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"He is very beautiful…" Lan Mei Xian said. Wu Qian Qian curled her lips, [How come this baby has tiny wrinkles all over his body? He looks like a little old man. However, Master Lan is saying that he is beautiful for some fortunate reason…]

The fact was that Wu Qian Qian didn't know that these wrinkles were an aspect of the smoothness of newborn babies.

Yang Ruo Lan suddenly groaned at this moment. She was on the verge of collapse.

Lan Mei Xian was quick to notice this. She immediately reacted, and held her to support her. Then, she said, "Ruo Lan, what's wrong?"

Yang Ruo Lan opened her eyes. She was somewhat confused. Then, she looked at the baby, and said in a daze, "I… I'm alright…"

Chu Fei Ling had also noticed that something was wrong. He hastily rushed over to support his wife. He then asked, "What's wrong with you? Do you feel sick?"

Yang Ruo Lan absentmindedly looked at the baby wrapped in the swaddling cloth for a long while. Then, she weakly repeated, "I'm alright…"

The fact was that a feeling of being in a conflicted situation had risen in Yang Ruo Lan's heart.

She would feel an emotion of affection towards Tie Bu Tian when she looked at her. After all, Tie Bu Tian was her Junior Martial Sister.

However, a feeling of blood connection had arisen in her heart when she had looked at this infant. In fact, Yan Ruo Lan felt that she was closest to this baby.

This feeling was very mysterious.

Moreover, Yang Ruo Lan vaguely felt, [How is it possible that this baby resembles… my son at his time of birth?]

She shook her head, and forced a smile, [All babies look the same at the time of their birth. He has just come out of his mother's womb. He has wrinkles all over his body. So, how can I say who he looks like at this moment? It is basically impossible.]

[It will take at least a few days for the baby's skin to stretch out completely. Only then would the approximate outline of the facial features become apparent.]

[It seems that my longing for my son is driving me crazy…]

They had looked at the baby only for a while when a midwife hurriedly held the baby, and went back in; she was the same midwife that had come out to give the good news. It was because Tie Bu Tian had woken up, and was anxious to see the baby.

Tie Bu Tian got a burst of strength from god knows where, and sat up when she saw the baby in the midwife's arm.

This scared the midwives. They all yelled at her in alarm, "Don't get up… quickly lie down… Oh my goodness… how can you sit up now…"

Tie Bu Tian finally held the baby in her bosom. She looked at the cute little face in her arms, and a feeling of immense satisfaction arose in her heart. She felt as if she had the whole world. She felt so happy that she couldn't contain it in her heart. This uncontainable happiness had filled the depths of her heart.

Such happiness and satisfaction was far more fulfilling than the sense of achievement that she had gotten on successfully unifying the world.

The whole world couldn't compare to the importance of this little baby in her arms at this moment.

"Chu Yang, do you know? Our child has been born; and it's a boy." Tie Bu Tian looked at the cute face of the baby. She couldn't help but move her lips close to him. She felt tenderness in her heart as she gently kissed him, "I'll take care of him well. I'll educate him well. I'll raise him, and make him more outstanding than you!"

However, she paused at this moment. Then, she suddenly changed her tone and said, "No. I don't want him to be more outstanding than you… because… I want him to be safe and sound. I don't want any harm or danger to come his way… even if he doesn't become that outstanding…"

The midwife had already carried the baby into the room. However, Yang Ruo Lan continued to absentmindedly look towards the direction of the inner room. She was at a loss… as if there was a vacuum in her heart.

"What's wrong?" Chu Fei Ling could sense that there was something unusual about his wife at the moment. So, he asked her while showing deep concern.

Everyone had gathered to see the baby just a while ago. But, Chu Fei Ling didn't have the nerves to go close to the baby. He had only looked at him from a distance. So, he hadn't seen him clearly.

"I'm alright." Yang Ruo Lan's entire body felt weak. So, she snuggled up in the arms of her husband. She had gotten a strange feeling a short while ago. She opened her mouth, but didn't say anything.

[I will stay here for some time… maybe till the time this child is one month old. His facial features would become apparent at that time. Then, I will take a good look at him again…]

"Junior Martial Sister's baby looks very cute…" Yang Ruo Lan admired in a soft voice.

Chu Fei Ling felt a pain in his heart. He knew that his wife was thinking of their own son. So, he couldn't help but sigh.

Lan Mei Xian continuously questioned, "Is everything alright? Can I go in now? Am I allowed to go in first…?"

A long while passed. The midwife finally came out after she had put everything in order. Then, she informed, "You can go in now. However, keep in mind that you must walk very gently. Don't produce even the sound of wind…"

Lan Mei Xian eagerly went in while slowly floating like a ghost.

As for not producing any sound… even the sound produced by the stirring of dust wasn't issued when she moved.

Chu Fei Ling rubbed his forehead. He had been rendered speechless, [Just for this…? She circulated the martial power of her whole body just to not produce the sound of wind… She launched her 'Goose Feather Core Technique' for this…?]

Yang Ruo Lan weakly took back two steps. Then, she fixed her eyes toward the inner room once again. She didn't blink even once. She clearly wasn't in her right mind. And, it was hard to tell what she was thinking at the moment. She unconsciously took two more steps back, and then started to sit down.

She would've sat down on the floor if not for the quick and agile reaction of Chu Fei Ling…

Inside the inner room… Lan Mei Xian anxiously rubbed her hands together, "Tian Tian, does it still hurt?"

"No, it doesn't hurt." Tie Bu Tian gently shook her head. The baby in her arms stretched his hands, and moved his legs. He rolled his little shiny black eyes as if he had wisdom.

Tie Bu Tian couldn't help but warmly smile. She said, "Master, look at him. He is so mischievous."

Lan Mei Xian also smiled. She then slowly sat down on one side of the bed. Then, she looked at the baby and sighed, "This little bastard caused so much pain to my good disciple… Wait until he grows up a little. I'll ruthlessly spank him then."

"No, you mustn't." Tie Bu Tian opened her eyes wide.

Lan Mei Xian smiled, "Look how anxious you became… You'll spoil him if you protect him like this. Don't pamper him too much. I see that you're an Emperor. But, you mustn't let your son become hedonistic and spoiled. It has been said since ancient times… an overly caring mother spoils her child too much…"

Tie Bu Tian rolled her eyes. She then said in a somewhat willful manner, "What's wrong in that? I have enough family wealth to spoil him."

Lan Mei Xian became speechless…

She grabbed the hand of the little guy, and said with a smile, "Let me take a look at this little guy's body. Back then, your Senior Sister's baby had an unusual physique. Let me see what kind of son your exquisite 'Icy Heart Physique' has given birth to…"

Tie Bu Tian pursed her lips, and said with a smile, "I love him no matter what physique he has… However, I'm worried about his future. I'm afraid that he would have to roam about in the Jianghu in the future… if his physique is good… Alas, wouldn't it be too dangerous?"

Lan Mei Xian rolled her eyes back and revealed the whites as she said, "You don't want your son to become an incredible powerhouse?"

Tie Bu Tian slowly shook her head, "I only want him to be safe and sound… That's all I want."

"You… lack vision for your child's future." Lan Mei Xian ridiculed. Then, she carefully input her vitality into the infant. However, her complexion suddenly changed. Her face turned red, and she muttered, "There is something wrong with his meridians…"

"Eh?" Tie Bu Tian was startled. She anxiously stood up, "Master… What is it? It's not something serious, is it?"

"How can his meridians be so wide…" Lan Mei Xian sucked in cold air while issuing a hissing sound. "I've seen many children in my life… How can he possess such a monstrous potential?"

Then, her complexion changed again. In fact, it had become deathly pale…

"It's strange…" Lan Mei Xian wrinkled her brows, and pondered for a while, "It seems somewhat similar to the Iron Blood Loyal Heart Physique mentioned in the legends. But… it seems superior to that… I'm not sure… I've never seen such a physique before…"

"Then… is it good or bad?" Tie Bu Tian nervously asked.

"Of course, it's good… In fact, it couldn't be any better…" Lan Mei Xian lifted her head while being in a daze. She looked all around this Iron Cloud Imperial Palace. Then, she muttered, "Is there a geomancy treasure ground in this imperial palace… How come there are so many monstrous physiques here…"

"I can't clearly make out… the physique of this baby." Lan Mei Xian seriously said, "But, it's certain that it's not ordinary. This news must not spread. Otherwise…"

Tie Bu Tian nodded. "Master, I understand." She beamed with joy as she looked at that little baby. She loved him too much to part with. She said, "I didn't expect that this little guy would be so extraordinary. He is indeed his father's son."

Lan Mei Xian's face turned dark. She badly snorted, and whispered, "Do you feel okay?"

"Yes, I feel alright." Tie Bu Tian looked strangely at her master.

"Take down the pill that's hanging on your chest," Lan Mei Xian urged.

"Pill?" Tie Bu Tian was astonished, "What pill?"

"The one you've always worn on your neck," Lan Mei Xian was somewhat anxious, "Be quick. A woman goes through the gates of death when she gives birth to a child. She has a life and death experience. So, it's a good opportunity for you to change your physique. Quickly take the pill. It would be too late if your body were to recover."

"Change my physique?" Tie Bu Tian put her hand on her chest. [Chu Yang has gifted me this purple crystal bottle. I can't part with it.]

"Yes! Do it quickly!" Lan Mei Xian impatiently said, "You originally had the Icy Heart physique. But, it disappeared without a trace after you lost your virginity. But, this is a good opportunity to fix that. After all, you have a wonder medicine with you. Taking it will give you high chances of gaining the peerless physique of Icy Heart and Jade Bone. In fact, it will have appeared for the first time since ages. Hurry up."

"But… what about the baby?" Tie Bu Tian was somewhat unwilling.

"Ruo Lan… Ruo Lan… you take care of the baby," Lan Mei Xian shouted. Yan Ruo Lan suddenly heard this voice. It had sounded like that of a celestial. So, she immediately rushed in.

She and the others had been waiting for the summons for a long time…

Tie Bu Tian took out the Nine Tribulations Pill from her necklace under Lan Mei Xian's relentless urging. But, she still couldn't pop it. She said, "Master, are you sure that this mere pill can do it…"

"This is a Nine Tribulations Pill, silly child," Lan Mei Xian looked at her being hesitant. Then, she anxiously said, "This is the legendary Nine Tribulations Pill which is seen once in ten-thousand years… There is no other thing in this world that can change your physique… if this pill can't… I don't know what kind of luck you had when you ran into this elusive Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword… you're very lucky…"

"The elusive Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword?!" Tie Bu Tian cried out in surprise. Then, she suddenly felt a gigantic wave surging in her heart. And, her mind became uncontrollably chaotic. She suddenly felt a bittersweet feeling. [Chu Yang… turned out to be the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword?]

"No wonder… no wonder…" Tie Bu Tian murmured.

[No wonder Chu Yang is so powerful. No wonder Chu Yang was able to enhance his strength so quickly. No wonder he turned the world upside down. No wonder he could defeat Diwu Qing Rou…]

She stared blankly for a while. After that, she suddenly held Lan Mei Xian's hand, "Master, this matter mustn't spread out."

She was a talented Emperor of this generation. So, how could she not understand the severity of this matter? She had already sensed the threat this matter might pose to Chu Yang once she had understood it.

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