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Mo Tian Ji became completely confused and disoriented due to the scolding. Had he ever endured such a tongue-lashing in his lifetime?

He couldn't help but become muddle-headed. He picked up the teapot, and poured the tea in Chu Yang's cup. Then, he blinked as if he had suddenly come to a realization, "Hey, that's wrong… Xiao Wu is my younger sister no matter what is said… And, you're just an outsider. So, why are you poking your nose in our matter? Who the hell are you? What are you fretting over?"

"I just couldn't take it! Isn't that enough? Did you act like an elder brother? You did not! One must work more and talk less," Chu Yang retorted.

"That's my younger sister… What I'd done was for her own good! I've sacrificed my heart and soul for her sake… What do you know about it, huh?" Mo Tian Ji coldly snorted. A faint crafty look flashed in his eyes as he condescendingly said, "In fact, I've already planned my younger sister's lifetime path. Well, what would you know about it anyway?"

"Nonsense! She's indeed your younger sister. But, can you be with her for her entire life…? And, you say that you've planned her lifetime path?" Chu Yang disdainfully said, "Stop exaggerating! Wouldn't she get married?"

"I admit that I can't be with her for her lifetime… But, don't tell me that you want to…" Mo Tian Ji sneered and looked at Chu Yang, "How old is she? And, how old are you? Wouldn't you already be an old fart by the time my younger sister grows up? Don't tell me that you have such a beastly desire for my sister! It'll make me despise you, and look down on you…"

This argument hit a raw nerve of Chu Yang's.

This was the most unbearable matter for King of Hell Chu. After all, it was like an old cow eating young grass. It wasn't pleasant by any means. Chu Yang's face immediately flushed. He jumped up angrily, "Utter rubbish! I've turned eighteen this year. And, your younger sister is eleven. So, there's just seven years of difference in our ages. What's wrong in that? How am I too old?"

"There is 'just' seven years of difference?!" Mo Tian Ji's eyes suddenly became scary. He slammed his palm on the table, and a deafening 'bang' sound echoed, "Great! You've shown your beastly heart! King of Hell Chu, my younger sister is so little. But, you already have your eyes on her… You, you, you're worse than an animal!"

The table trembled with a thunderous noise. Chu Yang was flabbergasted… He felt infinite remorse. [Fu*k! He's blurting out…]

Mo Tian Ji had become furious. This Master of Manipulation and Calculation had always had a calm temperament. He had always had a grip of everything. He would never show emotions on his face; whether he was happy or angry. Therefore, such fury was unprecedented… It had never been seen or heard of before!

Everyone has a raw nerve… And, these points incite their wrath when touched. In fact, they go berserk in rage once that nerve is hit.

It was clear that Mo Tian Ji's raw nerve had been touched, and Mo Qing Wu was the critical point of this raw nerve.

"You bastard! You pervert! You lecher! You extremely filthy man! You know no shame! It's hard to imagine that you - King of Hell Chu - are this kind of man. Fancy that I was ready to give you my absolute confidence… I even wanted to make you a close friend of mine… I hadn't expected that you had such dirty desires towards my eleven-years-old younger sister…"

Mo Tian Ji kept speaking. Then, he suddenly had a realization, "I understand now… I get it… No wonder you were being so cordial in the Lower Three Heavens. You were doing your utmost to help us. It turns out that you had set your filthy eyes on my sister since that time!"

Mo Tian Ji was gasping for breath. He glared at Chu Yang, and bellowed in rage, "King of Hell Chu, you tell me… You have such power and influence... You can get any woman you want. But, you want to harm my younger sister instead?! King of Hell Chu… you, you… she's just eleven years old, damn it! Ah! You! Are you even a human?!"

Mo Tian Ji had become bitter and hateful.

The more Chu Yang listened to him, the angrier he got. Chu Yang's face had turned red through-and-through by this scolding. He couldn't take it anymore… He stood up, "Bastard Mo Tian Ji! You want to keep your sister at home for her entire life just because you have deep brotherly affection towards her? I see now… You have a severe case of sister complex. You're abnormal! You're a psycho!"

Chu Yang lifted his foot, and stamped it on a chair. He then aggressively lifted his finger, and started to rain curses, "Is the difference of seven years so big? What's wrong if I like her? I like her! What's your problem?! Fu*k you! You're just her second brother. Moreover, you're the one who lost her favor by making a blunder. What qualifications do you have to object? You're daring to interfere in your sister's marriage… a matter that concerns her whole life? Her parents will decide this! Who the hell are you?"

 "I don't have the qualifications? I don't have the qualifications?!" Mo Tian Ji angrily glared with his round eyes; he was gasping for breath. He started to pace back and forth in his room while panting in anger; he seemed like an irritable donkey trapped in a cage. He suddenly turned around fiercely, "You're an old man who doesn't act like his age! You disgusting King of Hell Chu… Just wait! I'll make my younger sister accept you as her godfather when she comes back."

He coldly laughed, "I'll see to it pretty soon. I'll report this matter to the clan. I'll make the elders and my parents come forward, and recognize you as the godfather of their daughter. I'll see who Xiao Wu listens to - us or you?"

"Godfather?!" Chu Yang's eyes almost popped out of their sockets. He involuntarily saw Mo Qing Wu in his mind… She was dressed in red from head to toe. She had lifted her little face upwards, and was calling him 'Godfather' in her sweet voice. He imagined this scene, and then shook his head with all his strength. It had sent a shiver down his spine.

[Damn you Mo Tian Ji!]

[This move is too vicious!]

This move had directly hit King of Hell Chu's soft spot... Chu Yang might as well happily commit suicide… if Mo Qing Wu were to become his goddaughter.

"You motherfu*ker! You got me!" Chu Yang yielded. He hung his head down in defeat, "Spit it out. Why did you want to see me so urgently?"

Mo Tian Ji also regained his composure. He then calmly sat down in the chair. However, his demeanor seemed rather mystifying… He seemed to be in complete control of himself. He calmly crossed his one leg on the other like a boss, and then pointed his finger towards the teacup, "Tea! Pour tea!"

A breath got stuck in Minister Chu's throat. He almost fainted.

[This bastard surely has the upper hand at the moment. And, he's surely the same as that man from my previous life who would infuriate a person to death just to get back at them.]

The situation had reversed in an instant. Minister Chu had the upper hand before. But, he had suffered a crushing defeat now. His weak point had been grabbed, and he had been thrown into a difficult situation as a result.

Chu Yang coldly snorted, and rolled his eyes. He gave up willingly. He feared that this 'siscon' brother-in-law of his might not be bluffing... He might make him Mo Qing Wu's 'godfather'! Therefore, Chu Yang submissively lifted the teapot without having a better option.

"Be quick! Can't you see that the teacup is empty? You're so inattentive!" Mo Tian Ji slammed his hand on the table. A thumping sound echoed. His eyes were blazing with anger. And, he had a sinister look on his face.

Chu Yang gritted his teeth with a clattering sound. However, he was at his wits' end. So, he didn't have any option but to swallow the insult.

"Close the door!" Mo Tian Ji lifted the teacup. He uncrossed his legs, and then blew the tea without lifting his head.

Chu Yang's face had turned black. He waved his hand, and closed the door of the study room with a bang.

"Good. Let's talk about the proper business now." The expression on Mo Tian Ji's face became solemn all of a sudden. He then straightened up his back. It must be said that this guy knew when to stop.

This was beyond Chu Yang's expectation. So, he asked while stammering, "What happened… Won't you discuss further about Xiao Wu's matter?"

"Do you want me to discuss about Xiao Wu's matter?" Mo Tian Ji snorted.

"So, you don't have any objection?" Chu Yang's eyes opened wide.

Mo Tian Ji raised his head, and looked at him in surprise, "What you said just a while ago… was it true?"

Chu Yang flew into a rage. [So, this guy has tricked me again. This guy deliberately used Mo Qing Wu to assault me just a while ago! This bastard forcibly brought the accusation upon me even if I didn't have any such thoughts. Then, he counter-attacked me to his heart's content!]

Chu Yang heaved a sigh. [How could I forget that this guy has the ability to change the subject by rambling incoherently? He can then use that to counterattack…]

The situation was very clear now. Mo Tian Ji had been trying to get him mad by giving him scolding. He hadn't even hesitated to make false accusations for this. And, this was also a method to vent his own pent-up anger… That's all!

Chu Yang remained stunned for a long time. Then, he finally let out a breath.

[Damn it! Do you know that the malicious attack that you just spat out has hurt my weakest spot? Godfather… Only you could've come up with something like this.]

However, Chu Yang suddenly rolled his eyes. He then said with a weird smile, "You know what… I think it might work. Let's presume that Xiao Wu acknowledges me as her godfather... But, you're her blood brother… So, tell me Mo Tian Ji… Will you also call me godfather?"

"Puff!" Mo Tian Ji had been drinking tea. He had been calm and composed. However, he choked on the tea, and immediately spurt it out when he heard this. He then continuously coughed for a while. He had fallen into an embarrassing situation. So, his entire face had turned red.

"It will indeed work." Minister Chu had loosened the reins… only to grasp them tighter. "You discuss this with your clan tomorrow."

"Nonsense!" Mo Tian Ji became genuinely angry this time. His eyes turned big like copper bells… They had filled with anger. In fact, his entire face had turned red. He was panting heavily. "You're three years younger than me… Don't be delusional!"

"You're going back on your word… You've lost my respect!" Chu Yang gave him a middle finger in scorn. However, he heaved a very long sigh of relief in his heart.

[Motherfu*ker, do you think that I value you so much that I'd make you my godson? You're… truly narcissistic if you think that. I'd cut my throat if a fu*ker like you became my godson…]

"Let's be serious now!" Mo Tian Ji finally stopped coughing. However, he had hung up the white flag… He had shown his softer side. He was clearly begging for mercy. After all, he was the one to attack first with this 'godfather' move. He was now being counter-attacked with the same, and was unable to parry it.

"Fine." Chu Yang snorted. He put his one leg over that other… He was immensely proud of himself.

The two had fought for three rounds. And, there had been victory and defeat in each battle.

Chu Yang had won the first round. However, Mo Tian Ji hadn't given up completely. He had counter-attacked in the second round. Chu Yang had his key point grabbed, and got pushed into a disadvantageous situation… And, it wasn't just in name… It was in reality! Mo Tian Ji had then unreasonably nipped him to some extent. However, he hadn't anticipated that he would fall in his own trap in the next round.

It was because Mo Tian Ji didn't truly believe that a man like King of Hell Chu could have a sexual desire towards a little girl… Mo Tian Ji had said those things only to trap Chu Yang. It was just a way to turn his defeat into victory. However, Minister Chu was well aware that he would lose …

He truly used to have sensual intentions towards the little girl. However, he had concealed them away a long time ago. He was now eagerly waiting for the right time…

Minister Chu had seized the opportunity to counterattack in the third round. He had used his opponent's own method to deal with him. He had seized total victory in this way. Mo Tian Ji had finally yielded in the face of superior strength, and retreated.

Minister Chu had secured two victories out of the three rounds. So, he loudly sang the victory song. However, he was constantly sweating in his heart.

This confrontation between the two was just like banter. However, they had also probed each other's mental prowess for the first time. And, the outcome of this probing had been completely satisfying for both men.

That's because both of them had been able to hold the weak nerves of the other almost immediately.

This point was very important.

However, the most important thing was that Minister Chu had vented out much of the grievances of both of his lives in these two rounds of tongue-lashing.

"Brother Chu, the situation is far from good this time!" Mo Tian Ji sighed, "What you had said earlier wasn't wrong… I've added fuel to fire, and caused turmoil in the Jianghu. However, I've been unable to tidy it up.

"My estimation was wrong!" Mo Tian Ji had a look of disappointment and frustration on his face, "I reckoned that Ao Xie Yun would be hunted down. I also reckoned that the allies of Ou Clan would make a move. And, I even reckoned that Ao Clan would set into action. However, I've overlooked one important thing."

He deeply sighed, "I've overlooked that the few young masters of the Ao Clan have wild ambitions. Moreover, they're immature."

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