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"Do I have to tell you this as well?" Yang Ruo Lan threw a cold glance at him. She then coldly snorted. However, there was a happy and satisfied smile on her face.

Chu Fei Ling immediately stood up. He even forgot about that humiliating event from a moment ago in the blink of an eye. He then started to pace back and forth in excitement, "It means that I have a grandson? There is a descendant of our… old Chu Clan? Ha ha ha! This is… double happiness for the family."

He looked somewhat impatient as he rubbed his hands together, "Oh, by the way, I haven't properly seen my grandson… so… so… Ruo Lan, we will go and see your Junior Sister now… Eh, isn't it wrong to call her 'Junior Sister' now?"

"So, do you want to call her little sister-in-law instead?" Yang Ruo Lan asked him in a mocking manner.

"Huh~~" Chu Fei Ling's thick skin turned red. He became embarrassed, and was left at a loss. Then, he pleaded, "Could you please not mention this thing?"

"Humph!" Yang Ruo Lan coldly snorted. She wrinkled her brows and said, "It seemingly won't be that big of a problem if you want to recognize your son. But, it would be a bit difficult if you want to recognize your grandson… We will still need to think about it… we can't rush this matter."

"Huh? Why?" Chu Fei Ling was puzzled.

"You're asking why? He still isn't your good son, okay?! He doesn't have personal status yet. And, in fact… he still doesn't know that she is a woman… Or how much she has endured for him… He doesn't know that such a majestic monarch of supreme status is an unmarried girl… And, that she has secretly given birth to his child…"

Yang Ruo Lan sighed. She became somewhat disconsolate, "Moreover, this child has an established status for his entire life now. He's the Imperial Crown Prince and the sole heir of the Iron Cloud Nation! So, how can we…"

"He must come home and recognize his clan… even if he is the crown prince, right?" Chu Fei Ling was flabbergasted, "My grandson can't always carry the surname Tie, right?"

"The important thing is… my Junior Sister doesn't want to recognize this relation," Yang Ruo Lan weakly sighed, "She doesn't want Chu Yang to know about this. Her sacrifice is pure. She had sacrificed her martial power and all her future prospects in martial arts to save your son's life. She has given birth to a child of your son. Do you want to snatch a piece of her heart from her like that?"

Chu Fei Ling blurted out, "What if we make our son marry her? Wouldn't that do?"

"Your son still doesn't know that she is a woman. So, he will move back ten-thousand steps if you tell him to marry 'him'. And, it isn't necessary that she will agree to marry even if he agrees to do so," Yang Ruo Lan gave an insightful look and sighed, "Moreover… she is the sole heir and sovereign of Iron Cloud. What would she do with such a big empire… if she gets married? This is her responsibility. Would you have thrown it all away if you were at her place?"

Chu Fei Ling lowered his head, and said in despair, "Then, are you telling me that I will have to see my grandson… carrying the surname Tie?"

Yang Ruo Lan frowned and said, "As for these matters… we must bring back our son first. We must handle things step by step. We mustn't act rashly. Otherwise, things could go in the opposite direction, and it could be disastrous!"

"Yeah," Chu Fei Ling didn't have any better option than to suppress his emotions. Both husband and wife thought about something in their hearts for a while.

However, they didn't need to go to look for Tie Bu Tian since Tie Bu Tian had come to them herself.

Chu Fei Ling and Yang Ruo Lan sat in a chair. They were looking at Tie Bu Tian who stood across from them. All of them were feeling somewhat awkward.

"Senior Sister, pardon me for I have taken the liberty to come here. I hope I didn't surprise you?" Tie Bu Tian's expression was calm and tranquil as she leisurely sat down. Then, she slowly lifted her head, and calmly looked at Yang Ruo Lan. Her expressions were natural and serene. She was bearing the elegant demeanor of the peerless emperor of this generation.

Her body language didn't have any traces of the flustered and shy attitude of a little girl that she had shown last night. Not even a bit of it could be seen now…

Yang Ruo Lan's heart sank.

Tie Bu Tian had called her 'Senior Sister'. A feeling emerged in Yang Ruo Lan's heart just by looking at the Tie Bu Tian's calm and tranquil expression. She almost didn't need Tie Bu Tan to start talking. She knew what Tie Bu Tin was about to say.

"Junior Sister… you… do you have something on your mind?" Yang Ruo Lan stuttered.

"Well, I've come especially to discuss something with Senior Sister," Tie Bu Tian calmly smiled and replied, "Tie Yang is my son, and I'm Tie Yang's father. This is the first thing."

"The second thing is that I don't want Chu Yang to know about this matter. Senior Sister might not know that Chu Yang doesn't know that I'm a woman. Moreover, there is another girl that Chu Yang deeply and faithfully loves. In fact, they both love each other to death."

Yang Ruo Lan opened her eyes wide, "What?"

Tie Bu Tian continued, "Chu Yang never revealed his true identity to the people in the Iron Cloud for her… for the girl he loves. Wu Qian Qian is a beautiful woman. It can be said that she is the most beautiful woman of this era. She is a peerless beauty, and has unmatched elegance. This Little Sister is confident that there are only a few women even in the aristocratic clans of the Upper Three Heavens whose beauty can be compared to that of Wu Qian Qian!"

Tie Bu Tian insipidly said, "And, Chu Yang used to interact with her all the time. Wu Qian Qian had deep rooted feelings for him. But, Chu Yang never went into a relationship with her. So to say… he wasn't tempted in the least..."

She slightly smiled and said, "Chu Yang will start harboring conflicting views if he were to know about Tie Yang. And… it will probably make his life a living hell. It will be a tragedy for me, for Chu Yang, and for the girl that Chu Yang loves. This matter will be so serious that it will ruin the life-long happiness of everyone involved.

"It's because Chu Yang is a very responsible man. He seems to be crafty on the outside, but he's an unimaginably sensitive man on the inside. Moreover, I can feel that his affections towards the woman he deeply loves transcends the cycle of life and death. They are uncontrollable.

"And, I don't want such a tragedy to happen.

"Therefore, I don't want Chu Yang to know this. Chu Yang mustn't know this… whether it's for me, for Chu Yang, for that innocent woman… or even for the Chu Clan!"

Tie Bu Tian sat upright. Her figure exposed a calm and imposing air despite having a delicate appearance. She then said in a soft voice, "Therefore, I'm asking both of you for help."

She didn't wait for Chu Fei Ling and Yang Ruo Lan to reply, and quickly added, "I can allow… In fact, I welcome you… to come here and meet Tie Yang from time to time… It won't matter even if you were to stay here every day. You can even give him Chu Clan's surname. However, he must be called Tie Yang in Iron Cloud and in the Lower Three Heavens. After all, he's the crown prince of Iron Cloud.

"My only request to you two is… to not let Chu Yang know about this. I ask you to promise me this.

"Senior Sister, please consider what your little sister has said to you. I should take my leave now," Tie Bu Tian smiled and stood up. She deeply bowed, and then walked out.

She walked confidently, and with determination.

Her floating silhouette soon disappeared outside the door.

Yang Ruo Lan and Chu Fei Ling were dumbstruck. They looked at each other in dismay.

Tie Bu Tian was a woman with persistence and perseverance. She was simply amazing. This couple had never seen such independent and strong nature.

"What to do?" Yang Ruo Lan sat almost paralyzed in the chair.

"What to do…" Chu Fei Ling deeply sighed.

"We will go to the Middle Three Heavens and look for him after our grandson becomes one month old. But, about this matter… this matter…" Yang Ruo Lan said while being disappointed and frustrated, "Should we tell him?"

"We must act upon it one step at a time…" Chu Fei Ling sighed. Both the husband and wife were sitting facing each other. They repeatedly sighed one after another… It seemed as if they were going to sigh throughout their remaining life.

Tie Bu Tian's words had shattered all the hopes, and had blocked all the paths for these two.

The meaning behind her words had been clear, [I admit that you can say that this baby belongs to your clan. You can come here, and meet him any time. You can even stay here if you want to. In fact, your entire Chu Clan can come to see this baby. I'll be fine with that.]

[But, my only request is to not let Chu Yang know about this baby.]

Tie Bu Tian had leisurely returned to the palace. She had barely sat down when her face suddenly started to flush. Then, deep red blood suddenly flowed out of a corner of her mouth.

She took out a pure white silk handkerchief, and covered her mouth with it. Then, she slightly coughed twice. A big swath of bloodstain appeared on the handkerchief. She then remained sitting on her emperor's seat as if she had lost all the strength in her body.

A long time passed. She then stood up, and walked to the bedside. The baby in the bed danced and gesticulated in joy as if he had sensed his mother's arrival. He exposed an adorable smile on his face as if he had been longing for his mother's embrace.

Tie Bu Tian looked at him. And, the expression in her eyes became as gentle as spring water. She then tenderly extended her hands, and carefully held her son in her bosom. Then, she looked at his small and tender face in a doting manner. The infant let out baby cries. He seemed to be hungry.

Tie Bu Tian chuckled, "Little one, you know it's time for a meal?" Then, she untied the front piece of her robe, and carefully moved her nipple close to the baby's mouth. Tie Yang immediately opened his little mouth, and started to suck. The baby looked at his mother with his black and round eyes while consuming the milk. And, his little face filled with happiness.

Tie Bu Tian's heart filled with maternal love in an instant. A long while passed. She then lifted her vision away from her son's face, and started to stare blankly into the void. Then, she muttered, "I love you. But, how can I destroy your happiness…?"

Her voice became fainter and fainter, and gradually faded into thin air…

Then, that voice changed into a sigh.

Middle Three Heavens had become more like wildfire these days.

Mo Tian Ji had taken advantage of Meng Clan's destruction, and had launched a public propaganda. Countless terrible rumors had flown out like tides from Mo Clan, Dong Clan, and the other clans.

For example – [Ao Xie Yun has been killed by Ou Clan, Black Devil Clan, and the other clans in their alliance. They didn't even leave the corpse behind…]

[These clans' ambitions are outrageous. They want to destroy the Ao Clan, and displace it…]

The Jianghu was in chaos; the entire Middle Three Heavens was in chaos!

Xie Clan's invisible falcons were roaming everywhere during this period. They were transmitting messages which were bound for Ji Clan, Mo Clan, Dong Clan, Luo Clan, and Gu Clan…

Chu Yang had returned!

Dong Wu Shang, Luo Ke Di, and everyone else had returned. All of them were in the Xie Clan at this time.

Ao Xie Yun had been saved by Chu Yang and the others. He had also returned, and was currently in the Xie Clan.

Chu Yang had passed this news to Mo Tian Ji first. He addressed Ao Xie Yun while they were waiting for a reply from Mo Tain Ji, "I think it would be better… if we don't disclose the news of your safe return for the time being. In fact, it would be good if the news that the big clans have hunted you down is spread all around."

Ao Xie Yun deeply nodded, "I also feel the same. Ao Clan has been extremely carefree over the last few years. It needs this wakeup call to improve itself. Perhaps, my clan would leave the situation as it is if they got to know that I've returned safe and sound. The elders of the Ao Clan would cancel the plan to take revenge in that case."

He knitted his brows, "Besides, those clans have become the cancer of the Middle Three Heavens. They need to be eliminated."

Chu Yang nodded.

Ao Xie Yun had accompanied them to Xie Clan. No one else knew about this. Chu Yang had kept this news hidden since the beginning. It must be said that Mo Tian Ji and Chu Yang held the same view regarding this.

An invisible falcon came back flying a few days later, and brought an urgent message from Mo Tian Ji as expected. [No one must know that Ao Xie Yun is safe and sound.]

The handwriting was nearly illegible. It could be seen that Mo Tian Ji had written these words in an extreme hurry upon receiving the news. Chu Yang was absolutely convinced, [This invincible falcon didn't stay on Mo Tian Ji's hand for more than a breath's time.]

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