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"Highly improper! This is way too improper!" Xie Zhi Qiu got angry. His aged face turned black like charcoal, "She's a disgrace to the clan. This is making me furious."

Xie Guangen was standing perfectly straight in front of him. He was continuously wiping his sweat while he suffered the Ancestor's anger…

On the other side, there were Tan Tan and Xie Dan Feng with their bloody noses and swollen faces.

Chu Yang and the others were sitting upright with serious faces. They weren't even glancing sideways.

"I didn't supervise the clan for several years. But, I hadn't expected that you would educate the children of our clan so badly," Xie Zhi Qiu had pointed his finger towards Xie Guangen. His finger was continuously trembling, "You've done a terrific job!"

Xie Guangen hung down his head, and didn't dare to utter a single word.

Xie Dan Feng bit her lips, and timidly walked over. She then held Xie Zhi Qiu's arm, and started rocking it to-and-fro. Then, she said while acting like a spoiled kid, "Ancestor…"

Chu Yang and the others got goose-bumps all over their bodies. [This vixen can act like a brat as well?]

It was becoming more and more unbearable for Xie Zhi Qiu. His body trembled, and his face turned ashen, "Don't call me out, Xie Dan Feng…" Xie Zhi Qiu's entire body shivered. And, teardrops rapidly came out from his aged eyes, "You were adorable during your childhood. I was always very fond of you. But, I hadn't expected that your father would teach you in a way that you would become so reckless… I'm bitter and sad…"

Xie Guangen fiercely opened his mouth. [How is it my fault? This… do you think that I don't want my daughter to act like a lady? But, this girl is such a spoiled brat… What can I do?]

He had opened his mouth, but he couldn't dare to speak anything.

After all, the consequences would've been extremely serious if he had spoken out these words… His daughter and her mother would've skinned him alive even if the Ancestor hadn't gotten angry…

"Minister Chu…" Xie Zhi Qiu looked at Chu Yang in shame. His aged face had turned as red as a monkey's butt, "She's a disgrace to our clan. This is so embarrassing…"

Chu Yang gave a hollow laugh, "No, no… it's fine. Young Miss Dan Feng is straightforward, carefree, and easy-mannered by nature. In fact, such a disposition is very rare in the Jianghu…"

Xie Zhi Qiu's aged face turned red. He coughed several times. [This girl is shrewish, barbarous, and dumb. How do you see her as straightforward and easy-mannered…]

He blinked his eyes and said, "Does it mean that… this marriage… Is it on board?"

His aged face had turned a deep shade of red as he asked this.

He said in his heart, [I was originally not too satisfied with this marriage. I had thought that a beautiful and talented woman was marrying an ugly person. But now, it seems that this is in fact the other way round. I should burn incense sticks in front of this guy for agreeing to marry this insane girl. After all, this is a golden opportunity. And, we mustn't lose it. Perhaps this granddaughter of mine will die in her maternal house if this Tan Tan doesn't agree to marry her…]

"Of course, it's on board," Chu Yang replied righteously and decisively.

"This is good. This is wonderful!" Xie Zhi Qiu felt relieved from a burden. He then smiled, and became more cordial. Then, he squinted and said, "Now, this Old Man feels as if God had set these two up. This couple is bestowed by the heavens. This being the case…"

He turned his head, and said in a dignified manner, "Guangen, can you put out the marriage token now?"

Xie Guangen became sullen. [When has it ever happened that the bride's side has put out the marriage token first to settle a marriage? First, the groom's side sends a matchmaker to the bride's family. Then, they discuss the proposal. Then, the bride's side has to refuse even if they are very much willing to agree to the marriage. Then, a second matchmaker is chosen and sent… then a third one. Then… the marriage is finally fixed. After that, the groom's side offers monetary gifts. Six betrothal gifts are arranged for the three matchmakers. Finally, their horoscopes are matched. And only then, the bride's side gives the marriage token…]

[This is how a marriage is finalized.]

[How come you're asking me to put forward the marriage token first for my daughter? What kind of logic is this?]

"Um… this…" Xie Guangen traced his body. He indeed had some stuff with him. However, he wanted to pretend that he didn't.

"Father!" Xie Dan Feng stamped her feet. "What's the matter? How could you forget to bring such an important thing for such a big matter?"

Xie Guangen's face turned black. He felt helpless. So, he had no other choice but to say, "Let me look for it."

"I'll help you find it," Xie Dan Feng rushed over with big and sudden strides. Then, she extended her hands, and put them in her father's pockets. She then complained, "Jeez… this is the matter of your daughter's lifelong happiness. How can you be so careless…?"

Xie Guangen almost fainted out of anger.

[This girl isn't even engaged yet, and she's taking the side of other people instead of her own family? Can't you see I'm putting on airs? Is this not for your own good? But, you just can't wait. You had to come to fish things out of my pocket, huh?]

[Look at you. You still haven't gotten married. You got badly beaten up by that man. But, you're still in such a hurry to get married? Didn't you just get beaten?!]

[This is absurd!]

Xie Dan Feng had already flipped her father's pockets upside down before he could prevent her from doing so. Consequently, a bunch of items fell on the ground with crashing sounds. Xie Dan Feng grabbed all the items, and held them in her bosom. Then, she happily ran to Tan Tan, pulled at him, and they both sat down.

"Take a look. Take a look. Take a good look. Which ones are good? Which ones are suitable?" Xie Dan Feng happily nudged him. She conveniently picked up a Purple Crystal Jade Pendant, and started to fiddle with it in order to to examine it, "I think this piece is suitable for me…"

She then stuffed that pendant into her pocket. Then, she grabbed another item, "This one's for you… Um, this one I want. And, this one's for you… This one…"

All the items from Xie Guangen's pocket were divided up like ill-gotten gains among Tan Tan and Xie Dan Feng within an instant.

Tan Tan's arms were full. He somewhat hesitated and said, "This… looks wrong, okay?" Tan Tan didn't have worldly wisdom, but he still felt somewhat awkward… because he knew that he was plundering things from his future father-in-law before he had even gotten married.

"What's wrong in this?" Xie Dan Feng chuckled. Then, she scolded him, "You idiot, I'll marry only once in my lifetime. This is just a ritual for fixing marriages. You can take maximum dowry only this time… because you'll certainly watch helplessly the rest of the times. My father - that miserly king - won't give you even a penny if we delay. So, don't come crying to me at that time."

Tan Tan's eyes lit up. He stroked his chin and said, "That makes sense…"

Xie Guangen's entire body shook up. He angrily said, "You, you, you… you evil creature! Can't you behave a bit like a girl? You… you even dared to…"

He was so angry that he started foaming at his mouth. In fact, he was on the verge of fainting.

"Father!" Xie Dan Feng resentfully said, "Your daughter will have to live on her own after she gets married. Do you have the heart to see your daughter living a difficult life and starve because of it…?"

Xie Guangen's complexion turned pale. He coldly snorted, but didn't speak anything further. Then, he furiously went out while brushing his sleeves.

He had become dizzy out of anger. He didn't even greet the Ancestor before leaving; he disappeared from there.

Chu Yang put his hand into his own pocket, and pulled out something with an innocent face.

He wanted to give presents to the bride's side from the groom's side. However, he hadn't expected that his sister-in-law would settle this all by herself. Not only did he not have to spend a penny, but also she made her father leave with almost bare buttocks…

Xie Zhi Qiu felt relieved in his aged heart. [Finally, this scourge of my clan has been sold out.]

He twirled his beard and said, "Minister Chu, you see… there is an upheaval in the Jianghu. So, it would be good if we married them off as soon as possible…"

This was music to Chu Yang's ears. So, he repeatedly nodded in agreement and said, "Ancestor is right. We must get done with it as soon as possible."

Xie Zhi Qiu laughed heartily, "It suits me. You see, let Tan Tan stay here with me. Dan Qiong will return after fifteen to twenty days. Then, we'll organize the wedding. What do you say?"

Chu Yang jumped in fright. [So quickly?]

[I must inform Master about this matter no matter how.] Chu Yang was certain that Meng Chao Ran would beat his buttocks until they swelled like a wash bowl if he didn't get to attend Tan Tan's wedding…

"I must report to Master about this matter as soon as possible," Chu Yang hurriedly said.

"Well, so that's it. I'll wait for the good news from you," Xie Zhi Qiu stood up in a dignified manner. He was just about to leave, "Dan Feng, let's go back."

"No, I'll stay here." Xie Dan Feng didn't comply.

Xie Zhi Qiu knitted his brows, "That's highly improper! You must prepare for getting married. How would your mother teach you to become a wife and a mother if you don't return home as soon as possible? Moreover, it is said that the couple shouldn't appear before each other before getting married."

Xie Dan Feng raised her neck in defiance and said, "Your great-granddaughter belongs to someone else now that her marriage has been fixed. So, I must stay here with Tan Tan's family… Ancestor, you haven't even given the gift of first meeting to your new great-grandson-in-law…"

Xie Zhi Qiu finally realized what Xie Guangen must've felt a moment ago. And, his aged face instantly turned as black as charcoal.

He snorted with a look of embarrassment across his entire face, "Minister Chu, this is truly embarrassing."

Chu Yang forced a smile. Then, he cupped his hands together across his chest, "There's nothing to pardon. Let Young Lady Xie have a bit of chit-chat here. Cough cough… We'll send Young Lady Xie back afterwards."

Xie Zhi Qiu shook his head, and heaved a long sigh. Then, he again shook his head, and again heaved a long sigh. He was obviously at a loss. He sighed dozens of times in this manner. Then, he suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Xie Dan Feng chased after him, "Ancestor, you haven't given the gift yet. Do you think that you can go back on your responsibility?"

A thud came from a distance. It seemed as if something had fallen down from a height… or so to say…'Someone' had fallen down…

A burst of laughter was heard afterwards.

Xie Dan Feng suddenly turned her head, and wiped her sweat. Then, she patted her chest and said, "Phew, I finally got rid of them." Suddenly, her shapely eyebrows erected as she opened her round eyes wide. She then shouted, "Tan Tan! You bastard! Why don't you tell me everything?!"

She approached him step by step with her teeth clenched, "How are you different from ordinary people? You even said that you were a 'monster'?"

Tan Tan jumped in fright and said, "You… how do you know?"

"Humph! We had already been outside for a while. So, I heard more than half of what you said," Xie Dan Feng roared, "Why do you think I enraged Ancestor and Father, and made them go away so quickly? Do you think it wasn't because I was afraid that they might ask why you're abnormal? You don't know how to use this slow-witted brain of yours, do you? What if you had messed things up…?"

Gu Du Xing and the others were startled. [So, this girl… isn't truly retarded.]

They saw that Xie Dan Feng had clutched Tan Tan's ear, and was taking him to the inner room. "Come, come. You come with me. Tell me everything properly…"

"Awesome!" Ji Mo wiped his sweat, and gave a thumps-up, "Big Brother, this to-be-wife of your junior brother is a terrific lady. She's truly remarkable."

Chu Yang coldly snorted. He rolled his eyes to reveal the whites of his eyes as he said, "Nonsense! You juniors of the aristocratic clans have outstanding talents. Which one of you is a real fool?"

Everyone laughed together.

They heard Xie Dan Feng's piercing voice coming from the inner room, "What's wrong in this? You don't eat normal food? You only eat the inner cores of spirit beasts?! You can't stand eating something else! This shows that you're a gifted man…!"

Chu Yang and the others became dizzy after they heard till here.

Sounds of 'pat' came through. It was probably Xie Dan Feng patting on Tan Tan's shoulder, "Relax. I don't care what you eat as long as it's not shit. I don't mind! You eat inner cores of spirit beasts, right? I'll go to the treasure house of the clan to fetch some when I go back. We won't demand anything else as dowry. We'll only take the inner cores of spirit beasts."

Tan Tan cheered as soon as he heard this, "Long live my wife!"

Outside… the seven brothers rolled their eyes… and collapsed on the spot.

[Best husband and wife ever!]

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