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[This drifting and vague past had helped him in becoming a legend for eternity. It had helped him become the famous King of Hell Chu. However… a son's heart always wants to be cherished by his parents. And, the parents also wouldn't prefer to abandon such a legendary child. Wouldn't they want to see their child grow up into a legend before their eyes?]

Yang Ruo Lan felt very emotional. She felt very sad in her heart… In fact, she felt as if her heart would shatter into pieces.

"I still remember… Chu Yang had a very strange expression on his face when he had told me this…" Wu Qian Qian was tying her best to recollect the memory as she said, "…Of course, he felt kind of inferior. He felt a bitter resentment. He felt spite and self-pity… He seemed disheartened. I almost cried at that time…"

Yang Ruo Lan also almost cried. [Pitiful child!]

"I had told him at that time — your past is indeed pitiful. But, your parents hadn't known that you would grow up to become an influential figure when they abandoned you. They didn't know that you would rise above the world. They would certainly have many regrets if they knew this now…"

Wu Qian Qian's vision became somewhat dreamy and fuzzy; it seemed as if she was deep in recollection, "Then, Chu Yang had gritted his teeth and said — when I find them… my sword will slaughter them even if they truly regret their decision and try to patch things up with me.'"

Wu Qian Qian had subconsciously imitated Chu Yang's tone while saying these words… And, it was a tone that was full of bloody resentment and hatred.

Yang Ruo Lan was shaken to her core when she heard this. She felt as if a chill had arisen from the bottom of her heart, spread in her entire body in a flash, and travelled straight to her soul.

Yang Ruo Lan didn't hear anything Wu Qian Qian said after these words.

She pondered calmly for a while. Then, she asked before leaving, "Qian Qian, you've grown up with him since childhood… Had you discovered that he had a purple jade pendent by any chance?"

Wu Qian Qian instantly replied, "No! At least, I haven't seen."

Then, she realized something. She was somewhat flabbergasted as she said, "Senior, do you suspect that Chu Yang is your missing son? Is this the case…?"

Yang Ruo Lan left in a daze. She walked awkwardly… as if she was walking in sleep.

Yang Ruo Lan had asked Wu Qian Qian about the purple jade pendent. And, Wu Qian Qian had straight up said 'no'. She hadn't given it any thought. This had dealt a heavy blow to Yang Ruo Lan. After all, Wu Qian Qian understood Chu Yang like no one else could.

But, she had said 'no'.

[Could it be that he isn't? Could it be that he isn't…?]

Yang Ruo Lan walked out facing the night breeze. However, she felt confused. She felt as if this matter was shrouded in a dense fog. A long while passed. And, Yang Ruo Lan finally started to sort things out little by little.

[The King of Hell Chu that I'd seen was clearly not the King of Hell Chu of the Lower Three Heavens.]

[King of Hell Chu and his son look the same. And, Tie Bu Tian has said that King of Hell Chu and my husband also look similar…]

Suddenly, a mysterious light flashed in her heart. She remembered something that Chu Fei Ling had once told her, [My Sworn Brother looks a lot like me!]

Yang Ruo Lan's body shuddered. She suddenly stopped, and stood still. She remembered that she had responded in suspicion back then, "He only knew you for two days. So, why did he give you so many items? Can there possibly be some conspiracy behind this? What was his motive?"

Yang Ruo Lan's cheeks streamed with tears as she recalled that conversation with his husband.

[Could it be him?]

[Is it possible that he had already found out about his past by that time? Was that the reason he had given so many things to his father? He had even sent me a sword…]

[It has to be understood that they had only met two days before. So, why would a Sworn Little Brother be so generous even if he found the other person a kindred spirit? The important thing is that those items might be more precious than any treasure out there. Every one of them is capable of changing a person's destiny.]

[But, why didn't he reveal his identity if it truly was him?]

[He gave these many items to my husband. So, he must not hold any grudges in his heart anymore. Then, why didn't he reveal his identity?]

Yang Ruo Lan had conflicting feelings. She squatted down, covered her face with her hands, and started to cry…

Dawn had broken. Yang Ruo Lan finally returned to her place of residence. She then called out to the snoring Chu Fei Ling. Then, she didn't say anything further. She just covered her husband's face with a wet and cold towel.

Chu Fei Ling shivered, immediately became refreshed, and opened his eyes. He then angrily said, "What are you doing?"

"Hurry up!" Yang Ruo Lan's expression was very weird. She seemed somewhat scared as she said in a fit of anxiety, "You… do you still remember what you'd told me about your Sworn Little Brother?"

"He's my brother. So, I obviously remember," Chu Fei Ling subtly replied.

"What does your Sworn Little Brother… look like? What had he said to you when you both were together? Tell me everything carefully… and in detail…" Yang Ruo Lan urged. She hadn't slept last night. However, she was still full of energy. In fact, her eyes had shone brighter than before when she had asked these questions. Moreover, her chest was going up and down with uncertainty. It was clear that she was restless in her heart.

Chu Fei Ling was baffled. [How could I remember all that after such a long while? Why is my wife suddenly asking about this matter at this moment?]

"Speak quickly. What kind of person is that 'Sworn Little Brother' of yours?" Yang Ruo Lan bit her lip. She had made a heavy and serious voice while saying the words 'Sworn Little Brother'. She had a feeling in her heart, [My husband would become a big laughing stock… if this is true.]

"Well… my Sworn Little Brother is obviously very handsome and cool," Chu Fei Ling got excited while describing. He said with a gentle smile, "That guy isn't like ordinary people despite being so young. He's bold and insightful. He has knowledge and wisdom. And, he can adapt to any kind of situation. I had seen such a young hero for the first time in my life. Nobody is a match for him… not even the young geniuses of the nine great clans of the Upper Three Heavens…"

However, Chu Fei Ling noticed that something was off while saying this.

[How come my wife has such a weird expression on her face today…]

He had mentioned about this matter before, and Yang Ruo Lan had listened to him attentively with a smile. But, she had done so somewhat half-heartedly. After all, she hadn't met the man in person. However, it was different today. Yang Ruo Lan's lips were happily curved in satisfaction. In fact, she was listening to him bragging about his Sworn Brother as if it was worth hearing a hundred times over.

Those exaggerated adjectives were making her listen with sparkling eyes. It seemed that she wanted to listen more and more about him… she had an expression of everlasting curiosity on her face.

Moreover, she also seemed to have an expression of pride on her face…

"Is that it?" Yang Ruo Lan wanted him to go on. She said, "Just that much…?"

Chu Fei Ling became confused. He stretched his hand to touch his wife's forehead, "Are… Are you all right, today?"


Yang Ruo Lan knocked his hand away and said, "Do you have anything else to tell?"


"You don't?" A vigor somewhat flared up in Yang Ruo Lan's eyes, "You and your Sworn Brother travelled together for several days. You two faced life-and-death situations together. You killed powerful enemies together. Your Sworn Brother gave you so many good items. You two bonded for such a long time. And, you didn't have some random conversations?"

"Conversations…?" Chu Fei Ling was confused, "What kind of conversations?"

"How would I know what kind of conversations you had? What did you say? What did he say? Tell me about his facial expressions, his gestures, and so on… don't miss anything."

"My God!" Chu Fei Ling jumped up, "How can I possibly remember all of that? It's been such a long time. Even a god wouldn't have been able to remember, okay? Moreover, what is the point of this investigation of yours? My Sworn Brother is a man."

"The gods would obviously be able to remember, okay? And, who asked you if he was a man or a woman? Do you think that I have enough free time to be jealous?" Yang Ruo Lan glare turned dangerous, "Could it be that you've forgotten everything? That poor child did so many favors for you. How can you be so forgetful?"

"Alright… alright; let me think…" Chu Fei Ling raised his hands in surrender. He couldn't even force a smile in his heart. [Poor child…? What child… He's my Sworn Brother. You can't call him that even though you're his big sister-in-law… you're messing up the hierarchy of our relations.]

[It's messed up!]

But, how could he dare to say these words in front of his wife?

"Let me remind you…" Yang Ruo Lan saw that her husband was telling the story half-heartedly. She said, "When you and your Sworn Brother became 'Sworn Brothers'… was he very ecstatic? Or, so to say… did you two happen to agree upon it by chance?"

"Neither!" Chu Fei Ling remembered, "That boy had seemed terrified at that time. In fact, he was stuttering while speaking. Ha ha… I was somewhat aggressive when I mentioned about it. It's no wonder that he couldn't accept it at first…"

[He was terrified? He stuttered? You're a jerk!]

Yang Ruo Lan maliciously cussed at him in her heart. Then, she hastily asked, "You still remember the whole situation of that time, right?"

"Of course, I do!" Chu Fei Ling smiled and said, "I had said to him at that time — we rarely come across someone we get along so well with. How about we two become Sworn Brothers? Then, my little brother was startled… ha ha ha… That guy told me that I was an older man. Then, I subjugated him by saying — could it be that you look down on me?' Ha ha… Therefore, he didn't get a way out of it…"

Then, Chu Fei Ling told her about the situation of that time while making gestures. This had left a deep impression in his heart. How could he forget that he had basically half-forced the other person into swearing brotherhood with him?

"So in this way… Ahem, I almost pressed his head to tap the ground in kowtow until the oath was taken. That guy looked as if he was in a dream… his complexion was also ugly… No, it was like an everlasting look of surprise. Um, yes, yes. That was it."

Chu Fei Ling recalled his Sworn Brother's dazed expression. And, he couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Yang Ruo Lan face-palmed while deeply sighing in her heart.

[His complexion was ugly? He was in a daze…? His own father forced him to swear brotherhood with him! How could his complexion be pleasant? You would perhaps have become muddled-headed long ago… if you had been in his place…]

[No, no, no. You were already muddle-headed!]

Yang Ruo Lan had better died if she hadn't been sure that it was her son even after hearing till here. She couldn't help but feel pity as she looked at the expression in her husband's eyes… [This pitiful man… he says that his Sworn Brother was in a dream… But, the fact is that he was the one in a dream…]

"And then?" Yang Ruo Lan asked, "You two must've chatted endlessly after swearing brotherhood, right?"

"Yes," Chu Fei Ling sighed and said, "You know about our past, and how it has always pressed my heart like a mountain… It leaves me incapable of breathing. I can't dare to talk about it… not in my in-laws' home or even in my own home… And, especially not in front of you… Well, I obviously felt that I must tell about all of many sufferings to my brother… On that day… we talked about that stormy night eighteen years ago… I also talked about our lifelong regret of losing our son…"

Yang Ruo Lan suddenly interrupted him, and grabbed his wrist. A 'kka' sound came from the wrist-bone that she had clutched, and Chu Fei Ling felt his wrist-bone aching. He was obviously somewhat startled by this. So, he raised his face and looked. He saw that his wife's pupil had expanded wide. Then, Yang Ruo Lan anxiously asked, "You told him about that night? You told him… about what happened on the night we lost our child? Huh?"

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