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The power of this attack was far greater than the defensive capability of Ou Ke Feng's body. Moreover, Ou Ke Feng had been caught off-guard. Consequently, all of Ou Ke Feng's ribs broke one after another with snapping sounds. And, his internal body parts also sustained serious injuries.

He raised his head, and threw up blood with a 'poof' sound; chunks of his entrails were also mixed with the deep-red blood.

Ou Ke Feng felt ice-cold in his heart. In fact, he couldn't even feel the pain in his body at this moment. He only felt one thing; [I was tricked. This is the real ambush! A fatal ambush!]

[It turns out the enemy truly had a Monarch Level Expert on their side!] Ou Ke Feng's heart filled overwhelmingly with regret within an instant. [Who could've stopped me if I had run away in the beginning?]

[This ambushing expert is strong. However, it should've been impossible for him to kill me if I had run away. That's why this expert had no choice but to wait for an opportunity to sneak attack and strike me violently.]

But now, Ou Ke Feng couldn't do anything even if he had figured it out…

He had sustained fatal injuries from just this one strike!

And, Chu Yang had done all that acting so that this strike from Xie Zhi Qiu could be successful.

Ou Ke Feng had been very careful and timid the entire time. In fact, he had always been an excessively cautious kind of man. So, it wasn't easy to kill him no matter who tried...

And, that was because he wouldn't give anyone any opportunity to deal with him.

It could be said that Chu Yang had put his life in danger by going up to provoke Ou Ke Feng on the rooftop. There were more than two-hundred King Level Experts below. But, no one had dared to come up. Why? Ou Ke Feng would've run away if they had gone up!

And, he would've become the biggest hidden danger in case he ran away. In fact, it would've made people so worried that they wouldn't have been able to live their lives in peace.

Therefore, Chu Yang had no choice but to make him mad and keep him engaged.

It was true that being cautious had been beneficial for Ou Ke Feng. But, being excessively cautious had also become his weak point.

Therefore, Chu Yang took great pains to provoke him. He deceived Ou Ke Feng, played tricks on him, and finally succeeded in inciting his rage bit by bit.

In fact, Chu Yang had become hundred percent assured when he had struck that slap on Ou Ke Feng's face; [Ou Ke Feng won't run away now… no matter what!]

[He won't endure such an insult even if he can.]

Ou Ke Feng had indeed become extremely furious.

But, Chu Yang still wasn't able to rest assured. So, he continued to played tricks on him. And, this had worked towards dispelling Ou Ke Feng's final misgivings. Ou Ke Feng's demise only became a matter of time after he started to believe that there wasn't truly an ambush.

This process might've seem tedious, but it was very important. This plan couldn't have been successful if Ou Ke Feng was even a bit careful in his heart!

The plan was to play tricks on him, and enrage him. Then, again trick him, and make him furious. Then, trick him again, humiliate him, and make him even more furious. After that, Chu Yang would probe him again and again to check whether he was still scared. Then, Xie Zhi Qiu would strike Ou Ke Feng after the latter had lost his senses and become completely careless… Chu Yang had taken a great risk to do all this. In fact, he had been in fatal danger at every moment.

After all, the disparity between the strengths of the two sides was too big. The disparity between a ninth-grade King Level Expert and a ninth-grade Emperor Level Expert wasn't as small as that between a ninth-grade Revered Martial Artist and a ninth-grade King level Expert.

In fact, the disparity between a first-grade and a second-grade Emperor Level Expert could be favorably compared with the disparity between a ninth grade Revered Martial Artist and a ninth grade King level Expert. After all, the disparity scaled up with increasing levels.

Chu Yang was provoking such a formidable existence using such small strength… How can such a danger be described in few words?

Moreover, even the Nine Tribulations Sword had failed to hurt Ou Ke Feng. Therefore, it was obvious that Chu Yang's current level wasn't enough.

Xie Zhi Qiu had charged-up his power for a long while in his palms. And then, he had unleashed it all on Ou Ke Feng's body. Consequently, Ou Ke Feng had felt as if lightning had struck him… He had violently thrown up blood, and had been sent flying.

At present…

A sword light came flying from the left side; it was a man united with his sword. The sword had issued a cold, brilliant, and swift sword-light. It then heavily crashed into Ou Ke Feng's body.

Then, a saber-light glittered on the right side. It seemed as if the man and the saber were one entity. The saber-light was fierce, powerful, and overbearing. It then heavily banged on Ou Ke Feng's battered body.

Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang - Sword Emperor and Saber Emperor - had attacked together!

The Black Dragon Sword pierced Ou Ke Feng's body from the left side, and came out from the right. And, the Black Saber slashed down from the right side, and the saber point appeared out from the left side of his body.

Consequently, a saber and a sword had seemingly been installed in Ou Ke Feng's body in a crisscrossed manner.

Then, saber-light and sword-energy erupted inside Ou Ke Feng's body at the same time.

Ou Ke Feng screamed loudly, and unceasingly spat out blood clots and fragments of his entrails. However, he was still struggling… He issued a pitiful scream, and then firmly gripped the sword and the saber with his remaining strength. He then slammed both his palms with two 'bangs'. And, Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang shouted as they both were sent out flying like rubber balls.

However, a man's shadow flashed at this moment… Xie Zhi Qiu had suddenly appeared in front of Ou Ke Feng. His palms carried a great amount of power… as if they would chop down a mountain. Then, he pounded his palms on Ou Ke Feng several times.

Ou Ke Feng's body swayed from side to side as a result. Simultaneously, the flesh on his body was constantly falling apart, and this was exposing his white bones. However, he had tightly clenched his teeth, and had been holding himself back from collapsing. He then ferociously glared at Xie Zhi Qiu with his will-o'-the-wisp like eyes. He didn't draw back. Instead, he ferociously thrust his arms towards Xie Zhi Qiu's eyes to pierce them.

He was clearly aware that his breastbone was broken at the moment. Moreover, his internal organs were also damaged. So, he knew that he was certainly going to die with these injuries. Moreover, he couldn't even take down his attacker with him. Therefore, the only possible thing that he could accomplish was to attack the enemy's eyes since they were the enemy's most fragile part.

Therefore, he didn't try to dodge or avoid any of these dozens of palm attacks. Instead, he resolutely counter-attacked.

All the timidity and cowardice in Ou Ke Feng's heart had miraculously vanished at this moment of definite death. The only thing that remained was the determination to counterattack… to land a final desperate blow on the enemy!

He was exhibiting the prominent demeanor of an expert in this final counter-attack.

The dozens of palm attacks of the attacker had already hit him, and left him exhausted. So, the least he could do was blind his attacker's one eye now that he had set into action.

[It's just an eye… But, it's enough!]

He had changed his entire body's poison power into corpse miasma in the moment when the saber and the sword had pierced him. He had done this because he had realized that he would die without a doubt. [The poison may be ineffective on you. But, you'll certainly die as long as I can jam my fingers in your eyes.]

[It is because this is corpse miasma. It comes directly from hell!]

Xie Zhi Qiu put his entire martial power into a gigantic palm attack, and pounded his palm on Ou Ke Feng's body. Meanwhile, Ou Ke Feng's hands arrived in front of his eyes with lightning speed.

Xie Zhi Qiu raised his face… He was about to receive Ou Ke Feng's strike. And, this attack was going to ruin his life energy the moment it would strike.

However, Chu Yang's sharp eyes noticed a bluish glow on Ou Ke Feng's face at this moment. He couldn't help but shiver in his heart. He then subconsciously threw the Nine Tribulations Sword.

Sword Spirit warned him the moment he threw the Nine Tribulations Sword, "It's Corpse Miasma! Be careful!"

Then, a snapping sound came. Ou Ke Feng's fingers were about to touch the masked face of Xie Zhi Qiu when they were suddenly chopped off by the Nine Tribulations Sword.

Ou Ke Feng screamed in desperation. And, his eyes emitted a dim bluish glow.

Chu Yang dashed over quickly. He then held the hilt of the Nine Tribulations Sword, and maliciously inserted the sword's tip into Ou Ke Feng's mouth. Ou Ke Feng's head exploded with a bang! His skull scattered in all directions. His body still hadn't fallen on the ground when it changed into a skeleton with no flesh and blood!

Then, his body dried up in the blink of an eye. It changed into a deathly pale skeleton… In fact, it seemed as if it had been decaying for hundreds and thousands of years. It scattered with a thunderous sound as soon as it came in contact with the wind. And, the Black Dragon Sword and the Black Saber fell on the roof-tiles with a crash-bang sound.

Ou Ke Feng's skeleton had withered rapidly. The wind blew, and the bone ashes scattered in all directions. The surrounding area began to corrode rapidly wherever the remnants fell. And, green smoke emitted out from those places. The corrosion was rapidly spreading out…

"Quickly get away!" Chu Yang shouted. He wrapped up the Black Dragon Sword and the Black Saber in the sleeves of his robe, and then kicked Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang down. Then, he himself jumped down. Xie Zhi Qiu also followed closely behind him, and jumped down.

These people had just arrived on the ground when they saw that a small hole had formed by the corrosion of the tiles; the hole was emitting a faint glow. This hole was getting bigger and bigger; it was slowly expanding.

"Such a fierce poison!" Xie Zhi Qiu was dumbfounded.

"This is Corpse Miasma. Our antidote can't resist this type of poison. Everyone, quickly disperse," Chu Yang shouted at the top of his voice. And, those more than two-hundred King Level Experts instantly scattered in all directions as if they had seen a ghost.

Xie Zhi Qiu immediately issued an order, "Everybody, search for the surviving members of the Ou Clan. Don't let even one of them run away."

Everybody complied in unison. And, all of them dispersed one after another.

Chu Yang merely sighed. He didn't speak anything.

[There is no place for a soft heart in the Middle Three Heavens. We can't be even a bit careless towards the Ou Clan anymore. We can't let someone who knows the poison technique run away. After all, they might come back to take revenge after a few years of laying low.]

[Poison is truly the most dreadful thing.]

Chu Yang couldn't let his compassion cause the crisis of annihilation for his allied clans.

Pitiful screams echoed from all directions…

Chu Yang and the others looked over there. The top of the main hall had slowly eroded. However, the corrosion speed had gradually slowed down after that big hole had been opened in the rooftop.

Everything that had corroded… had vanished into thin air; even the dust hadn't been left behind!

"That was such a potent poison!" Xie Zhi Qiu gasped in surprise. He suddenly recalled that Ou Ke Feng was about to insert his fingers in his eyes. And, he couldn't help being terrified. He then turned around, and grabbed Chu Yang's hand. Then, he emotionally said, "Minister Chu! You saved my life again!"

"Don't mention it, Old Xie," Chu Yang humbly smiled.

However, Chu Yang was also shivering in his heart upon looking at this potent poison.

Xie Zhi Qiu wiped his sweat and said, "A thank you isn't enough for the favor you did. But, I won't say so since Little Brother doesn't want me to. But, I hope you remember one thing — My Xie Clan will always remain an ally of Minister Chu. Even a thousand deaths won't prevent me from helping Minister Chu."

Chu Yang blinked. Then, he suddenly smiled and said, "Old Xie, you're so grateful to me… Please allow this shameless person to make a request."

Xie Zhi Qiu laughed heartily and said, "Just say whatever it is. I'll comply with it."

"Then… please betroth your great-granddaughter Xie Dan Feng to my Junior Brother — Tan Tan," Chu Yang said with a smile.

"No problem at all!" Xie Zhi Qiu replied with a smile, "The two are each other's sunshine. I would've blessed them even if you hadn't mentioned this. So, how can it be regarded as a request?"

Chu Yang said with a faint smile, "But, I only have this request."

They looked at each other, and started to laugh upon realizing that they had a tacit understanding.

Then, Xie Zhi Qiu started chatting with him purposelessly. [Tan Tan and Xie Dan Feng indeed share a little affection. However, they are far from being 'each other's sunshine'. They are more like a pair of rivals that fight whenever they meet.]

Some things seemed to be troubling Tan Tan of late. So, he hadn't mentioned about this matter for a long time. But, he would sometimes expose that pain of longing in his eyes. So, how could Chu Yang feel relaxed when he would see that pain in Tan Tan's eyes?

After that, everyone started to collect the assets of the Ou Clan. And, they started loading carriage after carriage with all that stuff.

Finally, they set a large fire in the entire Ou Clan after their convoy left the main gate. The raging flames stretched far and wide for several hundred miles. And, the sky on that side turned red.

"There will be no Ou Clan in the Middle Three Heavens after this," Chu Yang was walking behind the troops. He turned around, and looked at this majestic and endless fire. And, he sighed in his heart.

Then, he turned around, and silently caught up with the troops.

[Ou Clan is exterminated. Meng Clan is exterminated. The next target… should we deal with the Tu Clan or the Black Devil Clan?]

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