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The consequences of doing so would only strangle each brother's personality. For instance… the kind of personalities Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang have… They wouldn't be able to reach higher achievements if they were to grow under someone's protection.

All of them would inevitably encounter a crisis of life and death after separation. In fact, they would encounter it more than once. However, they must still part ways.

Gu Du Xing had said it right — because this crisis is the respective highlight in their lives…

…no matter if they were to die facing it…

And, Gu Du Xing had intentionally brought about this idea of learning from experiencing extreme dangers at this time of turmoil and war.

"Alright, then. All of us will go our separate ways," Chu Yang finally made up his mind and smiled.

"Um, I'll go and check on Aobo first. Then, I'll go back to my clan from Aobo's place," Ji Mo's eyebrows trembled in excitement.

Luo Ke Di said while making fun of him, "Meeting Xie Dan Feng is the same as meeting Aobo. That is… they both are cut from the same cloth… They both are reckless and fierce. However, your Aobo isn't as fierce as Tan Tan's fiancé."

"This isn't necessarily true," Rui Bu Tong retorted with righteous indignation, "Aobo is much fiercer than Tan Tan's fiancé'. After all, her one thigh is thicker than Third Brother Ji's waist!"

Everyone burst into laughter.

Ji Mo glared at him. Then, he rolled his eyes as if thinking about something, but it was unknown what exactly. He then sneakily pulled Chu Yang to one side, and asked mysteriously and secretly, "Big Brother, does that medicine of yours work on normal people too?"

"Medicine?" Chu Yang looked at him in confusion.

"Yeah…" Ji Mo looked all around. Then, he moved closer to Chu Yang's ear and whispered, "The one you gave to Luo Ke Di to treat his condition… Would it be useful for me as well?"

"They say it is… They say that it can double the length," Chu Yang looked at him in an alert manner. "Why are you asking this?"

Ji Mo jumped in excitement, "Big brother… Big brother, give me one bottle. Give me one bottle… I'll tame that tigress…"

Chu Yang's face turned black, "No!"

Ji Mo put on a defeated look on his face, and started to beg, "Big Brother…" He threw amorous glances while begging…

Chu Yang's entire body shivered, "Okay, okay. I'm giving…"

He took out a small jade bottle as he spoke. Then, he handed it over to Ji Mo and said, "You first… try it… cough cough… if it works… then… ok? Understand?"

"I understand! I understand!" Ji Mo beamed with joy. He looked at the jade bottle as if he was looking at some precious treasure. Then, he put that bottle into his pocket. He couldn't wait for the moment to come.

Ji Mo turned his head, and saw that everyone was looking at Chu Yang and him with a suspicious look. So, he snorted, and lowered his face. He then coughed several times. He cupped his hands together in front of everyone one by one, and then said in a stern voice, "Fellow brothers, the journey ahead is going to be difficult for all of us since everyone is going our separate ways. So, allow me to be the first one to head out. Ha ha ha..."

He put down his hands while saying this. He then rubbed the crotch of his trouser without letting anyone notice. Then, he dashed out while issuing a whooshing sound.

Chu Yang shook his head. [How impatient! He truly has future prospects…]

Then, another impatient guy came over jumping, "Big Brother and all the brothers, I'm also heading out early," Luo Ke Di smiled like a Buddha. This guy's 'bulging tent' had remained erect for several days. And, it had made him more and more uncomfortable each day. So, he jumped out when he saw Ji Mo leave.

"Along the way, Coyo…" Luo Ke Di's shadow disappeared without a trace before Chu Yang could finish his sentence. Only an obscene and overexcited laughter was heard from the distance…

Chu Yang and the others remained dumbstruck.

Gu Du Xing felt emotional in his heart at this moment. He realized that he was now a Sword Emperor. And, he recalled that he had made a commitment to his Sister Xiao Miao. So, he couldn't help but burn with impatience in his heart. His heart was set on speeding home. He licked his lips and said, "Big Brother… I'm also leaving then."

Chu Yang looked at him strangely. But then, he said with a smile, "Eh? Don't tell me your Sister Xiao Miao has made you unable to restrain your emotions?"

Gu Du Xing's cold and stern face turned red like a ripened tomato. Even his scalp emitted heat. He got extremely angry, "Definitely… definitely…"

He wanted to say 'definitely not'. But, he couldn't deceive his heart after all. He finally said in anger, "I'm leaving!"

He then changed into a sword-light and whooshed away.

 "Big Brother… please take care. I'm also going." A warm feeling flashed in Dong Wu Shang's eyes.

"Wu Shang, be careful… on the way." Chu Yang was most worried about Dong Wu Shang.

"Yes, I know." Dong Wu Shang deeply nodded and said, "Don't worry! I'll be alive the next time we meet."

Dong Wu Shang then turned around; he was carrying the Black Saber on his back. He looked majestic from behind as he walked out step by step.

Ao Xie Yun saw them all leaving. And, he couldn't help but sigh, "You brothers share genuine brotherly feelings among you."

He smiled in envy, "They find an excuse for leaving while bidding farewell… just to minimize the parting sorrow of others at the time of separation. It is surely a trivial matter. However, it can be seen that they have placed their brothers in their hearts. They're always thinking about their brothers no matter what. Those people are brothers in the genuine sense."

Chu Yang looked outside the door in a blank state of mind. He said, "He-he… Your Ao Clan wouldn't have to worry about any domestic or external problems… if you had even two such brothers out of the seven…"

"That's right!" Ao Xie Yun forced a smile, "Even the possibility of having one such brother… is something I'd yearn for day and night. They have always only cared about the Young Clan Lord's seat my ass sits on. I've never been just 'Ao Xie Yun' to them."

Chu Yang silently murmured, "Great clans are like royal empires. It's a big relief for the emperor if there is only one crown prince; especially if this crown prince also embodies enough talent to lead the empire. But, let's presume that there's a country with several princes, and all of them are talented… They all have the ability to rule the country. They all have the ability to bring peace to the country. They all have the wisdom and ambitions to actively work for the nation — such a country would be on the verge of deterioration despite having talented heirs.

"Your Ao Clan has seven geniuses at once. So, the seniors of your clan are probably feeling content. They must be thinking that Ao Clan would reach new heights, and would never collapse. But, let me tell you… it's the exact opposite. Your clan is already on the path of decline!

"Your Ao Clan would perhaps be destroyed soon enough if you — Ao Xie Yun — aren't willing to get your hands dirty and take control of things from the beginning," Chu Yang softly stated.

Ao Xie Yun trembled in fright. He couldn't help but bow down, "Thank you for the advice!"

"Well, I'm going now. I must go and have a look at what mischief Mo Tian Ji is up to," Chu Yang waved his hand, "Xie Dan Qiong should be coming back from the Ao Clan soon enough. You two have a chat and discuss about the things going on."

Ao Xie Yun nodded with a serious look.

"Tan Tan, you must take care of yourself," Chu Yang went to the door. He then said while standing upright, but without turning his head.

Tan Tan nodded with all his strength. He knew what Chu Yang meant by 'take care of yourself'. Or so to say, only he and Chu Yang could understand what it meant.

This 'take care of yourself' didn't mean 'take care of your life'.

"Moreover… Tan Tan, you help Bu Tong promote his strength," Chu Yang said. Then, he quickly went away while leaving behind a few more words, "Say goodbye to everyone in the Xie Clan on my behalf. Tell them that I had to leave early."

Ao Xie Yun looked at Chu Yang's back profile. And, he pledged in his heart; [Rui Bu Tong won't be the only one to promote his strength. I will do so as well!]

However, he hadn't noticed that Rui Bu Tong had almost cried after Chu Yang had said those words.

However, Rui Bu Tong had noticed that Ao Xie Yun also wanted to participate in the special training. So, he immediately became excited, "Are you ready?"

"Of course, I am!" Ao Xie Yun said in an upright and bold manner.

"That's great!" Rui Bu Tong hugged him. However, he was crying in his heart. [Finally, there's someone who will court death with me…]

Ao Xie Yun felt that there was something wrong. So, he asked to probe, "This training won't cripple me, right?"

Tan Tan gave a simple and honest smile. He uprightly and honestly said, "He he he… you'll become more efficient after this training."

Ao Xie Yun felt relieved in his heart as he looked at this guy's honest and considerate face. He saw Tan Tan's innocent appearance, and felt that this guy wouldn't go too far while training…

Not even one-third of the time had passed on the first morning of this 'special training'. But, Ao Xie Yun was already regretting it. This bastard Tan Tan had torn down the clothes of those two. He had then made them cultivate after tying both of them together. Moreover, he had set targets that were nearly impossible to achieve. And, he would smear honey on their private parts, and would throw them into a cluster of flowers if they couldn't achieve those targets…

Ao Xie Yun collapsed after only the first time.

However, Ao Xie Yun soon realized that he had so much potential. So, he genuinely practiced with all his might… [Such fast progress?]

They practiced in the afternoon in the same manner. However, Eldest Young Master Ao completed his training target in only two-third of the time provided. After that, he gloated as he saw Rui Bu Tong being tied up with his hands and legs opened up… honey smeared on his penis… and then thrown into a cluster of flowers… left to scream pitifully…

Tan Tan's training method was monotonous. It was undoubtedly far less interesting than Chu Yang's methods. But… its results were outstanding.

They again trained in the same manner the next day…

Ao Xie Yun - the Eldest Young Master of the number-one clan of Middle Three Heavens - looked at Tan Tan's simple and honest face after undergoing this training. And, his entire body couldn't help but tremble. His face had also turned blue…

Tan Tan's most scary words were, [I'll throw you two naked in the cluster of flowers if you don't achieve today's target. Then, I'll make Dan Feng come along with her sisters to look around. And then, they'll see you, and practice drawing…]

Tan Tan had smiled in a pure, honest, and very sincere way when he had spoken these words. He even had hope and expectations in his words. And, his eyes were shining with excitement.

The hair on Ao Xie Yun and Rui Bu Tong's entire body had stood on end.

Ao Xie Yun had scolded himself thousands of times within only two days of training. [You fu*ked up! Why did you have to participate in this kind of 'special training'…? Now, I want to cry… but the tears won't come…]

The Ou Clan had been destroyed. And, the news of this major incident had spread throughout the Middle Three Heavens like a hurricane!

Dozens of clans began to stir things up at the same time.

Ao Clan got the news that Ou Clan had formed alliances with other clans to hunt down Ao Xie Yun a couple of days before they got to know about the destruction of the Ou Clan. An urgent discussion had been going on in the clan; the results of that discussion hadn't even come out yet. And, that was the time when the news of the Ou Clan's destruction had come...

The only worry of Ao Clan was Ou Clan. So, the Clan Lord of Ao Clan - Ao Tian Xing - immediately decided that their most powerful enemy had been destroyed, [Dispatch the troops!]

Everyone in the Ao Clan set into action as soon as he issued this order. And, groups of troops spread in the Jianghu one after another.

They wanted the debt of blood to be paid in blood!

All the allies of Ou Clan started to feel insecure after they came to know about Ou Clan's destruction. They all surrounded themselves with armies in order to protect themselves. In addition, all these clans did their utmost to send people out to find reinforcements…

However, three words were surging incessantly in the Jianghu -'Heavenly Armament Pavilion'!

"What organization is this? Is it truly so powerful that it destroyed the entire Ou Clan overnight? Is it that strong?"

"You don't know about this…? Come, come. I'll tell you…"

Meanwhile, Mo Tian Ji jumped up from his chair as soon as he received this news. He rushed out bare-footed while yelling and shouting. Then, he immediately invited Dong Wu Lei and the others to come over…

A big storm had truly taken shape now. And, the might of this storm would affect each and every individual in the Middle Three Heavens.

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