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Chu Yang wrinkled his brows… He was somewhat anxious in his heart.

[Will Dong Wu Shang and Luo Ke Di face problems?] There were infinite uncertainties in his heart as he thought of this. He could feel his heart beating wildly at the moment… An ominous premonition had shrouded his heart.

"I've specifically warned Dong Wu Lei and Luo Ke Wu. But…" Mo Tian Ji tightly wrinkled his brows, "…things are very uncertain. After all, power… can make a person go crazy. The most I could do in this situation was to warn them."

Chu Yang sighed.

He then stood up, and walked to the front of the window. He began to looking into the distance, and started to survey the scene from this elevated position. Then, he said in a soft voice, "Nothing would happen to either of them. I believe that they can handle this well."

Mo Tian Ji sighed, "I hope so… However, the other people involved in this matter would surely be up to something in case something happened to Dong Wu Shang and Luo Ke Di… even if it is nothing alarming!"

Chu Yang indifferently said, "I don't care… I just want these two to be safe. As for the other people… how can I take care of these many things?"

Mo Tian Ji remained silent.

A long while passed. He then said, "Li Xiong Tu might participate… Dong Wu Shang is an indispensable link in my plan. Luo Ke Di also has an important role… I've been waiting for news from their sides. After that, the execution of the plan will begin."

Chu Yang nodded as he clearly understood. "It's good as long you as you have a plan ready."

Mo Tian Ji nodded.

Chu Yang hesitated for a while, and then said, "Brother Mo, don't just think about victory and defeat… gains and losses… when you formulate a plan. Take the human nature and desires into consideration as well."

Mo Tian Ji was suddenly startled and flabbergasted. He then carefully pondered for a long time. He repeated this sentence in his mouth several times. Then, he carefully and finely contemplated it. He finally said after a long while, "Thanks a lot Brother Chu!"

Chu Yang nodded with a smile.

Mo Tian Ji's understanding regarding these aspects wasn't too deep. Therefore, he had made a mistake in his treatment of the Ao Clan. However, Chu Yang knew that Mo Tian Ji wouldn't take too long to master these things.

[The 'Master of Calculation and Manipulation' from my previous life used to make foolproof plans. And, this current situation makes me believe that 'he' will finally take shape when this war ends!]

Suddenly, a slight but unceasing sound of flapping of wings resounded in the sky… It seemed as if several birds had flown in at once.

Then, someone hurriedly walked in.

"Clan Lord, the messages have arrived."

"Get them in."

Mo Tian Ji said in a deep voice as he took quick steps towards the doorway.

There were five messages altogether.

Mo Tian Ji unfolded each one of them, and looked over them. He looked at the first one, and read it aloud. Chu Yang calmly listened to him… He couldn't help but have a look of excitement on his face.

"Ao Yu Yun of the Ao Clan didn't get any fruitful result in ambushing Ji Mo. Plum Clan also attempted to intercept Ji Mo. However, their plan also failed. Ji Mo has disappeared God knows where. He hasn't returned to the Ji Clan," Mo Tian Ji read the first message.

Chu Yang faintly smiled.

Mo Tian Ji also shook his head, and couldn't help but laugh, "These people... have potato brains! Ji Mo had been in the Northern Wilderness for a very long time. And, he has finally come back with great difficulty. So, how could he not go and meet his fiancée first? Besides, he would have to work after he went back home. How would a lazy-bum like Ji Mo be willing to go back to his clan first? These people couldn't analyze Ji Mo's nature. They foolishly waited for Ji Mo on his road back to the Ji Clan…They didn't know that he would always choose pleasure over work."

"It's excusable that Plum Clan couldn't kill Ji Mo. After all, there isn't any outstanding character in the Plum Clan. However, Ao Yu Yun also did such a silly thing. This truly makes me have a whole new level of respect for this so called 'genius'."

Mo Tian Ji once again severely gritted his teeth while saying the words 'genius'. He clearly couldn't stand these so-called 'geniuses' of the Ao Clan.

Chu Yang also gave him a thumbs-up. "Awesome! Your observation was correct after all."

Mo Tian Ji snorted, and said, "Of course, you would know all about that, wouldn't you?"

He picked up the second note, and slowly read it, "Zhao Clan ambushed Luo Ke Di. But, Luo Ke Di easily broke through their tight encirclement. He then encountered the interception of Ao Cheng Yun of Ao Clan. Luo Ke Di couldn't beat them. However, he managed to break through the besiegement using all his might, and fled into the wilderness. Ao Cheng Yun is currently pursuing him."

Mo Tian Ji had read the message.

Both of them frowned at the same time. This news wasn't particularly good…

"What about the third message?" Chu Yang urged.

"Ao Lang Yun of the Ao Clan intercepted King of Hell Chu. King of Hell has been missing ever since. He hasn't showed up. However, some rumors suggest that Ao Lang Yun and Black Devil got engaged in a fierce battle. Neither side had clear victory or defeat… Ao Clan lost more than twenty King Level Experts, while Black Devil escaped unharmed…"

Mo Tian Ji slightly smiled. He had only read half of the message when he shook the note in his hand, "Brother Chu, this Black Devil must be you, right?"

"Brother Mo's vision is like a torch!" Chu Yang faintly smiled.

"It's not that my vision is like a torch. The fact is that I'm quite familiar with your tactic of killing and shifting the blame onto someone else. Also, Black Devil is in a dire situation these days. So, how would he pick a fight with the Ao Clan? Besides, I know the whereabouts of Black Devil…"

Mo Tian Ji gently smiled. He then continued to read. Suddenly, he opened his eyes wide. "Ou Clan intercepted King of Hell Chu. King of Hell Chu got out unscathed. Ou Clan was completely wiped out. The Clan Lord Ou Cheng Wu and the Young Clan Lord Ou Du Xiao died on the spot! Hiss…"

"Brother Chu, you killed them all?!" Mo Tian Ji raised his head, and looked at Chu Yang in a manner that made it seem as if he was looking at a monster.

"Mo Tian Ji's intelligence network is seriously one of a kind!" Chu Yang smiled and replied.

There wasn't any doubt in this. One must admit that all of this information was absolutely true.

Mo Tian Ji looked at him, and took a few cold breaths in. Then, he restored the tranquility of his mind, and said, "It can't be helped. You also know my nature. I like to manipulate. And, manipulation needs formidable strength and intelligence. It won't do if either of these points are lacking.

"I haven't been able to recruit too many experts in the past years. However, I've still vigorously built my underground information network under such circumstances. In fact, my network has covered the entire Middle Three Heavens by now." Mo Tian Ji proudly smiled. "I - Mo Tian Ji - might be inferior to other clans in terms of strength. But, my intelligence network is number-one in the world…!"

He confidently smiled, and said, "And, that includes the Upper Three Heavens!"

Chu Yang nodded. He fully believed these words. After all, he had a deep understanding of Mo Tian Ji's intel-capabilities in his previous life.

Mo Tian Ji was formidable in the previous life... However, he wasn't the Clan Lord of Mo Clan in that life. However, he already had the financial power and backing of entire Mo Clan in this life… Therefore, this Mo Tian Ji was just like a tiger that had grown wings.

For instance… It hadn't been too long since Chu Yang had killed the surviving members of the Ou Clan. But, this information was already on Mo Tian Ji's desk.

"The fourth message is that Ao Meng Yun of Ao Clan intercepted Dong Wu Shang with a large troop. However, Dong Wu Shang resolutely rushed away! It is said that Dong Wu Shang's aggressiveness completely shook Ao Meng Yun's courage."

"The Black Devil Clan's leading assassins had gone to intercept Dong Wu Shang. But, there's no news of what happened afterwards. There is no way to investigate whether the interception occurred or not."

Mo Tian Ji closed the folder. He then anxiously knitted his brows.

Chu Yang had been quietly listening to him... He had been relaxed. He'd had a smile on his face since the beginning. However, his complexion suddenly became solemn.

Interception wasn't scary… What he feared was assassination!

Chu Yang was confident that each of his brothers could at least run away in a fair and square fight. After all, he had made his brothers travel for thousands of miles with a thousand kilograms of weight on their backs... It couldn't be all in vain!

In fact, Chu Yang now believed that his brothers could be included among the most outstanding people of the Middle Three Heavens when it came to the art of escaping, speed, and stamina.

Only a few people could keep up with them once they let loose of their feet.

However, the most fearful thing was a plot of assassination; especially that of a clan of assassins like the Black Devil Clan. The situation might become hopeless if they intended to assassinate. That's because Dong Wu Shang was the kind of person who would prefer death over humiliation or defeat.

Both of them glanced at each other. And, they both saw the same worry in each other's eyes.

"Heaven helps the worthy!" Mo Tian Ji took a deep breath.

"The fifth message is that Ao Qing Yun and Ao Feng Yun tried to intercept Gu Du Xing separately. Gu Du Xing killed their people, and escaped with ease. Ao Feng Yun and Ao Qing Yun are heading towards the Gu Clan at present."

"Tu Qian Hao led his clan's experts to intercept Gu Du Xing. Tu Qian Hao and Gu Du Xing had a one-on-one decisive battle in which Tu Qian Hao died by Gu Du Xing's sword! The original Clan Lord of Gu Clan — Gu Yun Lan abdicated. Young Clan Lord Gu Du Xing came into power, and there occurred a transition of power. Gu Du Xing also announced his engagement with Gu Miao Ling."

Mo Tian Ji carefully placed the note on the desk. Then, he put the notes separately into five folder pockets.

He hadn't heard Chu Yang speak for a long time. So, he turned his head, and looked at him. Mo Tian Ji seemed taken aback as he said, "What happened to you?"

Chu Yang hadn't yet regained his composure.

'Tu Qian Hao and Gu Du Xing had a one-on-one decisive battle in which Tu Qian Hao died by Gu Du Xing's sword!' These words had incomparably shocked Chu Yang.

He had never imagined that Tu Qian Hao would die! Moreover, he would die at the hands of Gu Du Xing…

[Out of the twelve influential figures from my previous life… Meng Luo died in my trap… Ou Du Xiao died at my hands. And now, even Tu Qian Hao has died.]

[One-fourth of them are dead.]

Tu Qian Hao had left a deep impression on Chu Yang. This man looked very carefree and straightforward on the outside. However, he was extremely careful in his heart. He could be the most straightforward person, as well as the most narrow-minded one. He was easy to be friends with. But, he would also easily hold a grudge.

He would sometimes inevitably become mean while handling matters. However, he was open and candid most of the time.

Chu Yang and Tu Qian Hao had never crossed paths in the previous life. Or so to say, Chu Yang hadn't been worthy of being Tu Qian Hao's friend in the previous life. And, they couldn't be friends in this life as well.

However, Chu Yang still felt that it was unfortunate.

It was because he knew that Tu Qian Hao would've created a set of world-class and matchless skills — the Unruffled Heavenly Book!

It would include Unruffled Sword-Play, Unruffled Cultivation Method, Unruffled Footwork, Unruffled Core Techniques…

All of them would be considered as magical powers in the entire Nine Heavens!

The Tu Qian Hao of the previous life hadn't been this outstanding and popular since the beginning. However, he had suddenly advanced by leaps and bounds after he had created the Unruffled Sword. In fact, he had almost replaced Ao Xie Yun and Gu Du Xing who had been at the peak of the younger generation in the Middle Three Heavens at that time.

Tu Qian Hao's cultivation had still been rapidly progressing when Chu Yang had died.

And, Unruffled Heavenly Book was deemed as the number-one book of treasured wisdom in the Middle Three Heavens!

Chu Yang had always been very curious. [After all, what kind of techniques can have such formidable strength?]

[Tu Qian Hao has died! Moreover, he has died so young!]

[Doesn't that mean that the Unruffled Heavenly Book would never appear in this world?]

Chu Yang suddenly sucked in cold air in regret.

"What's wrong?" Mo Tian Ji asked.

"Tu Qian Hao died…" Chu Yang sighed, "He shared the honor with you." Chu Yang had spoken till here when he suddenly recalled that this guy in front of him was Tian Ji among Poison Spirit, Tian Ji, and Li Xiong Tu - three of the twelve influential figures!

Moreover, this guy was well-known for his schemes, intelligence, and tricks. He was extremely clever. He was outwardly kind, but inwardly sly… He was clever and crafty… He was simply a collection of crafty plots and machinations from head to toe.

He was synonymous with 'treachery', and the spokesperson of 'conspiracy'.

Chu Yang couldn't help but think, [I guess this guy will live very long… After all, the evils live for a thousand years!]

"He shared the honor with me?" Mo Tian Ji was startled by this. In fact, he was at a complete loss, "When had he shared the honor with me?"

Chu Yang rolled his eyes, "Hic~~~"

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