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"You, you, you... How could you do this without my consent?" Tan Tan was scurrying about. He looked somewhat flustered and exasperated. He had raised his brows so high that it seemed as if they were about to fly off his face, "You went too far! Too far! You just went and blabbered on with that mouth of yours, and promised away the lifelong happiness of your only junior martial brother. I, I... I'll fight you!"

Chu Yang just rolled his eyes. He said nothing in response… In fact, it was as if he hadn't heard anything.

Tan Tan had started to behave like this ever since he came back and found out that his marriage had been fixed. He would jump up and down, and would keep chattering on and on. He had started to cause this commotion in the early morning, and was still at it… even though it was afternoon already.

Chu Yang accompanied Sword Spirit inside his consciousness when this guy wasn't around to bug him. Then, he devoted himself to sort the harvest of this time. All of the gold and silver goods were given to the Xie Clan, while the rest were randomly distributed amongst the several experts that had come from other clans to provide backup. However, all of the rare and precious martial treasures remained with Chu Yang.

Sword Spirit was excited inside the Nine Tribulations Space.

However, Tan Tan was certainly panicking.

He was pacing back and forth in the room. He looked very troubled. He would dramatically turn around, and go over to the end of the room. Then, he would dramatically turn around again, and come back over. He looked miserable with a combination of anxiety, delight, and frustration on his face. His face was so wrinkled at the moment that it looked like an eggplant. One could tell that he was extremely anxious.

Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang, Ji Mo, Luo Ke Di, Rui Bu Tong, and Ao Xie Yun were watching Tan Tan pacing back and forth. All of them couldn't help but restrain their smiles.

[Is this guy truly unwilling to marry?]

"Why?!" Tan Tan faced upwards, and let out a long sigh, "Senior Brother, Chu Yang! Aargh! This is something that concerns my entire life. You, you didn't even discuss with me. You made this decision on your own? I, I... I'll go insane…"

Chu Yang again rolled his eyelids. He then switched to a sitting posture.

"Senior Brother, you must take responsibility for me," Tan Tan turned his head to face towards Chu Yang while pacing back and forth.

"Aren't you done complaining yet?!" Chu Yang glared at him angrily and shouted, "Sit down!"

Tan Tan was startled by this. He looked dumbstruck as he stared at Chu Yang. Then, his buttocks crashed to the floor with a 'thud' sound.

Chu Yang finally finished making inventory of the harvest. Then, he stood up in one leap, and said with a fierce look on his face, "Who was talking in his sleep at night the day before yesterday? Who was saying something like — Little Girly Xie Dan Feng, this Young Master wants to spend the night with you in the bridal chamber? Huh?"

Tan Tan's face turned black, and he panicked, "I was sleep-talking? I talked in my sleep? You... you heard it?"

"Humph!" Chu Yang snorted, and then said, "A certain someone was sleep-talking at night three days ago. He had been saying — Little Girly Xie Dan Feng… Fortunately, I don't have a fever anymore, or else… I would've turned you into barbecue after marrying you..."

Tan Tan was bewildered. He blinked, and innocently said, "Is this truly what I said?"

Chu Yang ignored him and continued, "The other day on the journey… someone was passing by a certain someone's tent, and heard him saying in his sleep — Xie Dan Feng, I miss you so much oh~~~"

Tan Tan was baffled. He pointed a finger at his own nose, and asked, "Was it truly me?"

Chu Yang nodded seriously.

"This... This is so embarrassing!?" Tan Tan covered his face.

A burst of laughter erupted in the room.

"But, it's still out of question," Tan Tan took off his hand, and became very serious, "Senior Brother, I can't marry her."


There was a trace of sadness on Tan Tan's face, "It's not like you aren't aware of my circumstances... Now, I... am a monster… a monster that hurts people..."

"Shut up!" Chu Yang shouted loudly, and approached him with a dangerous expression in his eyes, "Say it one more time, and I'll kill you!"

"But I..." Tan Tan said pitifully, "I truly feel it a little in my heart..."

"Shut up! Our master isn't here. So, I'm in-charge of anything that concerns you," Chu Yang snorted. He then pointed a finger at himself, and suddenly said in a commanding tone, "I have the final say! Got it?!"

Tan Tan heaved a deep sigh.

"As for… the strange changes you have undergone… we'll obviously let her know," Chu Yang snorted and said, "I believe that Xie Dan Feng won't care about all that. After all, she has already accepted someone with your face."

There was a burst of laughter in the entire room as soon as Chu Yang said this.

Ao Xie Yun had a heavy load on his mind lately, but even he couldn't help but smile.

Tan Tan scratched his head in puzzlement at first. He then said with a sigh, "I'm afraid that Little Girly Xie Dan Feng won't understand. She wouldn't..."

He had spoken until here when suddenly a sharp and clear voice angrily said, "Who are you calling 'Little Girly'?"

Tan Tan became speechless, and started to gape.

Everyone's gaze followed the sound, and saw that a graceful girl clad in a red dress was standing outside the door. However, her eyes were shooting flames at the moment. She then suddenly came in like a gust of wind, and knocked Tan Tan down to the floor. Then, she started raining fists on him. She clenched her teeth and asked, "Who's the 'Little Girly'? Who's the 'Little Girly'?"

Tan Tan realized that he was in the wrong here. So, he didn't dare to retaliate. He just screamed repeatedly.

Bang Bang Bang~~

Numerous beating sounds were heard as Xie Dan Feng's fists thrashed Tan Tan's body. All the brothers were stupefied. And, their faces got covered in cold sweat.

[So… valiant...]

[Such a wife… Everyone present here would politely decline the proposal... apart from Sir Tan Tan of course… After all, we wouldn't be able to bear such a loving wife.]

Ji Mo's eyes had opened wide in a stare. Then, a look of terror flashed on his face as he pondered in his heart, [That Aobo wouldn't be the same as this woman, right? Would she be the same? Or, would she be different?]

Then, he suddenly sighed in grief… He had recalled that time when he had fallen into Huyan Aobo's hands and had gotten ravaged. It almost made him tearful. He grieved in his heart, [It seems they are the same… same, same... ah!]

Seeing Tan Tan cope with this was like learning a lesson from the mistakes of one's predecessor. The expression on Ji Mo's face made it seem as if he was seeing a fellow comrade dying a martyr's death. In fact, Ji Mo felt like going forward, hugging Tan Tan, and crying loudly; [Brother, we are the same… same, same... Ah!]

Meanwhile, there stood two similarly dumfounded people at the entrance.

They were the old ancestor of Xie Clan - Xie Zhi Qiu, and the Clan Lord of Xie Clan - Xie Guangen. Both of them had the same expression on their face. They both were staring with their eyes and mouth wide open… They were blankly looking at this daughter of their clan as she crazily beat up her fiancé.

Moreover, she was doing so in a public place with numerous people around.

Xie Zhi Qiu's face turned dark on the spot. He ferociously glanced at Xie Guangen and angrily said, "You've raised a fine daughter!"

Xie Guangen felt wronged. He lowered his head, and stammered, "This has come from the damned genetics... It has nothing to do with my upbringing..."

Xie Zhi Qiu immediately got furious and shouted, "Both mother and daughter are vixens."

Xie Guangen then obediently lowered his head, and no longer said anything. He just secretly curled his lips, and said in his heart, [Ancestor... you were also not necessarily that strong in the past... It is said that there were times when you've had to spend the entire night in the toilet squatting on the chamber pot... You think I don't know this?]

The beating sounds kept coming out from inside the room in succession. Then, Tan Tan finally lost it.

"You get off me quickly. Aren't you satisfied yet? Aren't you? A petty girl like you thinks she can embarrass this Sir Tan, and teach him a lesson…? Don't try to reach out for a yard after taking an inch!" Tan Tan furiously said, "Otherwise, it won't be pretty if I flipped out!"

Xie Dan Feng's original anger had almost vanished, and she was considering stopping the beating. However, she got even angrier as soon as she heard this. So, she shouted, "You think I'm scared of you flipping out? Very well, I'd like to see you flip out."

"Ugly woman, Little Girly!" Tan Tan shouted.

"Ugly freak! I'll kill you!" Xie Dan Feng also didn't yield one bit.

Xie Zhi Qiu and Xie Guangen could no longer just watch from the sidelines when they realized that this fight was about to escalate. So, the two shouted at the same time, "Stop..."

However, they could only shout out this one word. They turned quiet, and just opened their eyes wide.

It turned out that Tan Tan had twisted his waist with a bellow. He had then exerted physically with his arms, and had gotten up. Then, he pushed down Xie Dan Feng, and placed his buttocks on her small belly. He then laughed fiendishly and said, "I'm a majestic Great Lord. A Little Girly like you can't tame me."

Then, he clenched both his fists, and rained them down on her. His fists hammered on her indiscriminately… no matter if it was her face or her head.

Bang Bang Bang, Bang Bang Bang...

Xie Dan Feng let out a loud and sharp scream, "Ugly freak! You ugly freak! You dared to hit me... You dared to beat me... You you..."

However, Tan Tan ignored her. He had beaten her up enough on the front side of her body. So, he turned her over, and started to smack her plentiful and bouncy buttocks.

This smacking suddenly sent meat-waves rolling!

Chu Yang and others inside the room… and Xie Zhi Qiu and Xie Guang'en outside the room... Everyone collectively closed their eyes...

[This sight is truly improper... highly improper!]

Ji Mo had closed his eyes, but his facial muscles were twitching nonetheless. A surge of adoration had emerged straight up from the bottom of his heart, [Idol! He's a genuine man! He's fu*king… beating her into subjugation! I would die without complaints... if I could also do this to Aobo...]

Xie Dan Feng screamed loudly. However, Tan Tan's current cultivation was far superior to hers. So, she felt as if a huge mountain had been placed upon on her body. She was helpless while being beaten up wildly.

Xie Dan Feng finally couldn't take it anymore and shouted, "I surrender! I surrender to you! Bastard, hurry up, and release me already!?"

Chu Yang closed his eyes, and his cheeks twitched. [This… love interest of Tan Tan is truly no ordinary woman. Needless to say she was valiant and outstanding when she was in the advantageous position. However, she started begging for mercy as soon as she fell into the disadvantageous situation… Other women in her place wouldn't have begged for mercy under these circumstances.]

[A rare and marvelous couple!]

However, Tan Tan wasn't willing to spare her. He scowled, and stared down at her, "Do you truly surrender?"

Xie Dan Feng replied while panting heavily, "I surrender! I surrender!"

Tan Tan finally stopped beating her. However, he still vigorously rode on her as if with the power to tame a tiger. He then asked valiantly, "Who'll have the final say at home after we get married?"

"I'll have the final say!" Xie Dan Feng gnashed her teeth in defiance. [This is a matter of principle. I can't yield an inch!]

"Bang Bang Bang..." there was another set of beating. Then, Tan Tan asked again, "Say it one more time… Who has the final say?"

"I have the final say! I have the final say!" Xie Dan Feng looked at him resolutely… as if she would rather die than submit. She said, "You ugly freak. I will still have the final say even if you kill me!"

"I'll keep beating you until you obey me," Tan Tan angrily said, and his two iron fists pounded with rumbling sounds. Then, he asked again while panting, "Who has the final say? Who has the final say?!"

"Boohoo... you ugly freak!" Xie Dan Feng wept, "You have the final say for the time being... But later, the one whose fist would be stronger would have the final say! I'll have the final say again when I become strong enough to beat you."

"Humph, you want to beat me? There's no chance of that happening in your entire lifetime," Tan Tan raised his brows, and said fiendishly, "Are you sure you want to marry me… and be my wife?!"

Dong Wu Shang slammed his head on the tabletop with a 'thud'. Then, his head bounced back, and pounded again like a free-falling object. His head moved several times back and forth like a plucked string. [I give up! Xie Dan Feng didn't give up first. It was I who gave up first...]

[Damn, who asks the bride such a question?]

"Humph!" Xie Dan Feng turned her head away and pouted. Then, she said in a bold and vigorous manner, "You'll remain a bachelor for a lifetime if I don't marry you. I'm doing this out of kindness. So, don't develop some wild fantasies that I like you or anything."

Gu Du Xing and Ao Xie Yun also slammed their heads on the table... Tears streamed down their faces, [We also give up...]

"Very well!" Tan Tan loudly said, "I've got many defects. Are you sure that you won't regret this?"

Xie Dan Feng wiped her tears, and said while sobbing, "I'm already regretting this..."

"You're not allowed to have regrets!" Tan Tan furiously said, "Say that you won't have regrets later..."

Chu Yang and the others rolled their eyes back at the same time. Their bodies turned weak, and they collectively fainted...

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