part of his body!

The eight people who had heard the order hadn't had enough time to draw their swords or sabers. Moreover, the weapons would've produced noise. So, they had simply used their kicks and punches. They had then severely hit Dong Wu Shang at the same time!

They hit him on his back, legs, waist, chest, nape, lower abdomen, Dantian… and his temples.

Dong Wu Shang had been caught off guard. And, he had suddenly encountered a fatal attack! He furiously shouted as his majestic, tall, and sturdy body was sent out flying like a punching bag…

Cracking sounds echoed in the air. God knows how many bones in his body had already been broken. All the seven orifices of his head were oozing blood, and his eyes had become blurry. He could feel acute pain in his whole body.

Dong Wu Shang's body fell down with a thud. And, his bright blood splattered on the ground!

He furiously turned over, and jumped up. However, he felt his right leg going limp when he landed on the ground… He nearly fell down. But then, he hastily took support of his left leg, and stabilized his body. He had realized that his right leg was broken…

The right arm with which he wielded his saber was dangling softly… It had been broken from the shoulder!

The eight experts had hit at the same time. Therefore, Dong Wu Shang had been caught off guard, and had immediately sustained injuries. This had made him lose the ability to counterattack as well as the ability to escape!

Blood crazily gushed out from Dong Wu Shang's entire body. Two strips of blood were flowing out from his eyes. He looked straight at the people in front of him with a sad look in his eyes. He then asked while muttering, "Is it so? Does Elder Brother… want me dead? He… Does he want me dead?"

Blood was continuously gushing out from his mouth while he was speaking this.

Dong Wu Shang could clearly feel his heart breaking… piece by piece.

The pain in his heart was ten-thousand times greater than the pain in his body!

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